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This is the first that worked! John Nortoii Clements, son o Ifr. She was Attended by her sis- ter. Trevor Wlllla ma acte d as best'man. She was assisted by Mrs. W Clements, who wore a becoming frock of rust crepe witn matching hat. Jht drawing-room Vns decorated with a profusion of ro. I McKlnstry Roisd, Duncan. Smart styles in slip-on or swagger models.

SiM1 14 to Tyy- Hiimphrey Tomi and Mr. Tom Pld- [ rell. Victoria, who wore a blue and white was played by Mrs, P L. Moon a floral sheer frock mid cor. Len Cosard were the attendants. Non li;id clisrge of fh drawing. R N C Hembernw. Charles John Chandos Hennlker, oiiiv son of Mr. H Hen- iiiker, Cowlchari Bay. Heatlu otc luid tlie lat? Tyrrell, at their home. ANDfl and flanked by pink i. She was attended -by Mrs. W Tippei't waft besCmap. Rasehlll Avenue, upon tlieir return to NanaUno reside: Devonshire Crescent, ich rtoart vkhere the guest. The HutdltoqDj the rerrr. Larson, only son of Mrs.

The bride i ore a powder blue.

Venturing Tale Challenges

Pat Hutchison and bo- recn Owens and. The wheel of fortune was In charge of Mrs. But looit a af deceiving. That'a worth rametn b artn g. And do it gently. Trevett and CfeMlaa Wharton, will ataf a group of three numbers as foUowi: This morning at 11 o'clock. Kh' lie will dLscu.

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Imrle, will preach on "The Tmiehatona of DMty. Andrews Presbyterian Church Rev. The choir will sing Thiman's anthem, "Christ Hath a Garden. Truth, Love, combing as one. These are His attritnitaa, tho eternal manl- fastatloBi of tho Infinite divine Prtndpla. For sev- eral yeara-Or. The services in MetropottttB United chun h today will be con- ducted by Rev. Thompson, who for many yaan hai held important pa-storatrs In the East, is on his Initial visitto the Ctiast.

Tliere will be no evening servicee duiiag tJte Bummer mo n t h a. Yerburgh is Evening Freacher— Rev. Fayaa la Give Naming g a n ain Tlie sprvice. MatliLs ajid sermon at 11 a. On THtnvday morning the mid- week celebration of Holy pommunion at Melntyre it a gmed singer and aL'o sonc wTitrr. Though blind slnoa the age of seven. Melntyre eom- pletod his. He is widely known through his a. Ha It editor of TYm Lamp, a rellgiou. Tonight he will speak on "Theocracy," which he will con- tend la the true lorm of government as outlined by Ood Htm.

The choir wlU render WUliams' anthem. Following this mornings service, the sacrament of tha Lord'a SuppfT will be observed. Hil- lary, who la only son of Mrs. He will praach today at the morn- ing and tvvning awrkMi at the Pentecostal Assem bly. Robinson Is pastor, which will bt tte last serv- to'be held there. On Bimday, July 10, the opening and dedication services of the new church home, located at 8ii North Park Street, formerly the City Tsm- pla, will take place. Ha succeeds Thomas Keyworth, who takes his work at Grand Forks. Orr will reply in Ihf subject.

Canon Chad- wick, iriU ba tha preacher at the 1 1 o'clock. Bolster will preach, TRe music will include the anthem. Wednesday at g pjn. On TtWuj at 8 pin. In the evening the topic will be "Tha Law pf Participation. The membership of the Church was given a. Flower Service A sivcl. D orsT- , -The Significant nlationshlp of a common grain of dMg tn. Exfmwons, Part of One Great Unit. To- ronto, will deliver an Inspirational sddre. McLeod wilLitadtUt d uet. Arthur Blschlager, Holy Communion. Matthias— Rev Alan Gardiner. Mark's, Cloverdale — Rev. Holy Communion, g and 11 ajn.

