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My ex husband has just sent me an e-mail to say that our son Tom 36 is going to be kicked out of his flat. His flat mate has had enough of his drinking. I am in a state. I Live in Holland Tom has lived here a couple of times. The last time resulting in the police coming to my house as my Dutch husband could not cope with Toms drinking anymore.

Al-Anon helps parents of problem drinkers

There is so much to say I blame myself I left him with his Father when he was 9. Things were OK in the beginning I had two daughters so my two sons loved them and we saw each other every month but eventually Tom got addicted to weed and then secretly alcohol. Things were getting difficult here so he went to live in Italy with his Father. But he was drinking there, so when he got run over after being drunk I brought him back to Holland to live.

It was OK for a while until he started secretly drinking again. My husband did everything in his power to help Tom but it was pointless. Eventually he went back to the UK. Again problems, Tom actually blacks out he cannot function normally and goes through job after job. The last time Tom was homeless he came back to Holland and he got a job as a concierge, things were going well until he had a black out at the work place and instant dismissal. This last occasion meant that my husband was not responsible for his actions so police gave my husband a warning. It was either Tom leave or my husband.

Tom went back to the UK. It has been on and off for 4 years. When Tom is sober everyone loves him, but he will kill himself and there is nothing we can do. I am desperate to know what to do next. He will be on the street. We have a 37 year old son who has been an alcoholic for 20 years. He has not worked for 5 years. He lost 2 out of 3 homes he owned to foreclosure as he was not taking care of business due to his alcoholism. He owns only one rental property now that we manage for him. He went to Thailand a year ago and his girlfriend there is also done with his drinking.

Cutting off all money and leaving him in Thailand is scaring us. He lies and strings us along. What do we do? I have been dealing with his drinking for 9 years — financially, emotionally, and mentally. He has had 2 stints at rehab, several times detox facilities, and living in a Recovery house. Tonight he relapsed yet again. I have to be finished at this point. I have never tried Al Anon meetings but I have to. I am definitely an enabler. Even this evening, he has no money, worked for two days so obviously will lose his job, got kicked out of the Recovery House, and in his drunkenness called and said where can I go?

He is 6 hours away. What was I going to do? But I of course figured it out and put him in a hotel for 2 days. My question is what now? Do I just let him figure it out? Absolutely no alcohol in the house. Obviously I need help. I have a 24 year old son who has been struggling with alcohol addiction for 4 years now.

We paid all his living expenses so he could graduate from college and after college we let him move home with us for 6 month. We forbid him to have alcohol, see friends and just wanted him to work. He hid his drinking, our rules were more laxed and everything was just back to his normal drinking. We told him he had 1 month to move out. He moved in with a friend 3 weeks later and has been living there for 3 months.

He lost his job and is now being evicted from his verbal lease. He has no where to go and still no job. We have tried to get him help with no commitment on his end. This situation has made me numb, depressed and feeling like a failure. All these stories sound like me. My 35 year old adult alcoholic daughter lives with me after a year in prison for a fifth dui.

It has been a year and for awhile she seemed to have changed. But lately her drinking is out of control. My heart is broken I worry about my daughter whAt will happen to her.. Mostly I feel trapped and resentful of her bad choices. I am the parent of an 18 year old daughter that struggles with drug addiction or alcohol—depending on what is available to her at the time.

We have done all that we can to help her—counseling, rehabs, calling the police to arrest her when she has become violent, etc. She is currently in a situation where, after breaking her probation, her PO has given her the choice of jail time up to 90 days and having a criminal record, or rehab a 12 month Christian program is what has been offered unless she can find something else and pay for it with her record being hidden. We have heard of personally many people who have been to this particular rehab program with amazing long-term success, and of course would like her to choose that option.

As of now, she is deciding on jail. Our home was so peaceful and enjoyable when she was not living here, and we were able to enjoy our day to day lives as was our 15 year old son. We know if we let her come here, she will refuse to leave, and will continue to disrupt our lives and have no motivation to get herself healthy and independent. Because she is so young and the vulnerability that comes with being a girl , this is so scary to me! My alanon family tells me that this is what she needs to do to take responsibility for herself and grow up, and I believe that is true, but it is going to be so hard!

