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Youngblood is the third studio album from the Australian pop-rock band 5 Seconds of Summer, released on June 15, The lead single off.
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He claimed it made him less of a target, but we knew he carried it to try to impress any available Iraqi ladies. A pair of attack birds on their way to Baghdad flew over us, their rotors churning in mechanized refrain. We walked north on the sides of the road in silence.

5 Seconds Of Summer Unleash Retro ‘Youngblood’ Music Video

A bronze fog hung over the town of Ashuriyah. It obscured our vision, though the occasional minaret crown emerged above the haze. I took off my clear lenses and wiped away the dust before deciding to hell with it and slipped them into a cargo pocket. My body ached in all the normal places from the medieval bulk of the armor: I pushed these bitchy suburban grievances away, tugged at my junk, and thanked Hog again for teaching me the importance of freeballing.

Small sandstone houses resembling honeycomb cells lined the sides of the road. A donkey cart filled with concrete blocks ambled by, the animal and boy driving it sunk in discomfort.

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On their heels came a rush of children clamoring for our attention and clawing at our pockets. For some reason, the other soldiers took great pride in the fact that our medic smoked. The only son of Filipino immigrants, he was a peddler of light, and pills, in a bleak world. I turned to a child with doubting eyes, ruffled his hair, and pointed to him.

No one liked being called a villain. I put my hands out and let the kids play with the hard plastic that cased the knuckles of my gloves. Some of the guys were debating whether to provide the kids dipping tobacco and telling them it was chocolate, so I gave Dominguez the hand signal to keep the patrol moving. People get angry about dead kids. The Barbie Kid was there, too, wheeling around a cooler and selling Boom Booms and cigarettes to occupiers and occupied alike.


A gust of wind carried the faint scent of shit so pervasive in Ashuriyah. Sewer ditches and cesspools were still far more prevalent than indoor plumbing in this part of the Cradle of Civilization. Snoop pointed to the table and asked if I wanted to play. He leaned against a telephone pole with wires hanging from it like spaghetti, his helmet tilted forward to cover his face in a deep shadow. There was a hard edge to his voice. Half the patrol started studying packed dirt, while the others turned to me. I needed to say something. I was the platoon leader. My brother would say I needed to regulate.

All in good time, I reasoned. There was no reason to crush a guy for having baggage from his last tour. I watched a pair of stray dogs along a ridgeline to the east.

They were teasing a spotted goat with big pink balls that wanted nothing to do with them. Snoop tugged my sleeve to bring my attention back to foosball. Two teenagers built like cord had lined up across the table. The bar of our goalie proved sticky, but one of their strikers had been sawed in half somehow, so it evened out. It was too hot to be wearing anything other than a tee shirt. The teens suggested Snoop and I take off our gear. They thought American soldiers were crazy for wearing body armor outside. I grunted and took off my gloves to better grip the handles.

The soldiers, now spread out in pairs and kneeling behind cars or peeking around building corners, all turned his way. I had my tab. Because infantry officers have guaranteed slots, I thought. The Barbie Kid, all ninety pounds of him, moved to us with bare feet covered in dust, rolling a cooler of goods behind him.

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A dark unibrow raced across his forehead, and he stank like a polecat, wearing his usual pink sweats. The Barbie Kid looked up at me with his good eye, the lazy one staying fixed to the ground. Fucking teenagers, I thought. There are boys younger than him who work for the Sahwa militias. He offers a special deal, because Hotspur is his favorite platoon. My heart jumped up and my feet jumped back, unprepared for fired rounds.

Chambers stood in the center of the road, back straight, rifle wedged tight into his shoulder. The bronzed dirt in the air had parted around him, giving off a strange, glassy sheen. Retrieved 15 September Retrieved 8 November Retrieved 30 November Retrieved 8 October Retrieved 25 June Retrieved 11 September Retrieved 25 July Retrieved 3 July Retrieved 22 June Single track Top 40 lista.

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5 Seconds of Summer Tell A Tale Of Endless Love In ‘Youngblood’ Video