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So the advantages of dialogue are not at all clear, while the disadvantages are obvious. If one needs more evidence, one might look to Europe. Damit verfolgte er schon damals eine internationale Erneuerung des Islams als einer Form der modernen spirituellen Regulierung der Gesellschaft und als einer modernen Methode der Wirklichkeitserfahrung. Malaysia ist ein ganz herausragender Fall. There are primarily two schools of thought associated with the notion of Islamisation.

Because Al-Attas is considered the original father of the movement, this article will focus on his ideas. With this, Al-Attas can be regarded as the modern day Al-Ghazali , who also similarly argues about the epistemological challenge faced by the medieval Muslims with the onslaught of Greek philosophy.

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In , Qaradawi moved to Qatar, where he currently resides. Qaradawi participated in developing the educational and cultural structure of the Brotherhood, publishing essays and books that were absorbed into the educational curriculum by its Tarbiyya Education Department. Anti Defamation League A man of adab insan adabi is defined as: Both countries play an important role in cultivating religious pluralism. Daud will discuss how we can learn from their example in our own society.

Indonesia has developed a shared identity defined by a national language, ethnic diversity, religious pluralism within a majority Muslim population, and a history of colonialism and rebellion against it. Our staff, unser Mitarbeiterstab, unsere Mitarbeiter. The MB Groups in the U. He was successful at a nationwide exam and then was awarded a scholarship abroad to do M.

He received his M. After receiving his doctoral degree he began to teach at the Middle East Technical University, Department of Philosophy where he remained until Then he joined Fatih University as professor of philosophy, where presently he serves also as the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. CIS encourages a creative exploration of Islamic Weltanschauung in relation to the natural and human sciences, critical integration of contemporary scholarship into the framework of traditional Islamic thought and learning, and a renewed and rigorous link with the intellectual tradition of Islam.

CIS supports activities aimed at enhancing our religious and scientific understanding of nature and the human condition. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth, he said. Change-Prozess des Schariatisierens, in den kalifatischen Setzkasten framework hinein. Geht nicht ohne Masterplan auch framework. Alles framework oder was: Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo, currently lives in the U.

A, and has been in the Islamic Banking and Finance scene for a long time. Shaykh Yusuf is a well-known and respected Shariah advisor and Islamic scholar whose career spans more than 30 years. Based in the Washington, DC area, he serves as a Shariah advisor to over 20 global financial entities, including index providers, banks, mutual funds, real estate funds, leasing funds, institutional investors, home finance providers, alternative asset managers and others. DeLorenzo, 58 years old, is at the center of the push to develop Islamic financial products in the U. He also serves on boards of Islamic scholars that rule on their acceptability, as do a cadre of less than 20 top scholars globally — only a couple of them in North America — who advise banks and financiers.

An Islamic mortgage that Mr. DeLorenzo helped develop here is serving as a blueprint for a venture in Saudi Arabia. He worked with a Lebanese investment bank to structure the first-ever Islamic bond from a U. The Wall Street Journal Shariah-compliant securities services are now available globally to Islamic investment managers and traditional investment managers managing Islamic funds. HSBC offers global Islamic securities service. Emirates Dubai, UAE Among the eminent scholars who participated in the forum were: Sheikh Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo ….

Er gilt als Verteidiger der muslimischen Orthodoxie … Wichtig ist vor allem die Herstellung einer Verbindung zum Hier und Jetzt einer muslimischen Gesellschaft, die in der Bundesrepublik eigentlich erst am Anfang ihres geistigen Findungsprozesses steht, einer Gemeinschaft, die Religion gerade erst als spirituellen Aspekt ihres Vorhandenseins in der deutschen Gesellschaft entdeckt …. Die Scharia und westliche Rechtsvorstellungen. Seiner Ansicht nach ist Abgrenzung keine Frage der Beschneidung. Mehmet Soyhun , Dortmund. World Journal of Islamic History and Civilization, 1 2: Wan Mohd Nor Wan Daud: The concept of education in Islam: A contemporaryMuslim philosophical interpretation.

This article discusses the concept of education in Islam as espoused by Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas, one of the most prominent contemporary Muslim philosophers. Ethnicity, Religion, Secularism and Spirituality. Its specific goals are: Multiculturalism and the Scars of War. Registration was handled by cheerful graduate students, young women wearing headscarves side by side with the bareheaded.

The organizing committee showed a short documentary film about the dedication of a school teacher in a central Bosnian village. In fact, dedication and optimism were underlying themes. Among items on sale was a book with the provocative title, Confronting Islamophobia in Educational Practice , a book addressing a concern found throughout Europe. Kamaruzzaman Bustamam-Ahmad, Patrick Jory.

Islamische Hochschulen gibt es weltweit, etwa in Pakistan: Faculty of Islamic Studies Usuluddin. Nicht in Pakistan und etwas weniger akademisch, die Scharia ist dieselbe: When the child reaches puberty, he becomes fully accountable for his deeds in front of Allah SWT. It is first and foremost the responsibility of the parents to carry this message to the child.

The parents of the adolescent boy should inform him that the first time he ejaculates he becomes accountable for his actions in front of Allah SWT , and he should perform the acts of worship in the same way that adult Muslims do. When the girl is about nine years old, her parents should inform her that the first time she sees blood menstruation , she becomes accountable for her acts and the worship acts prescribed on the Muslim women are also prescribed on her.

Aqeedah Belief and Practice of a Muslim. Jamaal al-Din M Zarabozo. Kalifatstreue Erbauung Antisemitismus pur. We seek refuge in Allah from all the evil of ourselves and the wickedness of our deeds. Immerhin, die Kinder sind besser informiert als unsere Bundestags- und Landtagsabgeordneten. Belief in the Day of Judgment: Was ist falsch mit unserem [US-amerikanischen] Bildungs- und Erziehungssystem? A Plea for a Modern Islamic University: Established in , the web portal MuslimHeritage. It is a unique online education community of Muslims and non-Muslims seeking to advance human civilisation through the study of Muslim heritage.

Islamic civilisation sprang into existence from the time of the Prophet in the 7th century. The Prophet gave the lead, teaching in the mosque, and from mosque learning would evolve the first universities in history: Rather, Islamic knowledge is the rational-empirical and intuitive apprehension of every realm of reality.

It is the critical knowledge of man and history, of earth and heaven. Grant us a knowledge that is useful and beneficial. Offenbarung und Vernunft als die zwei Quellen der Wahrheit: How Islam Inspired Scientific Advance. Talim-ul-Islam College also referred to as T. College is a private college located in Rabwah, Pakistan. It is presented through a series of educational materials, designed to meet the needs of Ismaili Muslim students, parents and teachers living in different countries and cultures. The Institute has, to date, published materials for the following age groups: Kein Kopftuch zu sehen erfreut.

We will provide support, information, workshops, and training to those involved in the Alliance and consultation and information services optional to those individuals, groups, and schools who have chosen to be involved in the home education of their children. Once again, this view was never retracted by the Brotherhood.

Muslim Brotherhood Reality Check. Stop Radical Islam For example, the Old Guard is generally resistant to the reformist ideas popular among younger members that favor transforming the organization into a political party. Veteran members also generally lack a well-developed understanding of politics and of democratic practices and principles such as equality. These are derived from Sunnah, but are usually taught by the parents. In the same sense that the enjoyment of fine food in a banquet is greatly enhanced by noble and gracious company, and that the food be partaken of in accordance with the rules of refined conduct, behaviour and etiquette, so is knowledge to be extolled and enjoyed, and approached by means of conduct as befits its lofty nature.

Thus the men of discernment speak of that knowledge as the food and life of the soul; it is that which makes the soul alive. Allahs irdischem Gastmahl gerecht werden, mordend. Chomeinis Religion war, jedenfalls nach der Revolution, staatsterroristisch, jetzt wird es privatterroristisch. Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Demokratie ist eine Religion: Islamic activists agreed on one thing about democracy, that democracy is the product of the kafir and thus contrary to the Islamic law.

So is it true that democracy is a religion? Anonym besteht der kurzlebige Terrorstaat immer noch, jedenfalls digital …. Patrouille der Taliban, Herat Injustice is of course a condition where things are not in their right places. Stupidity humq , is the deployment of wrong methods to arrive at right goals or ends, while madness junun is the struggle to attain false or wrong aims or goals.

Similarly, it is utter stupidity to attempt to attain happiness in this world and in the next without the right kind of knowledge and practice. Comparative Ethics in a Global Age. Eastern and Central Europe, Volume Dr Prof Marietta Stepanyants. Das Individuum ist im Islam wichtig … allerdings nur, weil es am Tag der Auferstehung belohnt oder bestraft werden wird: It is because of this notion of individual accountability as a moral agent that in Islam it is the individual that shall be rewarded or punished on the Day of Judgement.

The Tun Razak Professor, selected by the Malaysian Ministry of Education , the Tun Abdul Razak Council, and Ohio University, conducts research and seminars for undergraduate and graduate students in his or her respective areas of expertise and organizes an international conference on Southeast Asia in the second year.

The Razak Chair is supported by funds from the Malaysian Government and matching funds from American firms with business interests in Malaysia. A Conference in honor of. Zijn vader was hoogleraar dermatologie in Utrecht en oprichter van het Instituut voor Dermatologie van de rijksuniversiteit. In het ouderlijk huis heerste een vrijzinnige, sociaal bewogen sfeer die Van Leeuwen voor het leven tekende. In ging hij aan het Leidse remonstrants seminarium studeren, maar hij kon er niet aarden. De opleiding was hem te burgerlijk, te weinig missionair. Van Leeuwen zocht in contact met de hervormde zendingstheoloog Kraemer die zijn promotor werd, maar als gevolg van de Duitse bezetting kwam van begeleiding weinig terecht.

Kraemer zat anderhalf jaar in het gijzelaarskamp in Sint-Michielsgestel, terwijl Van Leeuwen moest onderduiken. Uiteindelijk kon hij zich in met de doctorshoed tooien. Zijn dissertatie handelde over de Perzische filosoof al-Ghazali, voor veel soennieten de tweede leermeester na Mohammed.