Iilike's, Cedar Rill Rev. Michael's, Royal Oak— Rev S: Yerburgh Matina and Holy Communio n, 11 am. Tlia ques- tions to Iw oonsidered are Ls Great Britain stin unprepared to meet an attack? What are the Hltler- Mussollnl designs? Bdwhi Bracher, will preach on T oers of the. James Hyde will occupy his pulpit todSy at. At Centennial United Church to- day at 11 am. Reid will preach oh "The God- Planned Life. HU ba flvMiksr W. At 7 30 pm the service will ba taken by Rev. Schrag wiU Uks the servloeg during the paator'a vacation. Is' out- lined In a proposal thst Is bring submitted to the churches of Brit- ain.

The Friend, Is six monihs its Junior. Riaan sad Pallor J. Morning pirayar and Holy CommuMon, 11 a. James Bay Unlitd— Bay. Jvlf t, I as. BaoS a r BBhoel. Wo'tMp 7 M p m. It waa Just that hf w,i. He tould not bear tbo thought of any- one ao young being alono In New York. JMi much more dUBeult ' tlma. The operator had luat gotten alek. I wAlkad In and ' n'-k. I've been tharr evf r since The pay ilron't maka me. I'm so happy for you! Ten daya afo you kwked Uka ft llfeUe plucked apairow. All I do U eat and alaap and try on dothw. He waa beginning to. A worried frown KRthf-rrd betwren lii.

Tell me the truth. Aflrr thU time the death rata In- I crea. Some physlciana keep an "ob-. On the -way up Broadway she cleared the mystery. Some Interesting figures are fur- I nl. In all the cases, immediate operation was performed: In almost all, the appendix ahowed itra.

Round and "V"' necW- Unes. Shades Include Blue, Navy. Regular, a pair, for. Well made and smartly finished. PasteK Felts Sailors, I'l. Sizes 34 to Appropriatie for Sijim mcr. TTiTtijr witii pocket and side- bntton fastdjing. Crisp Hlottses of drifandft or print. Yaokaea keep up the hot pace Hollywood. Miller, no doubt the circuit Ifiid U due! TlM world ehamploM proved SaU urday thai ihelr spurt is no flash in pan.

The victory maiQtalned the Ulants' four' and one-half game aaargin at tha top of the Nannnal Leagua pack. It came in the last taalBf and waa uaaamed. Newark 4, Syracuae S. Rochpster , Toronto Rest of games rained out. Mar- rltt Gordon Vancouver T. Hugh rrancla and Ifax Wink- ler dead heaU.

E Wfa ahlngto n. Ferrell, Ouilianl; Pearson and ENckey. Ml —4 8 1 Rat terlea— Wagner, Dlckm. Oi- termueller and Desautels. New York oaiOOl 13! Andrews, leaving only Mainland elevens to nght it out for the right to represent the Province In the Dominion play- downa. IHa Icotal who lad Victoria thtroughout. In the two d'ays' play. United States secured Ave points and Britain two.

For the eighth successive year Unuad iitates resisted the English didllMgta for tha dip. OthAa itaowa ara, left to r. Oordla BtU la the curve. Othera are the 'from the Penn AC. Ml - Etigland irnnLs c li a m- pion. Thla victory lifted Mrs. Moody to her eighth title— a record m the history of this historic club. It sat the crown on one of tha most notable comebacks in sport- ing history. And it rolled up an old and bitter eontrovcray. For thirty minutes, tha two Helens battled on lavel terma.

Tha score was In the ninth game, with Mlaa Jacoba aervlng. Moody hli tha flpoi that daektod ilia natch. There are strong Continental teams from Holland. Germany and fiel- giimi. Sydaey Brews and A. Locke, from' South Africa, ha'. Ha forgot to enter. Michael Blngfiam, chief profes- sional at. Leander, oarsmen suocessfully-Ue- fended the Stewards' Cup. The Wyfold CUp waa retained by London. Kelly in and equaled by H. San Francisco star's hurt- ling ' fwehands. TSUt kept on playing, taat. H waa'eltAr that Mfas Jacohs was hurt. Sha held up play momentarily to adjust the bandage of her ankla.

That whole final aat ha4 awiy- body In the standa bUBtag i b e u t the weird spectacle. I thought there waa aothlac I oould do but get It imr aa quMlf as po. I iouldn t ;K. Muss Acobs offered to stop play wlien Mrs. Moody obvious- ly waa In distress. On one other thins: In addition to Night games undoubtedly have! He 'Jumped" the dub laat night after Manager Jack Lellvalt refuaad to llstati to his demanda for sn In- crease in aalary.

