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I would say that the response of a girl here depends on the guy to a certain limit. If the guy who cooks goes on bragging about it and keeps on correcting the girl.
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Asking if girls like guys who can cook is kind of implying that there are girls out there that don't like guys that can cook My question to this question would be Who in their right mind would not like someone because they can cook. I would think everyone, male and female, would like it if their partner knew how to cook. I'm no chef, but tonight I grilled a great tri-tip roast, together with baked potatos and corn-on-the-cob.

Do girls like guys who can cook? Im going off to culinary school soon to become a chef, and I was just curious. Why does girls like guys who can lead? Do girls find guys who cook good food sexy?

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Do girls like guys who can draw? What Girls Said Yes, it is very nice when a guy cook something for us. Yes a working woman loves coming home to a hot meal and open arm's. I don't know how to cook so hey: And it just feels damn good in your hand. Just get one and move on. I have a set of bamboo spoons I got off Amazon, and get a lot of mileage out of them. Specifically, a turner, which is ideal for scraping the flat bottom of your pan. Not only will the strong blade allow you to get every last bit of food off the pan, but it actually smooths out the surface of the pan in the meantime, improving its nonstick properties.

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I use a Dexter-Russell walnut pancake turner , and highly recommend it. In a pinch, these will do the job, but you can do sooooooooo much better if you upgrade to a spider skimmer. Spiders are essentially massive slotted spoons made of wire and originally used to fish out deep-fried food out of woks.

I use this spider skimmer and highly recommend it, since it will pay for itself in time saved. The inability to easily and gently move food around with a spatula without splattering grease everywhere or missing your mark altogether is enough of a reason to get a pair of tongs. Like most of my recommended utensils, cheap plastic ones can be found everywhere, and you likely already have one.

Thanks for visiting The Guy Can Cook! I'm sure he prefers that too since he works a more laborious job and just more in general. Cooking should be a basic adult skill. But from personal experience I'd say it's one of those things that's only attractive if you are already attractive. Every women I know loves my cooking. It's never gotten me a date. No, it makes you stand out and adds to whatever attractiveness you already have.

Talent, including cooking, makes someone more attractive regardless of how attractive they were prior. If most people don't have basic skills, they become exceptional. Knowing how to cook increases attractiveness. If everyone knew how, it wouldn't make you stand out. Agreed but unfortunately That's most kids that are a product if helicopter parenting. We're teaching our girls life skills. That's how it should be. If you know how to cook, you stand out.

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People usually pick it up after they've been out of college a few years. Or you meet the bare minimum needed for adulting and those who don't don't even register on some women's radar.


Is he someone who knows how to cook multiple different things? Does he expect to share the cooking duties in a long-term relationship, just as a matter-of-fact thing? Then yes, that's great. On the other hand, is he the sort of guy who talks loudly about his love of cooking because he thinks it makes him look good with the ladies, but in reality, he only knows how to grill meat on a barbecue, which he will do twice a year and then think that he's fulfilled his cooking duties for the year?

Or is he a man who knows how to make one very complicated dish that takes up every single pot in the kitchen, which he will only make when you throw a dinner party? Will he expect you to gush about what an amazing cook he is and to do all of the clean-up afterwards, while also expecting you to do all of the daily cooking and clean-up? In fact, one of the reasons why I broke up with an ex boyfriend was because he didn't and couldn't cook.

All he did was eat out. If you can't cook, to me it says that you don't know how to take care of yourself and you probably don't eat healthy. It also made me think that if I were to stay with him down the road, I'd be stuck in the kitchen all the time. I absolutely hate cooking and being in the kitchen, so sure, if a guy is into that, it's cool. But cooking is just an unpleasant, time-consuming but necessary chore to me, so a guy who likes cooking isn't any more special than a guy who likes cleaning bathrooms or pulling weeds.

It's a very basic survival skill. Good job at mastering it no sarcasm. Do I love him? I have to know him beyond cooking and vacuum cleaning. I want my man to feed me from his cooking with one of the world's greatest pleasures.. I consider basic cooking the minimum for a functioning adult, so that doesn't really give bonus points. It's more that a dude who can't cook better be a willing to learn, and b awesome at adulting in other aspects, because seriously, feeding yourself is not hard. Genuine joy in cooking - like enjoying new recipes, experimenting with dishes, taking pride in good ingredients, enjoying time in the kitchen - yeah, that is attractive to me.

I enjoy cooking with a partner, so somebody who enjoys cooking up something delicious together would appeal to me. Plus getting invited to his place and getting something nice to eat?