Dat het land eind onafhankelijk was geworden had hij toegejuicht; de twee politionele acties waarmee Nederland in en had geprobeerd zijn gezag te herstellen had hij scherp veroordeeld. Politiek was voor Van Leeuwen onlosmakelijk verbonden met theologie. Peter Bak, zuerst in: He was 74 and lived on nearby Little Deer Isle.

Other theologians criticized both the methodology and thinking of the approach. It is to be published in October by Wm. Paul van Buren was a native of Norfolk, Va. His doctorate in theology came from the University of Basel in He joined the Temple faculty in , served as chairman of the department of religion from to and took emeritus status in The New York Times Sozialistisch und pro Scharia? Wir erleben hier seit einiger Zeit, wie intensiv besonders von Seiten einiger prominenter christlicher Theologen die Meinung vertreten wird, dass wir nicht den selben Gott anbeten: Zusammenleben von Christen und Muslimen.

This is the approach which was introduced by Dr Leslie Dewart in in his moderately sized book The Future of Belief and was elaborated two years later in a massive work entitled The Foundations of Belief The former book was described by Dr Harvey Cox, in words which the publishers quoted in their banner, as a mature, highly erudite and utterly radical book which could be epoch-making.

The fact that it urged, in the name of Catholic Christianity, nothing less than the abandonment of nineteen centuries of Christian thought makes the question of its truth or falsehood of some importance. In the preface to the second work Dr Dewart wrote as follows: The question to which I address myself here, however, is more fundamental yet: Nevertheless, the former work contains enough about religion in general to make its discussion not irrelevant to the special concerns of a Gifford Lecturer.

Dewart is more subtle, but his outlook is much the same. If we enquire how it is that such an obviously intelligent and committed Catholic has fallen into this kind of relativism, we shall see that it is at least partly due to the philosophical doctrine which he has adopted, according to which truth is itself a historically conditioned concept. This stands out very clearly in what might otherwise have been an extremely valuable discussion of Marxism. He pertinently observes that atheism as a cultural phenomenon is indigenous to Christian societies, and we might expect that he would explain this, when it was not due to less respectable causes, as at least partly due to the failure of Christians to live in accordance with their professed beliefs.

On the contrary, he sees it as resulting from the fact for such he holds it to be that for Christianity it is not either belief or disbelief that really matters but a conditional attitude to both. Dewart sees, indeed, some problems in his view of the nature of Christian theism: From the relative nature of Christian theism follows its aptitude for development, readjustment and cultural polymorphism.

It is not given once for all. It is, therefore, dynamic, evolving and self-transforming. But how could Christian theism be all these things and nevertheless true? The answer which he gives to this question is, as we shall see, that truth itself is changing and relative. At this point Dewart plunges into a discussion of the development of Christian dogma. It is only the awareness of this fact that is new.

The Confusion of Seksuality …. Man beruft sich auf Naquib al-Attas, bei: According to the authority of Malay language, Tan Sri Prof. These languages shared many crucial semantic terms that defined their rich legacy in subsisting advanced discourse especially in the realm of knowledge. This can be proven via the legacy of scientific works in those languages — notably Arab and Persian, had upon the translation movement of European scholars that heralded the age of Renaissance and Enlightenment in the West.

Sisyphos beim Heraufrollen des Felsbrockens. Persephone beaufsichtigt Sisyphos mit seinem Stein in die Unterwelt. Seite A von einer schwarzfigurigen attischen Amphora, um v. Sisyphos bei der schweren Arbeit. Sisyphos von Franz von Stuck, Viel zu tun auch als schlesischer Zwerg. Der Dhimmi macht, gleichsam als ein Sisyphos sich das Leben schwer und dem Kalifat das Wachstum leicht. But now, allow me to go beyond academic language and address the reader in personal terms.

I ask you to imagine what peace-loving Jews must feel, and how much they must endure, seeing that massive boulder they rolled up roll down again and crush the lives of innocent Jewish men, women, and children! This has been the suffering Jews have endured for two decades since their leaders consummated a covenant of death with the PLO! Two decades of madness and terror. Think of the loved ones of the Jewish victims of this covenant.

Peace with jobless Arabs paid to kill Jews? Ponder well about these mirages—yes, and about over 1, Jewish casualties resulting from that covenant of death for which no one has been punished. Is more evidence needed to convince any rational person that Israel is confronted by a genocidal enemy, an enemy that believes its own lies and who is therefore infected by a psychotic disorder produced by a 1,year culture of hatred? The loss, der Verlust erinnert ein wenig an the loss of Adab des Naquib al-Attas: Circumcision is the one permanent physical sign of the Unity of the Jewish People.

It was the loss of Jewish unity that brought about the destruction of the Second Temple. The Second Jewish Temple. Model in the Israel Museum. Masada heute, Blick hinab auf die Seilbahn; Bildmitte: Modellbild des Salomonischen Tempels, der v. Originalgetreu nachgebaut und begehbar. Albert Camus gab eurer westlichen Dekadenz Ausdruck. Euch den Sisyphos, uns das Schariagesetz: The Western existentialist tradition looks at the human condition and sees meaninglessness.

There is no underlying teleological or redeeming force to make things come out right so that one could say all is well, as the Christian says. Each person is ultimately alone, shorn of any self-deluded hope of salvation or bliss after a life of possible suffering. New American Library, , p. Islam is a deeply humanistic tradition assessing that there is indeed a problem with human existence and labels the problem forgetfulness.

The divine nature is dormant in every human being, waiting to be awakened to a life lived in obedience to the will of God. Muslims have no doubt as to the availability of salvation-it is there for the taking. Just as Christians maintain that in Adam all sinned, Muslims claim that the potential for obedience to the divine law lies within each of us. Toward a Universal Theology of Religion. Je oller je doller, oder ist denn alles nur deshalb gut, weil es aus der Steinzeit oder Bronzezeit stammt: Kann eine so alte und weltweit verbreitete Tradition als unrechtens gebrandmarkt werden?

Eigentlich warteten Juden in aller Welt seit 1. So soll mein Bund an eurem Fleisch sein, ein ewiger Bund. So originell war der 99 Jahre alte Axtschwinger Abraham dann auch wieder nicht: Incision , the least harsh of the male genital mutilations, consists of either a simple cut on the foreskin to draw blood, or a complete cutting through of the foreskin in a single place so as to partly expose the glans. Incision existed primarily among peoples of the East African coast, in Island Asia and Oceania, and among a few peoples of the New World.

Circumcision , a harsher mutilation where the foreskin of the penis is cut or torn away, was and is practiced across much of the Old World desert belt, and in a number of Sub-Saharan Central Asian, and Pacific Ocean groups. When performed during puberty, circumcision was largely a premarital rite of pain endurance. Particularly in the bush, under less than sanitary conditions, the circumcised boy infant or child would have been at greater risk than the uncircumcised boy. The most severe male genital mutilation, a form of skinstripping , was practiced along the Red Sea coast in Arabia and Yemen, at least into the s.

Here, in an endurance ritual performed on a potential marriage candidate, skin was flayed from the entire penile shaft as well as from a region of the pubis. The community blessing would only be bestowed upon the young man who could refrain from expressing emotion during the event DeMeo Another harsh ritual, subincision , was practiced primarily among Australian aborigines and on a few Pacific Islands [z.

Arrernte, das Volk und seine Sprache wurde zwischen und von Carl Strehlow erforscht]. It consisted of a cutting open of the urethra on the underside of the penis down to as far as near the scrotum; the subincision ritual was generally preceded by a circumcision ritual.

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The practice did not confer any contraceptive advantage, and no claims as such were made for it by the Australian aborigines. The geographical aspects of the Australian genital mutilations has been studied previously, and two competing theories were developed: Northwest Australia, specifically the Kimberly region, was identified as a location where genital skin stripping was performed, and some believed that circumcision and subincision spread into Australia from that region, diffusing to the east and south.

On the other hand, independent development of the traits within Australia has been argued, based upon the observation that the most intense forms of subincision occurred in the desert center of the continent, being absent in a few border regions where only circumcision was practiced DeMeo I felt as if fire was shooting through my veins, the pain was so intense. At the conclusion of the ceremony, we returned to our huts. We were ordered to lie on our backs in the smoky huts, with one leg flat and one leg bent. Our guardian paint our naked bodies from head to foot in white ocher, turning us into ghosts.

The traditional reason for this practise was so that their foreskins would be hidden before wizards could use them for evil purposes. A conscious rite of passage for your community. Die Achse des Guten HN — Humanist News Zentralrat der Ex-Muslime This may be why the religious schools and the Islamic schools have suddenly begun to flourish over the last decade. In schools of this sort, no threat is perceived to the faith of the students coming from strict religious households; they have not been immobilized by the pestilential breath of occidentosis. But what is the use?

The petrification that has overtaken religious milieux will turn these students into fossils in another way. A Plague From the West. Annotations and Introduction by Hamid Algar. Acikgenc , Fatih University, Turkey. Und wieder dieser gottlose Sisyphos: The task that Camus issues for the absurd hero Sisyphus is one where man lives on without the hope of transcendence.

Ruby Printing Press, Edited by Seyed G Safavi, Just to update everyone the Ferry service is still not running between Penang and Medan and according to local gossip will not be running again! Piraterie , Meeres-Terrorismus … Die dreizehn Verhafteten sollen ein dschihadistisches Ausbildungslager in der Provinz Aceh durchlaufen haben. De zee-engte is al langer werkterrein van piraten. Een terreurdreiging is nieuw. Zwar sind es nicht mehr 1. Jermal is a fishing platform built on the sea about four to seven miles away from the sea shore of east coastline of North Sumatera, Indonesia.