My 23 yr old daughter is an alcoholic addict. Last night the cops came with dogs to track her but she got away. She has been out of prison for a year but I just learned she drank baking soda to pass her drug tests so she got off the plane soun out of control. I want to kick him out he would end up homeless. Wow…I just came upon this website and have read the comments. I have read some articles on that tonight so I can get educated.

Christmas day I had my 24 yr old daughter police escorted out of my home. I am a single mom of 4 adult children…she is my oldest. It was the hardest thing I have done. She knew I was at 0 tolerance. I had determined that day she was not going to continue to control the home environment and steal our joy. She was making her choices and now I was making mine.

I told her I am getting off this merry go round and I am not going to be a supporting actor in this drama in which she is the lead actress. We have so much in common. I am hoping, trusting and believing that she will conquer this addiction and in the meantime, I am becoming educated and getting equipped for whatever might come my direction good or bad. Since having her escorted out of my home we have much peace and it has saved my relationship with my other two teenage children living at home who needed to be relieved of her toxic behavior.

I know I did the right thing. Some might think I should have done this sooner but I needed to know within myself that I did all I could do. She has cut communication with me, so I respect her desire to do so trusting that we will be reunited at some point. Perhaps one day she will be able to read it. My thoughts of her are not of hate, resentment or ill will but of great sadness to know that her life could be so much better than what she is experiencing now.

I was putting the welfare of my other two teenage children at risk by continuing to allow her to remain in the home.

Hypnosis for Overcoming Alcoholism & Stopping Problem Drinking

Alynon is very helpful and I am becoming informed and equipped for whatever lies ahead. Blessings to all of you. None of us realized this was the road we were going to have to travel. My son is an alcoholic and nearly died — we finally got him into a 10 day detox programmed as an inpatient and when he came out he did so well — not drinking for two years.

Unfortunately he has just come out of a really damaged relationship and has started drinking again. When he is drunk he is abusive and suicidal — when he is not drunk he works occasionally but generally is around the house. His attitude is awful and he asks for money, lifts to and fro and if you say no he is completely unreasonable.

If he gets violent, what do I do? Who do I call? I have a 33 year old son, that admits that he is an alcoholic.

Not only is he an alcoholic, but also smoke weed every day. He would start drinking from 9 am until he comes in at I have always had problems with him since he was school. He has been arrested plenty of times and have spent about 2 years in jail. When he is sober , he is wonderful, but after the alcohol he turns into someone else. I want him out my house. He blames everyone else for his problems. I tell him to take a good look in the mirror and look at himself, because the problem is in the mirror looking back at him.

I advised him to go get help and he refused to. I have a business with in my home and I have clients on a daily basis. He comes in to my business and acts like a fool. I warn him and threatening him. It work for a week or two, but then it goes right back. My next step is to have him removed from my house by the law. I came to the point where I even put my home on the market , so I can move out of state. Do you have any suggestions,. My daughter is 36, watching her mixing zanax, anti depressant and alcohol…numbing herself gradually more and more often.

My heart is broken, I am not able to talk to her, she denies and tells me its my imagination,,,that I am making drama when there is NO problem here. Already dysfunctional, she turned to alcohol in the past few years and it has gotten out of control. She is now jealous because her dog clings to me when she is out of it , I feel so alone and desperate. She has mental and emotional problem. If there is place called hell…. Im 23 years old, an alcoholic, and a son to loving parents.

To those whose children are destroying their lives because of alcoholism, there is hope. A little over a year ago, my dad had enough of me and my unending BS, and told me I had 2 weeks to find a new place to live. This may sound harsh, but it was the best thing that could have happened. For the first time in my life, i was forced to face the real world, and as long as others enabled me, I continued to drink, facing homelessness, starvation, with almost no resources, I found a way to get drunk. Through that, and with the program of AA behind me, i have come a long way since, im sober only 4 months, but im signed up for school, im working and most importantly, im able to have a real relationship with the ones i love again.