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I'm not expecting a gourmet meal, but I've seriously been fed ramen noodles with some added bacon bits and onion. I was not wowed. Not if he's going to be one of those "let me cook for you" guys. It's a nice to be able to cook, but I love to cook and my kitchen is my kitchen and I am the cook. Yes, but only if he teaches me how to cook and let's me join in. My boyfriend used to be a cook at a restaurant so I am usually his sous chef: Just him being able to cook wouldn't make me love a man, but I would really enjoy cooking together with an SO.

So much time has to be spent on meal preparation every day anyway. It would be incredible if that were a mutually beloved bonding time. Yes, if they enjoy it, have some basic skill, and do it regularly, then it's a big plus in my books. My first husband claimed over and over again that he just looooved to cook, but he really didn't. He just thought it made him sound more interesting. He didn't enjoy it, he sucked at it, and he very rarely actually did it. Don't be that guy.

I grew up with my dad being a chef so I am pretty used to good cooking, and I also used to be extremely overweight now I'm average.

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I just have a really slow metabolism and shitty self-control so I don't even cook more than little things for myself heck, I don't even keep food in my kitchen, I have to buy food on the day I intend to eat it or i will eat an entire weeks worth of food in a day , despite loving cooking and being a pretty boss-ass cook. Whenever my SO comes over, I love to cook him food, but then I gain weight. Have you tried weight training? You'll boost your metabolism. You'll feel good about yourself as well. Sorry to get on the soap box. I just got into weight lifting.

Am very happy with the results. Hurts in the first week as your muscles get used to it. I have tried weight training, but my body is terrible at burning fat and great at gaining muscle, so it all just compounded and I ended up at my heaviest weight since I first lost all of it. My goal is to drop to a really low weight and then start weight training again. I love anyone who is passionate about food.

My SO and I love to cook together and eat together and shop together. When we first got together, he knew he loved food but his parents are shocking cooks and he was utterly impoverished like, nothing but potatoes for a month, passing out from hunger impoverished so I had to teach him how to cook with more variety. But in the process he also taught me.

I eat a lot of things now because of him that I didn't eat before. We love food and encourage each other to try new things all the time.

Do girls like guys who can cook?

If we didn't have that, as much as I love every other bit of him, I don't think our relationship would ever have moved past the rebound fuck phase. I actually like teaching my bf how to cook. We are a good team when it comes to food prep, it's fun. My bf used to want to be a chef. He often cooks me breakfast and always just makes things up as he goes along and it is ALWAYS delicious except this one time where he forgot about something and burnt it. I love him cooking because I love eating food and I'm also too lazy to cook for myself most of the time.

Plus, he enjoys cooking food if I enjoy it. So it's a win-win! My husband is a great cook. I on the other hand am not. So if he wasn't then we would live on bland pasta foods and such like. However, I enjoy baking and am quite good at it so there's always the option of living off cake and such goodies. If he's an amazing cook but is big-headed about it then no. I've dated some men who were good snobs and critiqued every meal that they hadn't themselves made. In the end I told them to pull their heads out of their arses and bailed.

It is a skill that I admire and appreciate. I like to cook for fun, so yeah I'd like to be able to enjoy that with my boyfriend which I do! Ability to cook enough to feed yourself is a basic requirement. Being great at cooking can go either way for me. If the person has a lot of passion for it, but doesn't try to feed me constantly as a way of showing love, then I love their passion.

If they are always trying to cook for me or get their feelings hurt if I don't want to try their food or don't like it, that's a big negative for me. I enjoy cooking, and I would love a partner who also enjoyed it so we could cook together. My dad is a good cook, although my mum does the majority of dinners, but he will maybe once or twice a week normally weekends. So I find it weird when my friends say their dads just can't cook, as mine always has. But that cuteness would not last if his inability to cook was just laziness and he didn't want to learn, that would annoy me.

He doesn't have to cook up anything fancy or chef-quality meals, but as long he knows how to make basic meals then it's fine. I wouldn't want to rely on him cooking though; it's just nice to have someone who enjoys it too and can take up the task from time to time. It's not relevant to me because I eat out in restaurants or order in for pretty much every meal. My partner occasionally cooks but it's maybe times per year. He's a chef and we've been living together for two years, and I love him to bits and pieces.

Plus he makes me cheesecake on my birthday. I've never really met one who can cook. If he could, that would be nice, but I don't care that much either way. I love anyone - female or male - who can cook. I love to cook myself. Cooking together with a partner who is able to create something awesome is really fun.