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This book provides 15 recipes for gourmet (but not hard to make) dairy-free cheese All Vegan Cheeses Vol 15 Soft Vegan Cheeses For Dipping and.
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I am now vegan, and have never been healthier. Human's are omnivores - basic science hasn't changed that much since I was in school. We haven't needed to rip flesh from bone for thousands and thousands of years, thanks to our superior intellect and manipulative hands. We can cook, and have learned how to domesticate and raise our prey. No other species protects another at the expense of it's own survival.

Cattle have a rumen, horses have a cecum - all to digest grasses and fiber, converting the forages into protein the rest of the food chain can utilize - it's just all part of the big picture. And what's all this talk about the dairy farmer and big bucks? I sold my last cow the first of September - there just wasn't any money to be had milking cows, either as a herd owner or hired milker. So now I am working the night shift making bumper stickers - what a contribution to society. But I have lots more money, insurance, and three day weekends! Three things I did without for a long, long time.

And a social life. Like the bumper sticker says 'Don't cuss a farmer with your mouth full'. The ag industry is in dire straits - you should all appreciate the safe, abundant, and let's not forget inexpensive, food that the American farmer has provided. It may be every man for himself sooner rather than later. If you want good health, get plenty of exercise, rest, always fasten your seatbelt, and quit smoking.

There are over people where I work - and honestly, the healthiest ones are the milk drinkers. The heavy many very heavy do the soda thing, and have baskets of candy at their desks and light tables. They are the ones who take the most sick days. I run circles around the most fit, and I'm 44 years old! My diet has been creamy, whole milk, straight from the cow for the past fifteen years. A lot of it. Tell me again - why has that been bad for me? Luis Jose Castro Website: Bronx , New York Time: I would like more info on soy cheeseand other soy product and where to get them.

I've stopped drinking milk some time ago. It was a little harder to get my two children and wife off the stuff. I think the thing that got them was, "what other adult animal drinks milk? This man is doing a great service! I have been on the John A. McDougall program for a month and have lost 16 pounds and feel wonderful. McDougall allows no animal or dairy products. I know all about it and my operation depends upon low SCC as a source of increased gross revenue. Our dairy's milk buyer pays a premium for low SCC. Thus, there is an incintive for low SCC in the milk we produce and we go to great lengths to produce "clean" milk for that premium.

We are not just poor "dust bowl" farmers-we are business men. We are after a living just like every suit wearing, tie sporting guy on Wall Street and we go for profits. However, your latest response on your guest book is nothing more that an avoidance of the truth. You did not address the facts I have presented because you know that true, factual science cannot be corrected. Brooklyn, New York Time: I just heard Mr.

Cohen speak a few weeks ago in Kansas City. I must say it was eye opening and changed my diet. Before I didn't twice about eating cheese in my veggie diet. Born very lactose intolerant I never craved the taste of cow's milk but always tempted by the creamy taste of Ice Cream and deserts. I never understood why I suffered so much afterwards! His book is so powerful and straight-forward! I am learning to avoid the milk totally and not pick up that cheese meal anymore. And I took his challenge of not eating a milk product for more than two weeks and he was right--I do not suffer from the time-to-time cold-like hackers cough problems in the mornings.

Glad to see you are taking on Organic milk producers next. Did anyone catch last issue of organic gardening? They should call it Organic Husbandry. I know, from inside information that, Maria Rodale is real tight with those dairy farmers.

Guestbook: NOTMILK

They are almost as devastating to our health, and equally harmful to our environment, just one small step less toxic Why not an article about calcium from greens? While i'm rolling i think i will write to protest.. When are they scheduled to take the BGH off the market? Glad to see the journalists won their battle, against Monsanto.

No name this time, it would give away my insider source Who are you all trying to fool anyway? Teenage girls who think "milk is bad because this suit-and-tie-guy tells us it is"? I read your some of your arrticles on zits and their ties with dairy consumption and the connetion between the two is a mere grasp at straws. You say somatic cells are actually "pus" cells. Then you inturn call milk "pus". Somatic cells are by definition any of the body cells other than germ cells.