Ore " let the hired man go and work the farm myself and. He knocked in thi. In Uie eeml- flnals ihU aftprnoon. Toniorrow he meeu Don Oowan, Vancouver, for the title. Vancouver, 2 and 1. In the second night. Victoria, wUl mateH atrokca sitb A- B. The deadly Iron slioU and close ap- proach of the Vancouver ace were matched, hole after hole, by the dean drlvlnc and neat chip ahoU of the Oolwood star, who opmed Vtth a birdie on the first, and tied WUlOjr'a par on the second On the thM.

Frank played out of the rough, overshot the green, , but staged a comeback for a par fottr7 making things even. The next waa a double btrdle, then a doubld paTiT but on the ninth. Col- gate nuffad a bra. WlUey took the tentb, but nearly loet Ihc efeventh, where a too-short putt was the turning point of Col- gate's play.

He was rushed to hoepitsl in an ambulance, suffering from Jim son. Farns, 4 and 3. WTlgllt, 1 up on nineteenth. McOulloeh, 3 and 1. ChrMopher, Vir'nrU, 3 and 3. M HOI beat A. R J Hyndman beat Blewart, a and 3. Cleats ft and 4. DlektaMon, a and 1. Hyndman S and 3 J. W O Hop- kins, 3 and 1. Treating fans te an exhlbuion of racing driving navar before equaled bp a Victoria driver. Sutton Jockeyed Into the lead as the bunrhed cars hit the first iilrn, and.

Pasadena, and Jack Spauld- ing, BeatUe. Ben Wlcflni Bonallla t Uttle Arto T' nyman Leaders In the "A" sec- tion race for the bunting, hunbar- 'mi ll will be out to grab off another victory In this Important fixture. Seeretery Bmie diver announced i Admirals Road; Spentiars. Bayerf ' Hollywood Club vs Cameron Lum-! Hollywood; Dymond and Mc- Lennan.

Jhuraday Sixteenth Beottlsh vs. Clubs In "A" Cardinals vs. Saanlchton, sections will play for the Fllnak Salinas The Patan. Puur Mm Idla Talk Thrr,! CLOSE mnsn First Intimation fans had that Sutton would be a danstermis con- tender In the main evrnt rame In the first heat, when the local boy battled Bacbe for ten laps only to drop the dedslen by the pvoNrMal eyelash.

Yanking his car out of a wild spin in thetlxth lap. Wilkinson averted a near catastrophe and went on to Rain the lead In Ihe second heat rade. F Wclf and W. The wlnaera were as follows: Charlie r4artln; 2, John Mutter; 3, Eric Baker. Owen Bl- worxi ,ir. Annie Broderson and Mary Oabome: Doris Greaser and Joan o. Kenneth Ralney and Douglas oabome: Wil- liam Becklngham ind Maurice Broderson: Charles Martin and Donald.

Owen EUwood and Peggy Jonas; 2. Owen Ellwood Obstacle race— 1, Mary Oaborne; 2. PeirRy Jonas; Norma Mutter. Norma Mutter Tug-of-war, boys vs. Clubs In "A and.. Calvert and Peden Cups, gchadtde for the week follows: Athletic Park; Slock and O Connor. Hampton Road; Pick and Walt. Macdonald i Enectric, Hollywood: Young Liberals' vs Esqulmalt Ath-. Victoria West; Watt and , Bnuco. AL-Ooa, Olad- stone Avenue. All ganaa aaaananaa al f: Wedneaday Victoria Meat Market vs. In a sudden - death Kame! Mte Bam-wiui, Lnif aaii-tSlrdi1?. The rame will gai ander way at 6: Rain, whicti frll ear.

In the twe final qiiartere. Vletorta , action Keenly fouKht every inch of the iatermedia-. Odrlett and cheering literally ihollk, the main ' ovcharlclt set the paat for Chevro- ' grandstand at thp Caledonia Avenue' enclosure. The Dominion Day perpetual trophy wa.

