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Although Sinbad the Sailor didn't exist except in a story, the fables of a legendary valley of diamonds and the use of greasy meat to retrieve the.
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The Valley of Diamonds and Jewels

In the story of his Second Voyage , Sinbad is accidentally marooned on an island. He finds the giant egg of the legendary Roc, a monstrous bird. Hoping to escape the place, he ties himself to the bird's leg when it sat on its egg. The Roc afterwards flew to an impenetrable valley inhabited by giant snakes.

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It caught one of the serpents in its bill and flew away after Sinbad managed to untie himself. The valley floor was strewn with diamonds which Sinbad could not help but admire.

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He hid for time in a cave to stay safe from the snakes. Later on huge chunks of greasy meat began landing in the valley thrown by merchants who had devised a way of getting the diamonds out.

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A Valley of Diamonds in Crows Nest National Park | notesfromcamelidcountry

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There is a manmade viewing platform here, next to it is a tragic warning sign with a picture of a young man who fell and died here. A couple of kilometres further on I came to the Valley of Diamonds. The lookout point offers sweeping vistas over the gorge below, which seems to stretch on for ever. One of the highlights of the park are the brush-tailed rock-wallabies that live here, I was really hoping to see one. On my way out of the park, I stood silently at the viewing point overlooking Crows Nest Falls, and waited patiently to spot movement amongst the rocks.