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Pisana pitanja zastupnika Europskog parlamenta i odgovori institucije Europske unije na njih. OJ C , European social model and response to the crisis. Revision of regulations on organic production: Foreign investment in agriculture and the case of Agrogeba. Hunting endangered species in a Galician natural park. Possibility of meeting EU energy requirements from domestic shale gas reserves. Cameroon infiltrated by Jihadist Boko Haram fighters. Two Italian priests and a Canadian nun kidnapped in Cameroon. Company bankruptcies and Eurostat statistical reporting.

Concealed danger of X-rays at airports. Practice of insurance companies in Spain. New slaughter of Christians in Nigeria linked to land use. Security alert in Iraq: European Social Fund for national minorities in Lithuania. Spreading awareness of stem cell registers and recruitment of volunteer potential donors.

New web domains in the wine-growing sector threaten designations of origin — request for EU intervention. Fraud carried out with parallel SIM card switching. Allocation of funding through EuropeAid. Situation of pension reform victims in Italy. Fit of pique by EU ruling class over outcome of democratic consultation in Switzerland. Compliance of the privatisation of Czech company OKD a.

Resettlement of indigenous populations in the Lower Omo Region, Ethiopia. Canned hunting and lion trophy imports. Possible enquiry into the use of public funds for the Italian railway service. Volunteer-sending faith-based development agency. Allergens in finished textile products. Addressing mental health as a priority of youth policy. EU funding to support victims of domestic violence. Lack of legal security for European undertakings in Ecuador.

Bee health and promoting eco-friendly beehives. Conduct of the elections in Afghanistan. The role of desert areas in the absorption of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Employment and Social Innovation programme. EU-wide project on mediation, dispute resolution and improving access to justice. Jewel of the Sea property development in Calabria, Italy. Research into Parkinson's disease under Horizon Combating racism, xenophobia and hate crimes. Special education and the Bologna Process. Reintegration of workers after ill health. Stage reached in the negotiations on the range of products covered by the ITA agreement.

Landings of immigrants in Italy: Consequences of the earth tremor in France and northern Italy. Extraction of green fuel from seawater to supply ships. New discoveries in rehabilitation treatment for spinal cord injury. Possible legal obstacles to the supply of Russian gas to Ukraine using the gas reaching Slovakia and Hungary. Digital Literacy Week and the possibility of joint European projects. Funding under the European Regional Development Fund. Discrimination against Roma in the European Union.

Plans to hold referendums on independence in some EU regions. Russia's blocking of pork imports from the Republic of Moldova. Non-identification of horses in Galicia. EU-Russia agreement on Trans-Siberian routes. Acquisition and recognition of digital skills. Need for an EU industrial innovation investment fund. Applying carbon capture and storage CCS technology. State subsidies and tax exemptions — compatibility with rules on state aid, unfair competition and transfers to state-owned companies. Fresh statements likening Catalan nationalism to Franco's regime: Outstanding payments from the ERD Fund.

Fining of high-voltage cable manufacturers. Il governo italiano, con il decreto legislativo n. I nuovi limiti stabiliti dal decreto legislativo n. Le misure nazioni di questo tipo devono tuttavia soddisfare le norme UE sulla libera circolazione delle merci, stabilite dagli articoli da 34 a 36 del TFUE. These limits also apply to firearms in which the rounds are contained in a magazine that forms an integral part of the weapon itself, making the modifications, which must be permanent, particularly costly and in many cases technically impossible.

To continue to operate in the market, they will have to make expensive changes to create a separate production line just for the Italian market, as it differs from the other European markets. In some cases, major operators in the sector may decide to stop selling in Italy if they are unable or unwilling to bear those costs in order to remain in a market limited to a single country. Does the Commission believe that the limits imposed unilaterally by Italy may run counter to the principle of the free movement of goods? Does it believe that the abovementioned additional classification goes against the principle of creating common standards for the classification of firearms?

Might that constitute discrimination against firearms users in Italy compared with those in other Member States? This discretion reflects the character of the directive, which does not attempt full harmonisation of rules, but rather provides a minimum level of safety for the intra-EU movement of firearms. Thus, it is at the discretion of the Italian authorities to introduce more stringent rules concerning the limits on or categories of firearms to be placed on the Italian market.

The ILO says that this very severe crisis, which is affecting millions of people, could be dealt with by implementing a real European social model. Is the Commission prepared to fight for a European minimum wage, a European minimum pension and a European minimum income as part of its social model?

Will the Commission put forward proposals concerning a European minimum wage, pension and income? The European social model is based on the conviction that economic progress and social progress are inseparable. While recognising that wage setting is a competence of Member States, and in many cases social partners, it recalled that setting minimum wages at appropriate levels can help prevent growing in-work poverty while it can also be an effective means to uphold demand. It has also started to develop, together with the Member States, a common methodology on reference budgets as announced in the SIP.

Herziening van verordeningen inzake biologische productie: Verschillen in de toepassing en uitleg van het EU-recht in de lidstaten kunnen oneerlijke concurrentie tot gevolg hebben. In heeft de Commissie de Groep van deskundigen voor technisch advies over de biologische productie EGTOP ingesteld, om haar van advies te dienen over diverse onderwerpen, waaronder de biologische teelt in kassen. Er komen steeds meer hydrocultuursystemen op de markt die gebaseerd zijn op plantenvezelsubstraat en verkocht worden in modulaire, vooraf verpakte eenheden.

Beschouwt de Commissie de teelt op plantenvezelsubstraat als substraatteelt? EGTOP doet in zijn eindverslag over de kasteelt de aanbeveling dat de uitzondering voor bestaande praktijken wordt gehandhaafd, maar dat een verdere uitbreiding van dergelijke systemen in de biologische teelt in deze of andere lidstaten wordt verboden.

Overweegt de Commissie de vaststelling van een einddatum voor de uitzondering voor biologische productie in afgebakende bedden? Indien een specifieke uitzondering voor afgebakende bedden wordt aanvaard, hoe wil de Commissie dan zorgen voor transparantie en consumentenvertrouwen? Plantenvezels kunnen in de landbouw worden gebruikt als bodemverbeteraar of als meststof die door de bodem wordt opgenomen. De Commissie buigt zich momenteel over de vraag op welke manier de kwestie van de afgebakende bedden het beste kan worden aangepakt. De biologische landbouw is echter het enige systeem waarvoor op EU-niveau een brede en veeleisende regelgeving is vastgesteld.

Hydroponic systems based on plant fibre substrates are becoming increasingly available on the market, sold in modular, pre-packaged formats. Does the Commission consider production on plant fibre substrates to be hydroponic? In its Final Report on Greenhouse Production, EGTOP recommends maintaining this exception for existing practices but prohibiting further expansion of such systems within organic production in these or other Member States. Is the Commission considering putting a time limit on the exception for organic production in demarcated beds? If a specific exception for demarcated beds is accepted, how does the Commission plan to ensure transparency and consumer confidence?

Plant fibre materials may be used in agriculture as soil amendment or fertiliser to be incorporated in soil. They could also be used as substrate in which crops are grown, irrigated and fertilised. The Commission is currently reflecting on different options to address the issue of demarcated beds. Maintaining producers' and consumers' confidence in the organic scheme is one of the criteria that will be taken into account to select the most appropriate option. Apart from organic farming, the Commission is aware of various production systems aiming at enhancing the sustainability of agricultural production, such as integrated production or conservation agriculture.

Some may be certified under national or private schemes. However, organic production is the only system for which a comprehensive and demanding set of rules have been adopted at EU level. Calabria IT is an in-house company of Calabria Region. Calabria IT is a subsidiary of Fincalabra S. The Commission is not in a position to assess the facts or state whether an employer has or has not complied with any national provisions which serve to implement EU directives. Inversiones extranjeras en agricultura y el caso Agrogeba.

This financial backing would facilitate extension of the area farmed and, therefore, of the possible adverse effects on the population. What mechanisms does it plan to implement to monitor and control the possible adverse effects of corporate investment on the livelihood of local communities? This project aims to obtain an accurate analysis of the food and nutrition security situation in Guinea Bissau and to set up a system to provide support to the most food-insecure people, as well as to scale up agricultural value chains to increase access to food and to promote inclusive economic growth.

