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We have seen that there is the eternal God, and there is eternal nature. Just as the human soul is the soul of the human body and minds so God is the Soul of.
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This manifestation of the table, for instance, cannot be due to any material thing. Therefore there must be some one behind them all, who is the real manifester, the real seer, the real enjoyer and He in Sanskrit is called the Atman, the Soul of man, the real Self of man. He it is who really sees things. The external instruments and the organs catch the impressions and convey them to the mind, and the mind to the intellect, and the intellect reflects them as on a mirror, and back of it is the Soul that looks on them and gives His orders and His directions.

He is the ruler of all these instruments, the master in the house, the enthroned king in the body. The faculty of egoism, the faculty of intellection, the faculty of cogitation, the organs, the instruments, the body, all of them obey His commands. It is He who is manifesting all of these. This is the Atman of man.

Similarly, we can see that what is in a small part of the universe must also be in the whole universe. If conformity is the law of the universe, every part of the universe must have been built on the same plan as the whole. So we naturally think that behind the gross material form which we call this universe of ours, there must be a universe of finer matter, which we call thought, and behind that there must be a Soul, which makes all this thought possible, which commands, which is the enthroned king of this universe.

The next thing to consider is whence all these things come. What is meant by coming? If it means that something can be produced out of nothing, it is impossible. All this creation, manifestation, cannot be produced out of zero.


Nothing can be produced without a cause, and the effect is but the cause reproduced. Here is a glass. Suppose we break it to pieces, and pulverise it, and by means of chemicals almost annihilate it. Will it go back to zero? The form will break, but the particles of which it is made will be there; they will go beyond our senses, but they remain, and it is quite possible that out of these materials another glass may be made. If this is true in one case, it will be so in every case.

Something cannot be made out of nothing.

Spirit and Soul: Transpersonal Ascent and Descent

Nor can something be made to go back to nothing. It may become finer and finer, and then again grosser and grosser. The raindrop is drawn from the ocean in the form of vapour, and drifts away through the air to the mountains; there it changes again into water and flows back through hundreds of miles down to the mother ocean. The seed produces the tree.

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The tree dies, leaving only the seed. Again it comes up as another tree, which again ends in the seed, and so on.

Look at a bird, how from; the egg it springs, becomes a beautiful bird, lives its life and then dies, leaving only other eggs, containing germs of future birds. So with the animals; so with men. Everything begins, as it were, from certain seeds, certain rudiments, certain fine forms, and becomes grosser and grosser as it develops; and then again it goes back to that fine form and subsides.

The whole universe is going on in this way. There comes a time when this whole universe melts down and becomes finer and at last disappears entirely, as it were, but remains as superfine matter. We know through modern science and astronomy that this earth is cooling down, and in course of time it will become very cold, and then it will break to pieces and become finer and finer until it becomes ether once more. Yet the particles will all remain to form the material out of which another earth will be projected.

Again that will disappear, and another will come out. So this universe will go back to its causes, and again its materials will come together and take form, like the wave that goes down, rises again, and takes shape.

What is the human soul?

The whole universe, as it were, shrinks, and then it expands again. To use the more accepted words of modern science, they are involved and evolved. You hear about evolution, how all forms grow from lower ones, slowly growing up and up. This is very true, but each evolution presupposes an involution. We know that the sum total of energy that is displayed in the universe is the same at all times, and that matter is indestructible. By no means can you take away one particle of matter.

You cannot take away a foot-pound of energy or add one. The sum total is the same always. Only the manifestation varies, being involved and evolved. So this cycle is the evolution out of the involution of the previous cycle, and this cycle will again be involved, getting finer and finer, and out of that will come the next cycle. The whole universe is going on in this fashion.

Spirit + soul + body THE TRUTH !!!! A must for all Christians.

Thus we find that there is no creation in the sense that something is created out of nothing. To use a better word, there is manifestation, and God is the manifester of the universe.