The rest have been destroyed during storm seasons at the end of each year, claiming many lives. The legal ban for the reconstruction of new jermals, the high price of the establishment and the scarcity of fish in the areas also have something to do with the decreased number of jermals. The main reason for banning jermal in operation is the issue of child slavery.

These boys had to work for at least three months before they were allowed to return home. During high tide seasons, they had to work day and night with only about five hour sleep At least 20 boy children are still leading that misery life when this article is posted. Jermal, der Film zum Thema Jermal, seit dem After his mothers death, year-old Jaya Iqbal S. Manurung is sent to his father, Johar Didi Petet , who works as a supervisor on a jermal a fishing platform perched on log stilts in the middle of the sea.

Johar is shocked, never knowing he has a son, and rejects the boy as his kin. Fully aware he cant bring Jaya back to land due to a dark past, Johar is forced to accept the boy as a worker on the site. Faced with constant rejection from his father and relentless bullying by the other boys who work on the jermal, Jaya decides to take fate into his own hands. He gives up hope on being accepted and learns the skills and attitude needed to survive on the jermal. Jaya increasingly becomes like the other boys: Eventually, both Johar and Jaya learn that they are bound by their past, united by the space in which they move, and connected by the inescapable truth.

Ravi Bharwani; Rayya Makarim, Drehbuch: The first Protestant missionaries who tried to reach the Batak highlands of inner Northern Sumatra were English and American Baptist preachers in the s and 30s, but without any success. The first Bataks were baptized in this year. Teufel, Tugend und Textilien. Die daraus resultierenden Konflikte sind ganz real.

Was ist vernunftgeleiteter Umgang mit Zweitfrau, Kindbraut und Burka? Das Gegenteil ist der Fall. Irgendwie ist John Heartfield am Nationalsozialismus schuld?! Der Islam und der Westen. Vorsitzender war Professor Dr. Islam und Recht in Europa. The failure of Muslim societies is due to departure from the straight path of Islam by following a Western secular path. The devolution of control over education policy in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao of the southern Philippines has led, in recent years, to efforts to Islamise education in the region, a trend reflective of similar efforts in other Southeast Asian Muslim countries but often seen as worrisome by secular observers concerned about the alleged radicalising influences of Islamic education.

This essay critically examines two approaches to the Islamisation of education proposed by Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas and Fazlur Rahman , arguing that Islamisation of education in Muslim Mindanao is more likely to take a pragmatic than fundamentalist course. Asia Pacific Journal of Education, v28 n4 p Dec Islamic Identity, Postcoloniality, and Educational Policy: Published August 1st by Palgrave Macmillan. Leadership, Education, and Conflict in the Southern Philippines. Teaching at the Crossroads of Faith and School: The Teacher as Prophetic Pragmatist. Published February 15th by University Press of America.

Wem immer ihr nacheifert, so werdet ihr Rechtleitung erlangen. Schiiten wagt es euch nicht die Sahaba zu beleidigen! The opposite of Dunya is Akhirah, the Hereafter. The Hereafter consists of Jannah paradise and Jahannam hellfire. The Hereafter is what you should be concerned about!

Netzwerk Schariagegner

The Hereafter is unavoidable! The Hereafter is everlasting! Dschanna ist das Paradies. He tells us, over and over again, of our purpose: As humans, we have been given free will to choose our path. Often, we become distracted from our path and we choose to amuse ourselves with all of this worldly nonsense that will give us very temporary joy and happiness.

Jahannam is a indescribably horrific place to end up. Diese einseitige Ausrichtung auf ein monotheistisches Glaubensbekenntnis, d. Hindus, Buddhisten, Konfessionslose u. Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas Hg. Man denkt zum Maqasid-Begriff — ein wenig wie Mathias Rohe. Sonstige empfohlene und vertriebene Literatur: Comprehension and Controversy, Author: Civilization And Society, Author: Syed Sajjad Husain; Publisher: Bangladesh Institute of Islamic Thought.

Man And Universe, Author: Zakaria Kamal G, Publisher: The focus of the keynote address was on Christian-Muslim Relations and overcoming the gap of understanding between different faith communities. Auch andernorts in den USA wird zum Islam gedacht. Islamic Assimilation of Greek Science. Hasan al-Banna in Western Academia. The thought of Dr. BIIT is basically an organization engaged in research and in-depth study for synthesizing education, culture and ethics.

The prime objectives of the Institute are: To work for the revival of the intellectual, educational cultural and universal identity of the Ummah. To develop a comprehensive Islamic approach towards addressing the problems which have been threatening the progress of human civilization. To work for developing an integrated scientific and ethical base of education which is essential for a civil society. For instance, Zina is now punishable with either stoning to death rajm for married or previously married convicts or caning of lashes plus one year imprisonment for convicts yet to marry section of the Law.

Qadhaf carries caning of 80 lashes section Sariqah for the first time offender attracts amputation of the right hand from the wrist joint section Drinking alcohol or any other intoxicant voluntarily is punished with caning of eighty lashes section The Upper Sharia Courts are given jurisdiction to try all offences under the Sharia Penal Code Law and the Sharia Courts are to try all the offences except homicide, adultery and robbery. Sharia Implementation in Kano State. It was held at Islamabad, Pakistan between 15th and 20th of March Denken war gestern, jetzt kommt al-Islam, und hier sogar aus Kanada: Liman Turrah Prison, Egypt, in February Ins Deutsche von Jacques Auvergne.

They are always engaged in mentioning the names of God Almighty, glorifying Him by saying that He is free from all imperfection and blessing Him with all of His perfect attributes. They are overwhelmed by the knowledge, love and worshipping of Allah. How many groups are angels divided into? What are their duties? The object of faith is the doctrine of the unity and omnipotence of God, of the divine mission of all prophets—including Jesus—up to Mohammed, and of life after death.

As for spiritual virtue—or sincerity—it is by means of this that ordinary faith becomes inward certainty, and that outward conformity to the law becomes total abandonment to the will of God. Spiritual virtue was defined by the Prophet as follows: The instruction that is provided in the Koranic universities relates to the first two principles just mentioned, namely to the contents of the faith, which are enshrined in the dogmas, and to the law which, on the one hand, determines divine worship the rites and, on the other hand, determines the social order.

In the Islamic world mysticism is regarded as a science, which is handed down from master to disciple just like jurisprudence, with this difference, that from the disciple a special qualification, or more exactly, an inward vocation, is required. In addition, theoretical learning must go hand in hand with spiritual practice, which alone is capable of disclosing the content of the propositions and the symbols that are taught. Studies in Comparative Religion, Vol. Sufismus als konservative Revolution oder so — nennen wir die Sache scharia oder Islam: Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Timothy J.

Winter, Sheikh Hamza Yusuf. Sufismus ist das Herz der Scharia! Muslim brother Hassan Roberto Minichini speaks about some types of western sufi people.

Interreligiöses Treffen: Wir beten für den Frieden

Brother Hassan Roberto Minichini is a simple italian muslim brother, not a scholar, he is a lover of Sufism and Ahl-Bayt. Im Gedenken an verstorbene Professoren. Opponents of the law say its definition of pornography is too broad and could threaten local traditions, from nude temple carvings on Hindu-majority Bali island to tribal dances and phallic totems on Papua, a vast territory of untouched forests and mountains on the western end of New Guinea island. Indonesian porn law threatens Papua traditions, in: They speak Hadhrami Arabic.

Antagonism between townsfolk and wandering tribesmen has been so bitter that the towns are surrounded by stone walls to protect them from attack by their tribal countrymen. Many Hadramis still practice the nomadic lifestyle of their ancient ancestors. But today approximately half of the Hadramis live in the towns and villages scattered through the deep valleys of their region.

Even among these settled peoples, there are sharp distinctions, the highest social prestige belonging to the wealthy, educated Sadahs, who claim to be direct descendants of Muhammed. Hadramis rarely marry outside their own social level, and often live in segregated groups in separate parts of town. Bekennerschreiben der Terroristen, in: Vincent Burns, Kate Dempsey Peterson: You love life and we love death. The Loss of Adab. Each study group covers key Islamic topics in an inspiring, engaging manner. SeekersCircles are led by top scholars and seeks to promote 1 individual faith and learning and 2 community building by gathering together individuals for Islamic learning in their own community and instilling in them the Prophetic concern for service.

Selected Publications by Al-Attas. Die Doktrin der Schia. Der Inhalt der von Allah an die Propheten gelieferten Botschaft kann in zwei Kategorien angeordnet werden: Glaube und Tat belief and action. Wo aber nun kein wirklicher Widerspruch zwischen Intellekt und Offenbarung besteht, sollte es auch keinen Widerspruch zwischen Wissenschaft und Offenbarung geben. Sobhani fordert nichts weniger als die beibehaltene Gleichschaltung des iranischen Hochschulbetriebs: Wenn zwei mal zwei vier ist, wird das bedingungslos und immer so sein, und wenn nicht, dann niemals; dieser Grundsatz gilt absolut.

Wissen muss im Volk verbreitet werden! Unwissen darf im Volk nicht verbreitet werden! God never treats the believer in the same way as the unbeliever. Sobhani und der Hidschab: Lying is a big sin, but telling the truth is not a must! Scharia ist, wenn es kein Entrinnen gibt. Das Ende dieser Welt und dieser schariapflichtigen Gesellschaft ist nahe, inschallah: Bis dahin gilt der himmlische Befehl.

Nicht die irdische Schwerkraft fesselt den kreisenden Mond an unseren Planeten, Allahgott macht das. Wer in Teheran noch so trockene Physik studiert, hat ins Preisen der Herrlichkeit Allahs einzustimmen. Jahrhunderts wird Theologie auch immer mehr als Orientierungswissenschaft gefragt sein. Kommst du freiwillig mit zum Gebet, Bruder? Sobhani belegt hier mit Koran Der allem seine Natur gab und es dann rechtleitete zum Nachlesen kann Allah Internet unter http: Das jedenfalls sagen echte Schariafreunde: Der Heilige Koran stellt dazu in Nun also, wer es will, den lasst glauben, und wer es [anders] will, den lasst nicht glauben.

