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There are worse places to be stranded than Brody's Crossing, Chapter Two Texan for the Holidays (Mills & Boon Love Inspired) (Brody's.
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There are worse places to be stranded than Brody's Crossing, especially when hunky local James Brody is dying to show her how they celebrate the holidays in their quaint Texas town. James can't believe this far-out redhead was planning on spending Christmas without her family. Especially when family means so much to him—it's why he moved back home. A Cry at Midnight. Come scrivere un'ottima recensione. La recensione deve essere di almeno 50 caratteri. Il titolo dovrebbe essere di almeno 4 caratteri. Il nome visualizzato deve essere lungo almeno 2 caratteri.

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Continua a fare acquisti. Prodotti non disponibili per l'acquisto. Positive Publishers Weekly Impressive selections Positive Publishers Weekly Myles The collection opens with a speech From there, Myles moves into verse, with short, highly enjambed lines evoking a flowing stream-of-consciousness.

Myles relentlessly questions, analyzes, and even loathes the self, combining fanciful reveries with non sequitur in the New York School style The poems express a forlorn weariness of contemporary politics Myles effectively brings vague feelings into sharp relief with surprising imagery Myles has long excelled at capturing outsiderness, and feelings of being lost and misunderstood are plenty evident here. Positive Publishers Weekly Astute Positive Kirkus The grim narrative leaves little room for light and none for humor The plot pivots on a senseless crime of passion, a surprising yet fitting denouement The historical context will be unfamiliar to most readers, but the issues, of good and evil, identity and fate, are universal.

As the varied pasts of these characters are illuminated, a hodgepodge epic of the Ottoman Empire emerges, half The Red and the Black and half a sprawling meditation on identity, power, and corruption Positive Kirkus The music industry is long overdue for its MeToo explosion, and this memoir seems ready to light the fuse. No matter how sleazy you might have heard the music industry is, this memoir suggests that it was worse.

Carvello is piercingly honest in this discouraging look inside the music industry. For a story centered around flames, there is no spark between the characters. Barbash seamlessly mixes real-life celebrities into his fictitious narrative. Though the central relationship between Anton and his father barely strikes any sparks, the book is packed with diverting anecdotes and a beguiling cast, making for an immensely entertaining novel.

Mixed Kirkus Bittersweet, nostalgic The downside is that those scenes throw the rest of the narrative a bit off-balance. Pleasurably endearing for anybody with a soft spot for pop culture, Annie Hall —era Manhattan, and somethingdom at its most freewheeling. Positive Kirkus Some of the text is unnecessarily obvious; few readers will not know, for instance, that the internet has grown explosively in the last generation, as the authors patiently explain.

But much is novel A timely, urgent look at a world of electronic sheep—and wolves aplenty, too. Positive Publishers Weekly Frequently funny, clever, and even heartwarming Though not a narrative in any conventional sense, this is a riveting concept and a challenging volume. Victoria Chancellor: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

A stunt more than a literary achievement; not without merit but requiring more effort than most readers are likely to want to give. Rave Kirkus Mona is cleareyed and funny, not a reliable person exactly but a trustworthy observer. This is not a new theme, of course, but Beagin makes it fresh with her sly, funny, compassionate voice. This is a terrific debut Positive Publishers Weekly The book comes alive The result is a funny, touching look at loneliness and the search for belonging. Also starring Schumann, Verdi, Debussy, Puccini, Schoenberg, Stravinsky and, briefly, some up-and-comers like Philip Glass and George Benjamin, all exuberantly presented for your edification and enjoyment.

Rave Publishers Weekly Seventeen classical composers are celebrated in these insightful critical essays The result is an engrossing study that will appeal to both classical music aficionados and novice listeners who want a road map. Positive Publishers Weekly Dickinson packs a lot into this dense, multilayered, complicated epic, letting the story unfold through multiple perspectives, flashbacks, tense shifts, and other narrative devices.

As Baru juggles increasing amounts of trauma with an unrelenting focus on the endgame, she continually proves herself as a fascinating, morally grey protagonist in a complex world where conflicts take place on the high seas, in the ballroom, and in the marketplace. It all builds to a powerful cliff-hanger, with hints of much more to come.