It's a general term! Humans have millions of somatic cells in their body at all times, be them milk drinkers or asetic vegans. They are in every living creature. They are not just "pus" as you so put it. Zits are not caused form dairy consumption-that is an out right untruth. Zits are caused by infections of sebecus glands in the skin that produce sebecum, or as you say "pus". Also, you are quoted as saying "mucus and phlegm are produced as a result of cheese consumption".

Mucus is produced by the body naturally as a means of natural body function. Your implying that if you stop eating cheese then mucus is not produced by the body which is outright blasphmey. Instead of reporting information in a way that it "just sounds good", why don't you all report everything in a way that it really is. Oh, but that might not make "facts" correlate to your cause. Dear Clint, Every dairy farmer in America is aware of the phrase: Milk with a SCC exceeding cannot legally be sold. That would represent , cells per milliliter of liquid milk, or million cells per liter.

U of M Twin Cities Time: Cohen, You are not qualified to corrupt the American Public in the way that you do. I myself started working with cows at a very young age six years old. I can say that every farmer strives to keep their cows as clean and comfortable as possible. I Must admit you are doing well with your fad. And hopefully like all other Fads your's dies soon.

Thank you Pity your mind is already made up and you chose not to read anything Getting better, or even well I am convinced the truth is here to stay! I think your website is great. I stopped using dairy products once I found out the real truth about the industry and how detremental it is for your health. Thank You for a wonderful resource to refer to and send to people I know.

Jamie Lynn Gooley Website: I think there are a lot of great tools and info on your web-site. I think there should be a bigger section on what to so about the problem and how to live a milk free life. Wow this site is so full of wonderful information I wish my health teacher would update his lectures. Right now he lecutures the importance of getting your "3 glasses of milk a day".

He needs to do some research. Thanks for easing my doubts about not drinking milk. You have made the choice a much easier one! This is a great site. I'm glad I found it. I like all of the comments I'm reading.

The NOTMILK Homepage

It would be nice to know who's single and looking to meet someone vegetarian and compatible. You should think about some type of introduction or dating service. Thank you for doing this. Have you had repercussions form the dairy industry? Kansas City, MO Time: Enjoy your site and am amazed by your passion. I am one of the few registered dietitians who believes meat and dairy are not worthy of the "food pyramid". I am currently working on my master's degree in nutrition and am amazed by the bias from some of my professors.

I speak my mind in class and everyone looks at me as if I am from Mars I really am. I plan to one day teach at the university level and educate future dietitians about the politics of food.

I am married with 3 children who are being raised vegan. Really, you "people" crack me up. As of the last few weeks, I have been busting my butt studying for my admittance into veterinary college. As I stand now, I can say that I am shocked! Your "scientific" studies still have not improved since the last time I visited your site.

Blog Archive

One of your articles sited hairy heel warts as causing disease in humans and great comfort in cattle. If you people knew anything about laction biology you would never print this slandor. You just found out what all dairy farmers know anyway! Mastitis is a disease brought on by infection of the mamarry glands of a dairy cow. Mastitis does not come from milk production, it comes from bacterial infection of a cow's mammary system from the outside environment namely Streph and Staph.

Both of these are treated readily on farm and are very common occurances. And lung worms in humans???? Give me a freaking break! They don't even occur in cattle on a clinical basis! How can they then be passed to the milk supply?? Even if they did occur readily in cattle, the lungs have no effect on lactation other than supply of oxygen to the system. I also read your "study" of diabeatis. Basically, IDDM insulin dependent diebeatitis meteritis is caused by a decrease in beta-cell function in the pancreas. The beta cell cannot produce enough insulin to support normal bodily function!