Upcoming Events

The former tools the ipwasure of Brlc llcCalluni after a three-set duel, 6-S, S-d and f Phillips and Cox In tiie men's doubles. BeOTltg sina'dra w follow: SiOOapted tlli'iAfar f time. In- the ' third Rfts. Bd Popham and Ray bitehbum refereed Teams and scorers follow: Marwon, Hunter Hi, F. The fight will be staKcd. The largest crowd in Ndrthwest's history ia expected to attend the bout.

SeveraT Victorians are oiaking the trip. Lbuie lileOorkall twe and Jim Plckford one. ToUl is Victoria '. Senior i- P Dentort, Hannah. Jimmy came home today from Hollywood and extra work and told Intenrlewefi: Freeman one for no lun. Edwarda won from B. Brand won from V Sher- ' man. Bladen minus 30 , Miaed Haatfeap DeaMce Ml'. Jackson and Hluns plus , The boy of the team Is Paul Michael aibault. He has been target shoottig with.

SM ' for six. Somerset, iBuse, ; Lee. Yorkshire, 74 for three.

See a Problem?

Cornwall 6 MlP. Victoria Cricket Club yesterday registered Moore, not mt j.. Oovemor- General's match at Connaught Range. Thomas Hayhurst, of Windsor. Ont fences and played geneially better About midway through the jieriod, Ba. The' final 'V' '. T Tre- lierne v. Yvonne Lowdon; Joyce Carrier vs.

Carr headed the Hat with a eeot e Of out of. Rasmussen 37 14 to oi D.

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Hotanea 30 '3t 8t L. Sfwk at AM Tmt. Brown, A D dordori. J 8 Oll- ihan'v. Howards odds -on favorite. Two Distance Hitters THiait aati. July 3 4n — Denny Shute. July here today follow: Ooidwyn Invadod every field of entertainment to find stars to aug- 1 ment the screen caat headed by human, the. Luirri and Hardy— score their ' greatest' trlu mgi. Iquently extremely fastidious, par- ticularly in regard to wearing ap- paial. Neatness most Ukcly wUl he one of this youngatar's outstanding characteristics. As a - ehemlst, engineer, actor, artist author lawyer edu- cator salesman or maouXaaurer you may win' tha anvy of your peritors aB l.

Faced with ah embarra. Featured In the large cast are Nit: Mickey Rooney and Cpcllla Parker ;yir!:. Pierre Tlmp will be tha vlstUng artist. Until 12 noon; 2 to 4 p m. Mndling ot flreeraekaia and fireworks will be this day's hazard. Conditions tend- ing to make the average person In- attentive, msy cau. It wlU be poor JudgBHii to ex- prasa your opinion In too forceful a manner and advisable to defer as n ich a-s pos-sible to the wishes of ,1 Other people this day.

Co-opcration Twltt beraMientlal fo obtalnlnt aatts- ' factory raaulta. Self-in- dulgence will be rr-pon. In the carrying out personal pUns this day. MMTled and riiL' -Kfil oupl. Hie itfglng of other people may rule moat of your actkma this day.

Married and en- gaced roiiplos a. If a woman and July 4 is your birthday, you have an acqul. Moat of the mlsukes you make probably are dua to your be- ing too Impulsive You are, per- haps, very iwrticular about your clothing, food and environment You might And It dilBcult to confide personal problems to anyone whose sympathv and ad'. You ought to be capable oi running a home or ofBee with equal tOclenry VoM mav be roRarrtrd by your friends as being ttioroughly artUUc.

Tlie child born oh jiilv 4 genernl- ly develops into. Mont people born on this date are blessed with excep- tionally good memories. Thoee bom on this date u. Their efToru are generally successful. Infentor or wiles jigent. The third rmmds must be oompleted by next Satur- day. Mr and Mrs F. W Ooodmnn won 'the' mixed green. Your ability to make ilnd save money will serve yon well throughout your life An exec- ivf.

