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Editorial Reviews. Review. Penzler Pick, February What is there about the greatest series of short stories in the history of the world that.
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At the age of 17, he moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, and got the job of a clerk in the Office of Works as an architectural draftsman. In , he married his landlady's daughter, Mary Josephine , aged seventeen, with whom he had nine children, seven of whom survived infancy. He was baptised two days later in nearby St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church. Arthur was raised in a dysfunctional family because his father, an impecunious artist, was neurotic and could hardly support the family with a clerk's meagre salary. He developed a serious drinking problem, which eventually brought him to a mental asylum in Arthur's mother was a strong-minded Irishwoman, who traced her ancestry to the Plantagenets.

She held the family together and carried the burden of running the household and raising the children. Spartan at home and more Spartan at the Edinburgh school where a tawse-brandishing schoolmaster of the old type made our young living miserable. From the age of seven to nine I suffered under this pock-marked one-eyed rascal who might have stepped from the pages of Dickens. Arthur's mother, who knew well contemporary English and French authors, was a masterful storyteller, and she inspired her son to take interest in history and literature.

She exerted a strong influence on his future career. She told him stories of their family ancient aristocratic roots. At the age of about five Arthur wrote his first story, which had only thirty-six words. It was about a Bengal tiger and a hunter. At the age of seven Arthur began his education at Newington Academy in Edinburgh.

Then thanks to his mother and the financial help of his uncles, particularly, Michael Conan, a Paris correspondent for the Art Journal , Arthur received good education. First, he was sent for a year to Hodder, a prep school which prepared for a prestigious Jesuit school, Stonyhurst College, in Lancashire, which Arthur started in autumn As Andrew Lykett writes:.

Stonyurst was conservative and ultra-montane. This meant that its Rector or Head, Father Edward Ignatius Purbrick, followed a firm papal line in seeking to stem the tide of materialism in post- Darwinian Britain. Arthur did not like the strict discipline and excessive religious instruction which the Jesuits had imposed on pupils. He was soon disillusioned with the Christian faith and when he was leaving the school he became almost an agnostic.

While at Stonyhurst College, Arthur edited a school paper called Wasp and next the Stonyhurst Figaro , in which he revealed his talent as a future story writer. He also became a keen sportsman. In his later life he played cricket, rugby, football and golf, and was a cross-country skier. Arthur's uncle, Michael Conan, a famous journalist, encouraged him to write, but he did not take this idea seriously at that time. As a young boy Arthur was an avid reader, and one of his most favourite books was Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe.

He spent much of his spare time reading, and once he borrowed so many books from the local library that, as he recalls in Memories and Adventures , a special meeting of a library committee was held in his honour, at which a bye-law was passed that no subscriber should be permitted to change his book more than three times a day. In , Arthur Conan Doyle began to study medicine at his mother's suggestion at the University of Edinburgh, which had been one of the best medical schools at that time. Joseph Bell , the famous lecturer and an expert in the use of deductive reasoning, who inspired the character of Sherlock Holmes, and the physiologist, Professor William Rutherford , a model for Professor Challenger.

He also studied under Sir Robert Christison , one of the founding fathers of modern toxicology.

The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

During his medical studies, Arthur desperately tried to earn money for his living and to support his family. As a student he began writing short stories to earn some extra money. In , Conan Doyle took a break from his studies and went on a daring six-month sea voyage to the Arctic on the whaling ship Hope. All British whale ships had to carry a surgeon, even if he was a 20 year-old medical student.

During the voyage Doyle wrote a fascinating diary which was published recently. Finally, in , Conan Doyle passed qualifying examinations and settled in the Portsmouth suburb of Southsea in the next year to begin his own medical practice. He also joined the Literary and Scientific Society. Soon he found out that he was not satisfied with his medical career and decided to try his hand in writing fiction.

From a young age he found pleasure in writing letters and articles and, finally, composing short stories. He also wrote his first novel, The Narrative of John Smith. Its manuscript was lost in the mail on its way to the publisher. Although not good fiction, the novel provides a fascinating insight into the young writer's mind.