I urge you, do not wait, do not deny the alcoholic in your life the pain he NEEDS to feel in order to be openminded and willing enough to get help. My daughter lost her battle with alcohol about a month ago and I lost her. She left behind an 18 year old daughter, a senior in high school. I know now that she is at peace but have no idea why she drank so much that it killed her. She had been to 2 or 3 rehabs this year and almost died in May. She came to my house after she left the hospital and was so much better when she left here. She told me she never wanted another drink — the doctor told her when she was in the hospital that she would die if she started drinking again.

She stayed sober about two months and just all of a sudden started drinking again.

How I gave up the bottle and got a life

She had secluded herself and they said she had been dead a few days when they found her. I hoped up until the morning I got the call that she would quit drinking. I felt I had abandoned her but no one could live with her when she was drinking. I know she was an adult and made her own choices. But I wanted to. I wanted to fix her. They will help you learn how take care of yourself and avoid the tornado like life that an addict will lead you to as you try to fix them. I hope our country will develop some long term rehab programs.

Reading these painful posts I am again reminded that I am not alone. Nothing I could reveal here would be shocking. I am in a state of humble prayer for all of us. My son is 30 years old and an alcoholic. He was released from prison 6 mos. I have always been his primary support, have always let him live with me. Recently he missed a very important appointment due to being too hung over to get up. It was with a psychiatrist, and was to recertify his Social Security disability benefits. I was so angry at him for missing this appointment I left and moved in my sister who lives nearby. I cannot support him any longer.

He is verbally and emotionally abusive to me. My trailer is very small and really cannot house both of us. My son was initially going to get HUD through me…but I have changed that. I cannot drive him around, go to store to buy alcohol for him, get up to drive his girlfriend to work early in morning, etc. I recently went to al-anon. My guilt is eating me up. I need to live my own life now however…. I was very stressed out when I was living with him in my trailer. He has a roof and a car to drive for now. I am letting him live his own life.

He has another appointment with a psychiatrist coming up…. I left him information about that appt. He is being abusive to me with text messages. I need to turn my phone off. I need to find another al-anon meeting today. My story is pretty much a carbon copy of all the others I kicked my 37 year old alcoholic son out. My son is 39 and also a alcoholic. He spent 2 months in jail for choking me I had him artested.

It was the hardest thing I had to do. I too thought after spending two months in jail that he would stay sober and be on the right path. I was wrong he started doing the same thing over and over. With no job for a month somehow he was sneaking alcohol into my mother home. He would become verbally abusive with till she had enough and asked him to leave.

He begged her on hands and knees not to throw him out,but my husband and made him leave. He now sleeps in his truck sometimes that is broken outside his grandmother home. Still drinking heavy I worry about him still. Somehow I too started going to AL non meeting. I am not reading the answers for help that have been successful in these events. Can someone tell me what helps to change an alcoholic from being self-destructive, abusive, vulgar, hopeless and just plain intent on hurting themselves but everyone around them?

I am out of patience, ideas, money and almost out of love for my beloved child man who at 40 has lost his wife, child and now is consuming me. Can anyone tell me what has worked with their alcoholic to actually stop the drinking and hate? I am done with my son. He was my best friend. We went through so much together. But, he is a binge drinker, at age He has abused alcohol all his adult life. I have pretty much supported him since he divorced his second wife 3 years ago.

He has lived with me on and off during this time. I had bought him and his wife a beautiful home before they divorced, paid cash. Bought them a truck, paid cash. When he moved in with me, I bought him another auto, paid cash. Paid lawyer fees for a DUI. Paid doctors bills after a bar fight when he got beat up. I totally supported him, financially and emotionally.

When I found him on the ground outside my side door, totally obliterated, I closed the door after saying to myself: My so is 35 and an alcoholic. Our only grand daughter. A year later the marriage broke down. He moved interstate to live with us. Went to rehab for 3 mths, and on a 3 day leave drank. So we told him to leave, and has gone. I never thought my beautiful little boy would grow up to become this person.

Thank you for all your comments. They help to cope with my own situation. It helps to see that similar burdens are shared by other people, and there are many more people dealing with similar very sad circumstances. My son is 26, came to live with me as he lost a job and his girlfriend due to his drinking… 3 suicide attempts since the brake of his relationship 3 hospital stays, psychiatric opinion confirming he has a Borderline Personality Disorder and drinks to medicate himself. What do I do? His father and brother distanced themselves from the situation and offer no support at this stage, claiming enough is enough.