Positive Harlequin Junkie Beautiful Sinner is entertaining, emotional, and steamy. Sophie Jordan created strong, independent main characters who live for their families. Jordan provided a unique story, conflict, heat, anticipation, and complicated family dynamics. Beautiful Sinner can be read as a standalone book in this series. Jordan is brilliant at creating vivid descriptions and using flashbacks to connect the lovers Rave Kirkus [An] insistent, memorable portrait Suggestive at times of a modern Decameron and a skillfully constructed epic that packs a tremendous amount of hard-won knowledge into its pages.

Positive Publishers Weekly Crisp Mixed Publishers Weekly Booker winner James kicks off a planned trilogy with a trek across a fantastical Africa that is equal parts stimulating and enervating. Though marred by its lack of subtlety, this is nonetheless a work of prodigious imagination capable of entrancing readers. Positive Publishers Weekly Ecologist Oakes traces the slow death of the yellow cedar, alternatively known as the yellow cypress, in this significant ecological study Discussions of academic and scientific methodology, for example, can become dull.

In these passages, Oakes admirably melds the professional with the highly personal, ultimately delivering a work of sensitivity and philosophical grace. Hardy, diligent, and empathetic, the author makes vividly clear the difficulties of conducting multiyear field research on a remote archipelago Readers looking for a thorough understanding of the decline of the yellow-cedar tree will not be disappointed. The data are here, collected and painstakingly recorded by intrepid young people living rough, sometimes in tents and sleeping bags, eating dehydrate The canary-in-the-coal-mine image is a powerful one, and this book carries a potent message sure to resonate with conservationists.

He has continued guiding these scholarly workshops and classes flecked with humor for almost 20 years. This book assembles the best of them in a thoughtful, engaging way—at least to liberal thinkers—though the author sometimes succumbs to broad generalizations As provocative as it is amusing—an edifying journey through the mind of a major talent. Rave Publishers Weekly This collection of speeches and conversations with Monty Python alum Cleese is not unlike the man himself: There is no unified theory of Cleese presented, rather something more akin to snapshots of a mind at work—but what a mind it is.

Affection is the subterranean river that frequently bursts through the surface to splash readers and, perhaps, convince them to put down the money for tickets. Rave Publishers Weekly Four scholars plumb the meaning and mechanics of presidential impeachments past—and, possibly, future—in this illuminating historical study Well researched, thoughtful, and engagingly written, this is one of the best of the current books mulling this suddenly fraught question. Positive Kirkus Despite the title, readers will find little about Harvey Milk himself Illuminating political and social history.

As the unnamed waiter opens the narrative, he mentions tradition, alludes to regularity, and defines his role: That sense of joy imbues his vivid recounting of one historic, emotionally roiling year Nevertheless, Phillips conveys the relentless tension of a game A treat for avid tennis fans. Rave Publishers Weekly This entertaining, excellent book from Goodman How to Be a Tudor provides a window into the nitty-gritty of daily life for merchants, street sellers, and others listed in the subtitle in — England Accessible, fun, and historically accurate, this etiquette guide will yield chuckles, surprises, and a greater understanding of everyday life in Renaissance England.

However, there is a more serious undertone to all of this impropriety, one that regards appropriate comportment and courtesy rituals as the lubrication of societal harmony The book overflows with historical curiosities, interesting asides, and eyebrow-raising aha moments She introduces us to a wide array of locals and their simple lives, now interrupted by search and rescue operations.

Anziska displays an admirable understanding of the Palestinian plight, and his fair and equitable treatment is laudable and encouraging. Positive Kirkus Writing a compelling food memoir is a delicate act; the recipes have to live up to the memories they evoke. In the hands of prolific author Hood, the stories themselves are the main dish—but the food still has to be delicious A full plate of heart and hearty eats.

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Maria Gabriela Llansol, Trans. Gradually, however, it very much grew on me, as I started to appreciate what Llansol was doing. Clearly you cannot approach it the way you would a conventional novel. It is about images and thoughts, about writing and nature, about the role of women in communities Llansol denied that her work was difficult but I think many readers would consider this book difficult.