It was published in This early novel is about a middle-aged man who is stricken with gout and confined to his bed for a week. He attempts to write a book, and expounds his views on topics such as medicine, religion, literature and interior design. Many of the opinions reflect the author's outlook, e. In the s Conan Doyle continued his private medical practice at Southsea, which turned out to be far from prosperous, and published fiction in various magazines. Because of its brevity it was not published as a separate book, but was included in Beeton's Christmas Annual in the following year.

The Annual was not very popular and Doyle decided to write historical romances instead of detective fiction. Conan Doyle often wrote to his mother about his longing to have a wife. Eventually, in , he married Louise 'Toulie' Hawkins, whom he had met while treating her terminally ill brother Jack. Surprisingly, instead of going on a honeymoon with his young wife, he went on a tour of Ireland with the Stonyhurst Wanderers, the school's old boys cricket team.

Four years later Arthur and Louise had their first child, Mary, and in their second child, Arthur, known as Kingsley. In , Conan Doyle studied briefly ophthalmology in Vienna. After return to England, Conan Doyle moved to London with his wife and daughter to start practice as an eye specialist at 2 Upper Wimpole Street.

In August, Doyle decided to give up medicine and make his living as a full-time professional writer. He next moved with his family to Tennison Road in South Norwood to concentrate only on writing. By then Conan Doyle had launched himself as a full-time professional writer. In , Louise was diagnosed with tuberculosis. During the first years of the illness, the Doyles spent much time in Switzerland, hoping that local climate would help her.

While in Switzerland Conan Doyle practised winter sports and became the first British to cross the Alpine pass in snow shoes. After return from Switzerland to London, Conan Doyle met the novelist Grant Allen at luncheon, who told him that he had also suffered from consumption and that he had found the climate of Surrey beneficial for his health. Doyle rushed to Hindhead, the highest village in Surrey, with buildings at between and metres above sea level.

He immediately bought a plot of ground, and commissioned a house to be built before leaving with his wife for Egypt in the autumn of The house, called Undershaw, which was designed for rest and recuperation of his wife, was ready in Louise died in at the age of Shortly after the death of his wife, Conan Doyle married Jean Leckie , a beautiful daughter of a wealthy Scottish family, who rode horses, hunted, and had trained as a singer.

Pascal 94 She turned out to be the greatest love of his life. He had met her at a party in , while Louise was still alive and fell in love at first sight. It appears that the relationship with Jean was platonic until Louise died. Conan Doyle had two children with his first wife: Mary Louise and Kingsley , and three children with his second wife: During his writing career Sir Arthur wrote twenty-one novels and over short stories.

He also published nonfiction, essays, articles, memoirs and three volumes of poetry. He left thousands of letters to the press, his mother about letters , family, friends and acquaintances, including Winston Churchill, P. Wodehouse, Theodore Roosevelt, and Oscar Wilde. From Sherlock Holmes to Spiritualism write:. He shared Dickens's sense of justice and social responsibility, his warm humanity and delight in the lively individuality of the characters he created.

Like Dickens, he published his stories and novels, often in serial form, in the weekly magazines that were the staple of popular entertainment in the late nineteenth century. Like his younger contemporary and friend, H. Wells, he used his scientific education and medical training in his fiction and challenged the prevailing belief in the idea of progress. Like Wells, he also became an important public figure whose opinion was sought on the crucial issues of the day, an influential speaker at a time when the lecture was a popular event.

Holmes's fictional forefather was Edgar Allan Poe's detective C. Auguste Dupin, but it was Conan Doyle who first introduced to literature the character of the scientific detective. Holmes, one of the best known and most popular characters in English literature, is not only a successful master detective, but he is the epitome of the Victorian and imperial values.

