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TOUCHED BY THE DRAGON'S BREATH: Conversations At Colliding Rivers ( new edition) (Colliding Rivers Series) (Volume 2) [Michael Harrington] on.
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Interpreting the experience as a dream, I surmised that life-altering changes loomed ahead. But that wondrous wave of light would remain a total mystery for years to come.

Touched by the Dragon's Breath by Michael Harrington aka Michael Avery

Some may recognize the date, August 17, , as the Harmonic Convergence. The strength of the outgoing cycle gradually diminishes, while its successor gradually fades in. The resulting overlap zone depends upon the length of the cycle in question. The Harmonic Convergence marked the time when the incoming energy of the Age of Aquarius and the outgoing energy of the Piscean Age were equally balanced.

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From that day forward, the Aquarian energy has been the more dominant. Those living in the twenty-five year period beginning with the Harmonic Convergence and ending on December 21, , will see the finish of one paradigm and the birth of another. The excitement and awe surrounding is further heightened by the synchronous ending of four major cycles. With our entrance into Aquarius, the 2,year cycle of the Piscean Age is coming to a close. Furthermore, according to both the Aztec and Mayan cosmologies, is the end-point of a ,year cycle composed of four Great Cycles.

Like many indigenous cultures, the Tibetans look forward to the arrival of with great anticipation. Their calendar, the Kalachakra, contains a prophecy that years after its introduction into Tibet, which happened in , the conditions would be fulfilled for a twenty-five year period that would culminate in the appearance of the sacred Tibetan spiritual city known as Shamballa. Eight hundred and sixty years after is Twenty-five years after that is !

But then things would change. When they have polluted the Earth to such an extent that the number of the Earth becomes 13 [Schumann Resonance], then in that moment they shall be no more. And in that moment you shall be where your heart is, for time as we have known it shall be no more. Follow-up data was suppressed. Huntley explained that our solar system skimmed the belt for a few days in Earth is not expected to fully enter until the year At that time we will experience its full-blown effects. Old patterns will rise to the surface, and will be released.

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DNA will be upgraded by these new, powerful frequencies. Matter will also be affected by intense photon activity. All objects will appear to fluoresce. Since it would be in another dimension, the sun would not be able to furnish us with light. Should the Earth enter first, we would immediately be thrust into the brilliant light of the Photon Belt. Writing in The Biggest Secret, David Icke states that the dramatic weather changes — droughts, floods, melting polar caps, etc.

It is really the result of the Photon Belt and the high frequencies being grounded, the portals opening, and the move from a three-dimensional reality into the fourth and fifth dimensions. In that role she will no longer support abusive, controlling energies. As we race toward , the end-point of the Outbreath of God, also known as Zero Point, all dark, dysfunctional energies will rise to the surface and be passed off. In her higher state, Earth will not tolerate vibrations of hate, violence, or subjugation. With foreknowledge of the coming changes, we can relax and enjoy the final act in the Piscean play for what it is.

We can inform others about the dimensional shift and the renaissance to come. With the proper attitude and inner preparation, we can successfully negotiate any changes that might occur.

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Despite what we hear from the corporate media, this is not a time of doom and gloom. Today we stand on the threshold of an exciting new world.

Touched by the Dragon's Breath by Michael Harrington

There is a light at the end of the tunnel If the sun goes dark for three d ays, you have to work out what you will have to do to prepare for that, to survive the cold. And probably without any electricity. Mary Carroll Nelson, Beyond Fear: Ancient Order of the Beneficent Dragons. Conversations at Colliding Rivers. He makes his home in the Pacific Northwest. Michael, a water quality specialist, has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, enjoys Alpine skiing, and relaxes by going for rides in the country with his Ragdoll cat, Jake.

Saturday, 6 December , Twilight in the Himalayas I had settled in for a quiet contemplation before retiring from an uneventful day. Other evidence that the sun could go dark for 3 days: The existence of the "Black Sun" secret society.

Touched by the Dragon's Breath : Conversations at Colliding Rivers

That could mean when the sun goes dark. Arctic weather gear for heads, hands, feet and bodies. Stored water for at least 3 weeks. Stored food that you do not need to cook for at least 3 weeks. Description Touched by the Dragon's Breath is based on actual conversations that took place between Michael Harrington and his mentor, John Redstone, splashed against the backdrop of Colliding Rivers in southern Oregon.

An Author's Note in this post Edition reveals that something huge did indeed happen as we crossed the golden threshold of December 21st, In two related conversations about the Seedbed and the Mirror of Life, John Redstone reveals his step by step approach to cleaning up the Belief System, a key element in preparing for the global frequency shift - commonly called the "Shift of the Ages" - that will usher in a new Golden Age. In a separate chapter highlighting prophecies from the Hopi, Maya, Aztec, and Tibetan cultures, the author substantiates many of Mr.

Redstone's views on and the Photon Belt, a spectacular band of multi-dimensional light, secretly known to some as the "Dragon's Breath. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions Looking for beautiful books?

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. About Michael Harrington Michael Harrington, "the man from Colliding Rivers," has been interested in spiritual subjects for the better part of his life. His fascination with metaphysics began at the age of fourteen, when he was taken by a spiritual adept on an out-of-body journey to a Temple of Wisdom.

Trained as a water quality specialist, Michael began his working life in the plywood mills of Oregon. After finishing college, he worked briefly as a real estate developer with his brother before striking out on his own to pursue writing. Michael's first success came in the early '80's when one of his children's books, "The Catbird's Secret," was accepted by a large publisher.