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If you're alive and online, you've seen the Dove “Real Beauty” ads, where people react to being called beautiful. They smile, break into tears.
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The first in regards to your first kiss. Don't feel weird or ugly because you haven't had one. I know it's not much comfort just saying that but i truly do mean it. The environments we interact in make us value things differently. School is an example of this. I am 24 and haven't had my first kiss, havent had sex and havent hooked up. I guess i do feel a bit worried about how people might perceive that but then i think 'screw them'.

why I hide my ugly face behind makeup...

I will make my own values and set my life according to them. I guess you could adopt a similar thing maybe idk?

One moment please...

I know what you mean about being empathetic too btw. I feel like i help others and all this and i dont want to be alone or feel ugly.

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But there is nothing quite like someone who is beautiful on the inside and outside so i suggest you keeo going at it. As a single virgin male at 24, i dunno if i can provide much in the way of expertise on the matter at hand. I guess all I can do is empathise with you and encourage you to keep on keeping on.

Modern culture seems to push all sorts of crap on us in relation to relationships, sex and everything.

Try and find things to occupy your time and find hobbies. Focus on what matters in your life most at this point. The notion that you are wasting it if you dont flaunt it and such.. But i know people are surprised if they find out i am a virgin.. I chose the former. In my life atm i am trying to figure myself out. Thats the best thing any of us can do. Anyway i hope what i said helps somehow. Just try to focus on wherever it is you are at in life: Hey, I know this forum has been long inactive, but the other day I googled something along these lines and my post came up as the first suggestion.

I feel like a characteristic of any person searching for this, reading this, relating to this, is not someone who feels as though they are in the majority; for it is often that very feeling of difference that we locate and define as: And while I am still occasionally subject to this feeling, it is important to note that even in such a short stretch of time I am a much happier person now than I was then. And I can say for sure that the thing which has changed has not been my looks, but instead the extent to which I let them effect me.

I have been suffering with the same thing. I have good and bad days. The part about it all that annoys me most is that I care so little about other peoples' appearance and feel so superficial that I focus so much on my own. It really consumes my thoughts and can get me down like nothing else. I am a perfectionist so when I feel like my looks aren't perfect, it throws everything else out of whack. I feel really low at the moment and so hideous.

Hope this will pass and that I don't focus so much on this type of thing in the future. Would love to hear any other tips on how to stop focusing so much on my looks! Hi there Maddo hope you're still going from strength to strength. Not that there's many positives being low but it sure is good when we start lifting again.

I think too from depression we can gain strength. I too feel as you, I don't really take much notice of others appearance unless they look lovely and say so. Glad you don't care about others appearance because recently on the net I stumbled onto I think it was a self esteem thingy and one way of feeling better about ourselves was exactly that, to try not to be critical of others appearance which I think makes a lot of sense.

It'd keep us in a negative mindset. I'm learning to look inside and find things I like about myself and hymmm slowly trying to improve on bits I don't. That's one of the things I'm slowly getting back to. Home Get involved and help others Online forum. Cancel The title field is required! Hi Maddo, I bet you're really not at the top or Bottom of the ugly ladder. I bet you're right somewhere in the middle like the rest of us.

Then there's the bad breathe ladder, the body odour ladder What about the kindness to animals ladder, the considerate to others ladder. I'm sure you can think of some things that make you shine Try working on that for a while You'll be just fine.

Am I Ugly? If you just asked the Internet if you're ugly, then this is for you.

Hi Maddo, welcome to BB Read your post and had same feelings when I was younger but now know it wasn't the case, for me it was depression making me feel that way and of course people can be sooo good can't they at putting us down. With depression comes low self esteem. I'll be back tomoz to talk more if you're still around, hope so.

Thanks for the responses. Hey Maddo, In high school this is exactly how I felt. Hopefully you can relate to my experience, Wishing you well, - m. Maddo good to see you back: It makes us think we're not worthy, pretty, good enough btw excellent that you're aware of your good points, but my question to you is in your words are you ugly or is it depression do you think making you see yourself in a negative spin.

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Btw none of that sounds vain. They say looks are skin deep too Mads, it IS true, let's use a witch for example with a big wart on her nose, at first it's noticeable then as we get to know her in a very short time we start not to notice it. I think along those lines it applies too to feeling good about ourselves would come out physically too. Keep talking if you want.


Agree easier to a screen aye. Here for ya, sometimes afk but will eventually return I as many others here also as you do care: Hello Maddo, Welcome and the others have given you some wonderful responses already from their own experiences. Definitely worth thinking about. You're doing awesome by sharing your thoughts with us. I hope you find talking about it useful. Very good post swtpotato swt I realized once working with an exceptionally pretty youngish chook, figured too would have it's downs.

It is what we as humans equate with this number that forces us to connect beauty with weight. No, even if you have never ever felt anything but ugly your whole life right up until now that is still not proof that you are.

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