Sherlock Holmes embodies the system that he comes to protect. He is the man of reason, of science, of technology; he is from the upper class and was educated at Oxford; he eventually becomes rich; and he frequents best city clubs and other haunts of the gentleman. After publishing the first set of Sherlock Holmes stories in the Strand Magazine between and , Doyle was not particularly proud of his detective fiction.

He planned to write an opera, a book of medical short stories and a Napoleonic saga. He believed that historical romances, and not his detective stories, were his most important work. Wilson 22 In , he tried to kill off Holmes at the height of his popularity by plunging him over the Reichenbach Falls with Professor Moriarty, Holmes's greatest enemy, but in Holmes appeared in The Hound of the Baskervilles because the reading public demanded further adventures of the great detective.

This is a great collection of thirteen Sherlock Holmes detective stories. These occur after Sherlock supposibley dies in the last collection.

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The author was under a lot of pressure to revive Sherlock Holmes and masterfully does in this volume. Enjoy and Be Blessed. Jul 07, Aishu Rehman rated it liked it Shelves: The Return of Sherlock Holmes collects thirteen short stories featuring the famous detective, all supposedly written and published by John Watson, his best friend, roommate, and confidante.

With a disappearing wife. And I was wondering how Doyle would actually bring him back. I mean, more than usual. And at the end, all returns to status quo. Mar 14, Kenchiin rated it really liked it Shelves: Quality varies among the different short stories, but overall Jun 14, K.

Absolutely rated it it was ok Recommended to K. So, while writing the first story of the collection, Doyle was in full hope that the interest in his characters, Holmes and Watson, would be revived. I actually rested for few days in between reading the two collections and I would say that on the 6th day, I felt that I was missing Sherlock Holmes so I returned to my daily reading and finished this book in 4 days including two heavy weekend reading days: Watson, now a widower, recognizes him and so they are both back to resolving crimes in London.

Their first assignment is the murder of Ronald Adair in Park Lane and the culprit is no other than his card playmate, who is but Moran. Very enjoyable after almost a week of not reading Sherlock Holmes. My friend is correct in advising me of not reading this canon without letup. Holmes almost convinced me went abroad to see the Dalai Lama! Holmes does the unorthodox solution: Also enjoyable but I could not believe that Oldacre did not know that the fire was staged. Prior to their deaths, the images of the 15 Dancing Men mysteriously appear in their house. Oh, also what happened to the fingerprints on the guns used?

It seems to have something to do with the uncle who contacts Carruthers and Woodley to ensure the well-being of Violet and her mother. I thought it would have been more interesting if the love story is highlighted more. But then this is Sherlock Holmes and not Nicholas Sparks. The boy is reported to be unhappy at home and it is assumed to be the reason. I liked this one because it has a second set of characters that come out during the deduction part that I did not expect coming.

His family is happy because he, abusive to them, is finally out of their lives. Investigator Hopkins asks for help from Holmes and Watson. Holmes sees the initial on the cover of the diary in the crime scene and it leads him to the culprit. Seems ordinary to me.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A Biographical Introduction

He was said to have used those letters to bribe well-known personalities. Sir Conan Doyle used this true-to-life situation as a backdrop of this story. Here, Holmes is hired by a debutante Lady Eva Blackwell to retrieve compromising letters from a blackmailer, Milverton. Holmes disguises as a plumber, applies in the Blackwell mansion and get engaged with one of the maids.

Conan Doyle has limitless imagination and can make Holmes do everything especially all these almost unbelievable disguises. I thought it had something to do with British hating Napoleon, a French military commander and conquerer. The incident happens when the professor is out from his office. Holmes is consulted to do a mini-mini-minimo. I liked this because it is simple and brought back memories of classmates who were caught cheating during exams in school. Not that I did not think of committing similar acts!

Check the back of the bookcase. This story is short and quite uncomplicated compared to the other stories but I enjoyed it! I thought that this story is sport-related until the ending. Quite surprisingly, I am liking the Holmes stories with light straightforward resolutions.