This study will establish a mapping of all stakeholders in the value chain input suppliers, producers, traders, processors, distributors, service providers , including their strategies and interactions communication, information exchange, regulations, contracts, power relationships. Es la denominada high frequency trading HFT. La Directiva ya ha sido aprobada por el Parlamento Europeo y el Consejo y se espera que sea publicada en el Diario Oficial en junio de According to the author Michael Lewis, in his book Flash Boys , high-frequency machines are used to manipulate the stock market for the benefit of certain financial agents.

This manipulation hurts small and medium-sized investors, who are unable to access the data and control mechanisms of the systems in question. The FBI is investigating the operations of high frequency machines, suspecting that, for their own benefit, HFT firms are using the information obtained from other investors as insider information, including for fraud. Is the Commission considering the possibility of launching an investigation into the fairness and transparency of HFT operations?

MiFID II will introduce a comprehensive set of trading controls for algorithmic trading activities, both for investment firms and for trading venues. These safeguards include the requirement for all algorithmic traders to be properly regulated and to provide liquidity when pursuing a market-making strategy. In addition, investment firms which provide direct electronic access to a trading venue will be required to have in place systems and risk controls to prevent trading that may contribute to a disorderly market or involve market abuse.

The Commission will continue to monitor the risks posed by HFT and work together with other relevant international authorities where necessary. The Iberian wild goat, as the subspecies is commonly known, was reintroduced into the Park in , and less than a decade later the Galician Regional Government has authorised the culling of up to 13 animals on the grounds of an increase in numbers.

If we follow this line of reasoning, there will be nothing to stop other endangered species and subspecies in Galicia, Spain or even other EU Member States from being shot down on the lone pretext of a population rise. Such a rise should is to be expected if EU funds have been invested to encourage it, and it can only be viewed as a boon to global biodiversity. Has the Commission ever invested in the protection and preservation of this subspecies? What does the Commission think about plans to hunt animals classed as vulnerable by international organisations?

Is the Commission thinking of adopting any extraordinary measures to put a stop to these plans? The Commission has not co-financed any LIFE project specifically addressing the protection and conservation of this subspecies. Rapporti diplomatici fra UE e Corea del Nord. Il segretario della difesa statunitense ha dichiarato che gli Stati Uniti dislocheranno nelle acque del Giappone altri due caccia torpedinieri, dotati di sistema anti-missilistico Aegis, per contrastare le minacce di attacchi missilistici da parte della Corea del Nord.

L'UE ha costantemente invocato, in tutta la regione, una diminuzione e un allentamento pacifici delle tensioni. The US Defence Secretary has declared that the United States will deploy, in Japanese waters, another two destroyers, equipped with Aegis anti-missile systems, to thwart the threats of missile attacks by North Korea. The EU is not in a position to assess whether the announced US deployment to Japan of two additional destroyers which will occur by has had a concrete effect on the current security risk for EU citizens in the DPRK or Japan.

The EU has been consistently calling for a peaceful diminishing and ending of the tensions in the entire region. Riserve di Shale Gas in Europa ed eventuale sfruttamento per far fronte al fabbisogno energetico dell'UE. Quali sono le prospettive per il loro sfruttamento al fine di compensare, almeno parzialmente, la diminuzione della produzione interna di gas naturale e la dipendenza energetica da Paesi terzi?

I primi risultati sono previsti per il Over the last few years, there has been a surge in an alternative form of gas production, extraction from bituminous shale, in many parts of the world, including the United States, which by should be not only fully independent of gas imports but also a net exporter.

Can it give its views regarding the prospect of shale gas production offsetting at least partially falling domestic natural gas production and energy dependence on third countries? The percentage of original gas in place which can be exploited can vary substantially depending on the geological conditions, gas prices and improvements in production technologies. The Horizon Work Programme — foresees that the European Commission's Joint Research Centre carries out an assessment of Europe's resources in cooperation with geological surveys, especially by analysing results from current assessments conducted by Member States and from on-going exploration projects.

Initial results are expected by As exploration projects develop, further knowledge will be gained. La Commissione non possiede informazioni sul numero di sportelli automatici all'interno dell'UE che potrebbero essere eventualmente colpiti dalla soppressione degli aggiornamenti di sicurezza di Windows XP. Dalle informazioni a disposizione della Commissione la sicurezza delle operazioni Bancomat dipende da una serie di elementi informatici, tra cui il sistema operativo di software, e soprattutto da elementi fisici di sicurezza dei distributori.

La Commissione si aspetta che i gestori adottino tutte le misure necessarie per garantire che le transazioni in contante continuino ad essere sicure. La Commissione non dispone di informazioni su azioni specifiche che i gestori potrebbero aver preso in risposta all'annuncio di Microsoft.

Inoltre, la proposta della Commissione per una revisione della direttiva sui servizi di pagamento introduce nuovi requisiti di sicurezza per tutti gli istituti di pagamento. And yet banks have known for months that technical support from Microsoft was about to come to an end. The Commission is aware of the Microsoft announcement, but it does not possess the necessary information to check the assumptions on which the estimates of the Financial Times are based or to verify their accurateness.

It should be recalled that it is the responsibility of the ATM operators to ensure that the software they use is secure. The Commission is not aware of special funding granted to banks for the purpose of updating the security of their ATMs. In the understanding of the Commission the security of ATM operations depends on a number of IT elements, one of them being the operating system software, but it also relies heavily on the physical security features of the cash dispensers. The Commission expects that ATM operators take all the necessary actions to ensure that cash transactions continue to remain secure.

The Commission has no information about what specific actions might or might not have been taken by ATM operators in reaction to the announcements of Microsoft. Furthermore, the Commission proposal for a revision of the PSD introduces new security requirements for all payment institutions. These include a regular updating of their security policy and implementation of migitation measures and control mechanisms in response to identified risks, as well as regular reporting to the national competent authorities.

Infiltrazioni jihadiste di Boko Haram in Camerun. Il gruppo integralista di Boko Haram sta utilizzando il Camerun, uno dei pochi paesi dell'area centro africana che gode di una pace stabile da un decennio, come base e trampolino per condurre i propri attacchi specialmente sul suolo nigeriano. Oltre a compiere nel paese vari rapimenti, non ultimo quello di due sacerdoti italiani di Vicenza e una suora canadese, le cellule jihadiste danno la caccia a propri disertori che hanno abbandonato il movimento e che si sono rifugiati in Camerun.

Le questioni riguardanti la sicurezza dei cittadini UE in Camerun vedono impegnate le missioni degli Stati membri in uno stretto coordinamento, con frequenti scambi formali e informali di informazioni e indicazioni ai viaggiatori coordinate. La marginalizzazione della regione al confine con la Nigeria alimenta l'insicurezza, il terrorismo e l'ulteriore infiltrazione della setta islamica Boko Haram.

Il recente sequestro sottolinea ancora una volta l'estrema insicurezza della regione, alimentata in particolare alla presenza della setta Boko Haram. L'UE incoraggia il Camerun, la Nigeria e i paesi limitrofi a collaborare strettamente per affrontare meglio i problemi di sicurezza nella regione del Sahel, in particolare le minacce rappresentate dalle azioni della setta Boko Haram nelle province settentrionali. Cameroon, one of the few central African countries that have enjoyed a decade of ongoing peace and stability, is now being targeted by Boko Haram fundamentalists as a base from which to launch their attacks, particularly against Nigeria.

As well as abducting two Italian priests from Vicenza and a Canadian nun among others, they have been hunting down deserters from the movement seeking refuge in Cameroon. How likely is it that Boko Haram and other Islamic fundamentalist groups are continuing to infiltrate Cameroon and starting to recruit nationals of that country? The EU MS's Missions in Cameroon are closely liaising on issues relating to the security of EU citizens in the country through frequent, formal and informal, exchanges of information and coordination of travel advisories.