How can you blame that on MILK??? And Type II diabatis is caused by what I tend to call "big person's disease".. In other words, being fat caused a lowered sensitivity to insulin from the pancreas. Being "BIG" causes the body's pancreas to ignore the intake of carbohydrates. In general, fat people, for lack of a better term, have no significant raise in NIDDM than do "slim people".

That is nothing to do with MILK product consumption!! Fat people just don't get that way from consuming milk products!!! Its called lack of exercise and family history of obesity!! And, like I have said before, its called brainwash from scare groups like you folks that try to undermine the deeply rooted American Dairy Industry. One wonders why somebody who already "knows it all" has to "bust his butt" studying as you admit you do. There are hundreds of bovine diseases I could have reviewed. If companies advertise their products, one must assume that animals have the diseases.

Those body fluids can contain PRIONS the cause of mad cow disease , bovine leukemia virus which passes to other species , bovine immunodeficiency virus, paratuberculosis irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn's. One day you may learn a little more than you wish to admit to in vet school. Although Staphlococcus Aureus is killed by pasteruization, the toxin it secretes into milk is not. You may learn that listeria lives in cheese for up to six months, and takes up to 45 days to culture in the human body before the first symptoms vomiting, diarrhea, high temperature are observed.

The idea of eating the lung worm-infected flesh from animals is offensive to most people, Clint. That tickle in one's chest Sioux City at the moment Time: I am a Midwestern women who has always seen something wrong with humans attitudes towards animals and the idea of using them, for any thing. At this point in time, we as humans have the ability to survive on this earth with out harming other beings. It seems illogical to me and barbaric to continue to use animals for our cloths, food, pleasure and humor as with circuses and zoos.

I try not to judge other people for their decisions. No one is going to change through my anger and disgust. We each have the responsibility to educate ourselves and not take the word of industries that are suppose to protect us, like the FDA. The next step is to lovingly and gently teach those around us the things we have learned. I think I can change the world, and that is where it starts, with me. I just turned vegan, and your site only reinforces my reasons why. Thank you so much for all your efforts and for being involved in such an important cause!

I just read the recent e-mail about crossing human and pig DNA. Perhaps for Episode 3 of the Star Wars saga scientists will genetically engineer alien creatures instead of having to CGI them! Caught you on Mary Staret's radio talk show in Portland, Or. You have one of the few URL's I've been able to remember while I listen during my work day and certainly one of the best. The opening page is very good too. Clean and concise and quick. My life has changed since first being introduced to your site. We now are a completely vegan family thanks mostly to YOUR influence. Thank you for providing this accurate information for concerned people today.

I know it must seem futile at times, but please press on. Bravo to you and yours. I have been a vegan for over a year. Thanks, to you and EarthSave. My soul even speaks louder and I feel fantastic. Thanks for doing what you do!

Clicked on our Banner Advertisement From: Carnivores eat strictly meat, so they depend on other animals for nutrition. Carnivores have teeth also to be able to rip open flesh. Herbivores make their own food from water and sunlight, so they don't have to eat another plant to get nutrition because they make it themselves. No, our bodies were not built to eat meat. The original food was raw fruits and vegetables. We can't eliminate meat correctly because it takes too long to digest.

Because it's foreign to the body. It has no nutrition. Impressive responses to your question, and from all over the world. I believe that man is both a herbivore and a carnivore. Without checking my textbooks omnivore comes mind. Depending on the refinement of the individual the extent to which one can tolerate foods with prior trial differs greatly. Probably the more important question is how is the physical activity. The more I read the less I know, but I do know that without proper rest and exercise no matter what your diet consists of you are probably not healthy.

Man does have incisors which could be considered by one of your winners to be a predator feature. Keep up the good work. I adore your site! I have learned sooo much from this site and so many books. I just wish that my friend would come to this site. Her and her family eat meat and dairy products at EVERY meal And her mom doesn't believe anything that i tell her even with the facts. I know that I can't tell people how to live their lives I just wish that they would listen. And thank you again!!!! Destroys the rain forest with their hamburgers 55 acres per hamburger.