Allahs Drohung klingt allerdings auch im ersten Koranzitat auf. Angels do not enter the house where there is a picture, or a dog, or a person who is sexually defiled Abu Dawud Buch 32 Nummer und wortgleich in Abu Dawud Buch 1 Nummer He forbids all shameful deeds, and injustice and rebellion, Shakir: He forbids indecency and evil and rebellion, Dr. Der vermeintliche Delinquent ist angeblich ein Spion. Der Iran wendet also den Koran an und verteidigt die islamischen Werte, die, wie Sobhani versichert: Alles in allem ist Optimismus angezeigt: Sobhani brauchte gar nicht mehr zu sagen.

Wie zu erwarten nennt Sobhani hier Koransure 2: There is no compulsion in religion. The right way is distinct from error. He himself has said that he hears strange voices in his head. Optimistisch befand Staatsanwalt Abdul Wasay: In our law it is clear — if one is not mentally healthy, he or she cannot be tried, he can be freed. We want Islamic Sharia implemented, we want him executed. Allah ist im Halbkalifat bereits der eigentliche Regent, Islam rules.

Artikel 26 ist noch nicht zu Ende. Beide sind gleich bedeutsam und untrennbar. Das sind mindestens zwei Schritte: This oneness of lordship has two aspects: Sobhani zitiert aus Sure 5: Wichtig ist, die Gemeinsamkeiten hervorzuheben und nicht die Unterschiede zu betonen. Welche geheime Abmachung gab es zwischen den Nationalsozialisten und dem radikalen Zionismus? Der Qadar ist sinnlich erlebbar zu machen: Allahs Liebling hatte gelegentlich Schwierigkeiten, als Prophet ernst genommen zu werden 6: Da sprang die Gottheit ein Allah ist allwissend, 2.

Das Geheimnis der Ewigkeit der Islamischen Scharia umfasst zweierlei: Und so sieht die universelle himmlische Normenpalette der Scharia divine guidance alltagspraktisch aus, practical rulings: Die Reformbewegung spricht von deutlich mehr Toten. Die Scharia ist nicht von gestern, Sobhani im selben Artikel: Unsteigerbare Harmonie wird wird mit Allahs Gesetz endlich sozial integriert.

We believe that, even now, Heaven and Hell are existent realities. Die koranischen Regeln rules, Islamic rules hat Allahgott aufgestellt. Auch der Islamische Religionslehrer Sobhani denkt regelgeleitet: Konferenz an der Hauza Spracheinstellung hier indonesisch. Largest Shia News Website. Hawzah ilmiyah Qom denounces Israel attacks. Participants expressed their full solidarity with the Lebanese people and Hizbullah. Hauzah Ilmiyah Qom Iran. Rafsanjani made the remarks while addressing a conference on the Islamic world and its challenges. Web ini membantu N.

Exit door of shrine of Hazrat Massoumeh Qom, Iran. Borudscherdi gilt unzweifelhaft als Quelle der Nachahmung, seit ihm gab es auf Erden keine gesicherte marja-e taqlid mehr. Masjid-i Azam has now become central place for the students of the Islamic seminaries. This uprising was brutally suppressed by the military and Imam Khomeini R. But great jurisprudents like Ayatullah al-Uzma Gulpaigani R.

The Islamic revolution in Iran achieved remarkable victory in the year under the leadership of Imam Khomeini R. At present more than 60, Ulama [zu sg. Talib sind hier wohl mitgerechnet] including the leading Marajah Taqleed are residing in this holy city. Man gibt sich in Ghom ziemlich stolz, aber allseits anerkannte Mardscha-e Taqlid leben seit Borudscherdi nicht] Many research centres in Islamic sciences have been established recently in the holy city of Qum and at present more than 50 different Islamic seminaries are functioning in the holy city to disseminate and propagate the teachings of Islam.

Beside many Islamic seminaries many leading Islamic research institutions and centres are working in the holy city of Qum. All these Islamic research centres in Qum have been established after the victory of the Islamic revolution and are carrying out intensive and advanced research in all the specialized fields of Islamic sciences under the guidance of the Paramount Leader of Islamic Revolution Hadrat Ayatullah al-Uzma Sayyid Ali Khamenei. A Compendium of Imami Beliefs and Practices.

Religions-Hochschule [ hauza , Howzeh]. Darin erfolgt unter anderem die Ausbildung zum Hudschat-ul-Islam und Ayatollah. Abi Talib as Imam , the ISI endeavours to enrich theological discourse in the Muslim community through its mandate, which is to explore theology and theological issues in their contemporary contexts and its position and subsequent development through history; and to enrich the consciousness of the current generation on issues of Islam and its principles. He is the director of the Imam Sadiq Institute, Iran. His work in all areas of the Islamic sciences is widely known and receives critical attention.

His is a prolific writer having published over scholarly works. The Most Influential Muslims. Der Ayatollah im Bild. Hier sogar verehrt als Quelle der Nachahmung. Scholars of Qom meet Imam Khamenei. Mardi , Octobre 2, Elaborating on the concept of salvation in view of Khajeh Nasir, she said: Secretary of the third International Islamic Resistance Poetry Congress said foreign poets will participate in the congress.

Salehnejad noted that three cities of Kermanshah province are planned to host the congress, which aims to discuss and clarify the scientific, art and cultural foundations of resistance poetry in Iran and the rest of the world. He referred to identifying and introducing top poems featuring resistance and Islamic Awakening, providing a venue for interaction among poets from Iran and other countries, and publishing top works in the field as other objectives of the congress. Wie bei der gegenmodernen globalen sunnitischen Islamischen Bewegung, verwendet man auch im Iran den Begriff vom Islamischen Erwachen Islamic Awakening.

Roger Garaudy ] gesagt: Schahid Sadr untersucht aufgrund logischen Denkens und aufgrund seiner Ausbildung an der theologischen Hochschule die Theorie Garaudys und analysiert sie kritisch. Ajatollah Taskhiri berichtet weiter: Er wusste keine Antwort auf diese Kritik und ist, nachdem ich ihm die Kritik von Sadr vorgelegt hatte, Muslim geworden.

Damals meinten die Marxisten, entweder jemand ist Kommunist oder er hat keine Ahnung. Einer von ihnen war Schahid Ajatollah Sadr.

Er hat Malik Fahad als politische Dirne bezeichnet. Zu dieser Wahrheit wollten wir mit diesem Werk beitragen. Holocaust-Referenz h-ref , Argumente gegen Auschwitzleugner. Revolutionen in der Arabischen Welt — ein Vorspiel zu einer rein islamischen Weltordnung. Gholamabas Tavasoli, Doyen of Iranian Sociology. Ayatollah Sobhani invited the Christian leaders of Iran to a debate! It needs an eye that can see inwardly and deeply and an ear that is sensitive and punctilious. Holy City of Qom, Iran. Auch in der heiligen Stadt Ghom Qum denkt Allahgott folgenreich juristisch , an prominenter Stelle findet sich daher der Durchklick zum Islamischen Recht.

Khums on the Items Mixed With Haram. Housewife Shabana Hussain, 27, found the Islamic scripture while she was preparing a meal for her family. She chopped a tomato in half, and bismillah, or Allah, was written in Arabic in the veins. The other half of the vegetable said la illaha illala, or There is no God but Allah. Mrs Hussain and her husband Imdad, who have four young children, are now expecting more visitors to their home in the Girlington district. Away from the kitchen, a Virgin Mary statue in southern Italy was found to weep tears that looked like vegetable oil in And two years earlier, pilgrims flocked to the town of Civitavecchia, near Rome, where there were claims of another Madonna weeping blood.

Rather than keeping the tomato, Mrs Khan, of Park Lane, Eastfield, presented it to her sister Hambreen Hanif so she could eat it for good luck. Muslim word seen in tomato, Peterborough Today My sister was preparing dinner yesterday. Reviving the Spirit of Islam, 24 October The Fish Divine with the Signs of Allah. Imam Jafar is reported by the Shia to have said the following to his peers: He [Imam Jafar] answered: We are fully informed of each drop of sperm in the loins of men and the wombs of women. Woe upon you; open your eyes, and let your hearts perceive the truth! I swear by God that if I wished I could inform you how many pebbles exist in the world, even though their number is constantly growing, by night and by day.

These quotes are all contradictory to the Quran, in which Allah declares that He and He alone possesses knowledge of the Unseen. This idea that the Imams can see the Unseen, that they can know everything about the heavens and the earth, and all of these other exaggerations are contradictory to the spirit of Islam. To give the attributes and qualities of Allah to the creation is the unforgiveable sin that is known as Shirk.

This article is only the tip of the iceberg, but it is a good insight into the manner in which the Shia exalt their Imams and commit Shirk in the process. What is the most perplexing is the fact that if any of these statements about the Imams were really true, then why is this not mentioned in the Quran? We, The Ahle As Sunnah, believe that Allah has given the knowledge of the Ghayb unseen , to the Prophet [May Allah bless him and grant him peace], and that it is also permissable to say that our Prophet [May Allah bless him and grant him peace] knows the knowledge of the Ghayb.

Barelvi is a term used for a movement of Sufi, Sunni Islam originating in the Indian subcontinent. The movement is known as Ahle Sunnat to its followers. The movement defends contemporary traditionalist Islamic beliefs and practices from the criticisms of movements like the Deobandi, Wahabi and Ahl al-Hadith. This included a defence of many traditional practices and rites associated with popular Sufism. Similarly, the conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation gives such estimates for the vast majority of Sunni Muslims in Pakistan.

Ahmed Raza Khan Fazil-e-Barelvi. Fazl-e-Haq Khairabadi — was one of the main figures of the Indian Rebellion of He was a philosopher, a poet, a religious scholar, but is most remembered for his role as a freedom fighter. It was he who issued the fatwa in favour of Jihad against the English in So, what is soul actually? This posting will only focus on the mind since its close relation with the brain and the heart since early Muslim scholars had emphasised its connection with the brain e.