The marginalization of the region close to Nigeria's borders contributes to the increase of insecurity and development of terrorism and further infiltration of Boko Haram. The EU is determined to use the instruments that it has at its disposal to contribute to the improvement of the security situation in that region. The recent abduction has once again highlighted the extreme insecurity in that part of the country linked in particular to the presence of the Islamist sect, Boko Haram.

The EU encourages Cameroon, Nigeria and the neighbouring countries to cooperate closely in order to better meet security-related challenges in the Sahel area, and in particular Boko Haram's threats in the Northern provinces. Produzione di carburante partendo dall'acqua marina. Nei laboratori del Naval Research Laboratory della Marina militare americana, gli scienziati sono riusciti a produrre del cherosene utilizzabile nei motori di navi ed aerei partendo dalla semplice acqua di mare. Il progetto mira a diminuire la dipendenza dal petrolio permettendo alle navi della marina di produrre scorte di combustibile direttamente in mare.

Alcuni elementi dell'intero processo sembrano coinvolgere tecnologie conosciute ad es. Questi progetti si incentrano sull'utilizzo di fonti di energia rinnovabili per decomporre l'acqua o il CO 2. Questo eccezionale progresso conferma la leadership della ricerca europea e dell'industria in tale settore. The aim of the project is to reduce dependence on oil by enabling naval vessels to make their own fuel supplies at sea.

Is research of this kind also being carried out in the EU? If so, has it received European funding and how far has it progressed? The Commission is aware of the laboratory-scale research project referred to by the Honourable Member. Some elements of the overall process appear to involve known technologies e. Similar concepts and ideas have been and are still financed through the Seventh Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration activities FP7, projects. These projects focus on the use of directly renewable energy sources to split water or CO 2.

The SolarH2 project has succeeded in producing hydrogen but still remains at research level. This breakthrough demonstrates the leadership of the European research and industries in that field. Opportunities to obtain finance for the development of such technologies exist in Horizon Religiosi come don Giampaolo e don Gianantonio, che hanno dedicato la propria vita ad aiutare il prossimo in contesti durissimi e spesso rischiosi, non possono e non devono essere abbandonati dalle istituzioni europee, che hanno il dovere di dispiegare tutti i mezzi disponibili per metterli al sicuro.

Due sacerdoti vicentini e una suora canadese rapiti in Camerun. Il recente sequestro sottolinea ancora una volta l'estrema insicurezza della regione, alimentata in particolare alla presenza della setta islamica Boko Haram. La marginalizzazione di una regione povera e con un alto tasso di analfabetismo, l'elevata disoccupazione e il cattivo stato dell'economia contribuiscono all'insicurezza e al terrorismo. The diocese of Vicenza has long been sending priests and nuns and lay missionaries to Africa, where they work and risk their lives for peace, in the interests of the international community.

People who dedicate their lives to helping others in extremely difficult and often dangerous circumstances must not simply be left to their fate by the European institutions, which must do everything in their power to bring them back to safety. Does the High Representative intend to explore all available diplomatic means of securing the release of the two Italian priests and the Canadian nun who have been kidnapped in Cameroon? Does the Commission intend to explore all available diplomatic means of securing the release of the two Italian priests and the Canadian nun who have been kidnapped in Cameroon?

The issue of release of kidnapped persons is a matter which needs to be handled extremely carefully and carried out by specialized national services. The EU Member States' missions in Cameroon are closely liaising on issues relating to the security of EU citizens in the country through frequent, formal and informal, exchanges of information and coordination of travel advisories. The marginalization of the region, where poverty is combined with high illiteracy, high unemployment and the poor state of the economy, contributes to the increase of insecurity and development of terrorism.

With regard to the report on Boko Haram activities, the Commission and the High Representative provide the information and report to the European Parliament following the normal practice and procedures. Fallimenti di imprese e raccolta dati Eurostat. Nel in Italia si sono registrati La Commissione condivide il parere dell'on. Sono attualmente in corso lavori per risolvere questo tipo di problemi.

In this context, the feasibility of producing statistics on bankruptcies is tested by way of a pilot data collection. Compiling comparable figures is difficult, as bankruptcy procedures are based on national law. Work to address these issues is on-going. On the basis of this pilot data collection, an increasing number of bankruptcies were observed between and in Portugal, Spain, Netherlands and Belgium, while the number remained quite stable in France, Italy and Denmark and decreased in Germany, Slovakia, Austria and Bulgaria.

In the first half of , compared with the same period of , an increase in the number of bankruptcies was reported by Slovakia, Spain and Belgium; the number remained quite stable in France and Italy and decreased in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands and Bulgaria. At European Union level, the need has been pointed out to eradicate acacia, as an alien, non-European species of flora. At the same time, acacia is a very suitable means of binding loose sand, while honey from it is one of the raw materials used in organic food production.

Moreover, it protects the rain forests too, as it is a hardwood that can be substituted for tropical wood species. Is the Commission likely in the near future to propose the eradication of other alien species of flora which are not of European origin? Does it also wish, for example, to eradicate from Europe paprika, tomatoes, potatoes, maize, rice and cherries? The proposal has been extensively discussed with the co-legislators and the legislative process is nearing its end. Furthermore, the regulation sets out the framework to tackle invasive alien species but does not yet list which species will need to be subject to measures: Listing will be proposed on the basis of robust risk assessments and will focus on the species causing the worst damage.

Such assessments will also duly consider the socioeconomic benefits of certain species and balance them against the damages caused. Finally, the measures proposed do not necessarily imply the eradication of the listed species: For coal-fired power plants, this requires the application of effective abatement systems to clean the exhaust gases. Member States are responsible for ensuring that EU Directives are correctly implemented and for addressing local environmental quality problems.

In order to tackle the persistent problem of air pollution in a holistic and cost-effective manner, the Commission has recently adopted a Clean Air Policy Package. The package is currently being discussed within the European Parliament and the Council. According to new Hungarian legislation, Hungarian citizens who live abroad and who are permanently resident abroad may vote by post. However, Hungarian citizens living abroad who are permanently registered in Hungary may not vote by post.

This means that, for example, a Hungarian who works in Sweden, England or Germany has to travel hundreds of kilometres to vote, in person, at the consulate. Is this practice of the Hungarian Government whereby restrictions are imposed on voting compatible with the European democratic ideal? The arrangements for the participation of nationals in elections to which the Honourable Member specifically refers are a matter falling within the competences of the Member States. In some areas of work, particularly in commerce and transport, employees bear full financial responsibility for the goods entrusted to them.

I have heard of a number of cases where employers have charged employees the shop retail price for goods which are damaged or lost, whilst the loss suffered by the employers is limited to the purchase price. Have similar instances been recorded in the old Member States, or is it only in the newer Member States that multinationals indulge in these practices? Does the Commission intend to protect employees from the abuses perpetrated by multinationals?

The issue of employees' financial responsibility is currently regulated by the national law of the Member State concerned meaning that the fairness of the compensation requested by employers from their employees can be disputed in national courts. The Commission does not envisage at present to take action in this area.

The effects of homeopathic medicines are no longer disputed, and they are often used — and successfully so — in many Member States. The mobility of members of the public is constantly increasing: During security checks, homeopathic medicines too are unnecessarily and pointlessly X-rayed, rendering them ineffective. Why are the public not compulsorily informed in detail, in writing, about the dangers arising from security checks?

All items that are brought into an airport must be screened to ensure that they do not contain prohibited items or materials. This includes vessels containing medicines or other liquids. Security x-ray machines generate radiation, but they do not pose health risks to operators, items screened or the general public if they are maintained and operated correctly. The low level of x-rays produced within the machine are completely shielded by lead lining, so that there is no hazard to passengers walking by or to people who work by the unit 8 to 10 hours a day.

These machines use a low-dose x-ray beam. In comparison whilst flying on an airliner, a passenger and their belongings are exposed to around 5 microsieverts every hour. In this condition, cancer cells are identified inside a milk duct in the breast. Without treatment, half of patients will probably develop breast cancer. According to the study, doctors often assess the extent of the illness inaccurately. This results in the unnecessary removal of breasts in some cases, whilst more minor interventions are performed in cases where the full-scale operation should have been undertaken.