The human body is not meant to digest meat. It takes 5 days for meat to pass through the colon! I eagerly read ALL your emails - and often send them on to anywhere from two to 's of friends, depending upon your subject matter. Knowledge is the key. You never know what will trip someone's trigger - and they will join our mission! Is the human body designed to eat animal products? Actually the human body evolved eating plants. Thank you for all that you do. I would pity anyone who had to debate you in support of humans consuming dairy products.

I am glad you are there! Maybe the dairy monster can be dismantled one customer at a time! Peace, etc, Don Mossman Name: Does anyone know the physical differences between a herbivore and a carnivore? First, the bowels are strikingly different. A carnivore has smooth stovepipe shaped bowels, while humans, who are designed to eat veggies, have puckering and pouching. Food goes through the carnivore's system faster. In our bowels, food can get caught in the pouches and putrefy. Fiber keeps the food moving.

There is no fiber in meat. Fiber is in fruits and vegetables, beans and grains. Statistics clearly show that the more meat and the less fiber we humans eat, the more likely we are to get colon cancer, while eating meat does not bother dogs and cats at all. My dogs gets sick if he eats too much fruits and vegetables, and he will throw them up. In fact, dogs and other carnivores eat grass to clean out their stomachs. Anyone with a cat or dog has seen them do this.

These are tools that are useful for the task of piercing into flesh. These are useful tools for biting and sectioning. These are tools that are useful for the tasks of ripping and tearing flesh for ingestion. These are tools that are useful for the tasks of crushing, grinding and chewing grains and high fiber foods. Animal flesh cannot be crushed, ground and chewed with the tools Mother Nature gave man without some degenerating process such as cooking or frying.

Hence, man must prepare his meats with laborious cooking or frying methods. This is a tool designed for rapid expulsion of food that rots quickly. This is a tool designed for keeping food in it for long enough periods of time so that all the valuable nutrients and minerals can be extracted from it before it enters the large intestine. This passage is relatively smooth and runs fairly straight so that fatty wastes high in cholesterol can easily slide out before they start to putrefy.

This is so that the fluids can be extracted from these wastes, now that all the useful nutrients and minerals have been extracted and the long journey through the small intestine is over. Substances high in fat and cholesterol that have been putrefying for hours during their long stay in the small intestine tend to get stuck in the pockets that line the large intestine. Instead of getting moisture to suck up, these little pockets get smothered by that slimy goo, turning the colon into a toxic dump site within the human body. Animal flesh, composed of the most highly complex type of protein that exists, requires vast amounts of uric acid to process.

Uric acid is released into the system in amounts necessary to break proteins down into amino acids. Uric acid, is a toxic substance responsible for the aging process must be flushed out and dealt with. That is one of the jobs of the liver. A predator has a gait, large paws and claws which enable him to hunt, chase and trap his prey. These are tools meant to kill. Examine your hand, fingers and fingernails. Is this an apparatus properly designed for catching, trapping, killing and ripping apart cattle, hogs, chicken and fish?

How does this work for picking fruit from trees or harvesting vegetables. The foods your hands were meant to gather are typically high in water content, high also in fiber to sweep the wastes out of those intestines and collectively contain every vitamin and mineral necessary to sustain human life. Man's frame of mind that is compassionate, friendly and reveres life.

When the lion spots another furry animal, something might instinctively click in his head that tells him to hurry up and get dinner. When man spots a furry animal, rather than show his children how to take its life and eat it, a more likely instinct is to pull out the camera to take a picture. Man is not a natural hunter. Every predator, in order to go hunting, MUST be hungry. Man cannot go hunting if he is hungry, he must have a meal first.

