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rock the boat definition: 1. If you rock the boat, you do or say something that will upset people or cause problems: 2. infml to do or say something that upsets.
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Fortunately, Harry gets away with it, and an older reporter, whose career is on the slide, gets blamed — and sacked — for it instead. This sets into motion the pattern of the novel: And it shows how journalistic jobs have always been under threat, whether through lack of resource or a misunderstanding of what journalists actually do so that others feel they could do it better.

For example, the following paragraph, about PR people taking over the world, feels deliciously spot-on today:. Public Relations, Erskine had told him in the car on the way up, was the coming thing.

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All of them, from the humblest Bellringers to the mightiest Rotary Club, would have their P. Industry, labour, government, police forces, criminals, lawyers, churches — everybody would have their P. Newspapers would just have a few editors to get the press releases ready for the printers. Eventually, Erskine said dreamily, the editors themselves might be eliminated and the press releases would go directly to the printers. What about reporters, Harry had asked. There would be no jobs for them. No, said Erskine, there would be plenty of work for them in the P. Perhaps the one element that makes the book seem slightly dated is the role of women in the media.

In this novel, Harry is bewitched by Julia Martin, a rival reporter on another title, who just happens to be female, something rare in the newspaper game. There is no feminine wile they will not use to get a story.

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Weeping, of course, is standard procedure. Hence the term sob sister. But they have far more insidious methods. You know, of course, what I mean. She may even — uh, how shall I put this?

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This is my 12th book for 20booksofsummer. It sounds rather good. I actually thought so too.

Rock the Boat (The Hues Corporation song)

You do make a very good case for it. Intransitive sense from late 14c. For popular music senses, see rock v. To rock the boat in the figurative sense "stir up trouble" is from Rock-a-bye first recorded in nursery rhyme. Sense developed early s to "play or dance to rock and roll music. Rocksteady , Jamaican pop music style precursor of reggae , is attested from As short for rock and roll , by ; but sense of "musical rhythm characterized by a strong beat" is from , in blues slang.

Rock star attested by Disturb a stable situation, as in An easygoing manager, he won't rock the boat unless it's absolutely necessary. This idiom alludes to capsizing a small vessel, such as a canoe, by moving about in it too violently. In addition to the idioms beginning with rock. Her big brother is rocking the baby to sleep. Everyone in the courtroom was rocked by the verdict.

To rock the boat definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

A thunderous explosion rocked the waterfront. We're gonna rock this joint tonight! Only you could rock that hat! The game rocks some amazing new features. Don't rock the boat by demanding special treatment from management. Related Words complain disagree disturb object protest.

It may be unconsolidated, such as a sand, clay, or mud, or consolidated, such as granite, limestone, or coal See also igneous , sedimentary , metamorphic any hard mass of consolidated mineral matter, such as a boulder mainly US , Canadian and Australian a stone a person or thing suggesting a rock, esp in being dependable, unchanging, or providing firm foundation British a hard sweet, typically a long brightly-coloured peppermint-flavoured stick, sold esp in holiday resorts slang a jewel, esp a diamond short for rock salmon plural slang the testicles slang another name for crack def.

See also rock up.