The researchers drew attention to the enormous differences between individual hospitals, which is why thousands of women receive the wrong treatment. Is this situation whereby unjustified operations are carried out in half the casesstudied compatible with the right to health?

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Is the Commission working to set up a single information base for illnesses whichare similarly problematic? The researchers examined over 8 cases, around 2 of which involved breast removal. Is this situation whereby unjustified operations are carried out in half the cases studied compatible with the right to health? Is the Commission working to set up a single information base for illnesses which are similarly problematic? The Commission is aware of the study, but is not in a position to comment on the results of external research projects.

Initial D - Deja Vu

The frequency of the diagnosis of DCIS has increased markedly since the widespread use of screening mammography. Until recently, the customary treatment of DCIS was mastectomy. In view of the success of breast-conserving surgery combined with breast radiation for invasive carcinoma, this new approach is being progressively extended and is replacing mastectomy. To determine whether breast-conserving surgery plus radiation therapy is a reasonable approach to the management of DCIS, the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer EORTC has completed prospective randomized trials, confirming this approach.

Due in , the next version of the European Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnosis covering all stages of breast cancer care is due to address problems related to overtreatment for certain types of invasive cancer. Powodem negatywnej oceny jest m. Przeanalizowano trzy alternatywne opcje inwestycyjne. One reason for this negative reaction is that the ring road will be situated only a few metres from built-up areas. This is at odds with the justification given by the authorities in their application for funding under the MRPO, namely the necessity to divert through traffic away from built-up areas.

They cited a lack of public consultation, a direct threat to residents' lives and health, and the fact that the objective set in the funding application, namely to divert through traffic away from the town, would not be met. Will the Commission audit the legal implementation of this investment, including the process of public consultation? Will it order that plans for the construction of the Olkusz eastern ring road be duly altered so that they meet the objective of diverting traffic away from built-up areas?

Consequently, the Marshall Office for Malopolskie is in charge of all appropriate verifications to ensure that the project complies with European and national rules. Only major projects undergo an appraisal by the Commission. The Commission was informed by the managing authority that the environmental impact assessment EIA , including three stages of public consultations, took place prior to the implementation of the project in question.

Three alternative investment options were analysed. The selected option had the smallest environmental impact. The relevant national authorities in Poland have been informed and are aware of the matter raised by the Honourable Member. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that fake students have been signed up to EU-funded training courses. A number of serious irregularities which occurred between and were also disclosed in a report compiled by the Madrid Chamber of Accounts.

Recent information suggests that some of the money taken by the consultancy network accused of the suspected racket might have come from the European Social Fund ESF. Can the Commission say whether it is going to investigate the claims that the organisation concerned has made use of EU funding? Will the Commission stop the payments if the alleged problems are confirmed? Does the Commission believe that an urgent review of control systems should be carried out to ensure that ESF funding is reaching the intended recipients? The Commission is aware of various investigation procedures being undertaken by the Spanish authorities in relation to training courses, including in the Madrid region.

Immediately after the publication in the press, the Commission informed OLAF and requested the national authority managing the European Social Fund ESF to verify if the alleged potential fraud was co-funded by the ESF or is only having an impact on national budget, and to take the corresponding corrective and preventive measures.

The national management authority of the ESF in Spain communicated to the Commission that there was no ESF co-financing in the programming period for the training courses under investigation. At present additional verifications are undergoing at national level regarding previous ESF programming periods.

In general terms, the Commission follows up the implementation of the ESF regularly through different tools including the annual Monitoring Committees and Examination Meetings. As regards the financial management, the Commission closely monitors the financial execution and carries out regular controls and audits. The Commission in all cases applies the procedures foreseen in the regulations whenever deficiencies in the management and control systems or irregularities have been detected.

It is a practice in Spain that you must give notice to end an insurance contract two months before expiry, but you cannot get quotes from other insurance companies until one month before the expiry of your current contract. This makes changing insurance companies quite difficult. Could these actions be construed as anti-competitive behaviour? If so, under which conditions would the Commission become involved? In the field of consumer protection the Commission does not have enforcement powers against individual traders.

However, the Honourable Member could bring the practices referred to in this question to the attention of the relevant national enforcement authorities. EU competition rules concern merger control, the assessment of agreements between undertakings, potential abuses of dominant position and of state aid, which may affect competition and trade between Member States.

If the practices referred to in this question only concern the Spanish market, the Spanish competition authority would be well placed to make an investigation. Motivo ufficiale dello scontro una divergenza nella gestione dei terreni anche se alla base del massacro si porrebbero le diverse confessioni religiose. Se fra i finanziamenti comunitari alla Nigeria ve ne sono mirati al sostegno del governo per far fronte alla situazione sopra descritta e in che modo essi sono stati impiegati?

Nuova strage di cristiani in Nigeria legata allo sfruttamento dei terreni. Le persistenti violenze in diverse parti della Nigeria, tra cui lo Stato di Zamfara menzionato dall'onorevole deputato, destano grande preoccupazione. Questi atti colpiscono sia cristiani che musulmani. In Nigeria, more specifically in the village of Galadima, at a meeting of community leaders of various villages and various faiths in Zamfara State, a group of nomadic Muslim herders of Fulani ethnicity killed at least 79 people.

The official reason for the clash was a difference of opinion about land management, although it is likely that the different faiths were behind the massacre. The continued violence in various parts of Nigeria, including in Zamfara State mentioned by the Honourable Member of Parliament, is of great concern. In Nigeria violence targets both Christians and Muslims. The EU is guided in its actions by a very careful case by case analysis of the situation and by its human rights guidelines, including those on the promotion and protection of freedom of religion or belief.

The EU is working with the Nigerian authorities to help bring an end to the cycle of violence. It does so through continuous political dialogue and targeted aid interventions focusing on the underlying root causes for violence. The Instrument for Stability IfS is supporting several peace and mediation programmes and projects to reform criminal justice. L'ambasciata statunitense in Iraq ha emanato una nota con la quale alza il livello di sicurezza e richiede ai propri cittadini di evitare il transito dall'aeroporto di Baghdad e di mantenere in tutto il paese un basso profilo modificando le proprie consuetudini negli spostamenti e facendo grande attenzione nell'uso dei veicoli.

Allarme sicurezza in Iraq: Mediante un apposito sito web protetto Consular on Line gestito dalla Consular Crisis Management Division divisione consolare che si occupa della gestione delle crisi del SEAE, gli Stati membri condividono informazioni riguardanti i consigli di viaggio e la protezione dei cittadini dell'UE nei paesi terzi. The US Embassy in Iraq has issued a memorandum raising the security level and asking its citizens to avoid travelling through Baghdad airport and to keep a low profile throughout the country, changing their routine movements and being very careful with the use of vehicles.

How does the High Representative assess the risk to European citizens currently in Iraq? This is why EU staff posted in Baghdad is submitted to very strict security measures. With regard to EU citizens present in Iraq, responsibility for their protection primarily falls within the competence of their respective Member States, which ensure the application of the most appropriate security measures in order to prevent risks as well as issue the necessary security alerts. Member States share information regarding travel advice and the protection of EU citizens in third countries.

Priority 3, Environment, of the Operational Programme for Regional Development includes a series of projects for wastewater drainage and treatment in the Autonomous Community of Castile and Leon. Which of the projects firmly scheduled in this programme have already received EU co-financing? Which of these projects have already been completed and how much EU co-financing did they receive?

If so, which projects are involved and how much did they receive as an advance in each case? The second group have still to be finalised before end However, advances to individual projects are not provided for by the legislation. Don Giampaolo Marta e don Gianatonio Allegri sono ora nelle mani di un gruppo armato di matrice islamica che ha fatto irruzione nella parrocchia in cui prestavano servizio. Al momento sembra che i tre religiosi stiano bene, ma le notizie sono scarse. Il ministero degli Esteri italiano sta lavorando per trovare una soluzione al caso. Gli Stati membri con una rappresentanza in Camerun collaborano sulle questioni relative alla sicurezza dei cittadini dell'UE mediante frequenti scambi di informazioni e il coordinamento dei consigli per i viaggiatori.

