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'Tis the Season may refer to: Music[edit]. "'Tis the season to be jolly", lyrics from the Christmas carol "Deck the Halls"; 'Tis the SeaSon, a album by.
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Lashing out at players without stopping to consider the facts only obscured the real issues.

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He may never be a star, but to not see that he was a potential upside pick not a plug and play one requires one to hold ones eyes firmly shut. Let him develop and see what we have. In the meantime, be happy that Alexander broke the curve in a positive way. Agreed - he looks like the game is still just a little too fast for him. He made plays in preseason, but that was a false positive - not true game speed. He needs to adjust, and add a little more strength too, so he can hold up against bigger receivers. All rookies need to get used to the longer season too - and he's faded in December Jaire seems like he has too.

Matt - to say that "this team has been almost good the whole season" is very generous. While we had expectations for a better record and hopes that Rodgers would pull out the wins, we were never really that close. In the second half of games when winners pull away or take advantage of opportunities - we almost always faded - just like bad teams tend to do. Our third and fourth quarter scoring was abysmal without the 'almost'. I'll give you the injury card because it did factor into the overall numbers but the failure on offense, followed by the errors on special teams ensured our fate, McCarthy's fate and the eventual house cleaning to follow.

Every team has injuries. I really believe we lack top end talent. Hoping Gutekunst can rectify this and I think he can.

'Tis the season for a warm, soggy Christmas

Obviously, this is a huge offseason for him. For Gutekunst and the whole organization. A misstep on the next coach or a poor draft could waste the precious few years with Rodgers - if - Rodgers has some good years left. We are unlucky with injuries—compare our roster attrition to the Bears this year or the Vikings last year. In days past, this would lead to calls for change in the strength and conditioning arena. Is anyone else surprised that even after another decimated year and all the furor at other coaching we hear nothing about this?

Being the optimist that I am, the Packers will be better next year than they've been this year The Packers have no choice but to ride the Rodgers train, they paid him like a two time MVP, now he's got to show he was worth it.

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  2. The Guardian view on books at Christmas: ’tis the season to be reading | Editorial.
  3. Doppio ritratto: San Francesco in Dante e Giotto (Biblioteca minima) (Italian Edition).

CB - Tony Brown, pretty nice pick up by Gute here, he may not be flashy but he competes and is tough as nails! RB - Jamall Williams, another tough guy on a team that is bereft of physical toughness. Williams is not a Star but he is an important piece moving forward. No Pussies allowed on this team moving forward! Well except for Aaron Rodgers but hey, he's a QB and we still love him When will the injury curse end for the Pack? Sorry but it is time for a complete new training regime for this team starting with the weight room, dietitians, yoga instructors, physical therapists even team doctors!

No more excuses and like Gute said "leave no stone unturned. To which I would add the most recent lineman pick up, Brown I think. Looks like a possible upgrade with a chance to be more, at least after his first game anyway. JK Scott really didn't impress me this year. Crosby costs us at least one game or two, dependent upon who you put the MN game on. Surprised when their wasn't a flag on GB. Or knew who the coordinator was. GB was constantly whipped by the opposing teams Special Teams play this year - including this past Sunday. Cobb has been injured a lot in recent seasons. While I am not against bringing him back on a much smaller contract, his injury history surely begs the question of how much we can expect to recoup on the field in return?

Might that tip the balance on any decision to retain him even if he is willing to take a contract linked to recent production? I would be shocked if Cobb is on this team next season. He's short, chunky, old and slow. Gutey is bringing in guys 6 foot 2 and taller, skinny, young and have speed. Cobb is not in Gutey's vision for a receiver on the Packers in the next 2 to 4 years.

If he's on the team next year than Aaron Rodgers is running the show. Hard to look at that draft class and not want to kick Ted Thompson's ass. Lazard is a 6'4" lb WR. He isn't a speed demon but is a big possession type. I hope he makes it to camp this coming summer because he could be an interesting one to watch. Whrn is the last time we actually got good field position from a punt return or kickoff return? Curious if anyone can remember. If you have already commented on Cheesehead TV in the past, we've created an account for you. Just verify your email, set a password and you're golden.

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Not-so-back on track Bears 24 Packers And so it appears the Bears suck a little less, at least for the time being. Like Like 0 points. Fan friendly comments only: December 18, at Like Dislike 2 points 2 like 0 dislike. These guys should start doing yoga. And can we find a trainer who can work on hamstrings? Like Dislike 1 points 2 like 1 dislike. AR is on IR.

B.O.B - 'Tis The Season (Christmas Dance Video) @thatkiddtobi

Like Dislike 1 points 1 like 0 dislike. Like Dislike -1 points 3 like 4 dislike.

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You get what you pay for. Like Dislike 0 points 5 like 5 dislike. Unfortunately with Graham we didn't get what we paid for. Like Dislike 3 points 3 like 0 dislike. I expected him to have decent hands at least.

‘Tis the season to get baked’: a stoner’s guide to Christmas | Society | The Guardian

Even before he broke his hand it wasn't very good. Like Dislike 5 points 5 like 0 dislike. Like Dislike 1 points 3 like 2 dislike.

Like Dislike 0 points 2 like 2 dislike. Like Dislike -1 points 0 like 1 dislike. Like Dislike 0 points 0 like 0 dislike. Hold off on the bust train. The guy has legit ball skills and is fast enough. Like Dislike 2 points 3 like 1 dislike. Can't call a player a bust after 1 season. Like Dislike 0 points 1 like 1 dislike. How do you make a guy a safety when he can't tackle? Like Dislike 4 points 4 like 0 dislike. Obviously, this is a huge offseason for him Like Dislike 4 points 5 like 1 dislike. OL - Lucas Patrick, again not a star, but tough, tough, tough!

Like Dislike -2 points 0 like 2 dislike. Or better yet, never hire him. There are many reasons for the failure. But the huge reason few talk about is the draft class. Three years into the NFL, this is the class that should be dominating the roster. Not a single draft class player played for the Pack this year.

Lack of quality depth? Look no further than the TT draft Stock Up - Allen Lazard. No way he's big enough to play in line or at FB. Or perhaps you are in the best season of your life, hoping it will never end. While still others, may be altogether oblivious to the season around them. In any case, seasons come and seasons go, but our instruction remains the same: Serious athletes prepare year-round for their season.

If they were to wait and begin preparing at the start, not only would much time be lost but they would be at great risk of being cut or suffer the consequences of loss. Are we really much different in this game of life? We are told to "be ready for every good work" Titus 3: The point is, there will be no excuse for our conduct or readiness despite our season. George Washington once said, "Bad seed is a robbery of the worst kind: And every seed will produce in its season. We should learn from those who have preceded us.

Mother Teresa is noted for saying, "Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand. God has made it possible for you to know Him and experience an amazing change in your own life. Discover how you can find peace with God. You can also send us your prayer requests.

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