Hints of the Nature of the Human Soul and Mind in Modern Physics

The universe, as it were, is being breathed out of Him, and again it shrinks into Him, and again He throws it out. A most beautiful simile is given in the Vedas — "That eternal One breathes out this universe and breathes it in. That is all very good, but the question may be asked: How we, it at the first cycle? What is the meaning of a first cycle? If you can give a beginning to time, the whole concept of time will be destroyed.

Try to think of a limit where time began, you have to think of time beyond that limit. Try to think where space begins, you will have to think of space beyond that. Time and space are infinite, and therefore have neither beginning nor end. This is a better idea than that God created the universe in five minutes and then went to sleep, and since then has been sleeping.

On the other hand, this idea will give us God as the Eternal Creator. Here is a series of waves rising and falling, and God is directing this eternal process. As the universe is without beginning and without end, so is God. When the universe did not exist, neither did He. One concept follows the other. The idea of the cause we get from the idea of the effect, and if there is no effect, there will be no cause. It naturally follows that as the universe is eternal, God is eternal.

The soul must also be eternal. In the first place we see that the soul is not matter. It is neither a gross body, nor a fine body, which we call mind or thought. It is neither a physical body, nor what in Christianity is called a spiritual body. It is the gross body and the spiritual body that are liable to change.

The gross body is liable to change almost every minute and dies, but the spiritual body endures through long periods, until one becomes free, when it also falls away. When a man becomes free, the spiritual body disperses. The gross body disintegrates every time a man dies. The soul not being made of any particles must be indestructible. What do we mean by destruction? Destruction is disintegration of the materials out of which anything is composed. If this glass is broken into pieces, the materials will disintegrate, and that will be the destruction of the glass. Disintegration of particles is what we mean by destruction.

It naturally follows that nothing that is not composed of particles can be destroyed, can ever be disintegrated. The soul is not composed of any materials. It is unity indivisible. Therefore it must be indestructible. For the same reasons it must also be without any beginning. So the soul is without any beginning and end. We have three entities.

Understanding Human Nature: Spirit, Mind & Body

It is not possible to break or destroy one form so that it may transfer itself into another. As an evidence of this, at the present moment in the human spirit you have the shape of a square and the figure of a triangle. Simultaneously also you can conceive a hexagonal form. All these can be conceived at the same moment in the human spirit, and not one of them needs to be destroyed or broken in order that the spirit of man may be transferred to another.

There is no annihilation, no destruction; therefore, the human spirit is immortal because it is not transferred from one body into another body. Actually from a strictly materialistic point of view, such a conjecture concerning the rise of consciousness or agency in inanimate matter may not be so far fetched. This is described nicely in a recent article in Quanta magazine. For example physicists are used to a describing cause and effect in a reductionist manner. So one begins with a fine grained description of physical interactions and builds up a model which describe a given system.

At the end of the day all causes are reduced to the physics of the interaction of particles and fields. However how does one deal with cause and effect if a cat hits a ball with its paw? In principle the common thought is that one could proceed to describe in all detail the different interactions of particles, then atoms and neurons to produce an exquisite model of the cat, ball and its environment.

We can intuitively see that at some level such fine level of description becomes ineffective. This is the scale at which states of the system have the most causal power, predicting future states in the most reliable, effective manner. We are accustomed to think of a bottom up emergence of these macro-states, however given this work, a case might be made that this is inverting the relationship.

He touches on emergent phenomena but suggests that these ordering effects are secondary. However I would suggest and even more unorthodox argument. In fact one might propose that the distinction between primary object and its shadow is the amount of predictive informational content a thing has. Given this, perhaps one could cast emergent phenomena in a manner similar to how we currently describe the relationship between quantum field and a particle.

If we go beyond emergent phenomena, to the case of the physical expression of consciousness or mind. It might be fruitful not just to consider its fullest or primary expression to be abstracted from the fine grained physics, but to consider the possibility of mind being the very cause of its physical expression. The Known and Unknown: Does the singularity of God require the singularity of Religion? The Spirit of Faith and Eternal Life. A Talismanic View of Evolution. The fetish of exaggerated individualism is driving us to extinction. The Mystery of Aleph. The Movie Arrival and Remembering the Future.