Father Giampaolo Marta and Father Gianantonio Allegri are now in the hands of an armed Islamist group that raided the parish in which they served. At present the three are apparently well, but there is little news. This episode is just the latest in a long series that has been going on for years. Acts of violence against priests, nuns and Christian communities are occurring incessantly in Africa and in many Asian countries, without Europe taking any firm action to defend these people and stop these horrific massacres.

Often, European missionaries and citizens who travel to these countries undergoing humanitarian emergencies, in order to help the local population, are attacked, abducted, tortured and murdered by fanatical groups because of their faith, under the nose of an EU which has made freedom of thought and expression one of its cornerstones. The issue of release of kidnapped persons is primarily a matter for national authorities which need to handle it with great care. Member States represented in Cameroon liaise closely on issues relating to the security of EU citizens through frequent exchanges of information and coordination of travel advisories.

The EU is determined to use the instruments that it has at its disposal to contribute to the improvement of the security situation in Central Africa. The recent abduction has once again highlighted the continued insecurity in northern Cameroon. The EU encourages Cameroon, Nigeria and the neighbouring countries to cooperate closely in order to better meet security-related challenges in the region, and in particular Boko Haram's threats in the Northern provinces. At the same time, it should be pointed out that there is no evidence proving that the discrepancies in employment and educational levels that exist between the Lithuanian majority and national minorities have been reduced.

In this context, what steps is the Commission taking to ensure that the residents of Lithuania — including members of national minorities — have equal access to ESF funds? Can the Commission ensure that national minorities are included during consultations on and actions under operational programmes in Lithuania over the next programming period? How does the Commission plan to ensure that national minorities in Lithuania have adequate access to ESF funds, with a view to reducing the barriers to employment that exist on the Lithuanian jobs market?

Lithuania, like all Member States, has to respect the principles of anti-discrimination and partnership in implementing its ESF programmes. The Commission has no specific information that this is not the case. However, indirectly, minorities will have benefited from support to strengthen their employability through general ESF measures. The programming process is ongoing and Lithuania will have to report to the European Commission how these principles have been respected. Veren kantasolut ovat soluja, joista kaikki verisolut eli punasolut, valkosolut ja verihiutaleet muodostuvat.

Valtaosaa rekisteriin kuuluvista luovuttajaehdokkaista ei koskaan kutsuta luovuttamaan kantasoluja. Hematopoietic stem cells HSCs are the blood cells that give rise to all other blood cells: Donated HSCs can be used to treat various serious blood diseases, such as leukaemia and aplastic anaemia.

Mein erster Besuch im Swinger Club [Gay] (German Edition)

HSCs are most commonly harvested from donors by giving them growth factor injections, inducing HSCs to move from bone marrow into the bloodstream, from which they can be harvested by means of normal blood donation. It is possible to be entered in such a register if one meets the requisite health and age criteria. Most potential donors who are registered are never actually asked to donate stem cells.

In order for stem cell treatment to be a success, the most important thing is that the tissue type of the donor should match that of the patient. This requires as comprehensive as possible a register of potential donors, so that a donor with the right tissue type can be found for a patient requiring treatment, particularly if the patient has a rare type of tissue.

A suitable HSC donor may also be sought from the international network of HSC registers, making it many times more likely that a matching donor can be found. There is a particular need to persuade more young men to register as donors, because, for biological reasons, men are selected as donors more often than women. Registration as an HSC donor is voluntary.

In order to encourage more volunteers to register, it is important to spread awareness of HSC registers and their importance. What will the Commission do to increase at EU level the information that reaches people — especially young men — about HSC registers and their importance? What could the Commission, for its part, do to encourage more people, particularly young men, to volunteer as potential donors and to have their particulars recorded in HSC registers in the Member States?

The Commission shares the Honourable Member's concerns on the need to increase the number of potential hematopoietic stem cell HSCs donors within the European Union. Regulation of the recruitment of such potential donors including promotional activities related to such recruitment remains the responsibility of EU Member States.

In turn the Commission transmits to the European Parliament and to the Council of Ministers a report on such measures. The gratuitous and casual killing off of good characters is infuriating. Both boys seemed likeable and full of potential… but also very much like the characters that get sidelined and forgotten Link once they fail to interest the mainly white readership. A good supporting cast can really make or break a superhero.

Batman could hardly exist without Alfred or Commissioner Gordon. There are a TON of Green Lantern supporting characters of course, and when they are well written, they become very important to the reader: Not only are there all of the myriad Lanterns, but all of the cool villains. Where would Hal be without Sinestro? There are amazing characters around, and more of them than there are comic books to give them space to shine. For women, minorities, girlfriends and side characters, staying relevant is even harder. After Alex, the freelance photographer, was killed and stuffed into the fridge, Kyle dated Donna, a freelance photographer and hero, Link , who then was killed by an evil robot.

First there was poor Alex. Then they killed Jade, then they killed his mother, then they killed practically anyone who had ever been in the same room with him. I am really hoping that Soranik Natu, his current girlfriend, is the one to break the jinx. While Kyle started dating Donna, there was a whole generation of teenage heroes reaching their mid-twenties in the DC Universe: Dick Grayson, the former Robin, was now Nightwing Link.

At the same time, their former sidekick roles were getting filled with new, more unconventional characters: In the late 90ies, DC Comics had became more multicultural and the authors worked hard to show us established hero concepts… with young, fresh faces: Kyle was part of this larger trend, and even today, he is the most popular and enduring of these characters. I will be the first to admit that I am not much of a Donna Troy fan, though: I find her to be dull. Although I will admit that Kyle was a much better love interest for her than her late, unlamented husband, Terry Long [Link].

Terry Long was a middle-aged, divorced college professor, and Donna Troy was only 20 or 21 when she married him. To make things worse, Terry looked very much like Marv Wolfman Link , the author of that relationship and a long-time Donna Troy fan. She is one of the few people who actually have the Green Lantern power internalized… something that she inherited from her father, Alan Scott.

I was GLAD when she was killed…glad! I think the character of Jade was so annoying because Kyle basically had the very same story, with two different women: But in , a young author named Judd Winick Link took over and repeated many of the naive conflicts and stories that Marz had done before. Ironically, Ron Marz has also… said some of the smartest things about constructing characters that I have ever read Link , by drawing attention to a short sentence in an afterword Link by Stephen King: Instead, what had me invested in DC comics in the first place… was blogs like yours — that talk about the personalities and less about the always-the-same plot twists Link -, artists like Amanda Conner Link — that show the small, everyday moments between the heroes — and writers like Greg Rucka Link , who likes to write from the perspective of complicated, competent women Link.

Quite frankly, Winick has the ability to drive me absolutely nuts. He CAN be a good writer… when he wants to be. I get the impression that he thinks that superhero comics are a bit beneath him , and he writes them with a certain amount of contempt. His retcon [Link] is insulting, unnecessary and just plain bad [Link].

He CAN write men failry well…again, when he feels like it. He did a fairly decent job with Kyle back in the Green Lantern books. However, he also has this habit of writing about things such as drug use, or homosexuality, or whatever… and making a HUGE deal out of it. There is a feeling that he has one eye on the award ceremony, and only one eye on his writing, because it is Just So Socially Relevant! Winick has also done some very good character stuff with Kyle… but having him answer to his real name while in costume or transforming into Green Lantern in the middle of a busy coffee shop?

Since his powers were magic-based, he also still was very active with the Justice Society. But what changed for Guy and John? It is quite fabulous, and poor John Stewart has never been quite as interesting since. He was still a jerk of course, but now he was a jerk on purpose. And with a heart of gold of course. John Stewart — and Donna Troy, of all people — joined an intergalactic team of super-powered peacekeepers, the Darkstars , Link.