Sherlock Holmes

The lady and her maid say that the culprit is a group of 3 burglars. The answer is obvious. I was able to predict this one! He believes that no one knows the importance of that document even his wife, Lady Bellinger. Then one of the spies hired by Holmes is killed.

The Return of Sherlock Holmes

I did not see the ending coming but I again anticipated the marital problem. There is a formula: So, while reading, I can tell where I am. Then if I can predict what happens in the last two stages, it makes me happy. The only thing that I should improve on is how to do deductions! I have not been able to think the way Holmes does! He is just too smart! View all 7 comments. Yes, some of the elements are a bit overfamiliar by now, but fans expected those, and without them Holmes and Watson are not themselves.

The murders seem more violent give the people what they want? At the end of this collection, Watson says Sherlock no longer wants his stories to be published now that he has retired to the country. He wants no more publicity and to be left in peace. Surely 5 out of 5. Oct 13, Krystal rated it really liked it Shelves: Not the greatest of the Sherlock Holmes compilations, but it's still got some great stories in here. Even though it was years ago that I read it, there are still stories that stand out in my memory.

I suppose reading about Holmes in his later years lost a little of its charm, but I also feel that perhaps Doyle didn't have quite the vigor in writing these ones. Still great though, and your reading of Holmes is not complete if you've skipped this book. Sep 10, Katie Lumsden rated it really liked it.

A very enjoyable collection, as I always find with Sherlock Holmes short stories. How could i give anything but 5 stars? I can only imagine how people in the early years of the 20th century, how much joy they had in their hearts when the beloved character came back from the dead to solve another mystery.

You know what he is still alive. Characters like Sherlock Holmes never die. Really enjoyed reading this! This is a really interesting,mysterious,fun collection of 13 Sherlock Holmes stories. Watson is awesome as always. The only thing that I didn't like is the fact that the bad guys always look like the bad guys-their eyes are narrow and evil,their chins are weak.

No one is destined to be something based on how he looks-no one is actually born to be a murderer,a thief etc. I like Really enjoyed reading this! I liked everything else,though. I congrat-" " To Milverton's housemaid. He's back and doing his usual of belittling everyone around and solving cases using the barest evidence while Watson is still gushing over every female he comes into contact with.

If this was my first experience of Sherlock I might rate it higher, but it didn't live up to previous short story collections for me. Obviously I still think this is good stuff, it's Holmes! May 22, Jaro rated it really liked it Shelves: Read in The Complete Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes is resurrected! He's back, and solving mysteries, in this collection of thirteen short stories.

An enjoyable collection, and a must-read for fans of Sherlock Holmes. The Adventure of the Empty House 2. The Adventure of the Norwood Builder 3. The Adventure of the Dancing Men 4. The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist 5. The Adventure of the Priory School 6. The Adventure of Black Peter 7. The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton 8.

The Adventure of the Six Napoleons 9. The Sherlock Holmes is resurrected! The Adventure of the Three Students The Adventure of the Golden Pince-Nez The Adventure of the Missing Three-Quarter The Adventure of the Abbey Grange The Adventure of the Second Stain Watson si fa vanto di averlo fatto smettere. Quindi non gli resta che accompagnarlo e condividere… Il miglior amico di sempre. Sherlock Holmes is back! The first story in this collection, The Adventure of the Empty House, was one of my favorites because it's how Arthur Conan Doyle brought the great detective back from the dead. Doyle had previously killed the character because he was tired of writing about him, but fans were so upset and publishers offered him more money!

I especially liked how Sherlock occasionally acts as judge and jury, and his reasons for allowing certain perpetrators to escape because he thinks their actions were justified. After making my way through six books of Sherlock, I have come to appreciate how important the character of Dr. He must always be simple-minded and astonished by Holmes' fantastic deductions. Without that friendly reaction, I don't think these stories would have been as endearing. The Valley of Fear. As Sherlock famously said, "The game is afoot!