Hunger must precede a predator to go hunting. Hunger must follow man's desire to go hunting, it cannot precede it. High fiber diets protect against colon cancer. Without fiber, the waste material remains in the colon longer, giving the bowel wall more time to absorb toxins. Fiber also aids in flushing out cacinogens. Meat digestion produces a lot of acids in the bowel. One of these is deoxycholic acid which becomes carcinogenic in the digestion process.

Meat eaters have a much greater amount of this acid, in the bowel, than do vegetarians. So, human intestines have difficulty dealing with the high fat and low fiber, and are designed very differently from carnivores like cats and dogs. These animals have intestines which allow for much quicker passage of waste through the intestines. Human bowels are long and wind back and forth whereas carnivore bowels are smooth and short for quick elimination of waste.

Carnivores therefore are not subject to colon cancer as are humans.

No flat molar teeth. To facilitate tearing and biting, jaw can move up and down vertically. No lip or pouchy cheek structure. Shape of the face allows the carnivore to dig into a carcass and rip out the entrails. Drinks water by lifting it into the throat with the tongue. Tongue is rough and thin. Intestines are three times as long as the trunk of the body; their design facilitates rapid explusion of fleshy matter.

Liver contains uricase, an enzymes used to break down uric acid; it breaks down 10 to 15 times as much uric acid as an herbivore. Bowel are smooth and short for quick explusion of waste matter. Digestive system has the capacity to expel amounts of foreign cholesterol. Cools itself primarily through action of the tongue and mouth panting. All four feet are clawed to rip into flesh. Herbivore Front and canine teeth may be sharp or pointed. Back teeth are flattened for grinding. To facilitate the grinding of vegetable foods, jaw can move both up and down vertically and side to side horizontally.

Adaptable lip and pouchy cheek structure. Shape of the face allows animal to pull vegetation off the plants. Drinks water by suction. Tongue is smooth and thick to manipulate vegetable matter into the back molars for grinding. Intestines are at least 8 to 12 times as long as the trunk of the body; they are designed for extracting all nutrients from fiber plant. Liver has a low tolerance for uric acid. Bowels are sulcified and complex for the reconstitution of waste matter. Digestive system has no capacity to expel foreign choleterol. Saliva is alkaline; it contains enzymes specifically designed to break down starchy carbohydrates.

Cools itself primarily through perspiration. All four feet are hoofed cloven or hands and feet contain individual digits fingers or toes with nails. First- The teeth of land dwelling meat eaters are typically sharp, with incisors designed to cut meat easily. I will use cats as my example here. Cats typically do not chew their food well, but rather cut of a hunk of meat, and swallow it whole.

The teeth of plant eaters are more typically blunt, even the front teeth. They are designed for grinding and pulverizing vegetable matter. This leads to the next part of the meat vs. In creatures that are strictly meat-eater, such as cats, the intestines are relatively short. Cats just bite and swallow. Animals that eat plant material have much longer intestines. They chew their food more completely, using the previously mentioned flat molars. The food they eat remains in the digestive track longer, allowing the more complete digestion needed. Ever notice what a cat does do "clean out" its stomach?

It eats grass- and soon vomits it. The final point here deals with populations of differing animals. Those that typically have a stabile exisistence, will have less offspring. Horses and people usually have one offspring at a time. The food supply vegetable matter is constant, being all around us.

Cats however, are more dependant on availablilty of meat, and have to have more offspring to offset changes in the food supply and insure survival. Population is not solely determined by food, but there is a strong connection. Human teeth include both incisors and molars. Our incisors are not pronounced, whereas we do have an extensive set of molars for plant material. This indicates we can eat both meat and plant, but are more readliy adapted for plant consumption.

Our intestines are moderately long, indicating again that a plant-eating diet for humans is better, if not necessarily exclusive of meat. The offspring of humans again suggests that we are more stable, which is due in part to the supply of vegetable matter that is available on a relatively consistent basis. So the fact that we can get sustainence from many foods needs to be considered in the following light- the tropic food pyramid suggests that only one-tenth of the total energy of the previous level is transferred to the next level.