T ie liidn ntions arc , hat you will be very fortunate in mir selection of a husband. Pttley Price In the. In a brief aKMnss. H Hoole; School Cup,! Srnior Oradaif aad Prise, C. R Angua,1l and 1. To Bartow defeatM 8. Vertey won, by default. A o Craig; defeated A. Tha dnw for tha third rotpd fetlowa: Harrison and Charles Morton. At the flirt nf thr mrttiUn. The sweep of QoalklUB Beach, with ha beautiful ind, ia below the courte.

Whether U U for a few hour. M par Sar or par waafc. Beml-furnlalied collaaPt adiaoeiit Kiflil on he aeafront on tho amout Saanlch tuhinc wafra. At Savary the sea Is tuxquoiae blue, warm ar. Produca troai tha home tara. Incluaire ratet ta Juna SK. One of the main altractlon. Al low tide the wa;cr. In the village and -on the hltliwnv approachlne the settler tn? Hot and cold water, nicely furnished, with light and fuel supplied, the.

Ashing is excellent, and every other outdoor sport is nloyed to the full. One of the mast out. Qualicum is within easy r hi. Fishing Is excellent In adjacent waters ''; tables are main- tained and lap Qualicum beach poK course la one of the best known on the coast. The ; entrance Is off the Wand High- i way. Wing's Camp has the advantage of r'. The ferry passes between tree-oov- 'ered Islets. Far In the di. Entering the hartwr of Fulford, the scenery changea.

Green slopes roll back In a tertes of ledges to the hills in the centre of the island. They lead to little lakes and tiny baya, to perfect re. Ganges Hart or is a considerable settlement, overlooking alovely land-lockfld. Veauirius Bay U noted for I its fishing, and. In fact, the entire Island Is a f i sher m an's paradise. There are eleven lakea, all ot them offerinR good sport, with black bass in. MP Por thoae who are seeking aiito camp accommodation. Boats may be had. Set In the heart of acrV "of privately owtied moperty, there la an excel- lent beafch, easy sdteess to wonderful fishing, boating and warm, ssfe bathitig.

Irrtey aiWaaii ' atc. Eitcaiivt AlttrstisM and Caaiylcta Rcnovatiew. Oelirioua Cooklni Reaaotiabla Ralak. We wit be f M le sasMyee. MS ajmft and tiv rat t aaa r va il aai vrtu MlM O. It OS MT ear. Royston u the centre of of lovely drtew. Jao ft eievatton and 4'. Eftm, fme ia the preieat AvalraKan champion, Cook and See will also coiqfMa with amor mmtm m mm- I mUe, one mile and thrsf-jnile events.

July 3 — The man wkio knows more about Glacier National Parlt than any other living be: McCllntock first saw Glacier Park forty-two years ago as a Government forestry surveyor. He has been a member df the natioQ for about forty years, and was one of the flrtl vlilta ma adopfiNTby tba Blackfeet. Wood- side Farm and Wluffen Spit. To a questioner, Mr. He expected the first of Uie. The Victoria will leavr the Belleville Freeman said the. Japanese, wish to -remove any. Previously, it was reported one Japanese floating cannery, the Totem Mam, and a fleet of smaller vessels were flsljilng for crabs and cod in the area.

July 3 mode, vice-president of the Amer- ican Mall Line, said Thursday the company's. Offices of the company will be kept open. In the traffic de- partment, L. Normkndle, via New Yark: XI, M, AufUil i. NimurS; lilts My lA. Inquire tbout low ititcroom ritci. Mora than 13S bdata In aU clawei have entered.

Everything TTSm fouiteen-foot dliiRhie. The latter club heads the list In the number of entries to date. They will be represented by nearly forty craft, compared. Qamp fees must be handed in JPrtday. Ji ly tLWlttoout f all. Clarke; duty divl- sloor- White Division: Slib-Ueut tfade by a locally-owned company in place of the Mail lipe ships. They started from Seattle a foriniKht ago and have been , camping wherever they cuuld land al nlffRtTThor appeared to be enjoyinu the experience, al- though they admitted that It wa.

It stopped at 0 pm. ClaTk, aecre- lai V ol the canned. Mile Higl Vacations li'iijiiiiiil: K riTT ,' HO wa. Niagara from the u on holiday furlough, a Prtnctaa Jean or fa. Hlye Maru had aboard thirty-eight students from all paru of America. They will tour ' Japan on the invtution of the Japanese Ministry of Education. Classes will be' held in am. Bo Priiiooaa Joan, St. Sa Prtn- cti' Klaint, aa. Now wijieii ana mmS m Bare. On the week this com- rVAanpSJpotota. OOO shares waa the best since October.

