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There is travel writing here, but there are also snatches of memoir, social Travels with a Typewriter: A Reporter at Large, By Michael Frayn.
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Either way, these travel book reviews should provide you with some good, and often inspiring, ideas. Senior travellers should read it before venturing to that part of Africa. Two grandmas — one a writer, Janet Webb Farnsworth , and the other a photographer, Bernadette Heath — get themselves into many hazardous situations as they drive, hike, canoe and pony-trek up creeks and through canyons, way off the beaten track.

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But, far from being a radical new departure, the play was a logical extension of all Frayn's previous work. It was not just a cerebral thriller about nuclear physics, or a morality play about scientific responsibility. It was also a profoundly moving meditation on the uncertainty of human motivation and the infinite mystery of a universe we grapple unavailingly to understand. As a dramatist, Frayn has widened the angle of vision while staying true to his central themes. And you can see the same process at work in his fiction.

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The best of his early novels, Towards The End of the Morning , is both a wryly funny account of Fleet Street and the story of a gentleman-journalist thrust into a discussion of race-relations on television. A Landing on the Sun deals with the mystery surrounding the death of a civil servant rumoured to be working on a top-secret defence project for Harold Wilson's government in the early s. And Headlong , justly shortlisted for the Booker Prize, was a dazzling account of a young, would-be art historian's accidental discovery of what he takes to be a missing Bruegel masterpiece.

Combining art history with scholarly investigation, the novel was also about the attempt to impose subjective meaning on an infinitely mysterious painting: Even Frayn's translations relate to his own central preoccupation: Of all the dramatists, Chekhov was the one most aware of the comic gulf between our local insignificance and cosmic possibility: Having studied Russian during National Service, Frayn turned his skills to great account not only though his translations of the four acknowledged Chekov masterpieces but also though Wild Honey What emerges is a genuine spiritual affinity between the two writers: LitBritish September is upon us!

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Description In a wonderfully evocative collection of her travel writing and reportage from over five decades, Jan Morris - a constant traveller - has produced a unique portrait of the twentieth century. Available for pick-up within minutes of ordering.

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