But what do you do when your son has this mental handicap and if you do not provide a bed he may try to kill himself, as he has done 3 times in the past few month…. He had many counselling sessions, closed rehabilitation 3 times when teenager, few stays in a juvenile detention, brought home by total strangers who found him lying totally drunk on a side of a road, countless hospital stays, love and tough love…. I am exhausted now…. I am in a process of organizing counselling for myself as knowing I need to get support…….

Borderline Personality Counselling is out of reach…. My son just turned 40 and has not spoken to us since October He is a meth addict and alcoholic. I finally had it out with him after he asked my dad for money. He will work for awhile then something happens and he stops. He has had DUI and ruined his marriage, has a 17 year old daughter but continues to abuse alcohol.

He says he only drinks a few but we all know he does more than that. He used to call me once or twice a day but now will not and tells everyone it is cuz I bitch at him too much, which is not true it is just his justification for not being in contact with me. I used to help him with his phone bill and fines when I thought he was doing well, but then I would find out he was using the money to drink and do drugs. We stopped speaking for 3 years when there was a major incident while he was out of his mind with drugs and alcohol. He is my only child and I keep trying to save him but have now given up.

Here we go to the rescue, only for him to stay sober for a few months and start in with at first drinking and then drugs. My sister allows him to live with her, therefore enabling him to continue drinking and she knows that I disapprove but she wants to be the favorite aunt. He showed up yesterday at my fathers hungover and with a few friends. My father is 89 and his health is not good. Dad thought maybe he should have my son move in with him to help him but after yesterday that is not going to happen. I try to tell everyone, that my son needs help but we cannot help him.

He needs to help himself. I had an anxiety attack at work due to him being back in the area. He will be away again in a few days working and will make lots of money and instead of buying a car or a place he will drink it all up. I have decided to go to Al-Anon, counseling or whatever to help me cope with his addiction.

I cannot save him, he needs to save himself. His daughter has resigned to the fact that he is what he is. She will always love him but she knows he will not stay sober for long. I have many friends that have an addicted child and it surprised me to find this out. We always think we are the only one. Of course, he blames me for this addiction, I was too strict or I was too hard on him in school etc. I blamed myself for years. We have taken him to rehab, hospital, interventions.

He tells us he does not have a problem and does not acknowledge that meth users are a problem. I have had counseling to cope and will start again. When he stays sober for awhile, he is the kindest, respectful and helpful. But sooner or later, the demons start in and his friends are those that are drunks and drug addicts. This is hard but enabling him is not the answer. Coping with this is a monster and nightmares started again last night. I worry he will get into a fight and be killed, car wreck and killed, overdoes and die. My son is 49 years old. Has lived with me and his step father off and on for 13 years.

He is a manic depressant and drinks and does drugs even tho he says I am wrong. When he is not here with us he usually lives with the homeless. We were gone with family for a weekend only to come home to find him here with another bum friend. I had him pack all his stuff and leave only for him to go around the corner and join another friend with a drinking problem. I have stayed up all night last night crying my heart out but know I must stay strong this time and let him find his way on his own. My husband just changed all the locks and is done with this situation…we are both turning 70 and still working some to keep a float.

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He is done with this situation and I must be also…I just need strength. Thinking I need to join Al-Anon for support. I too have an alaholic son and dont know what to do. He just went to rehab for 2days dried out, two days later hes drinking again. I dont know how to help him as he refuses to seek help. Hes 40 and making my life miserable.

I told him anymore drinking and hes out the door. Any sugestings are appreaiated. My year-old daughter is drinking again and her life is a mess. My year-old granddaughter has to look out for her 1-year-old brother when my daughter and her husband fight. In , we did an intervention for my daughter. She went to rehab and then AA and stayed sober for 5 years. I thought we would all live happily ever after, but I was wrong.

I have a year-old daughter who is married and has 3 children, but is an alcoholic. She was doing better and then suffered a tragedy and has slipped back into a terrible depression. She got on anti-depressants and we thought she was doing better. She lies, is manipulative, and when we try to encourage her to get help she threatens to keep our grandchildren from us. He stays gone all the time working and I finally confronted him.