Nevertheless, it is well worth the effort as it is a very beautiful book, superbly well written and a book that addresses European intellectual history and thought in a way that is rarely found in modern literature. Positive Publishers Weekly Stubbs expertly weaves granular encyclopedic detail into a sweeping cultural history in this astute and entertaining study of how a fringe music form entered the mainstream. In an account that sometimes strays into academic aridity and postmodern tropism, Martinez explores a terrible history that reverberates today not only because of family memory and local curation including a small-town Dairy Queen with a display of photographs of lynched Mexicans , but also because so many of its particulars seem taken from current headlines as refugees continue to die in the desert Timely and of considerable interest to students of borderlands history as well as of sociology.

Danielle Dutton, Renee Gladman. This experimental novel is best read in a single sitting and, like the photographs that inspired it, can be viewed in any number of ways, with a different effect each time. Ariosto is on a mission to discover authenticity, a relatively subjective idea, but he does not idealize Cuba, and he is refreshingly aware of his privilege as a white American man. With his firsthand experience, Ariosto brings modern Cuba to life, with all its complexities and eccentric charms. Positive Kirkus A penetrating report A candid firsthand account of an island undergoing a shaky transition.

Positive Kirkus Selecky refuses to work strictly in tropes. What begins as a killer satire opens up to some messy ideas: Spiritual teachings can be mostly bunk but partly useful. And Lilian herself has strange and lovely depths that she manages to plumb thanks to—or in spite of—the work A funny, tender, gimlet-eyed dive into the cult of self-improvement.

Rave Publishers Weekly The love-hate relationship between L. Readers fascinated by the town will find an engrossing trove of colorful, witty insights here. Positive Kirkus Numerous revelatory, odd, and entertaining juxtapositions. Like the city itself, the book mashes wildly diverse sources into an intriguing and surprising whole.

Rave Kirkus Setterfield masterfully assembles an ensemble of wounded, vulnerable characters who, nevertheless, live by the slimmest margins of hope Celebrates the timeless secrets of life, death, and imagination—and the enduring power of words. Positive Publishers Weekly Setterfield braids miracle and mystery in this marvelous tale The balance between sweet and bitter produces a complex and winning love story. Rusbridger ends on a note of hope—and concern: A lively collection, on the whole, from a man of the world who is most comfortable on his own turf.

This open-minded, playful approach permeates his delightful essays. Rave Publishers Weekly James Stark, also known as Sandman Slim, is partially back from the dead and hoping to earn his way all the way back to life in his terrifically over-the-top 10th magical slugfest The nonstop action and dark humor will thrill urban fantasy fans, including those new to the series.

Minor Queneau, but with enough rollicking merits, and somewhat special to begin with. Whenever one man falls asleep, the narrative immediately shifts to the POV of the other Precision can be a gateway to enlightenment: Paced like a fine piece of fiction, this is a handsomely written chronicle of an interesting mob character.

Rave Kirkus Di Cintio first traveled to Israel in When he returned again in , it was to seek out Palestinian writers to learn how they, rather than activists and politicians, saw the Arab-Israeli conflict. In this literary travelogue, the author records his encounters with Arab writers from the West Bank, Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip Interweaving history and politics, the book introduces Western readers to the modern Palestinian literary scene while celebrating the rich diversity of voices that comprise it Illuminating reading from a highly engaged author.

Pan Publishers Weekly Di Cintio offers a powerful and perceptive reflection on Palestinian culture in a memoir that mixes travelogue and literary appreciation. This is a refreshing and hopeful reminder that on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are countless people who wish to live their lives free of the hatred borne of geopolitical conflict. Positive Publishers Weekly Suspenseful, well-crafted Mixed Publishers Weekly Somewhat dated The fuse lit to ignite a James M. Cain—style atmosphere burns slow, and the clashes between Jack and V often come off as hysterical melodrama.

The two leads prove less interesting than peripheral characters In this early novel, he may have created his own subgenre: Rave Publishers Weekly Luridly propulsive This disturbing book is a masterful look into the very instant when the truth of perverse human nature begins to shine.

In each area, the author documents the dreadful early record of the Trump administration, followed by a succinct history of the civil rights gains made against stiff opposition during the second half of the 20th century Positive Publishers Weekly Tautly told Positive Kirkus Fabulist elements, lyrical prose, and a chorus of narrative voices give this slim novel depth and breadth.

