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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Lawrence E. Johnson is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Focusing on Truth - Kindle edition by Lawrence E. Johnson.
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The book opens with an analysis of the coherence theory of truth and then the correspondence theory of truth, as developed by Moore, Russell and Wittgenstein. Through a study of the semantic conceptions of truth, the author reveals that an adequate theory of truth must take account of the pragmatics of person, purpose, and circumstance. A full understanding of facts and truth bearers is considered central to Johnson's criticism of the opposing truth theories of J. Drawing on the merits of these theories and others, while identifying their deficiencies, Johnson presents a new account of truth, based on the correlation of referential foci and the use of linguistic conventions.

This account is defended as being adequate to meet the legitimate demands made on a theory of truth.

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Johnson argues that the account leaves scope for statements of many different sorts to be true in their own widely varying ways, without the existence of a need to posit fundamentally different kinds of truth. Truth, Misc in Philosophy of Language. Find it on Scholar.

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