Their uniforms were gaudy, and they seemed to just try to be copying the Lanterns. John was in a wheelchair at the time, so Meryan cared for him. But that changed fairly quickly: He fell for Katma Tui, and she for him, and they got married during the Super Bowl, which was fun. Also, he never bothered wearing a mask [Link]. All of this was badly plotted, joyless to read and gradually marginalized one of only five or six well-known black DC heroes. To this day, I do not understand John, as a character: He is stern and humourless, uses his ring for elaborate, technically accurate energy constructs… and has been a Marine sharp shooter before he worked as an architect.

Basically, John is probably the smartest of the four Earth Lanterns … although Guy is a whole lot smarter than people think that he is. Frankly, Hal and Kyle are pretty, but dumb. John is quietly competent, stoic, and steadfast. He is calm and he is efficient, but he is NOT particularly charismatic. It is as though between them, Hal, Kyle and Guy use up all the charisma, and John is left over. Nobody really seems to know quite what to do with him. I like John, I really do…and yet I can understand why you have a hard time getting a clear picture of him. At the same time, an alien woman, Fatality Link came to earth and held John responsible for the destruction of her home planet Xanshi.

Lately, they seem to be trying to redeem Fatality, making her join the Star Sapphires [Link]. But it will be interesting to see what they ultimately do with her. But did it work? Is it worth reading? I have to admit that this was the low point of my interest in Hal: I was depressed enough that he went all crazy and became Parallax and killed his friends.

It was nice that Hal was back… sort of. And it was interesting having him try and turn the Spectre into the Spirit of Redemption rather than the Spirit of Vengeance. There were some good stories that came out of it, though: When Hal went bonkers and the Corps was destroyed, it was awfully hard on a lot of GL fans. Yes, Hal was shallow, self-centered, egotistical and a little bit dumb… but dammit, he always added some excitement. I even missed the stupid boxing glove construct he sometimes made with his ring [Link]! I really do love Geoff Johns as a writer.

stefan mesch

Johns loves to go dumpster-diving into DC continuity. It can be quite a treat to someone who is well-versed in that same continuity to see odd little facts and long-forgotten ideas pulled out, dusted off, and refurbished. It was an okay explanation and a powerful retcon Link , and once Parallax was defeated, Hal had his body reconstructed and the Guardians decided to start a new, second Green Lantern Corps on Oa. The Powers That Be made it almost impossible for Hal to be rehabilitated… and yet… Geoff Johns managed to do just that, and in an extremely satisfying way.

The Corps was a rich and valuable mythology back in the day… and we lost a LOT of story-telling potential when they killed Hal off, and only told stories with Kyle as the last Green Lantern. Now it is all back, and better than it ever was, and I am eternally grateful. Geoff Johns has a gift for being able to go into the past, and mine obscure bits of continuity… and then reuse it to explain things that are happening now [Link]: You remember Cyborg Superman: The art [by Ethan van Sciver, Link ] was gorgeous, and it brought back Hal, as a hero… and Hal also lost those goddamned grey sideburns!

Man — I hated those! This is the way you sound on your blog most of the time, too: By god, this is the best current comic book out there! And that alone endears him to me! We even got Coast City back: And Sinestro [Link] came back as well. And this is a Very Good Thing.

And that has been very very satisfying… to Sinestro. But no matter where you start: You have to read some pretty bad comics to understand what is going on. The older books still have a lot of relevance, yes. But it is fairly easy to find them, since DC has actually been reprinting a lot of their old material in handy dandy collected books [Link] … because who could afford to buy the extremely rare and valuable… not to mention impossible to find… originals from 50 or 70 years ago?

Although I suppose that can be said of just about ANY comic book! When I find a book that I like, I start to read it, and then I get interested, and start looking for back issues, and trade paperbacks so that I can figure out exactly WHAT is happening, and who those people ARE, and why are they acting the way that they do.

I tend to get a little bit obsessive. When I began reading Green Lanterns, I hunted down back issues with absolute lust: I went to every comic book store I could find. I had mail-order catalogues. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find thirty-year old French westerns? I actually think that it would be easier for a new reader to start with some of the Silver Age Green Lantern books [Link] , to find out who exactly Hal is.

But if you really really like Green Lanterns… it is truly worth it. There is one reprint collection that I have found extremely helpful: He was a very competent, prideful and serious Green Lantern from the planet Korugar Link who realized that the planet was much more secure if he ruled it with an iron fist. From there, it turned violent… and he began to be a menace to the Guardians.

Really, Sinestro is a fabulous character: All heroes need a good villain, and Sinestro is one of the best [Link]. Sinestro got a little bit carried away [with his dictatorship] on Korugar, and the Guardians turned on him [ Link ]. They seem to have a bad habit of doing that sort of thing. Soranik was a surgeon on Korugar, and now she is a Green Lantern in her own right… but she thinks that Sinestro is a monster. Geoff Johns has been working on Sinestro a lot in the past few years: I liked it even better than Rebirth!

Has that been handled with any kind of political complexity in the old comics, too? Or is Sinestro just your run-of-the-mill despot? He would like to have a New World Order however. And he does seem to see himself as being the most competent person to run it. A black sense of humor, but still… he has a kind of dark wit.

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  • The Genesis Revelation?

And his artwork is just so…fluid. It flows so effortlessly from panel to panel. And he draws Guy Gardner simply beautifully [Link]! The ring is a very powerful weapon, and the Guardians have decided that instead of one ringbearer per sector, there will be two, bringing the number of Green Lanterns up to Link … All of this could be cheesy, chaotic or boring… but fortunately, Tomasi has a great eye for details, a good ear for characters… and he likes to put these space cops through unnerving, morally complicated situations Link.

The only problem is… it is a big, complicated, long-term story with no good jumping-on points. Also, with only 20 pages of story material a month, most plotlines are years-old: I loved reading the whole saga this June, in just about two weeks Link. There ARE a fair amount of lose ends and dangling plot lines at the moment, yes. But Geoff Johns is notorious for taking a LONG view when it comes to writing his books… and he is very fond, and vey deft at planting clues and hints.

You do have to be patient when reading Green Lantern. I like the serial nature of comic books… the monthly storyline… the cliff-hanger… the drama and the waiting… anticipation is one of the most enjoyable parts of being a comic book fan. When finally after four weeks or so, your favorite book is right there in your trembling hands… and you get to see how the hero survived, or failed, or what happened, and oh God, it all starts over, because there is yet another cliff-hanger! I just hope that comic books stay popular and viable and profitable for another fifty years!

Well… what do you think? Do you think there will still be 50 to 70 different DC books a month Link … ten years from now? Do I think that comics will still be around in ten years? I certainly hope so… although I am pretty sure that the digital market is probably going to be the wave of the future. Still…there will be a lot of old farts like me, who like to hold the book in their hands, and actually have a physical copy of it. And I have to admit that I LOVE actually going to the Comic Book store on Wednesday , and talking in person with the other patrons about the new books, and complaining about whatever stupid thing the comic book companies have just done Link.

It is a personal connection that I treasure. I love the internet, but sometimes, human contact is also very nice to have. These are pretty durable characters, all things considered. Batman and Superman have been around for 70 some years now! And a lot of those kids grew up and were nostalgic for the beloved stories of their youth, and that spawned a whole new generation of fans, who may be older, but who continue to buy and read comics.

For an internship that summer, I had to take a 3-hour commute by train every day for three months, so I decided to buy some comics and read them on the train List of books that I read back then, Link. It was a magical, exciting summer I wrote personal essay about it here, Link … and places like your blog helped me understand what was going on. The funny thing is, though… I buy the books on Amazon. Can you explain what happened there? Why is the discourse on the internet SO different from the real-life demographics? I never picture comic book fans as predominantly white, straight and male because the people talking online are almost NEVER white, straight and male.

Is there another universe of well-written, thoughtful, intelligent and critical white, straight and male DC blogs that I have never found? That is one heck of a question, and it is one that I wonder about all of the time as well. I am so accustomed to going through my daily routine, reading all of my favorite blogs [Link, blog roll available on the right side] , writing something inane in my own blog, going through the various Message Boards and so on, that it seems as though the whole world is interested in Comic Books.