If it is in a good condition, then the rest of the body will be in a good condition. If it is in a bad condition, then the rest the body will be in a bad condition. We would like to introduce an innovative plan on behalf of Islam. It is called Islamic World, and it is a concept rather than an organization. We accept that there is no path to a right and just world but Islam, therefore we want to do our utmost to bring rightly guided committed belief and dedicated practice of Islam back into every aspect of life for all members of the Muslim ummah; and, to make Islam both acceptable and attractive to non-Muslims.

Es kann nur einen Koran; Allah; Kalifatsplan geben! The Arabic term is Koranic in origin and is used to refer both to the false and self-serving arguments the unbelievers may advance against God or his prophets Koran The contribution describes the development process and constructional features of the smart. Bei kleinstem Raumbedarf soll er neue Massstaebe bei Oekologie, Sicherheit und Individualitaet setzen. Entstanden ist eine konsequente Neukonstruktion, die sich von bisherigen Traditionen loest. In diesem Beitrag sind der Entwicklungsprozess sowie die Konstruktionsmerkmale des smart beschrieben.

Optimized sampling of hydroperoxides and investigations of the water vapour dependence of hydroperoxide formation during ozonolysis of alkenes; Optimierung der Probenahme von Hydroperoxiden und Untersuchungen zur Wasserdampfabhaengigkeit der Bildung von Hydroperoxiden bei der Ozonolyse von Alkenen. There are several sampling methods for hydroperoxides none of which is particularly reliable. The authors therefore tested three new methods in order to optimize hydroperoxide sampling and, using the optimized sampling procedure, to investigate the water vapour dependence of hydroperoxide formation during ozonolysis of alkenes.

Daher wurden in dieser Arbeit drei Verfahren getestet, um die Probenahme von Hydroperoxiden zu optimieren und mit dem entsprechenden Verfahren die Wasserdampfabhaengigkeit der Bildung von Hydroperoxiden bei der Ozonolyse von Alkenen zu untersuchen. The fermentation technology in biological waste treatment; Die Vergaerungstechnologie bei der biologischen Abfallbehandlung. Anaerobic treatment of organic waste is getting increasingly important, and there is also increasing acceptance for combining waste management with power generation.

Anaerobic processes have long been competing with composting of native organic waste materials. While they are technically more complex, they have advantages over composting.

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This supports the intention of the German government, i. The German Renewables Act EEG provided a basis for the establishment and further development of fermentation technology since Die Entsorgungsaufgabe mit der Erzeugung von Energie zu verbinden wird dabei zunehmend akzeptiert. Vergaerungsverfahren lagen dabei lange Zeit im wirtschaftlichen Wettbewerb zur Kompostierung von nativ-organischen Abfaellen.

Anaerobe Verfahren sind technisch aufwendiger, haben jedoch gegenueber der Kompostierung deutliche Vorteile. Aircraft technology portfolio optimization using ant colony optimization. Technology portfolio selection is a combinatorial optimization problem often faced with a large number of combinations and technology incompatibilities.

The main research question addressed in this article is to determine if Ant Colony Optimization ACO is better suited than Genetic Algorithms GAs and Simulated Annealing SA for technology portfolio optimization when incompatibility constraints between technologies are present. Convergence rate, capability to find optima, and efficiency in handling of incompatibilities are the three criteria of comparison. The application problem consists of finding the best technology portfolio from 29 aircraft technologies.

optimal der technology: Topics by

The results show that ACO and GAs converge faster and find optima more easily than SA, and that ACO can optimize portfolios with technology incompatibilities without using penalty functions. This latter finding paves the way for more use of ACO when the number of constraints increases, such as in the technology and concept selection for complex engineering systems. Concepts to optimize stent-grafting of abdominal aortic aneurysms based on results of experimental studies; Konzepte zur Optimierung der Stentgraftversorgung von Bauchaortenaneurysmen auf der Basis tierexperimenteller Ergebnisse.

Diagnostische Radiologie 1; Pichlmaier, M. In the endoluminal therapy of abdominal aortic aneurysms, a short proximal aneurysm neck, endoleaks and the large size and stiffness of the introducer systems are responsible for many of the complications and sub- optimal outcomes. The purpose of the present review article is to to suggest strategies to minimize these complications based on the results of experimental studies in animals. After implanting various types of stents across the renal artery origins, the functional and morphological changes in the kidneys and renal vessels were studied by various authors.

In order to prevent progressive widening of the proximal aneurysmal neck and graft dislocation, Sonesson et al. To study the effects of endoleaks, Marty, Schurink and Pitton carried out pressure measurements in experimental aneurysms with and without endoleaks. Up to 3 months after suprarenal stent placement, Chavan et al.

Suprarenal fixation may result in isolated thrombotic occlusions of the renal arteries and microinfarcts in the kidneys. The banding caused a secure proximal fixation of the stent-graft. Persistent endoleaks resulted in significantly higher intraaneurysmal pressures. Clean coal technology optimization model. These provisions will affect primarily existing coal-fired power-generating plants by requiring nominal reductions of 5 millon and 10 million tons of SO 2 by the years and , respectively, and 2 million tons of NO x by the year relative to the and reference period.

The CAAA Title IV provisions are extremely complex in that they establish phased regulatory milestones, unit-level emission allowances and caps, a mechanism for inter-utility trading of emission allowances, and a system of emission allowance credits based on selection of control option and timing of its implementation. A number of options are available to bring affected boilers into compliance with Title IV. Market sharewill be influenced by technology performance and costs. These characteristics can be modeled through a bottom-up technology cost and performance optimization exercise to show their impact on the technology 's potential market share.

Such a model exists in the form of an integrated data base-model software system. Role of storage technologies to integrate high shares of renewable electricity generation into the electricity system of Germany. Simulation and optimization ; Rolle und Bedeutung der Stromspeicher bei hohen Anteilen erneuerbarer Energien in Deutschland. The share of renewable electricity generation of gross electricity consumption in Germany increased from 6.

This share will increase even more in the future. The greater part of the renewable electricity generation is characterized by significant fluctuations, which can only be planned to a limited extent. Hence, the electricity system in Germany faces the challenge to integrate an increasing amount of fluctuating renewable electricity generation. Additionally the system stability needs to be ensured, despite a decreasing capacity in conventional power plants.

One option to support the integration of large amounts of renewable electricity generation and to enhance system stability is the deployment of storage technologies. The aim of this research was to analyze the role of storage technologies to integrate high shares of renewable electricity generation into the electricity system of Germany. To achieve this aim, adiabatic compressed air energy storage, diabatic compressed air energy storage and mobile battery storage systems were simulated and compared with a pumped hydro storage as the reference storage system.

Key characteristics of these storage systems were modeled within a fundamental stochastic unit commitment model of the German power markets Joint-Market-Model in order to analyze the effect of the implementation of these storage systems on the overall cost of the electricity system. Additionally, the operation of the storages in an electricity system with high shares of renewable energy was evaluated. The results show that the integration of large shares of renewable electricity generation into the grid can only be achieved with a substantial implementation of storage systems.

The addition of storage technologies such as flow batteries, conventional batteries, and heat storage can improve the economic as well as environmental attractiveness of on-site generation e. In order to examine the impact of storage technologies on demand response and carbon emissions, a microgrid's distributed energy resources DER adoption problem is formulated as a mixed-integer linear program that has the minimization of annual energy costs as its objective function. By implementing this approach in the General Algebraic Modeling System GAMS , the problem is solved for a given test year at representative customer sites, such as schools and nursing homes, to obtain not only the level of technology investment, but also the optimal hourly operating schedules.

This paper focuses on analysis of storage technologies in DER optimization on a building level, with example applications for commercial buildings. Preliminary analysis indicates that storage technologies respond effectively to time-varying electricity prices, i. The results also indicate that storage technologies significantly alter the residual load profile, which can contribute to lower carbon emissions depending on the test site, its load profile, and its adopted DER technologies.

The brown coal open mining. Significance, planning, operation, technology , environment; Der Braunkohlentagebau. Bedeutung, Planung, Betrieb, Technik, Umwelt. Bergbau und Spezialtiefbau; Muellensiefen, Klaus eds. Sparte Tagebau; Stoll, Rolf Dieter. The book under consideration deals with the general complex of the production of brown coal in the open mining considering the actual state of the art in theory and practice. A current monograph of this kind does not exist at present. Therefore, the publishers have the goal, to work on and arrange a general survey of the topic in particular in the background of a clearly greater importance of the lignite mining in the federal Republic of Germany.

The technical book generally is addressed to persons who want to get a comprehensive overview according to the sector of raw material extraction and energy industry. The emphasis of the view is on the large producing districts in the Federal Republic of Germany: Lausitz, Central Germany and Rhineland. With few examples, the authors also report on other interesting aspects of production techniques outside of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The topics reach from the development of deposits over the planning preparation of the brown coal production including the legal fundaments, the operation and the technology up to the aspects of the resettlement and recultivation as well as environmental protection. Eine aktuelle Monographie dieser Art gibt es derzeit nicht. Daher haben sich die Herausgeber das Ziel gesetzt, die erforderliche Gesamtschau des Themas zu bearbeiten und zusammenzustellen und dies insbesondere vor dem Hintergrund einer deutlich groesseren Bedeutung des Braunkohlenbergbaus im vereinigten Deutschland.

Das vorliegende Fachbuch richtet sich ganz allgemein an Personen, die sich einen umfassenden Ueberblick ueber diesen Sektor der Rohstoffgewinnung und der Energiewirtschaft verschaffen wollen. Im Besonderen soll es Mitarbeitern, die bereits in den entsprechenden Unternehmen, in der Zulieferindustrie oder bei Genehmigungsbehoerden taetig sind, dienen. The potential for distributed generation in Japanese prototype buildings: The August blackout of the northeastern U.