Paul Volcker, Christine Harper. An orderly, winning book from the economist whose Volcker Rule limits risk-taking by banks. Rave Rainy Book Reviews I usually like to hazard a guess as to whodunnit at the beginning of the novel or at least partway in. This time, I had absolutely no clue as to how the book would turn out The places, the food, etc. If you enjoy being exposed to other cultures, this book is for you. However, the absolute star of this novel was not the mystery, nor the authentic-ness of the setting and characters. The development of the characters themselves was what really made this novel for me.

Every character, every conversation is humorous, sarcastic and witty The complex, plausible plot is peopled with authentic characters, most notably the wry, pot-smoking, disillusioned Rocco Readers will hope to see a lot more of Rocco. Rave Publishers Weekly This anthology Overall, these pieces respond to a widespread sense of displacement and division by expressing a yearning for centeredness, as well as a fear that the hearth, and the sense of belonging it symbolizes, are disappearing from contemporary life.

Thought-provoking, meditative, mournful, and comforting for readers who seek a connection to purpose and meaning, the anthology acts as a hearth of its own. Positive Kirkus The author ably gets to the heart of the game, and if little of what he writes will come as news to discerning fans, there are some fine set pieces featuring battle-weary players and devious front-office types.

A worthy offering for fans of the modern, increasingly embattled game. Mixed Beatdom A valuable resource for Beat enthusiasts We get inside his mind and gain a new perspective on some parts of the journey — presenting a pretty different take from what appears in the major Ginsberg biographies Alas, none of his journals from Czechoslovakia survive or have been found, at least , so that part of the book is padded out with letters already published elsewhere, and a half-hearted attempt which ends very suddenly to recall events that he had written some time later My only criticisms of this book are superficial ones.

It is Ugly with a capital U. The fonts used throughout the book are inexplicably horrendous, particularly for titles, footers, and the table of contents. Cutesy hearts are used to separate certain sections, and the crude retro designs near the beginning of the book are truly off-putting.

The pattern more or less repeats itself in Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union, and Poland, to the detriment of the text, parts of which were confiscated. Editor and Ginsberg biographer Schumacher accordingly supplements his faithful transcription with some additional materials, such as letters and retrospective accounts Mixed Publishers Weekly Although Emma covers an impressive range of topics, her treatment is heavy on anecdote and opinion, light on in-depth analysis or factual information.

Most of the book, however, feels underdeveloped, typical perhaps of a web-posted piece but not as well adapted to a larger print volume. That said, the timeliness of the book and its easy reading poise it to be a likely gift buy to mark feminist friendships. Mixed Publishers Weekly Bitter betrayals, testosterone-fueled male rivalry, erotic temptations, and dizzying shifts in allegiance abound.

The author supplies a lush atmosphere based on Middle Eastern traditions, but her characters flounder in facile and often contradictory motivations. Arian succeeds by rejecting men who expect her to give up her individuality and her sworn duty. The challenging language makes it hard to get into this otherwise interesting tale.

Positive Kirkus This is heavy stuff, but readers expecting a turgid, scholarly tome need not worry Throughout the narrative, Wootton demonstrates a consistent ability to make complex intellectual ideas approachable. Histories of ideas can be a snooze, but this is a surprisingly lucid examination of a dramatic revolution in human thought. Berry nimbly covers New Orleans in all its aspects over years Every major city should have such a guide to its past. Positive Publishers Weekly Evocative It will be fascinating to anyone interested in the cultural influence of entertainment.

This excellent analysis is cogent, accessible, and well-argued. Positive Kirkus Want someone to blame for Iraq and Afghanistan? Williams renders in chilling detail, Mary was raped by and consequently forced to marry the Earl of Bothwell. Forced to abdicate, Mary fled to England hoping for assistance from Elizabeth, who instead detained her and subsequently ordered her execution.

Though parts of the story may be well-known to readers of royal history, Williams injects enough fresh viewpoints to make it a satisfying whole. Edited by Leslie S. Positive Kirkus A gargantuan, extensively annotated collection of five cornerstones of American crime fiction that every fan will want to own even if they never read or reread them If four of the five selections are memorable mainly as period pieces, Red Harvest still seethes with an unsettling power Though die-hard fans may find it disappointing to return to these hoary landmarks, Klinger has provided the perfect gift for newcomers lucky enough not to have read its contents already—and the perfect excuse to wonder if a s sequel may be lurking around the corner.