He refuses to do anything about it and continues to leave the children with her. My then 25 YO son moved from the East Coast to the San Francisco Bay Area nearly 2 years ago with a suitcase and a couple thousand dollars he had saved up—he is a month shy of 28 now. Being I grew up in NYC and have family there and it 8 hours away by bus or 6 by car—this was the logical choice. He acknowledged we had very valid points, but he moved to San Fran anyhow.

Like many who go to California to seek their way, he struggled, so instead of working harder or changing his ways, he stayed drunk. He stayed drunk until Aug when his body just said enough and he was admitted to ICU for severe stomach pains. He suffered from necrotizing pancreatitis, sepsis, alcohol withdrawal, tobacco withdrawal, fluids in the lungs, and a fever— It was only his youth and the skill of the medical staff that saved him. My wife flew immediately to San Fran where he was still tenuous and unstable in the ICU and I work for a fantastic company and they sent me on a temporary assignment to San Fran to help defray the family costs.

Despite almost dying, being in a SNF for months on end, being diagnosed with diabetes and insulin dependent—amongst other long-term health issues—the 1st thing he did when he got discharged was go to the liquor store. My wife and I brought him back east to convalesce for a few weeks, but he still drank. We offered to send him to rehab, but he wanted to visit with friends—he got mad at us for telling him we got him a bed at a facility if he was ready to go. But sobriety is for people that want it, not need it.

If he stayed back east, he would have no insurance and he has significant medical issues. Bottom line is he has been back in SF for a few weeks. Unless he changes his ways pronto, he will die. My heart breaks to tell him I cannot allow him to live with me — I know it is the right thing to do, but it goes against every paternal instinct. I cannot save him. I am at my wits end. My son is 32 years old. He has spent a great number of years following his artistic dream of becoming an illustrator. He is extremely talented and has worked the last couple of years for a sign company.

He states that he has no self-confidence and that alcohol gives him that. He is constantly asking for money. Oh my God, it just goes on and on. I feel like crying. We think our son is an alcoholic. He denies it, but our family sees things differently. It is getting to the point where our family is going to get professional help to try to understand this problem. It is really affecting our close knit family.

We try to help him but get no respect from him, especially when he is drinking. We wonder if we are doing the right thing by buying him things that he needs, like household things and a new truck so he can drive his children in a safe truck. My heart breaks reading these posts, and I can so relate. My year-old son is an alcoholic, and has been battling alcohol seriously for about 2 years. He has been hospitalized 4 times in the past year, 3 times for internal bleeding, once he was in ICU for 3 days and received 2 pints of blood.

He has early stage cirrhosis of the liver, and just last week just before climbing into his car he suffered a grand mal seizure, striking his head and fracturing a bone. He could have killed himself or innocent people. He is married and has a 2-year-old daughter. He thinks everyone in our family is conspiring against him. He refuses to go in-patient. I have a year-old daughter who is an alcoholic and is addicted to Xanax. She has been trying to wean herself off the Xanax. She started attending AA meetings, but I feel it in my bones that she has started binge-drinking again this weekend.

My daughter has three children 11, 8 and 5. She shares custody with her ex. He has called DHS on her, but that seemed to stop her for a small time. I have started seeing a therapist, but I am still up in the middle of the night writing this. The situation is causing hard feeling with my other children. My husband is fed up with our daughter. My son is 42 and living with me — it has totally changed my life, I have none. At first it was such a blessing to have him move in with me.

He and girlfriend split up, having 2 small children. He did not drink a lot at first, but now it is daily and he says awful things to me. Nothing he does is any of my business, etc. I have put my life on hold because of his health issues life threatening and stood by him, sitting in hospital night and day different times, over the 3 years. I want to travel and actually move where it is warmer and near my daughters, but I am so torn between just going and leaving him and his 2 small children totally alone, but the stress is so great.

But I do know that I cannot continue to function in this stressful life. I pay all the bills. He will give some money when he wants, but living on Supplemental Security Income is hard at times for both of us, draining my savings if I do anything extra. If he does give money, then he makes sure to remind me for what and how much, so I just struggle along, so I do not drain my savings totally. My mom is a full-time worker who is 55 and divorced. She has MS and fibromyalgia and has become an alcoholic.