The blackout was a warning to the rest of the world that the ability of conventional power systems to meet growing electricity demand is questionable. Failure of large power systems can lead to serious emergencies. Introduction of on-site generation, renewable energy such as solar and wind power and the effective utilization of exhaust heat is needed, to meet the growing energy demands of the residential and commercial sectors.

Additional benefit can be achieved by integrating these distributed technologies into distributed energy resource DER systems. This work demonstrates a method for choosing and designing economically optimal DER systems. An additional purpose of this research is to establish a database of energy tariffs, DER technology cost and performance characteristics, and building energy consumption for Japan.

DER -CAM is a tool designed to find the optimal combination of installed equipment and an idealized operating schedule to minimize a site's energy bills, given performance and cost data on available DER technologies , utility tariffs, and site electrical and thermal loads over a test period, usually an historic year. Since hourly electric and thermal energy data are rarely available, they are typically developed by building simulation for each of six end use loads used to model the building: Developments in offshore technology.

Entwicklungen in der Offshoretechnik. This book contains the summarized lectures held on the 8th of October, within the first status Seminar 'Offshore technology ' which was organized by the Federal Minstry for Research and Technology. Contents are divided into: Offshore-natural gas liquefaction, conveying systems. Offshore-tanker charging with supercold liquiefied gases; development of LNG-offshore - convayance systems; 2. Development of components and installations in offshore structures: Optimizing equine assisted reproductive technologies.

Application of assisted reproductive technologies ARTs is more common in the horse breeding industries, but there is still room for improvement. Embryo recovery rate after embryo flushing, embryo production rate after ovum pick-up OPU and intracytoplasmic sperm injection ICSI , cryopreservation. Optimal approach for the interaction between dsos and aggregators to activate der flexibility in the distribution grid.

The process of predicting the behaviors of distributed energy resources DER and controlling them is complex. It will require a huge effort from the DSO to establish communication channels to all available DERs in the network and to integrate new ones into the automation system. This third party is called the Aggregator A. This paper will focus on the following: DSO functionalities that enable communication with the flexibility market and the aggregator 2. Based on the achieved results, we believe that the IDE4L approach is the optimal method of communication that insures efficiency, effectiveness and harmony in communication among the DSO and all other flexibility market players.

However, a full scale field Optimization of the DEC-air handling process. The energy consumption of buildings caused by air conditioning is high. The main reason is the using of refrigeration machines for dehumidification under the dew point. A reduction of the energy consumption is possible in case of using of desiccant dehumidification. A desiccant cooling air handling unit realizes the dehumidification by desiccants. Further more a heat recovery wheel and a humidifier are necessary. In the framework of the project the desiccant wheel and a high-pressure humidifier are investigated.

A refrigeration machine was installed only for theoretical investigations. The investigation was done in the theoretical and experimental way. A new simulation model was developed. The measurement values are used for the verification of the mathematical simulation.

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In the framework of the project the performance characteristics of the desiccant wheel and the humidifier are optimized. As a result the regeneration temperature is now lower than at the beginning of the work. The humidifier capacity is in the same range at lower fresh water consumption. The components of the desiccant cooling air-handling unit were optimized according their performance characteristic.

For the company Klingenburg the market chances will increase in case of more applications. Hauptursache dafuer ist die Verwendung der Entfeuchtung durch Taupunktunterschreitung unter Nutzung von Kaeltemaschinen. Eine Verringerung des Energieaufwandes ist nur durch Einsatz der sorptiven Luftentfeuchtung moeglich.

Sie setzt sich aus verschiedenen Komponenten zusammen. Im Rahmen des Forschungsvorhabens wurden besonders der Sorptionsregenerator und der Kaltdampfgenerator sowohl experimentell als auch theoretisch untersucht und optimiert. Als ergaenzende Systemkomponente kommt die Kaeltemaschine hinzu, die jedoch. An energetical and economic optimization of the facility management; Energetische und wirtschaftliche Optimierung der GA. In the context of a project promoted by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany , the data of the facility management of an office building were evaluated by means of computer assistance in order to determine the optimal operating parameters and connected energy potentials.

The contribution under consideration reports on the approach used for the analysis of the data of facility management and illustrates them with the results of the project. Experience with system safety approach in railroad technology in Europe and Far East and in aerospace technology ; Erfahrungen mit Ansaetzen zur Systemsicherheit in der Bahntechnik in Europa und im Fernen Osten sowie in der Raumfahrttechnik. Inst fuer Software, Elektronik, Bahntechnik. Although the approach is inspired by the European one, in the particular case specific changes have been observed.

The EN series of standards focuses on the safety case approach. It must be shown that the system is sufficiently safe. Analyses as hazard analyses, Failure Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analyses and Risk analyses are used together with other methods. An important problem is the definition of the target for safety characteristics. We present experience from assessment of driverless people mover systems. On the other hand we have performed analyses for locomotives that have been supplied for the North East Line and the Changi Airport Line of the metro in Singapore.

In this particular project, however, the approach led to a larger number of exhaustive analyses for a workshop locomotive which is equipped with a driver. In aerospace, often a large number of analyses is necessary. However, the analyses are adopted regarding their number and level of detail depending on the system. The experience gained in different areas of technology and in different geographic areas are compared. It will be shown how the EN standards can be used effectively. Der Europaeische Ansatz der. Design and optimization of sustainable process technologies.

Once the optimal conditions are identified, the process scale-up can be then evaluated. This could be translated in a faster time to market for newprocess technologies The paper describes in excerpts a stationary model, suitable for engineering practice, for assessing the efficiency of enhanced biological P elimination.

Adapted to the latest state of knowledge and based on only a few measuring data, it can be used to dimension or optimize existing plant. It takes into account knowledge such as the following: The Chair of Geotechnical Processes at the Institute for Geotechnics and Mine Surveying at Clausthal Technological University is concerned primarily with practical fundamental research in addition to teaching, in which comprehensive theoretical and practical experience from all areas of geotechnics is imparted.

Die bearbeiteten Problemstellungen liegen bei der Bauwerk-Baugrund-Interaktion, Stabilitaetsproblemen bei Unterwasserboeschungen, der Umweltgeotechnik, der Geomesstechnik und dem Einsatz von Geokunststoffen in der Geotechnik und dem Bergbau. Die Forschungsvorhaben werden in enger Kooperation mit der Industrie durchgefuehrt. Optimal pollution taxes and endogenous technological progress. The optimal pollution tax becomes complicated when allowance is made for endogenous innovation, under a patent system.

However, if anything, it is below marginal environmental damages, to counteract monopoly pricing by the patent holder, the common pool effect associated with research and a possible excess of patent holder revenue over the social benefits from innovation when environmental damages are convex. In cases where patents are weak at securing appropriability, for example when rivals can easily imitate around patented technologies , awarding research prizes or contracts is probably more efficient than raising the pollution tax.

Agreement Technologies for Energy Optimization at Home. Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly common to deploy sensors in public buildings or homes with the aim of obtaining data from the environment and taking decisions that help to save energy. Many of the current state-of-the-art systems make decisions considering solely the environmental factors that cause the consumption of energy. These systems are successful at optimizing energy consumption; however, they do not adapt to the preferences of users and their comfort. Any system that is to be used by end-users should consider factors that affect their wellbeing.

Thus, this article proposes an energy-saving system, which apart from considering the environmental conditions also adapts to the preferences of inhabitants. The architecture is based on a Multi-Agent System MAS , its agents use Agreement Technologies AT to perform a negotiation process between the comfort preferences of the users and the degree of optimization that the system can achieve according to these preferences.

A case study was conducted in an office building, showing that the proposed system achieved average energy savings of Optimization of manuring with fermentation residues in order to reduce the nitrogen emissions and optimization of the humus balance; Optimierung der Gaerrestduengung zur Reduzierung der Stickstoffemissionen und Optimierung der Humusbilanz.

On the one hand, the introduction of a biogas plant is connected with the possibility of optimizing the internal nutrient cycles and the reduction of nitrogen losses. On the other hand, the improper handling of the digestate and ''stupid'' cropping systems increase the nitrogen emissions significantly.

Therefore, biogas plants are faced with many challenges in order to optimize the nutrient cycling, to reduce their nitrogen losses to a minimum and to keep the humus balance in mind. From this perspective, the author of the contribution under consideration reports on some opportunities for optimization. Technological changes illustrated by the coal tar and tar dye industry; Die Wandlung der Technik am Beispiel der Steinkohlenteer- und Teerfarben-Chemie.

Coal tar was detected in the 17th century in laboratory experiments based on empirical knowledge. In the 18th century industrial revolution, coal tar was an undesired by-product of iron production and coking plants. It was first used in the 19th century for impregnating railway sleepers. Later developments in atomic theory, new chemical symbols and organic element analysis provided the basis for discovering and chemical characterisation of coal tar constituents.

Laboratory experiments with these tar constituents resulted in the first synthetic dyes, the postulation of tetravalent carbon and the resulting structural theory in organic chemistry for systematic synthesis of many tar dyes to substitute natural dyes in the textile industry. The technical application of these syntheses was part 2 of the industrial revolution and the foundation of the chemical industry in Germany, which developed rapidly in the 2nd half of the 19th century.

Tar dye chemistry has made a significant contribution to Germany's economic growth and the change from an agricultural to an industrialized country. Jahrhundert basiert auf durch Erfahrungswissen gepraegten Laboratoriumsexperimenten. Im Verlauf der 'Industriellen Revolution' des Jahrhunderts ist der Steinkohlenteer zunaechst ein laestiges Abfallprodukt der Eisengewinnung im Kokshochofen und der Leuchtgasherstellung durch Kohlenverkokung.