This means that is takes ten times the amount of energy to sustain each level up on the pyramid. So those at the top of the pyramid, receive very little energy from those that are below. But we do get all the dioxines, chemicals and other materials that that were consumed by these animals, which never leave the flesh that we consume.

So why not go to the source of the energy that all first level consumers plant-eaters go- the plant kingdom? You'll feel better, decrease the levels of concentrated chemicals consumed, give your digestive track a break, increase fiber consumption, and probably lose weight in the process. If you're human - eat vegetables! Quoting; "You have to have some sort of problem with your body or something so you can't drink milk. In my view Man has deviated from his Natural development as a Herbivore, which means an eater of vegetables, fruits, nuts and berries, and has become a Carnivore, which means an eater of animals, insects, fowl or fish or Omnivore both Herbivore and Carnivore , out of convenience, custom or tradition, mixed with a lack of understanding of the human body so prevalent in Western societies.

This compares well with other" closely related vegetarian primates" in terms of quick digestion. Flesh eating animals usually have shorter intestines, about six feet,and take only 6 hours in order to move through and assimilate the meat quickly. The Human intestines do not seem to be meant to digest meat, since the longer time in the intestines lead to conditions which breed bacteria, viruses and parasites, at the expense of the host the Human Carnivore , 3.

A third reason is the fact that Vegetarian seem to live longer than meat eaters, as reported in many journals citing a Seventh Day Adventist study where it was ascertained that the Seventh Day Adventist lived on the whole at least 7 years longer than meat eaters in the USA. As an example, the great healer,Dr Johanna Budwig,puts her near death patients on a completely vegetarian diet as a strict regimen because the body can assimilate that kind of food better. Is it any wonder why so many people are afflicted with life threatening diseases brought about in the main by a poor choice of food?

The old adage, "We are what we eat", should be amended to say ," We are what we assimilate" and when that comes from flesh, it is easy to understand why Man is lucky to live "three score and ten" rather than enjoy a longer and healthier life. In fact,it may come as a shock to many people, but most of the world is still vegetarian!

Good luck and good eating! The difference between a herbivore and carnivore is the length of incisors. Both Mr B and I loved festivals before we had a child, and this year we decided that we were ready to get back to it and take Small along too. We went to Bugjam for our first taste of festival with a child and picked up some pointers of things that'd make our lives easier next time.

We arrived at 12PM Friday the advertised car park opening time to find they were already letting people in some people had their tents up! I'm not sure why they tell you to absolutely not turn up before the time if they are going to start letting people in anyway, but we experienced this at Bugjam too. We had left the rainy Midlands deliberately early to get ourselves there in time to bag a good camping spot - luckily not too many people were in ahead of us and it was only 5 minutes walk from the car to tent.

We took a radio flyer and a trolley as we knew there was going to be a walk from car to tent. Online beforehand I saw mention of there possibly being people around to help carry, but I personally didn't see anybody so I was insanely glad that we went prepared!

Mr B says he saw some, but obviously weren't enough for everybody. We had packed my Beetle with no room to spare, but it wasn't TOO bad ferrying things over to our camping spot.

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  • Similar authors to follow!
  • Legends, Shadows And Dreams;

I stayed at the tent and entertained the toddler whilst Mr B did the to and froing. The campsite had one set of toilets which were a mix of portable toilets and one block of flushing loos. I always had to queue for the flushing ones, and there never seemed to be anybody waiting for the other! Mr B tells me he never had to wait for the mens! They also had several blocks of showers - which were actually very good. I never had to wait although I'm told you might if you try to use them around 7 or 8AM and they were actually hot with water pressure.

I had a shower every morning and even washed my hair which is a festival first - it felt like luxury! The showers did get a bit grubby by the second morning and there was a lot of grass on the floors and discarded toiletry bottles which nobody seemed to be collecting. There wasn't really enough water taps around and because everybody had to use the same washing up area it became VERY muddy very quickly.

