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Night Trap, the FMV game that U.S. Senators once called “sick” and “disgusting,” is now available in a spruced-up edition on PlayStation 4 and PC, 25 years after its original release on Sega CD in Night Trap, the first Control-Vision game, involved vampires invading.
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Night Trap (Video Game) - TV Tropes

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Oh, and let us know when you wanna die, Eddie! And yes, you could have saved her. You were responsible for her life, and you screwed up. There's a lot going on in this house! Too bad you're not going to be around to see any more of it. Cameras are situated in eight locations in and around the house: A map is available as well so the player can see how the rooms are connected.

The player can freely switch between viewing the different cameras to keep up with house activities and pick up clues from conversations. Kelli, an undercover agent, will also provide clues to the player. When someone is within range of a trap, a sensor bar will move into a red zone.

Activating the trap at this moment will capture them. There are six possible access codes, and the player must eavesdrop into the conversations to find out when the Martins change the code. When a new code is learned, the player must wait until the speaker leaves the room before changing the access code to the correct color to maintain control of the traps. Counters on the screen indicate how many perpetrators have entered the house and how many have been captured.

The exposition to Night Trap is presented to the player by Lt. He explains that the team was alerted to the disappearance of five teenage girls who were last seen at the Martin winery estate. Police questioned the Martin family, but they claimed the girls had left safely, and they refused to let the police search the property. The police then handed over the case to S. The player is given the role of an internal S. The girls are not aware of her true identity. What the gang does not know is the house is infested with Augers, vampiric beings that need blood to survive.

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The Martin family themselves are in the process of becoming vampires. The following events that take place and the ending vary widely depending on which characters the player is able to save from the Augers. Rob Fulop , developer of Demon Attack and other Atari games, began working with Atari founder Nolan Bushnell at his company Axlon shortly after the video game crash of Riley received a call from Fulop, his neighbor, who explained that an engineer presented an interesting device to another one of Bushnell's employees, Tom Zito.

Zito wanted to put together some demos to present the technology to Hasbro. Riley wanted to create an environment the player could move freely about, leading to the idea of surveillance cameras. The audience would need to decide for themselves which stories they wanted to follow. Fulop and Riley watched the play three times over the course of a weekend in Fulop and Riley liked the design model and thought it would make a good basis for an interactive media experience.

At the end of the game, the player must guess who stole the money. Ready to begin work on a full game, the NEMO team returned to the idea of surveillance cameras but wanted to make a more interactive and engaging experience.

Night Trap - 25th Anniversary Edition

After negotiations with the film studio fell through, Zito hired Terry McDonell to write an original script. The initial idea was to take the basis of Scene of the Crime to an extreme with a billionaire leaving an extremely large sum of money alone in a large house, guarded by a state-of-the-art security system. In this concept, the billionaire's daughter is staying at the house with her teenage friends when the house is attacked by ninja burglars who are attempting to steal the money.

Through much deliberation, the game evolved into the final vampire concept seen in Night Trap.

Hasbro was concerned that the game may feature "reproducible violence". As a result, Hasbro did not want the vampires, later dubbed Augers, to bite or move too quickly. In addition, the device used by the Augers to drain blood from their victims was purposely designed to pass Hasbro's non-reproducible violence requirements.

This game contains examples of:

Night Trap was developed over six months and was part movie shoot and part programming. The director of photography was Don Burgess , who later went on to shoot the award-winning Forrest Gump The script was unusual because it was built around the multi-linear gameplay. Riley was focused on timing the shoots correctly to sync the movement of actors among the rooms.

There were four scenes occurring simultaneously at any given time, although there were eight rooms the other four being still images. Plato's career was spiraling downward at the time, partially due to her personal problems with drugs and alcohol. At first, she was eager to work on Night Trap , but later she became more problematic. She reportedly made little effort to hide the fact that doing this project was a huge step down from her previous popularity. They developed a hobbling walk so that they would always be prepared to fall when the traps dropped under their feet.

Through developing Night Trap , Fulop and his team came to realize their old-fashioned development methods did not always work with interactive movies. The team could not go back and "tweak" on-screen elements and other assets, such as inserting new scenes or changing the time an actor comes into view. They had to work with the video footage they were handed over.

However, just before the launch of the NEMO in early , which was now called the Control-Vision, Hasbro canceled the system release. On December 9, , a United States Senate committee held a hearing on the subject of video game violence. Lieberman, who admitted never playing the game, claimed Night Trap featured gratuitous violence and promoted sexual aggression against women. Tom Zito attempted to explain the context of the nightgown scene in defense of the game, but he claims he was silenced.

In the short documentary Dangerous Games included with PC versions , the producers and some members of the cast explain that the plot of the game was to in fact prevent the trapping and killing of women. In addition, the blood draining device was intended to look very unrealistic to mitigate the violence. Despite scenes in which the girls are grabbed or pulled by enemies, no nudity or extreme acts of violence were ever filmed or incorporated into the game.

Night Trap designer Rob Fulop was irked that his relatively tame game was being compared to Mortal Kombat , which features a character ripping the heart out of a defeated opponent.

Night Trap: The Movie (25th Anniversary Definitive Cut) [PC]

Nintendo senior vice president Howard Lincoln testified in front of the committee, stating Night Trap would never appear on a Nintendo system because it did not pass the guidelines they enforced at the time. Fulop later explained that Lincoln was referring to the technical guidelines; the game could not run on a Nintendo system due to the lack of a CD-ROM drive, but Lincoln made it sound as if the game was unworthy of Nintendo's moral standards.