Ralle flnisbed, witb litM of f rae- ttaoe to more ttian 1 points. Yes, It's catrhinU the al- Icntinn of ibousandi of. Hm foNlgB was featuMleas. Cinhosloviku J tvnmtrk 23 IJ. Artentiiii 33 10 Bratil Ptm t M. J5W; United SUtes dollar. U-lf per cent pre- mium. Ic Tel American Tobacco. Ooodrear 1 I lOv Cnn: Tel rentral Johns ManvlUa. Nii- i K'lvlnetor Nm. Rand H"P ih iro'i Htrel. OfKl Elliot 1 M. Rubber u n Rubber p d.

U H Smeltint It 8. The fact Is that people accept the Idea of patronizing a store or buying a particular product in groups. It is easier to sell ap idea to tjhqftMinds of people than It l. People liuy UiUigi tliat are known awt ap- proved by the whole frroup In which thev move rha' is why an adver- tl-stng message must reach nearly evierybedy. Stsndras an a Itnell. Petroleum Imprrlitl Oil ntandard Oil of Kentucky. Newmont MInlns Co Amer. I Craola Petroleum Pantapec o.

XXty — Wheal -.

Venture Tales From Aeowal The Orla Cycle –

TRe fixed Washington 'loe amounted w. OradMl shipraenU in ear lou or Ism. July 4, and Thursday. July 7, ; Re- cruiU wUl assemble for traltttng on these dates 'at Onbs will be optional. Section Parade— Monday, July 4. All available Iication will be carried out at Hfai. Lunchtw wUl be pro- vided.

Venture Tales From Aeowal The Orla Cycle

Each company will be re- sponsible for -one Lewis gun- com- plete, to be tran. Part II Attestation— nie following man. With effect from Leave of Abeence— The following N. Brass Band, wlth'elfect frofn McMuBen; next for duty. JW;- H Koeppel; next for duqr, Sft. Crabtje Voluntary Blood Transf u. Camp Standing Ordors - Atten- tion of all ranks u drawn to the importance of making themselves acquainted with Camp. Correction — Camp Orders. DeUUed for Duty— Lieut. Promotloos — The O. Fellow, to be Cpl. Klrchoff, to be Cpl. Blscoe, "B, " with effect ; Jsggcrs, A," with effect ; , Pte. Companies and detaehments will arrive at camp by Commandant's ad- dress; Introduction and review of work.

Benentary gtm drill; fleei, SO-l-t: Part I Parade— The unit will parade al the Annoffles.

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  • Part 11 Strength Ine r sasi No. Anderson, attested antT'taWn 00 strength, effective Compiuiy Orders by Ueut. Mon-ilre Mill'-t Neyt for duty, Commlaalonalre W. The company, less those in permanent e mploinn e n t. Herrin another daughter, Mlss. B Rage 6 At home. Collier, of New Westminster.

    J8 Grade "A" medium Jl Grade "A" puUet JO Grade 'A" medium Nav prod- I Mo atUlno. Bioaor BoWlaa Moduno Co. Biryciaa and Motoreyelaa Boata and Launeboa Conlni Bvonu Qancioe Doatht. Purnuned House, for Henl Furnl. Wanted - Mlarellanaoua Wanted 10 Borrow W. We think of you in. Ever remembered and Midly muMd by mother, father. I prlnta, Vancouver Photo Supply. T mt raallBa a apoetalty. CM John Waad Oo. Dry inalda fir block. J3 50 Econom y PBOl. IS OO, heavy alaba. H SO wk arvclous toi. Apply Union Oil g WiW. Ltdn IM Owislaa Bttael.

    Apply Beebir S rert. Iv suitea, houaakecpina rooma: Summer roaari ar aaaip. ISc hour, ear tare. Ridden Ik widow of AlOaaiidef Wvne Man born December P E Ward, of WUron. G; G ssst FuuT B ara. We either buy o iir.