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An icon often seen in the churches of Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan, North and This prompted a series of tests. One of the lessons we have learned in mission, is that every . finished their email to us with a reference to Philippians as prayer based on Mark Batterson's book “The Circle Maker” (see.
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Ethiopia has an ancient history, a unique geographic circumstance and a contemporary appeal. Ethiopia travel is not routine.

Accommodations are few, but the rigor of travel and the lack of amenities are a small cost for an exceptional guided group or individual Ethiopia travel experience. With Journeys, you will travel to and explore some of the most interesting areas in Ethiopia and learn about Ethiopia's cultural and natural history. You will stay in comfortable hotels, travel in safe private vehicles and enjoy the company of very knowledgeable naturalist-historian guides.

In Ethiopia, the birding is fantastic and every moment provides a photographic invitation. Home Destinations Africa Ethiopia Ethiopia. Trips Overview Resources Trips. Join in the swirling color and passions of the Genna and Timkat Festivals. Join in the swirling color and passion of Timkat Festival. We have seen it as our task to bear witness to the realities of Africa, the place and the church here, and to let the African story be known rather than our own.

But now we must share a bit of our own story. About three weeks ago, although we did not know it, our world started to turn upside down. Wendy began to experience an unusual and worrisome pattern of mid back pain. This prompted a series of tests.

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We are leaving today for Pittsburgh for further testing and treatment. Like the waves of the sea, grief comes and washes over us. When it goes, there is the joy of being with friends, and soon with family. And when it comes — there is Jesus. We know Him present — sometimes by faith alone, and sometimes in manifest love.

One of the lessons we have learned in mission, is that every difficulty can be an invitation to know Him more deeply; to know the overcoming love of Jesus. And in knowing Him, something else wonderful happens. We begin to see others differently.

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More and more we see their beauty, and their indescribably precious value. And with it comes a marvellous gift — to love our neighbours as ourselves. It may be that God will save us from the fiery furnace of cancer. But right now, He is with us in the flames.

You know, in our culture, we tend to substitute pleasure for joy. And suffering can destroy pleasure. But joy flows from love. And suffering cannot destroy love. If it is my time, it is my time. If it is not my time, Jesus will heal me. Reflections on Christmas Past. We thank God for 57 recently confirmed in Teirgol, our outermost region in Gambella. Tiergol is accessible only by an uncomfortable boat journey, highlighted by passing tens of thousands of antelope and water fowl as well as many crocodile.

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The women of Tiergol endeared themselves to Bishop Grant when they broke into spontaneous cheering at the amazing sight of a man Grant actually doing his own laundry! We have had a few replies to our last newsletter and thought it best to compile a list of the most frequently asked questions. Are you returning to Ethiopia? We went to Gambela, Ethiopia to get an Anglican College up and running for the growing church in the area. This is not a project account but solely for the purpose of raising funds for a vehicle. Please feel free to call Denise Cox at should you have any questions.

Are you going to South Africa? Will you have a salaried position in Southern Africa? Only two team members of the GtC are given a small stipend. The Anglican Church in Southern Africa has been described as poor, black, and female, many of whom are not primary bread-winners. The following documentary is focussed on a township in the Cape area, but could be true of many other areas in South Africa and beyond: While the Church in southern Africa has a rich history, it is a tainted history.

Apartheid divided people and fostered mistrust and animosity. In many ways, the Anglican Church led the way in breaking down barriers, but there is still a lot of work to be done before brethren can dwell together in unity.


War has torn communities apart as well, especially in Angola and Mozambique. What will you do in Southern Africa? Louise and I will be teaching basic discipleship using the J-Life model see here: What will your new budget look like? How can we help? You can help by continuing to support us financially and prayerfully…we cannot do this ministry without you, as you are an integral part of the mission. We need our senders! If you are able to increase your support, we would be most grateful.

If you know anyone who might be interested in joining us all as part of our southern Africa team, please let us know or let them know! Let us know if you have any more questions! We do not want to be as clear as mud!!! Thanks for your love and concern…we say it often, but perhaps not often enough. You team members in our boat or the wind in our sails…and we appreciate every one of you.

There is no greater challenge to evangelism in mission than that. Christians are rightly concerned about the grievous imbalances of wealth and food and freedom in the world. When one seeks to follow Jesus, you follow, you do not lead, and when you follow where He leads, exciting things happen…storms are calmed and demoniacs are set free. So we have climbed into the boat with Jesus…again…. This past week, our first week back in the US, has been both uplifting and encouraging.

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We had a debriefing meeting with the SAMS leadership, and a wonderful luncheon given in our honour. We attended many lunches and dinners with dear friends, and visited with Barb Costa in her lovely home where we have been staying. We heard wonderful sermons in the chapel and attended informative lectures on Discipleship with the Rev Dr Amy Schifrin. People we have never met before would come up and tell us they have been praying for us. Quite a few students told me that they had read my doctoral dissertation on Missions.

Apparently, they were told to do so by the faculty. And we also were told: God willing we will leave Ambridge on January 24, and sleep over in Charlotte with our youngest and his family. Amelia is over a year old now…we last saw her when she but a babe in arms. On January 25, we plan to leave for Greenville and will be with Larry and Tess Worley until the 27 th.

We hope to attend Holy Spirit Anglican on January 29…they have been great prayer warriors and supporters and we long to see them again too.