Positive Publishers Weekly These five novels, all wildly popular when first published, offer a window on the world of manners and attitudes in America in the s. Rainer Maria Rilke, Trans. He is courteous, sometimes urgently effusive, his writing occasionally borders on the starchy. He recognises that the process of mourning is individual. But he tends not to focus on the person that has died In a sense, the contents of this book should be relabelled letters of non-condolence.

Mixed Kirkus The letters included in this brief but dense collection are In each letter, Rilke addresses the death of the person in question, but he also uses it as a steppingstone to offer his own perspective on the ways in which humans are conditioned to die But for those just now discovering his work, the letters might serve as a disservice to the colossal beauty of his poetry Harper is faithful to the historical record of the Ripper murders, but his solution, which combines elements of several theories, disappoints.

Readers will hope Harper treads less familiar ground in any sequel. As in the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, a leading feature is the vivid, thorough questioning of a colorful cross-section of Londoners, here including brash Cockney boy John Richardson, inept but loquacious Dr. Llewellyn, and beat policeman Sgt. At length Doyle does indeed stir the interest of the serial killer who calls himself Jack the Ripper, and he and Margaret get close enough to him to rescue an intended victim Rave Publishers Weekly Roberts continues to mine both quotidian and existential moments in another deeply satisfying collection of simultaneously deadpan and poignant autobiographical comics, delineated in slightly awkward but appealing black-and-white drawings.

Roberts depicts moments of funny domestic life with her husband, Scott; their young daughter, Xia; their dog, Crooky; and her quirky but always supportive parents Her spare but evocative line drawings, with their generous use of white space, work in tandem with the direct and detached tone of her narratives, allowing readers to fill in the emotional spaces between visual pauses.

Roberts is a unique and nuanced storyteller, and this proves her best, richest book yet. Readers will come away with a cleareyed portrait of the author through the stories of her joys, sorrows, and intimate impressions. A powerful testimony to the determination and strength necessary to persevere despite assumptions, scrutiny, and societal stigmatization.

Pan Publishers Weekly Jessie Sloane, the chief narrator of this lackluster psychological thriller from bestseller Kubica, spends her teen years caring for her mother, Eden, until Eden dies from cancer at their home in Chicago. Numb with grief, insomniac Jessie tries to get on with her life by applying to a community college, but a college official informs her that her Social Security number belongs to a girl who died 17 years earlier Kubica fans will hope for a return to form next time. Rave Kirkus Quiet, gorgeously put-together The metaphorical layering with regard to extinctions—the ends of things—is beautifully accomplished The various sad backstory details about old deaths, betrayals, and other wounds are teased out slowly and patiently, but that momentum is no greater than the more uplifting one: A really fine, deeply intelligent book with so much to think about and so much unexpected hope.

A final twist at the end fails to elevate this hard-to-stomach love story. Harper Lee, Illustrated by Fred Fordham. Assuming and shedding identities like a snake would its skin, Gracie somehow contrives to stay a half-step ahead of disaster, albeit not always believably. But while she may escape unscathed, her actions often wreak devastating collateral damage. Fascinated readers will keep turning the pages. An unusual female perspective defies expectations and, ultimately, entertains.

While recognizing the efficacy of political assassination, Bergman is also sharply critical of its use, which is rife with those unintended consequences and often involves the killing of civilians—leading, in turn, to the deaths of civilian Israelis A significant contribution to our understanding of Middle Eastern politics and its far-reaching effects. Pan Publishers Weekly Uneven Smart, convincing dialogue compensates only in part for a trite solution to the murder and a denouement that strains credibility.

Rave Publishers Weekly This gorgeous, complex, and magical novel, grounded in Germanic, Russian, and Jewish folklore but richly overlaid with a cohesive, creative story of its own, rises well above a mere modern re- imagining of classic tales Her work inspires deep musings about love, wealth, and commitment, and embodies the best of the timeless fairy-tale aesthetic.

Readers will be impressed by the way Novik ties the myriad threads of her story together This is the kind of book that one might wish to inhabit forever. Positive Kirkus In spare prose of great clarity Novik weaves in and out of multiple first-person narratives in sometimes-illuminating, sometimes-disconcerting or confusing ways A medieval fable of obscure moral import blossoms into a thoughtful, emotionally complex, absorbing drama that stands confidently on its own merits.