Erste technische Applikation finden Steinkohlenteeroele im Jahrhundert durch den Eisenbahnbau zur Langzeit-Konservierung der dafuer benoetigten Holzschwellen. Die wissenschaftlichen Erfkenntnisse zur Atomtheorie, eine neue chemische Zeichensprache und die organische Elementaranalyse werden Voraussetzungen zur Entdeckung und chemischen Charakterisierung der Hauptinhaltsstoffe des Steinkohlenteers. Laboratoriumsexperimente mit den entdeckten Teerinhaltsstoffen fuehren zur Erfindung der ersten synthetischen Farbstoffe, die.

Optimization of Grooved Micromixer for Microengineering Technologies. Due to the absence of turbulent flow and the slow diffusion process, mixing of solutions at micro-scale is a difficult task. This paper describes the optimization route towards the efficient design of a bottom grooved micromixer. Based on thoroughly discussed mixing mechanisms, the optimization w Transparent thermal insulation - new developments in the field of building technology?

In chapter 10 of the anthology about building control transparent thermal insulation is described as a possible new trend in the field of building technology. An answer is given to the question to which extent facades can be applied as technical building equipment. Furthermore the passive use of solar energy is discussed and the measuring results of a test cell building are presented. In diesem Zusammenhang wird die Frage aufgeworfen, inwieweit Fassaden als Technische Gebaeudeausruestung eingesetzt und angesehen werden koennen.

Ferner werden die passive Solarenergienutzungen angesprochen und Messergebnisse eines Testzellengebaeudes vorgestellt. Better utilisation of district heating systems. Optimization of heat distribution - the Berlin pilot project. Final report; Bessere Ausnutzung von Fernwaermeanlagen. Optimierung der Waeermeverteilung - Pilotprojekt Berlin. The Berlin pilot project comprises three aspects. The two latter aspects serve for optimized hydraulic control and supply assurance for validating network simulation in offline and online operation, including network data acquisition.

Der Aufwand fuer den Waermetransport ist vergleichsweise hoch. Automatisch geregelte und gesteuerte Umwaelzpumpen mit grossen Umwaelzwassermassenstroemen und Druckhoehen bieten ein hohes Optimierungspotential fuer die hydraulische Betriebsfuehrung von Fernwaermeversorgungsunternehmen. Die Arbeitspunkte 'Pumpen-Einsatzoptimierung' und 'Zentralisierung der Druckhaltung' dienten der Optimierung der hydraulischen Betriebsfuehrung unter Einhaltung der Versorgungssicherheit zur Ueberpruefung der Netzsimulation sowohl im Offline- als auch im Online-Betrieb gekoppelt mit der Netzdatenerfassung.

Chair in mechanical equipment in the mining industry and geotechnics at Clausthal Technological University; Professur fuer maschinelle Betriebsmittel in Bergbau und Geotechnik an der TU Clausthal. The aim of this chair at the Institute for Mining at Clausthal Technological University is to familiarise the future engineer with the state of the art in the field of mechanical equipment.

The main emphasis of the teaching is in particular the description of coal-mining and roadheading machines as well as conveying and storage technology. In the field of research basic investigations are currently being conducted on flexible bulk material containers, on determination of heat characteristics of insulating and construction materials as well as development of direct methanol fuel cells.

Schwerpunkte der Lehre sind insbesondere die Darstellung von Gewinnungs- und Vortriebsmaschinen sowie die Foerder- und Lagertechnik. Auf dem Gebiet der Forschung werden zur Zeit Grundlagenuntersuchungen an flexiblem Schuettgutbehaeltern, an der Ermittlung waermetechnischer Kennwerte von Isolier- und Baustoffen sowie die Entwicklung von Direkten Methanolbrennstoffzellen betrieben. Dynamic optimization of distribution networks.

Closed loop operation results; Dynamische Optimierung der Verteilnetze. A holistic approach of power system control that includes all voltage levels from highest to low voltage is provided. The power grid is conceived as a supply chain. The medium voltage grid represents the central link. The last one realizes the dynamic optimization of distribution network combining the reactive power of the decentralized generation, capacitors and voltage set points of on-line tap changers.

Application of this method has shown, that by using the dynamic voltage control the grid can be stable operated near the low voltage limit. The conservation voltage reduction can be applied in real time. Furthermore the integration of the decentralized generation is facilitated with minimal costs. Until now in this regard required network expansion can be prevented or delayed. Integration of solar installations in heating technology ; Integration der Solaranlage in die Heizungstechnik.

Future heating systems must be geared to the task of providing the comfort of warm rooms and warm water while giving due consideration to the consequences this has for the environment. The present paper discusses the development of heating energy demand, the integration and adjustment of the heating circuit for solar energy, and the dimensioning and layout of a solar installation for water warming. It also deals with the testing of solar buffer storages. Die Entwicklung des Heizenergiebedarfs, die Einbindung und Abstimmung des Heizkrieses fuer Solarenergie sowie die Dimensionierung und Auslegung einer Solaranlage zur Warmwassererw armung werden erlaeutert.

Ein weiterer Punkt betrifft den Test von Solarpufferspeichern. Firing technology in practice - temperature, residence time, corrosion; Feuerungstechnik in der Praxis - Temperatur, Verweilzeit, Korrosion. In a circular dated 1st Sept. The implementation of the BMU paper of 1st Sept. On the contrary, elevated gas consumption and operating trouble due to frequent feed stops worsened the operating state of the plant.

Elevated crude gas temperature in the boiler reduced the lifetime of the two boilers to a critical degree. An operating temperature of C and a residence time of approx. Im Gegenteil, erhoehte Gasverbraeuche und Betriebsstoerungen durch oftmalige Beschickungsstops verschlechterten den Betriebszustand. Erhoehte Rohgastemperatur im Kessel reduzierten die Lebensdauer der beiden Kessel kritisch. Der Betrieb mit C und mit einer Verweilzeit von ca. Selection of procedures for inservice inspections; Auswahl der Verfahren fuer wiederkehrende Pruefungen. At present, selection of procedures for inservice inspection has to take into account the legal basis, i.

However, regulatory codes are being reviewed to a certain extent in order to permit integration of technological progress. This opens up new opportunities for an optimization of inservice inspections for proof of component integrity. Jedoch vollzieht sich zur Zeit eine Oeffnung der Regelwerke, mit der man auch der Weiterentwicklung der Prueftechniken Rechnung traegt.

Optimization of processing technology of Rhizoma Pinelliae During the processing of Rhizoma Pinelliae Praeparatum, the size of influence of licorice Factors and levels of orthogonal experiment. Continuous nonlinear optimization for engineering applications in GAMS technology. This book presents the theoretical details and computational performances of algorithms used for solving continuous nonlinear optimization applications imbedded in GAMS. Aimed toward scientists and graduate students who utilize optimization methods to model and solve problems in mathematical programming, operations research, business, engineering, and industry, this book enables readers with a background in nonlinear optimization and linear algebra to use GAMS technology to understand and utilize its important capabilities to optimize algorithms for modeling and solving complex, large-scale, continuous nonlinear optimization problems or applications.

Beginning with an overview of constrained nonlinear optimization methods, this book moves on to illustrate key aspects of mathematical modeling through modeling technologies based on algebraically oriented modeling languages. Next, the main feature of GAMS, an algebraically oriented language that allows for high-level algebraic representation of mathematical opti Optimization of organic waste utilization.

Results of the new eco-balance study; Optimierung der Verwertung organischer Abfaelle. Ergebnisse der neuen Oekobilanzstudie. In a research project for the Federal Environmental Office DKZ 33 , the effects of compost on agricultural land were analyzed and described in a form that enables the information to be integrated in balancing and evaluation specifications of eco-balances. The project was supplemented by a detailed eco-balance in order to assess inhowfar these regulations affect the waste management options for biomass waste from private households.

It is found that separate collecting and utilisation are ecologically sound according to the recent findings. Dies ist zwar nicht in allen Faellen gelungen. Jedoch konnten deutliche Fortschritte erzielt werden. Das Projekt wurde durch eine umfassende Oekobilanz abgeschlossen, um zu pruefen, inwieweit diese Aenderungen Auswirkungen auf die Beurteilung der einzelnen Entsorgungsoptionen fuer Bioabfaelle aus Haushalten haben. Es zeigt sich, dass die Bewertung der getrennten Sammlung und Verwertung als oekologisch sinnig durch die neuen Erkenntnisse eher noch bestaerkt werden.

Optimierung der Aufnahme- und Rekonstruktionsparameter. Goettingen Germany ; Merten, H. To determine the optimal scan parameters in multislice helical CT MSCT of the facial bone complex for both axial scanning and multiplanar reconstructions. An anthropomorphic skull phantom was examined with a MSCT. Axial scans were performed with continuously increasing collimations 4 x 1. Multiplanar reconstructions in coronal and parasagittal planes with different reconstruction increment and slice thickness were evaluated in terms of image noise, contour artifacts and visualisation of anatomical structures.

The best image quality was obtained with a collimation of 4 x 1. A reconstruction increment of 0. With these parameters the bone structures were depicted in an optimal way without artifacts. The tube current could be reduced to 50 mA without significant loss of image quality. Low-dose MSCT using thin collimation, low table speed and small reconstruction increments provides excellent data for both axial images and multiplanar reconstructions in patients with facial trauma. An additional examination in coronal orientation is therefore no longer necessary.

Ein anthropomorphes Schaedel-Phantom wurde in axialer Schichtfuehrung mit einem MSCT untersucht, wobei die Kollimation 1,25 - 2,5 mm , der Tischvorschubfaktor Pitch 3 - 6 und der Roehrenstrom 20 - mA systematisch variiert wurden. Aus den Volumendatensaetzen wurden jeweils koronare und parasagittale Sekundaerreformationen mit unterschiedlichen. Der Fachbereich Fertigungstechnik der Zukunft. Im vorliegenden Papier wird ein internes Entwicklungsprojekt, genannt " Der Fachberich der Zukunft", beschrieben.

Orthogonal design method was applied to analyze the effects of factors such as licorice concentration volume, soaking time and processing temperature on processing technology of Rhizoma Pinelliae Praeparatum; MTT assay and flow cytometry were used to determine the inhibitory effect of Rhizoma Pinelliae This landscape study outlines the current body of knowledge, capabilities, and the broader array of solutions supporting integration and optimization in commercial buildings.