Within the past 3 years drinking has become a bit of an issue for her. My grandma her mom has Alzheimers and my mom moved in with my grandma to be her primary care-taker for those 3 years. I understand how demanding and physically exhausting that was for her, especially with her medical conditions already. A few months later, in March, my mom became sick and was admitted to the hospital for a week and was later diagnosed with encephalopathy, which is an infection that affects the brain.

After the incident, she became better health-wise and stopped drinking completely for about 6 months, until our cat passed away and she relapsed. The drinking has gotten worse. I have tried to talk to her when she is sober and she promises she is going to stop, and then never does.

She knows how angry and frustrated and hurt I am when she does this. He and my mom, although divorced, are still very close with one another. I am constantly worrying about my mom when I am not there. I am worried about her health and how her drinking is worsening her MS. I am worried about her emotionally, because she is depressed and drinking only makes it worse. I am worried for her safety too. It has gotten too far and is out of my control anymore. She lives away from us.

She asks for money all the time. She has a 7-year-old daughter, whose dad took her away. He does not drink anymore. My heart and soul admitted to me, last night, she was an alcoholic. I got her to go to an AA meeting last night and she walked out when God was mentioned. I stayed and listened quietly while someone outside talked to her.

I love this child with all my heart and she has a baby girl I adore. I want to help. My son is in ICU after binge-drinking to the point of unconsciousness. He was taken to the hospital by EMS. He is in the hospital now on life-support. He aspirated fluid into his lungs and got pneumonia and went into respiratory failure.

I love him dearly. My son is 27 years old. My husband his step dad and I rented our home out to him and we bought another home. He lives 2 blocks away from us. I invited him for the holiday along with his baby sister who is 25 and her boyfriend. He arrived late and drunk and I warmed him a plate to try and get food in his stomach. His sister gets angry at him for coming to holiday dinners like this. I just feel sad. I do partially blame myself. I just wish there was something I could do for him now.

I am scared to death he is going to go walking around drunk and get hit by a car. Last night he drunk called me and said he walked to the liquor store and some guy almost hit him and the guy got out and tried to fight him. I tried to get him to come over so I could fix him some food and make a pot of coffee. I talked to him until he passed out. He walks everywhere right now, because his car broke down. That is a relief in one sense and a nightmare in others. He has abused alcohol to the point that his stomach lining is raw and he coughs up blood sometimes.

That is why I am always trying to get him to eat. My son is such a kind and caring person. It is really ripping my heart out to see him this way, as I know everyone on here feels the same about their loved one. I would like to thank all the people who have shared their struggles here — it makes me not feel so alone. I will pray for you all. I would not wish this situation on anyone. If she does not get help soon, one of these addictions will end her life. I have worked in the corrections field for the last 16 years and have seen how destructive drugs and alcohol can be. I also know that it is up to my daughter to make the changes necessary, but I still have the feeling that if I had done something different when she was younger, she would not be at this point.

I need to stay strong and believe in that higher power. My son is 35 and was such a lovely person. Never knew or imagined how awful it is living with an alcoholic. I feel all the pain n frustration of u all. I am 29 years old, her only daughter, and I so really need her. She worked at UPS for almost 30 years straight and has been awesome all her life.

She had a very bad situation happen between my dad and her, which caused her to unravel. Watching her kill herself is the worst for me right now. She has three children, but everyone moved away except for me. She did an A. It brought tears to see her back on her feet.

I thought I had her back. I work a job that I know I can barely pay rent. I have to go to work just to maintain my life, along with my daughter. Eventually I left for work and she started sneaking and drinking while I was gone. Long story short, I thought I almost lost her yesterday, and everything flashed before my eyes.

She thinks she has everything under control and became stubborn about the help part. All these posts reflect my life. Can I force him into rehab yet again. Family fed up and left to live their lives. My daughter is 24 and has a real problem with drinking. She has been in several abusive relationships — twice almost caused her to lose her life. In every bad thing that she encounters drinking starts it. My year-old daughter, who has been battling alcohol for a few years, is a binge drinker, has been living with me for a month since her school let her out for financial reasons.