Rave Publishers Weekly Each story in this poignant debut plays on how music is interwoven with the deeply felt emotions of its young characters, each of whom are poised at tipping points in their lives This stunning debut pulls off the rare feat of drawing about music with authenticity and charm. Positive Kirkus As Wilson acknowledges, Graves has been the subject of several well-regarded biographies. Despite these sources, however, this biography offers a familiar, if finely nuanced, portrait of Graves, his family, and his scandalous relationship with the mercurial Riding A delightful and sexy take on love between a suave African prince and a nerdy epidemiology student.

After a strong start, the ending falters, but the chemistry between the lovers makes up for that slight disappointment. These disparate stories are woven into a beautiful narrative The novel reads like a love song to a tortured, desperately messed-up city that is undergoing remarkable transformations. Rave Kirkus One must hope that this book is a harbinger of a coming flood of other fantasies that draw on traditions and cultures outside the confines of Northern Europe Those accustomed to the usual run of epic fantasy will find familiar elements A very strong start for a new voice.

Rave Publishers Weekly [A] complex, affecting epic fantasy Thanks to the miracle of caffeine, the author delivers a stirring, nonpreachy sermon on gratitude. Rave Publishers Weekly Mason, Mo. The language is smooth and the story moves along at a comfortable pace to a fitting, albeit easy, ending.

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This pleasant novel highlights the joys that can come from the little things in life. Positive Kirkus In this small town, truisms prevail over truth every time Psychological realism sacrificed on the altar of niceness. Mixed Kirkus Hey, what if a book was like Fight Club but instead of fights, everyone takes a heroic dose of drugs and plays superhero?

This ambitious, half-cracked debut about Generation Z students struggling with a bent concept of the future in the midst of a slow apocalypse is an ambitious but acidic take on superhero stories and the price of growing up A timely fable of generational angst armed with that old punk ethos: Laura is an enjoyably flawed protagonist Though relatively young, Clae fills the mysterious mentor role perfectly, his secrets hidden behind literal dark curtains.

City of Broken Magic shines most brightly in the interactions between the three Sweepers, and fantasy fans will hope for more exploits in Amicae. Rave Publishers Weekly Comes to life thanks to a no-frills, working-class point of view that immerses readers in the world of the Sweepers This debut builds a fascinating setting that readers will want to keep coming back to. Mixed Kirkus The magic system is fascinating, but the worldbuilding can be confusing: Overlong and rough around the edges but still promising. Positive Dailymail I found the bizarre, gory tales in The Penguin Book Of Japanese Short Stories infinitely more absorbing than those involving the humdrum arena of everyday life, an area much more acutely handled by Western writers The earliest story in the entire book was written in Even though Japanese literature stretches further back in time than our own — they were even writing science fiction as long ago as the 10th century — the editor offers no explanation for this strange cut-off point.

Positive Kirkus Recounted with deadpan British wit and irony Newcomers are advised, however, that the frequent references to previous events and episodes may prove confusing even as they enrich the context. The one aspect that lacks real depth is the magic, which is flatly Harry Potter—ish Lively and amusing and different.

Mixed Publishers Weekly More funny than memorable, with the plot overshadowed by the laugh-out-loud prose At more than pages, it is around twice as long as the norm for graphic narratives, and Anderson does a solid job with the narrative arc, showing how the young ardent idealist, educated as a physician, became synonymous with heroic revolutionary commitment, which ultimately led to his falling out with Fidel Castro On the visual level, it succeeds brilliantly, with the sweeping scale of the illustrations taking the measure of the man and his legacy.

However, the necessary abridgement of text falls somewhere between simplifying his story enough to capture a younger readership and retaining enough of its context and complexity to satisfy those for whom this would not be an introduction A valiant effort and a visual triumph, though the necessary abridgment compromises the depth.

An affecting and original thrill ride highlighting the bond between two friends put in a horrible situation by actual Chinese government policies. While some of her observations may be dated, most remain relevant as she astutely holds fast to the importance of giving children honest, hopeful, and entertaining stories in a changing world. Rave Kirkus Curiously fascinating Her thoughts on traditional attitudes toward sex, emotional attachment, and misappropriation add clarity and perspective to a narrative that reads as more than a simple discourse on bridging robotic automation and artificial intelligence with adult novelty.