It also seemed really odd to me that there wasn't anywhere selling basics. I expected at the very least there would be a stall selling basic camping items people might have forgotten as well as basic food items like bread, milk and baby food - but there was nothing even close. The campsite was really a strange experience.

Parents seemed to be terrified of breaking their children's routine and putting them to bed at 6 or 7PM. This meant the campsite was very quiet in the evening - which is certainly a good thing, but meant there wasn't much of an ambiance. It also meant that we were woken ridiculously early don't worry we managed to get back to sleep and have a lie in by cries of 'Tollomy come and eat your brioche', 'Rufus and Tarquin would you stop fighting this instant' and 'Othello would you PLEASE let mummy put your wellingtons on!

As we ended up being a reluctant co-sleeping family fairly early on, Small's bedtimes seem to more closely echo ours so it meant we weren't missing out on evening entertainment as many seemed to do. The actual festival entrance was only a short walk away and we didn't have to wait too long at the ticket exchange to get our wristbands the first time we went in. One thing that slightly concerned me was the checking of tickets. Literally nobody checked anything to get into the camp site - we were all set up and had been there for hours before we had to show our tickets.

I felt they should have at least looked at them as we entered the car park. It was honestly the safest festival I feel I have ever been to, but still feel they should have had a bit more security. At times our wristbands weren't really looked at - while this was OK this year, it might be a problem if the festival were to get bigger. We received our tickets in advance along with a programme, planner and CD featuring some of the bands that were playing over the weekend. I marked out all the things I wanted to try to get to but wanted to remain a little flexible as I wasn't sure what we'd want to see and do once we arrived.

I would say that it turned out Small was a bit of an awkward age. At just a few months past her second birthday she was technically in the or age group for a lot of things - however on seeing the activities I felt that we couldn't really participate as all the other kids in these groups were pre-walkers and I wasn't sure their mothers would have been impressed with Small jumping all over everything!

Most of the craft was aimed at an older age group and I'm not sure what she made of some of the shows. One thing that we all enjoyed was watching John Hegley's 'I Am A Poetato' - it was a show with poetry and music that really engaged with the audience which I felt was lacking in some of the other things we saw. It felt like he was addressing the children directly and it really kept them engaged. Honestly Small was transfixed on the stage throughout and really enjoyed herself. We also saw lots of good music throughout the weekend on the Footlights stage.

We really enjoyed the High Seas area - the path to get there was through some woodland and decorated in a really magical way. The arch on the entrance was covered with a huge octopus and there was a loose 'pirate' theme in the area. We watched a few shows there and they even had a giant sandpit! I have to say although beautiful, the map was rather confusing at first - it did make more sense once we'd walked around the whole site and knew where things were, but then isn't that the point of a map? All areas were well signposted and the grounds of Rode Hall were beautifully decorated and a lovely setting for the festival.

It was obvious a lot of effort had gone into the decorations and setting the ambiance for the weekend. I was really disappointed then to see kids smashing up the 'Hello' signs coming up to the entrance as people waited in line for the wristband exchange. In fact by the end of the first day they were ruined, but I'm happy to say I didn't see any of that going on inside the festival. I was a little worried about vegan food before we went as I'd seen a blurb in an issue of 'The Vegetarian' The Vegetarian Society's magazine about lack of veggie food.

I'd sent the festival a few messages on Twitter beforehand but didn't receive a reply boo! Wondering around the festival I was actually surprised and really pleased to see that loads of the food vendors had the words 'veggie' and 'vegan' on their chalkboards. There were several companies selling coffee with not just the option of soy milk, but almond milk too!

Bear were also there giving away samples of their Alpha Bites and selling their fruit snacks. Low to High Price: High to Low Avg. Available for download now. All Vegan Cheeses Vol. Provide feedback about this page. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

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