She has been ok and was really trying to be a help around the house. She got a job as a bartender at a grocery store. She seemed to be in control of the alcohol. Today, at 2 pm, we were planning to go out for a nice afternoon lunch, then my realtor stopped in. My daughter said she would run over and pick up her check and walked out as if all was normal. Eight hours later she was dialing my year-old and then my year-old. She had gotten so drunk at the grocery store where she works that she peed her pants and was calling them from the bathroom.

Hours later she came in, still drunk, and started yelling at me. I asked her to go sleep it off and told her she should never drink and dial her sisters again as it is hurtful. She threatened to kill herself and went to the cutlery set in the kitchen. I told her if she did not go to bed now and quit yelling at me I would call the police. I told her if she would just quit the abuse, quit threatening to hurt herself, that I would call back and tell them it was a misunderstanding, that she had a last chance to stop her behavior.

She got worse and started screaming at me. The police eventually arrived. I told them she said she would hurt herself but probably did not mean it. They were going to let her be with a warning, but she apparently made the same utterances again to the officers and they cuffed her. She was so smug, as if she had won a battle, happy with herself for getting hauled away in cuffs.

She is going to the psych ward. She may be there for 3 days or maybe The officers do not know. I sympathize with every one of these people. I have a year-old alcoholic son living with me, because his girlfriend kicked him out. He has nowhere else to go. I am now at the point of wanting to kick him out myself, but where will he go?

Probably be a homeless down-and-out, or die for lack of support. I am his mother and I love him to bits, but he is totally changing my life, and not for the better! I am a year-old pensioner living alone till he came and getting on with my life. But since my son arrived at my home, all I seem to do and think about is him! In the space of one week he has been pulled for drunk-driving, been taken to hospital because he fell in drink, and is now up in court!

I love him, but I think a stint of prison might wake him up hopefully! I am so miserable! I have stopped helping him financially, and stopped taxiing him to and from pubs. You are all going through the same stress as me. I cannot cope anymore, but I know I have to for my grandchildren. I pray God will help me and you also.

I should not be surprised that my son is an alcoholic, or that I enable him. So why does this hurt me so much more? He is 30 years old and he is alcoholic. My husband and I have no life, no money, no rest, nothing because of him. I hope we can get help me without him knowing. Please pray for my son, Joel, 22 years old, who stopped drinking and now started again.

My mother who is 70 years old is taking care of him. He troubles my mom and forcefully takes her money. Please, I beg all to pray for us. My year-old is an alcoholic. He has been since He is sneaky and lies. He just got back from detox. He drinks shots at 5 a. We find them as he tries to hide them. I want to run away. Our county needs to address our youth and help them with mental health. Our son is an alcoholic. He started drinking to excess approximately 5 years ago. He is 33, has 3 small children and a supportive wife. He went to rehab 16 months ago and was put on a medication that makes him violently ill if he has any alcohol.

He stopped this medication twice in the past 16 months to attend bucks nights and both times ended up drunk. The second time he continued to drink the day after the party and we had to call an ambulance as he blacked out. Our son is as type 1 diabetic and has been for 18 years. We told him he could have died and he told us he was sorry etc. He has a great job and beautiful little children. His wife is aware of his plan. He is addicted to alcohol and will not admit he can never drink again.

We feel it will kill him if he risks this again, and my husband and I have this sick feeling all the time. My son is 37 years old. He is married with three children. He has a wonderful wife, two great jobs and his wife has a great job. My son is an alcoholic. His wife is drinking too. They are both spiraling out of control. My daughter received an email from their fifteen-year-old daughter at 2: She said that her grades are tanking, she has been a straight A student to this point.

She said that she felt she was going crazy and that she was severely depressed, and that her parents had been drinking almost daily. What a sad email to have read to me. I called my son and after many, many times of him telling me he was quitting drinking I had had enough. He told me that if I called CPS he would hate me forever and that I would never see our grandchildren again. I told him that I loved him dearly but that I would do whatever was in my power to ensure that his three children would no longer grow up in a home that abuses alcohol.

You are a parent forever and it is your duty to try and save your children, even from themselves. My son is 34 years old and he is an alcoholic. He could be working with his dad, if he wanted, until he could find something else. I told him that his dad and I were going out of town for New Years and I was afraid to leave him home.

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