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Flare Adventures #17 [Dennis Mallonee, Wilson Hill, Mark Propst, Ruben Montecinos] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Flare Adventures.
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They come with both 3D and traditional hex maps. ALL gamers, both new gamers and old gamers as they are easily expandable or playable as is. All original content built in the Art of the Genre world of the Nameless Realms.

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This Asian inspired port has fallen to the power of the dark sorcerer Molo of the Thirteen Wives, and only the players can free it while continuing on their quest to help save the world from Molo's ultimate plan. As always, we aim to get these out to our backers fast, so we plan on a December delivery of physical copies, just in time for Christmas! What is Distant Turtle City? Distant Turtle City is a far-flung island port of the T'ung Empire.

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It is a perfect place to introduce the party to the Oriental Adventures type setting, while giving them a chance to encounter enemies not normally found in standard Euro fantasy settings. How will the mapping be done? Each Folio has a removable cover that is home to a 3D map of the major encounter zone of the module, and Folio 16 will also include a 3D map of Distant Turtle City. There are also standard hex maps included for easy table-top use.

What is The White Ship Campaign?

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The White Ship Campaign is the full culmination of Folios 19 and takes player characters from 1st Level to the low teens. The story follows the dangers of a rogue necromancer who is trying to find the fabled 'White Ship' from a lost civilization that can help him bolster his power to dominate the Nameless Realms. Do I have to have any other Folios to play these modules?

No, these are completely self contained if need be and serve as a perfect destination adventure for mid-level characters looking to explore non-standard fantasy setting.

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What are Iconic Characters? In each Folio series we put together a party of characters that you get to follow through the adventure with artwork. These are usually found in stretch goals. What happens if the campaign surpasses the goal? Well, stretch goals of course! See the awesome additions below that ALL backers get when we hit out goals!

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What is a mini-adventure? I've designed each Folio with several 'branch' adventures that can be undertaken by characters wishing to gain further experience, insight, and magic along the way. Each has roughly ten encounters and adds to the particular story arc of the Folio it is attached to. What are the Ports of the Nameless Realms?

As this series of adventures deal with sea travel, the characters have the opportunity to visit many great ports all of the Halo Ocean. To assist the DM in this I've created a gazetteer that details ports along the route. What are the various backer levels?

You can find all the backer levels below, including the ability of a single backer to get the original painted cover of Folio 16! Frank Brunner Penciller Media Type: Prelim For Sale Status: Pen and Ink Art Type: Interior Page For Sale Status: Frank Brunner All Media Type: Ink Wash Art Type: Commission For Sale Status: Sketch Card For Sale Status: Cover For Sale Status: Other For Sale Status: Hiroshi Morisaki Member Since: Remarked Item For Sale Status: Computer Art Art Type: Frank Brunner Art Details Artist: Pin Up For Sale Status: Mixed Media Art Type: View All of Heritage's Auctions.

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