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Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. *Starred Review* Yale historian Habeck takes Muslim terrorists at their word. They aren't envious of liberal democracy or the.
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The problem is not primarily fundamentalists who "misread" the Quran. The core problem is that the Quran and Muhammad promote and practice violence against nonMuslims and Muslims who are not completely committed. So even if all fundamentalists and militant authors disappeared today, Muslims would still find dedication to violent war embedded in the Quran and sunna example of the prophet Muhammad and the problem of Muslim militancy would return. Quran and hadith are ultimate sources for all Muslims hadith is essential because Muhammad is considered a holy, flawless prophet, so authentic parts of hadith are as authoritative to Muslims as the Gospels about Jesus are to Christians.

At least ten of the chapters of Quran forcefully advocate offensive war: Surahs 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 22, 30, 33, 48, The Quran also mentions at least 7 wars fought by Muslim armies.

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According to the Quran, prophet Muhammad recruited warriors, commanded armies, took war captives as slaves, had sex with slaves, took booty from his wars, defined "martyr" as Muslims who were killed while fighting wars, promised reward to warriors, claimed that Allah killed the men that Muslim warriors killed, and said that Muslims who did not become warriors in his army could not claim booty but would go to hell, The two sections on "peace" state that Muslims need not kill nonMuslims if they submit to Muhammad without fighting back.

This seems to be the unknown fact, or secret, that academics and modernist Muslims want to hide from Muslims and nonMuslims alike. Habeck refers to some of these in passing, but doesn't provide the attention they deserve. Kabeck's book is short, concise, well researched and includes a very large amount of information in a small space. She reveals sources generally unknown and difficult to find in the west and in languages other than Arabic.

With the exception of the shortage of material on Quran and hadith, Kabeck's book is extremely important reading. One person found this helpful. Mary Habek avoids polemics and sticks to pedagogy in this precise account of the nature and history of radical Islam's ideology. The title is somewhat sensational, but the text is not inflammatory. This is expository writing at its best. Habek knows just how much detail to include to explain her subject without fatiguing her readers.

In an early chapter Ms. He eventually emerged as one of the most influential radical Islamic writers. However his ideas were marginalized for nearly two hundred years until the oil shocks of the seventies gave Wahhabi preachers millions of petrodollars to spread their version of Islam throughout the world. Accounts of other important radicals such as Ibn Taymiyya, Al-Banna, Mawdudi, and Qutb are included, within their historical context.

Habek is able to do this clearly and without overuse of mind-numbing Arabic nomenclature. A characteristic that all the radical groups share is that their beliefs have little to do with external pressures from Europeans or others but from the internal strife and dynamics of Islam itself. She makes this point repeatedly. These people are first and foremost religious fanatics.

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It was not any encounter with the West that made them this way. The jihadist Muslims don't see themselves as destroyers or murderers but as saviors of mankind from its many problems. They believe the Qur'an has appointed them as guardians over humanity and the right to dominion over the world. With this absolutist utopian ideology they reject "man made laws" such as takes place in a democracy.

Only religious, or "shari'a law as derived from the Qu'ran can rule mankind, and it cannot be separated into "church and state. Habek repeatedly states throughout the book that the jihadists are only a small fraction of the Islamic faith. According to her they don't represent the thinking of the vast majority of Islam. But one is left wondering, why aren't there numerous books explaining the point of view of this majority?

Why are there no visible spokesmen from moderate Islam debating and excoriating the jihadists? Could it be that either 1 the vast majority of Islam agrees with the jihadists or 2 the vast majority have themselves been terrorized and are afraid to speak out? Habek lists a few recommendations for solving the clash between the jihadists and the rest of the world. She states "the United States and other countries must See all 49 reviews.

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Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. View or edit your browsing history. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. There is only one God; he has no partners; anyone who worships another god is sinning and will be judged by God. Jihadists take the idea that God has no partners to mean that any secular ruler is taking God's role by making laws and is therefore an idolater who must be killed.

This idea makes liberalism a false religion. In traditional Islam, jihad generally refers to fighting, both internal and external. It is similar to the Western concept of just war. Jihad is both an individual and communal duty, and in the latter sense, a matter of state. The idea originally was that at least once a year Muslims had to serve communally to spread just laws around the world.

But by the 19 th century, the idea of jihad as war was lost, and the idea of jihad as fighting survived only in the sense of self-defense. Jihadists define jihad as an individual duty for all Muslims. Because Islam is under attack, all must respond.

Jihad cannot be a communal duty, a matter of state, until a legitimate Islamist state exists. First, believers must fight off attackers and then they can switch to offense. Traditional Islam allows many correct forms of governance, but holds that laws in a Muslim country should be inspired by Islam. This can be loosely interpreted, however, to mean that laws are moral. Private and family law should be inspired by Islam, but modern Islam sees private life and government as separate matters.

Most Muslims do not want a return of the Caliphate.

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Jihadists claim that the only correct form of governance is the Caliphate, led by a Caliph. No one is clear on who the caliph should be or how one gains the title. The Caliphate is ruled by shari'a law, in both public and private life, with no popular elections or legislature. The land governed by this Caliphate includes any area that has ever been subjected Islamic law, which includes all of Russia, China, parts of France, Spain, plus all of the Middle East.

The Caliphate's foreign policy is eternal jihad. In traditional Islam, da'wa means the original call to Islam from Muhammad.

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Today, it means to engage in missionary work to convert unbelievers or simply to lead a pious life and hope that this attracts converts. Jihadists believe that da'wa must be given anew to convince other Muslims to become jihadists against the apostate rulers, the occupiers, and the unbelieving world.

If you do not answer the call, you can be justly killed. Jihadism's main war is with other Muslims. Ideologically, it says that da'wa is used to convert other Muslims. Politically, it aims to create a Caliphate and implement Islamic law. This requires overthrowing apostate regimes. Militarily, it says that true believers must fight Muslims who actively oppose jihadism or support the unbelievers. This means attacking liberal and secular Muslims, Sufis, Shi'a and others.

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There is then a war being fought over what is authentic Islam. The moderates are losing. The Jihadists proselytize and moderates do not, so they are being shouted and intimidated off the stage. The problem jihadists have is how to prioritize enemies. There is an argument over whether to focus on the near or far enemy, and who the near enemy is. Most jihadist groups focus on the near enemy.