Her visit to a sex doll factory provides a future-forward glance at the race to capitalize on this fascinating and lucrative niche market An immensely absorbing and provocative book. He clearly illuminates both the promise and the peril of driverless vehicles An invigorating bit of future-trend prognosticating, generally positive, if warning direly of global gridlock if trends continue. Urban planners, architects, and transportation activists will definitely want to take note.

Previous biographies came from past lovers and friends, and each seemed to have an agenda, often salacious. Griffin goes a long way toward rectifying this issue, casting a respectful light on some fresh as well as familiar details. Throughout, [Griffin] provides a balanced, multifaceted view of his subject Despite a colorful cast of characters that ranges from Hollywood royalty to Newport Beach party boys, Hudson himself remains a cipher. Positive Publishers Weekly Kate Granger, the heroine of this well-crafted supernatural thriller from Webb Well-delineated characters and a suspenseful plot make this a winner.

Simultaneously melancholy and sweet at its core. Positive Publishers Weekly Well-researched and fast-paced Groom effectively synergizes the interactions of personalities and policies to make a persuasive case This is an excellent history. Not Groom at his best but certainly serviceable for readers without much background in the history of the era.

Positive Publishers Weekly Readers unfamiliar with Israeli author and public intellectual Oz will find this collection of three essays, adapted from a series of lectures, a good introduction to his nuanced perspective Oz examines zealotry in general terms, noting that it predates Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and is not currently limited to radical Islam The author makes it clear that these female kings could be as tough, and sometimes as sanguinary, as their male counterparts; if forgotten, most were also skillful.

The most famous, Cleopatra, was an exception, for Cooney reckons her a failure, having tied her fortunes too closely to a man Cooney provides welcome insights into pharaonic politics while bringing numerous little-known Egyptian women to the fore. Attempting to draw parallels between the pharaohs and contemporary rock stars and politicians, Cooney occasionally asks too much of her narrative.

In an era of McCarthy-ite redbaiting and witch-hunting, how could scientists with leftist affiliations keep on working on classified projects related to that struggle against the Communist bloc? A strong contribution to the history of modern science. She writes informatively about the political events and issues that influenced American policymakers, among them the Soviet launch of Sputnik and the debate over atomic weapons proliferation. Wolfe also focuses on how, as the Cold War progressed, the CIA, in service to using the American scientific community as a weapon of propaganda, became increasingly involved in influencing or controlling the exchange of scientific information between scientists in the U.

While the suspense is thin, Sise offers an astute glimpse into tragic loss, the innermost lives of women, and the highs and lows and societal expectations of motherhood Though melodramatic, this compelling character study will resonate. Rave Kirkus A highly detailed account The interplay of personal stories with the broader strategic picture makes the book especially illuminating, and the author also provides a few pages of helpful diagrams and maps A fascinating must-read for World War II aficionados.

Positive Kirkus Follows an intriguing premise A novel and wide-ranging examination of the conclusion of the war once solemnly declared to be the one to end all wars. Rave Publishers Weekly The Weavers Detailed and smartly reported, this work marvelously captures the four voices in a complex era that influenced pop-folk bands that followed.

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Positive Kirkus Jarnow delivers a by-the-numbers biography of a band whose popular songs and covers earned them plenty of attention during the Red Scare and a place on the blacklist There are also interesting cameos sprinkled throughout this colorful tale A well-researched music biography best read with some traditional American folk songs playing in the background.

A whimsical story collection from a gifted writer with a keen eye and a playful sense of humor. Funny without collapsing into wackiness, these eccentric, beguiling stories are reminiscent of Haruki Murakami and Kafka. Positive Kirkus Tremblingly earnest The real power of the book, though, lies not in its philosophizing but in the unsteady tenderness between its characters A book that attempts to walk the thin line between the trite and the profound—and sometimes succeeds.

Positive Kirkus The borders between the animal, human, and spirit worlds are constantly breached in these creepy magical realist tales of grief and obsession Brief, macabre stories that twist our obsessions with animals and our own thoughts.