But that of course, would be wrong. But yes, I am usually the only woman in my beloved local comic book store. Not always, there are some other, usually younger women who are patrons, but not all that many. But with only a few exceptions, I have been extraordinarily fortunate, in that the other male patrons have accepted by presence without a murmer. There are some stores that it is practically taking your life or your virtue in your hands to even enter [a comic book store]. My store is not like that…thank goodness! I also always make sure to bring Matt in home-made cookies and brownies and such… and I end up with the best covers , and occasionally action figures and statues and other stuff!

DC admitted target age of the new DC reboot [Link] is aimed at men, from 18 to If you are trying to maintain, and increase your customer base, it seems foolish to go out of your way to ignore and annoy a rather large section of that base [Link]. There are the Trolls of course. There is a rather peculiar subgroup of male fans who see any complaint from women as being an ad hominem attack on THEIR hobby, and they react with unprecedented fury.

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Most women fans, like a lot of the same things that the guys do… I can appreciate a good solid kick to the head any day. I love capes, and sound effects and ridiculous science, and so on. We just want the female heroes to be a competent as the male heroes … without arching their backs [Link] and wearing thongs. So… I think that there are a lot of women who find the internet a safer place to talk. Which sounds a bit odd considering how many trolls are out there. There are PLENTY of men who are blogging, and writing articles and leaving huge essays on message boards… in fact I think that the majority of comic book blogs are still by men.

But there are a lot more women coming into the fandom, from even a few years ago, and I think this is a good thing. There are also a lot more women attending the various conventions and doing the whole cosplay thing too. There are more women gamers. The Comic book companies have actually made some strides in opening things up and having characters that appeal to everyone… certainly more so than in the past. There is a lot more that they could do … and probably will need to do, if they want to remain relevant and solvent in the future.

It might have been a pretty smart move of DC to say that their comics are for grown-up men, though: Obviously, there are a lot of older, nostalgic men reading comics, too. Some of the October covers look even pulpier and trashier: It looks darker and more macho than ever. But it also looks dumber than ever. I think that 12 to 15 is an ideal age to get interested in comic books. But teens always find a kick to the head to be hilarious.

Unfortunately the trend in comics for far more mature audience leaves out a LOT of paying customers, and I think that it is also a recipe for disaster sooner or later. The inflation rate is much higher than it should be. I wonder why not? Kids AND adults love this book! Are there any other DC series that you would like to recommend? I simply adore Jonah Hex [Link].

The book is a million times better than the movie [Link] , by the way. I have never been much of a fan of the Teen Titans [Link] for some reason. Or the Legion of Super-Heroes [from the 31st century, Link ] for that matter. My feelings are mainly rooted in those old Silver Age books [ Link ] that show them getting bored every other week or so and staging fake try-outs for the poor wannabees [Link] and then mocking and humiliating them for their own pleasure.

Spoiled rotten Teenagers from the Future! Really really good [ Link]. I loved these weekly books that DC was doing: It was my only chance to read about some of my absolute favorite characters in the world, with Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Fire and Ice. Both women, Fire and Ice, were just written…very poorly. It had no bearing on the final conclusion of the story, and did nothing but enrage Ice fans [in-depth article, Link]. I was about to ask you about your least favorite moments: What scenes were horrid and bad? Well… we talked about the way that the Comic Book companies keep killing off perfectly good and viable characters for no more than a momentary thrill.

By now, it has lost whatever shock value it ever had. Usually, the heroes end up coming back anyway…. Of course, there are a whole lot of Green Lanterns that have bit the dust, and it is a shame. If you have gone to the trouble to create these wonderful characters, with a long and rich history, it is an awful shame to get rid of them just for a momentary cheap thrill. Also, it is possible to tell perfectly wonderful, exciting stories about married couples [cute Link] , such as Clark Kent and Lois Lane [Link] and not have it be boring.

How many times can we destroy New York anyway [Link, published Sep. Heroes NEED good villains. Still, in the long run, there is more that I love about my comics than what I hate. I read comics because I enjoy them. So… read the books that you like. On the one hand, Johns is very good in creating an atmosphere of importance and urgency: On the other hand, all the characters explain and rectify complex backstory through dialogue: Johns uses so much retroactive continuity, explanations, remarks and throwbacks to the past…that the dialogue seems very artificial, lifeless, stilted and weird.

I think I was the most impatient man in the world. Reading Geoff Johns feels like working… or learning… from a teacher who is constantly lying about the history book. I have no problems with retcons. You made a good point when you brought up Hal and Barry talking, and referencing moments from their past, that have been reconstructed. Geoff Johns feels that he sometimes has to explain Every Little Thing about a character. And he does have a tendency to get a little heavy-handed sometimes. But this is a minor flaw to me, most of the time: Hal does not like to wear his power ring when he is piloting a plane, so he could not free himself.

But at the same time… he is friends with the whole super-hero community AND the Corps. Superman did not hear his heartbeats or his cries, with his super-hearing? And then all of a sudden, something like this happens: Hal Jordan, tortured and forgotten in Chechnya. And I actually find Cowgirl to be a bit of a bore, too: That seems to be the sum of her character [Link]. However, she apparently puts out, and that seems to be the sum of her attraction for Hal. Carol Ferris is a much more rounded character.

She ran a business, and that was something of an achievement in the Silver Age days [Link]. Heck, they were even kids together [Link]. In 5 years of comics, Hammond only sat around and looked unhappy and bizarre Link …. Hector is quite possessive of Carol — but in a weird sort of way, he has a crush on HAL too! The meteor rock that gave him his powers also makes him grotesque and unable to move, so all he can do is experience things vicariously, through Hal and Carol. You really do have to feel a little bit sorry for Hammond: Did you enjoy the movie? And I was actually quite surprised when Blaise decided to go and see it with me.

But we ended up going to a matinee, and having a really good time. I was surprised a bit that he DID like it so much because usually, his eyes start to roll when I start talking about my comics. He was able to follow the plot pretty well , and enjoyed it enough to come with me and see it AGAIN… this time with two of my sons. Who enjoyed it as well. The audience seemed to like it. Everyone stayed and enjoyed it. I think that it would have been better with one villain… not two [Parallax and Hector Hammond? Or does Sinestro get evil, too? The visuals for Oa and the Guardians and the Corps was simply spectacular… and we were left wanting more.

Oh, and putting Guy, John Stewart and Kyle into the sequel would be very nice! Your husband is named Blaise? A few smart people realize the connection…and yes, his parents DID name him after the original. He IS very good at math, less prone to philosophy and sexy as hell. I really like Adam Strange [Link] , a ies picture-story-[Link! Sometimes, other space heroes drop by.

What a wasted opportunity…. Back in the old days, the books were pretty much being written as entirely self-contained. Lobo did show up occasionally, though: And Lobo and Boodikka actually had a little fling, which I thought was an interesting characterization. Usually, the other Cosmic groups would only show up in books like Green Lantern Quarterly, and the New Gods and Apokolips always seemed to be off on their own. Again, you see Green Lanterns showing up on some of the more notable planets nowadays — which is only sensible.

The politics did not make sense, heroes were running around like headless chicken, the pictures were pretty — but no-one understood what these Amazons wanted, anyways misogynist Link. One ring even wanted to pick Batman. Man, that was pretty bad, all things considered: But yes, the Sinestro Corps War was a breath of fresh air! You had the four Earth Lanterns, running around doing their Four Musketeers impression , which was fun. Poor Kyle was having a rather rough time, getting Parallaxed himself [Link] , but it was chilling to see how sweet little Kyle could be so…evil.

You had the Lost Lanterns [Link] running around being snooty to Hal, Hal trying to laugh it off, John being pissy, and Guy as usual… having all the best lines. I can remember blogging about it… with the utmost enthusiasm. There is nothing quite like being with other people who love something just as much as you do. Thank god for the Internet! And yes, I do think that this is the event that really propelled Hal to being an A-Lister. In the finale, Hal got to show how much he really does love his brother [Link] and what is left of his family, and then he and Kyle get to fight Sinestro… hand to hand, without rings!

