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Math Tutor: Mastering Fractions & Decimals, Grades 4-Adult [Hal Torrance] on *FREE* Each lesson in this book contains an “Absorb” section to instruct and simplify math concepts. Fractions & Decimals, Grades 4 - 8: Easy Review for the Struggling Student (Math Tutor Series) . See all 1 customer reviews.
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I'll be hanging on to these for my last child to use. I recommend them whenever anyone asks "Well, what do you do for math? Many pages are self-explanatory, but some exercises do need to be explained. Lots of pictures, causing the student to learn the "theory" behind the procedure. One person found this helpful. My son has completed the first booklet so far. These really do take you through learning about fractions slowly, giving ample opportunity to really learn the materials.

I wanted to take it slowly with the fractions since they are SO important to future math understanding. I homeschool, and I used this as additional material with his regular Saxon math. It seems like this would be good for initial learning, remediation, or for students with special learning needs. My son picked it up quickly because these These workbooks make isolating fractions and mastering the skill so easy! My son picked it up quickly because these workbooks scaffold well. This is a great way to teach fractions.

I myself, hated learning them. My kids took to these books and got through them pretty quickly. I do wish there was more work and rather than just a few books, a longer set like the algebra set.

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If you hated fractions or want to give your students something they can do on their own without too much involvement from you, this is it. I would suggest adding some websites or other workbooks to really give more practice. If your student doesn't need a lot of repetition, then give these five stars. Have enjoyed all of these books.

I have used several "Key to" series. They are good for supplementing if a student is struggling with a particular topic. The teacher or parent may need to go over the instruction portion depending on the capabilities of the student. Concepts are broken down into small pieces that build on each other. This makes it more manageable for the student.

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Published 3 months ago. Published 4 months ago. Published 5 months ago. Published 1 year ago. Published on April 4, Published on March 15, Published on February 28, Published on January 21, Published on November 21, Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Fractions — Elementary Maths is a collection of four fun mini games, which help children learn about fractions.

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Each game is represented by an island, and has 3 levels of difficulty. By visiting the islands, children learn to read fractions; develop their knowledge of equivalent fraction Fraction Monkey — Math Game For Kids is a much better way to learn fractions in a fun and engaging way. The game play has 40 levels that requires logical thinking and improve maths skills. It helps teaching kids to solve math problems that include fractions. It has a fun A Quick Fractions by Shiny Things brings a fresh approach to help master one of the most troublesome areas of mathematics.

Quick Fractions focuses on an understanding of fractions as numbers and provides practice solving fraction problems. Squeebles Fractions is a fun and engaging app that focuses on fractions. They learn to understand how key mathematics milestones such as; number conceptualization, place value, fractions, integers, algebraic thinking, and spatial sense are achieved. They learn strategies to teach their students more effectively. What is the nature and causes of learning problems in mathematics? This workshop focuses on understanding the nature and causes of learning problems in mathematics.

We examine existing research on diagnosis, remedial and instructional techniques dealing with these problems. Participants become familiar with diagnostic and assessment instruments for learning problems in mathematics.

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They learn strategies for working with children and adults with learning problems in mathematics more effectively. These workshops are for teachers and parents on teaching key mathematics milestone concepts and procedures.

They learn, for example: How to teach arithmetic facts easily? How to teach fractions to students more effectively? How to develop the concepts of algebra easily? In this approach, we begin with a very simple concept from arithmetic and take it to the algebraic level. Consultation with and training for parents and teachers to help their children cope with and overcome their anxieties and difficulties in learning mathematics.

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Consultation services to schools and individual classroom teachers to help them evaluate their mathematics programs and help design new programs or supplement existing ones in order to minimize the incidence of learning problems in mathematics. The Math Notebook The Math Notebook addresses issues related to mathematics learning problems, diagnosis, remediation, and techniques for improving mathematics instruction.

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Topics cover the range of materials useful for all levels K-College of mathematics instruction for regular and special education. Selected Back Issues of Math Notebook: The objective of FOCUS is to make available the current research, methods of identification, diagnosis and remediation of learning problems in mathematics.