CBI seeks to support solutions for both existing buildings and new construction, which often present very different challenges. Prospects and visions for biogas technology. Paper; Chancen und Visionen der Biogastechnologie. Due to the Electricity Feed Law the conversion of biogas into electricity has gained significance in recent years. Thanks to the Renewable Energy Law and of course the incentive programme of the Federal Economy Ministry biogas production has become a major agricultural branch.

Durch das erneuerbare Energiengesetz EEG und natuerlich das Anreizprogramm des Bundeswirtschaftsministeriums ist die ''Biogasanlage'' zu einem bedeutenden Betriebszweig nicht nur in der Landwirtschaft aufgestiegen. Comparison and optimization of different processes of mechanical sewage sludge disintegration; Vergleich und Optimierung verschiedener Verfahren der mechanischen Klaerschlammdesintegration. There are in principle three applications of mechanical sewage sludge disintegration within the framework of sewage treatment, which are briefly dealt with.

The organic material released in the course of the disintegration process can be used as a proton donator for denitrification. In the second application, mechanical sludge disintegration improves the sedimentation properties of bulking sludge and scum. In the third application, sewage sludge disintegration enhances the anaerobic degradation behaviour of excess sludge and digester sludge. Das im Zuge der Desintegration freigesetzte organische Material kann als Protonendonator fuer die Denitrifikation verwendet werden.

Eine weitere Anwendung der mechanischen Desintegration stellt die Verbesserung der Absetzeigenschaften von Blaeh- und Schwimmschlaemmen dar. Den dritten Einsatzfall der Klaerschlammdesintegration stellt die Verbesserung des anaeroben Abbauverhaltens von Ueberschuss- und Faulschlaemmen dar. Analytical investigation of the thermal optimization of biogas plants; Analytische Untersuchung der thermischen Optimierung von Biogasanlagen.

Knauer, Thomas [Rostock Univ. Lehrstuhl Abfall- und Stoffstromwirtschaft; Ing. The economic efficiency of biogas plants is more difficult to display with recent legal regulations than with bonus tariff systems of previous EEG amendments. To enhance efficiency there are different options, often linked with further investments. Direct technical innovations with fast economic yields need exact evaluation of limiting conditions.

Within this article the heat sector of agricultural biogas plants is studied. So far scarcely considered, especially the improvement of on-site thermal energy consumption promises a high optimisation. Data basis are feeding protocols and temperature measurements of input substrates, biogas, environment etc. Analyzing first results of measurements and primary equilibrations shows, that maintenance of biogas process temperature consumes most thermal energy and therefore has the greatest potential of improvement. Passive and active insulation of feed systems and heat recovery from secondary fermenter liquids are identified as first optimization measures.

Depending on amount and temperature raise of input substrates, saving potentials of more than hundred megawatt hours per year were calculated. The know-your-customer KYC due diligenceprocess is outdated and generates costs of up to USD million per year per bank. The authors propose a newsystem, based on distributed ledger technology DLT , thatreduces the costs of the core KYC verification process forfinancial institutions and improves the customer experi-ence.

In the proposed system, the core KYC verificationprocess is only conducted once for each customer,regardless of the number of financial institutions withwhich tha Der Sinn der Lehre. Current trends in fermentation technology ; WTT. Aktuelle Entwicklungen im Bereich der Vergaerungstechnologie. WTT has substantial know-how in the design and construction of plants for biological and mechanical treatment of waste.

In the past few years, fermentation was a key issue. In , the WTT dry fermentation plant in Wiefels ws commissioned, which is described in this contribution. The plant is for treating the fine fraction of biological residues; it is an extension of the former biological treatment plant and a further optimisation of the overall concept. The experience gained, the performance so far, and the integration advantages are presented in brief. Im Rahmen des Vortrags wird die Referenzanlage in Wiefels vorgestellt. In dieser Anlage wird die organische Feinfraktion des Restabfalls behandelt.

Unsere Erfahrungen und Erkenntnisse sowie die Integrationsvorteile werden kurz vorgestellt. Technological requirements on refrigeration as seen by a frozen menu manufacturer; Technologische Anforderungen an die Kaeltetechnik aus der Sicht eines Tiefkuehl-Menue-Herstellers. The present paper examines hour refrigeration in future will need to contribute to production pactices of frozen food manufacturers. This is exemplified for the practical everyday use of a froster. The paper also points out the limitations of present-day frozen menu manufacture.

Finally, it discusses future demands on refrigeration regarding ecology and economy. Optimization tasks for the future are to increase freezing speed and render it controllable and to improve capacity control. Abschliessend werden zukuenftige Anforderungen an die Kaeltetechnik unter den Aspekten Oekologie und Oekonomie beleuchtet. Zukuenftige Optimierungsansaetze liegen in einer besseren und angepassten Gefriergeschwindigkeit sowie in einer besser regulierbaren Leistung.

Development of process technology for large-area thin-film solar modules based on compound semiconductors. Final report; Entwicklung der technologischen Grundlagen fuer grosse Photovoltaikmodule auf Basis von Duennschicht-Verbindungshalbleitern. The various thin-film layers of the cells and modules comprize molybdenum as rear contact, copper-indium gallium -diselenide CIGS as absorber material, the combination of cadmium sulphide CdS and ZnO as window layer.

Monolithic series connection of cells, used in other thin-film technologies , was studied and optimized by suitable patterning procedures, such as laser-scribing, mechanical scribing or lift-off techniques. Central to the PST efforts was the large-area deposition of Mo followed by patterning for the monolithic series connection, and furthermore important contributions in regard to the ZnO window layer as well as aspects of the module technology.

Optimization of waste water discharge and waste water cleaning on the basis of measurements of the organic pollutant load; Optimierung von Abwasserableitung und Abwasserreinigung durch Messung der organischen Abwasserbelastung. The spectral absorption coefficient SAC is a sum parameter for describing the organic pollutant load of waste water. It is based on a purely physical measuring technique and can be monitored continuously and directly in the medium by means of the described UV process probe.

From this arise numerous opportunities for optimizing waste water discharge and cleaning. Er basiert auf einem rein physikalischen Messverfahren und kann mit der hier vorgestellten UV-Prozess-Sonde kontinuierlich und direkt im Medium erfasst werden. Daraus ergeben sich zahlreiche Moeglichkeiten zur Optimierung von Abwasserableitung und -reinigung.

While engineered nanomaterials ENMs are increasingly incorporated in diverse applications, risks of ENM adoption remain difficult to predict and mitigate proactively. Current decision-making tools do not adequately account for ENM uncertainties including varying functional forms, unique environmental behavior, economic costs, unknown supply and demand, and upstream emissions. The complexity of the ENM system necessitates a novel approach: Where a traditional investment portfolio optimization model maximizes return on investment through optimal selection of stock, ENM portfolio optimization maximizes the performance of energy technology systems by optimizing selective use of ENMs.

Cumulative impacts of multiple ENM material portfolios are evaluated in two case studies: Results indicate ENM adoption is dependent on overall performance and variance of the material, resource use, environmental impact, and economic trade-offs. From a sustainability perspective, improved clean energy applications can help extend product lifespans, reduce fossil energy consumption, and substitute ENMs for scarce incumbent materials.

Distributed optimal coordination for distributed energy resources in power systems. Driven by smart grid technologies , distributed energy resources DERs have been rapidly developing in recent years for improving reliability and efficiency of distribution systems. Emerging DERs require effective and efficient coordination in order to reap their potential benefits. With the proposed algorithms Optimizing Technology -Oriented Constructional Paramour's of complex dynamic systems.

Creating optimal vibro systems requires sequential solving of a few problems: This approach is illustrated by an example of a high-efficiency vibro system synthesized for forming building structure components. When using only one single source to excite oscillations, resonance oscillations are imparted to the product to be formed in the horizontal and vertical planes. In order to obtain versatile and dynamically optimized parameters, a factor is introduced into the differential equations of the motion, accounting for the relationship between the parameters, which determine the frequency characteristics of the system and the parameter variation range.

This results in obtaining non-sophisticated mathematical models of the system under investigation, convenient for optimization and for engineering design and calculations as well. Technology Optimism in a Socio-Economic Perspective. Abstract It is widely acknowledged that a great effort is necessary to cope with environmental problems. Focus is often upon technological change as the main way to achieve sustainability.

But is it reasonable to place so much faith in technological change? The main dividing line between the opti The main dividing line between First, an over-narrow focus upon technology diverts attention from the need to deal with distributional issues as an integral part of coping with environmental problems. Second, the technology optimists underestimate The paper deals with the state interventionist version of technology optimism , where it is emphasized that active industrial and technology policies Material stream management of biomass wastes for the optimization of organic wastes utilization; Stoffstrommanagement von Biomasseabfaellen mit dem Ziel der Optimierung der Verwertung organischer Abfaelle.

The effective use of the valuable substances found in waste materials can make an important contribution to climate protection and the conservation of fossil and mineral resources. In order to harness the potential contribution of biomass waste streams, it is necessary to consider the potential of the waste in connection with that of the total biomass. In this project, relevant biogenous material streams in the forestry, the agriculture as well as in several industries are studied, and their optimization potentials are illustrated.

Scenarios are then developed, while taking various other environmental impacts into considerations, to explore possible optimized utilization of biomass streams and biomass waste substances for the future. Straw that is not needed for humus production and currently left on the field can be used for its energy content. The realisation of this potential would be significant contribution towards climate protection.

The energetic use of liquid manure without negatively influencing its application as commercial fertilizer can also be similarly successful because of its large volume. The results of our study also support an increased energetic use of saw residues as fuel in form of pellets in small furnaces. For household organic wastes, the report suggests the fermentation with optimized energy use and intensified marketing of the aerobically treated compost as peat substitution.