The good guys won, the bad guys lost, and we were all quite happy for some time. It felt like once all their series had found their tone, Peter Tomasi tried to create one really emotional, honest moment every issue. Yes, the scene with Guy kissing Tora in the aftermath of the war is one of my favorites. So I agree with you that Peter Tomasi is an excellent writer, and I love his stuff to death. He and Geoff Johns have seemed to forge a really excellent working relationship together , and his portrayals of Guy and Kyle in particular seem to me to be absolutely spot on. Kyle is embarrassed, John is horrified, Batman is stoic, Superman is quite surprised, and Wonder Woman… looks intrigued.

A wonderful piece of art! All of this sounds so lame! The rings search the galaxy for people with the ability to overcome great fear. In most cases, such people are rebels, free thinkers, people with a death wish etc. These are the people that the Guardians expect to come to Oa, ask no questions and serve in a militaristic Corps.

Clashes about free will and leadership. Dysfunctional teams in existential, nightmarish conflicts… a dark, bizarrely violent tone… and still: The Guardians get their tiny blue asses saved over and over and over again. But do they express gratitude? No… they do not. Countless species throughout the cosmos have been able to wield their willpower in the name of the Corps. But the Guardians themselves have been riddled with fear… ever since Hal came back, and the Corps was re-established. They keep making the same stupid mistakes, and they keep failing to trust in their own people.

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Back in the day, they used to be a lot more dignified. A bit remote perhaps, but at least you had the feeling that they had the best interests of the Universe AND the Corps at heart. Now, they are a bunch of terrified bratty children. What has made the Guardians so afraid? Sinestro uses fear to fuel his rings.

The Star Sapphires [Link] were able to harness love and turn it into a dangerous, repressing weapon [Link]. Gradually, Hal learned about the existence of four additional, different-colored Corps: Considering how many secondary and teriary characters keep getting killed off in the various cross-overs, you need to replenish those ranks , simply through attrition.

Or Miri, who is the most adorable Star Sapphire ever [Link]? Hate and Love may be opposites… but they are also a heck of a lot alike when it comes to the depth of their feelings. And Batman was chosen by a Yellow Ring [Link]! The Indigo Tribe of Compassion is probably the most mysterious one: You would think that Compassion would be a GOOD emotion, but we have seen them perform what seem to be mercy killings … or were they?

Also, Indigo-1 [Link] is quite a different person when the ring is off of her finger. Recently when John Stewart had an Indigo ring on this finger, he decided that he had to kill a… certain member of the Green Lantern Corps [Link] instead of taking an extra minute to try and find another possibility.

Really, the Blue Corps of Hope seems to be the most benevolent. A new artist, Philip Tan Link was doing his best… but for a while, Hal just seemed to fly around the cosmos to meet random new colors and get infected by their energy for five minutes Link 1 , Link 2 , Link 3 , Link 4. Atrocitus is an interesting character , though: Someone you would think would be completely unlikeable… until you realize that as nasty as he is, he did have a huge injustice done to him and his people: It took about a year to introduce and explain all seven Corps.

I have read the complete thing Link … and hey: Geoff Johns does like Big Events. This has led to some excellent storytelling along the way. But sometimes, it can also lead to Big Event Fatigue [Link]. If Johns has a weakness, it is a weakness that I think most good comic book writers share… you sometimes have to have a little bit of down-time.

Let everyone catch their breath, and relax for a little bit, before they get thrown back into the thick of things. Hal — and the recently resurrected Barry Allen Link — had to fight another, secret Corps that was attacking the hero community: The Black Lantern Corps Link , whose rings could only be worn by dead bodies. Friends, children, rivals, parents… whoever had died around a hero — the rings created an evil, powerful and zombie-like replica of their dead bodies to attack the heroes… and feast of their emotions: Black Lanterns look like zombies.

But they act like emotion-eating vampires. It was genuinely exciting to see the heroes form alliances, deal with their private demons and, over the course of one night, come up with desperate strategies to defeat the Black Lanterns, their leader Nekron Link and Black Hand Link , his human ally Link. Nearly 20 different authors, telling ONE story in parallel, monthly comic books titles: It must have been a big organizational challenge.

But it really paid off. The most diverse and emotionally rich planet in all the universe. As for Barry getting the spotlight… I think that Geoff Johns has a habit of playing with some of his characters as if they are new toys. Now he and Ollie can fight over Hal again! Having the Rings wear the bodies of the dead heroes… instead of the other way around was brilliant.

Loved that costume [Link]!

And Carol Ferris had become Queen of the Star Sapphires… in an outfit that had many feminist readers disappointed Link. Even with the most recent crossover done, though, it seems that there is never time for the individual books to actually have some of their OWN stories going on… everything is always leading up to The Next Big Thing. It is named after the beginning of the oath [Link] that Green Lanterns recite while they charge their rings in their power batteries: As a real-time but somewhat slow, Link ensemble book that showcases a diverse group of minor characters.

DC is making… baby steps. I think that it delivered on some of the things it promised to do… and less so on others. Hal really was hardly in it at all. Nor Jade, or Captain Boomerang. I like the new Aqualad, too. But the Guardians had appointed Guy, while putting Hal on recruiting duty.

Granted, this is when Guy was in his brain-damaged period, but still… he was doing a decent enough job of it. And everyone is cheering for Hal! Hal has his job as a test pilot, his family, the love and admiration of the Corps and the Justice League, etc. At this point, Guy has Tora and his ring. He has no friends, he has nothing but the ring and Corps…and Hal takes it away without pity or remorse. Seriously — this is one of the reasons why I liked the Parallax retcon so much: It made me able to read this issue and realize that Hal had the white temples, so he must have been under the influence of the fear entity [Link].

And whether or not you love or hate him, it is awfully hard to ignore Hal. When I read the comics, though, I was happy that you had been right all along: Guy IS the more interesting character. The Spider Guild [Link] in the Vega sector are creating black holes that start sucking in stars, and Guy and Kilowog and the newbies discover this. It is quite the moment really. This month, all DC books will end. And in September, there will be 52 new series, with 52 new jumping-on points for new readers.

However, the Bat books and the Green Lanterns books are probably going to be the least affected. But the Bat books and the Green Lanterns have been the most popular. I am assuming that Kyle will once again be hosting Ion, the avatar of Willpower [ Link ]. Johns, Tomasi and Bedard are sticking around for a while, which I find rather comforting. It used to be that a writer and an artist woud stay for years on a book, but nowadays, it is more like six issues or so. I think that the current fans of Green Lantern will be able to make the transition relatively painlessly. Tora will be there.

Yes, Guy will be in the new book. Guy always makes any book automatically better, in my opinion. But despite all these characters and different, interconnected books… you would still encourage new readers to jump in… and join the fun? I think that it is perfectly possible to jump into the middle of a storyline.

You do have to like comics, that helps a LOT… and you need to have the ambition to go back and try to find the previous issues that will explain things. That is why it is SO nice that they have all of those collections now: It is a heck of a lot easier to read old stories without having to pay a fortune for the rare old single issues. Who could afford to track down all the original issues? The movie is obviously different from the books, but close enough in the essentials.

To understand the rest, you might have to work at it a little bit… but heck — things are better when you HAVE worked for them! For the new 52 books, I found this infographic [Link] to be extremely helpful: In the outer circles, there are more obscure and experimental concepts: A lot of books come out, have a run of a couple of years, and then are ended… only to come back with a new writer and artist in a year or so, and start the whole thing all over again.

There are some institutions that are common to all of the titles, like S. Labs [ Link ], or Amanda Waller lurking in the background [Link]. I tend to stick with the books that I know I like. I also have a bad habit of overlooking new books — and then I have to go back and try to find all of the back issues, because I was too stupid to realize how good they were it at the time that they came out. Scipio is right of course… he usually is.

The Green Lantern fans are luckier than most because not a whole lot is going to be changed to their books. That seems a bit draconian. And making everyone younger, and squeezing the last fifty or so years of comics into a five year time-line seems a bit ridiculous. Is there anything that interests you? And could you ever switch back to them? Would I ever go back to Marvel? But that could always change I suppose.

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