I cannot say enough good things about his narration. I highly recommend them. Oct 03, Ahmad Sharabiani marked it as to-read Shelves: The brilliancy of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle will never cease to amaze me! He must have literally been a genius to come up with so many clever cases and solutions for all the Sherlock Holmes books! View all 3 comments. Jan 18, Tarissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sherlock Holmes is back in London after his assumed death back at Reichenbach Falls.

It's not long though, and someone is trying to put him six feet under once and for all 'The Adventure of the Empty House' Now, I was extremely impressed with the story 'The Adventure of the Norwood Builder' , in which forensic fingerprinting is put to the test. Pretty intriguing, and this is where Conan Doyle is really strutting his scientific mind. Oh, what a funny idea! This relationship only comes about due to Holmes' need to milk out information, and of course to relieve your mind , there is no marriage.

And one other story worth mentioning is 'The Adventure of the Second Stain'. I liked it because Holmes shows grace and kindness. Usually he comes off as seemingly callous. He has so logical a mind, it's sometimes hard for him to let soft emotions come through. But he pulls it off in this story. So, those are some of my favorite moments of The Return of Sherlock Holmes. Most of the stories, it seems, I could breeze through in about 15 minutes or so. Each provided a pleasant mystery to puzzle out. In the last story, I was very amused that Watson states that Holmes has forbidden him to keep publishing any of the stories — and yet, we know this promise is not forever kept.

Oct 13, Joe rated it it was amazing Shelves: This year I read a lot of Sherlock Holmes "inspired" work, spin-offs, pastiche's, etc. I figured it was high time to return to the source and man, was it totally worth it. I just love the language of these stories. It is quite literally music to my ears. This collection is 13 short Sherlock stories. I like This year I read a lot of Sherlock Holmes "inspired" work, spin-offs, pastiche's, etc.

I like how Holmes tells Watson went all "Deathwish" on all the assassins Moriarty sent after him. A young man stands accused. Secret passageways, burnt animal carcasses and brilliant deductions await. Mysterious pictures of stick figure dancing men begin to appear on someone's property. Their wife has a mysterious past?

What to the figures mean? As a child, this story was my first exposure to code breaking that still holds up. An odd adventure that begins innocently and ends quite serious. This story involved a lot of tracks and tracking. This is officially the best murder I've ever read about! Holmes deduces who the murderer is and catches him by basically using old timey Craigslist. Holmes tries to get a blackmailer to listen to reason to no avail. What follows is like no other Holmes story I've ever read.

There's a little faux-romance, a little breaking and entering, and, of course, a little murder. Is this the work of a Francophobe Fanatic? A pretty obvious mystery that is still quite entertaining. The who of the who done it doesn't know who they did. Does that make any sense? I really like how Holmes tracks the bad guy here.

A nation's security and a ladies honor hangs in the balance. Is Holmes up to the task? Of course he is. Great book and free thanks copyright law! If you haven't read Holmes in a while, definitely worth checking out. Mar 06, David Sarkies rated it it was ok Shelves: He's Back 6 March When we last left our fearsome detective he was plummeting to his death having cornered his arch-nemesis Dr Moriarty on the Reisenbarch Falls.

Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle Arty to his friends, and me had thought that he has seen the last of him and was planning on taking it easy having put the famous detective to rest. Well, sure, the fans He's Back 6 March When we last left our fearsome detective he was plummeting to his death having cornered his arch-nemesis Dr Moriarty on the Reisenbarch Falls. Anyway, in the first story we learn that not only had Holmes survived that fateful encounter, but that he had been lying low for quite a while because he wanted to make it appear that he was actually dead.

Anyway, he manages to do so, and then solves a multitude of other cases and finishes us preventing a European wide war when he steps in and locates a note that the Prime Minister of England had believed that he has lost. Actually, the final adventure in this particular book has the Prime Minister of England coming to Holmes for his assistance. Okay, this collection of short stories appeared around ten years after the previous one so there was no doubt a long time between drinks. Maybe the reason Doyle decided to bring Holmes back from the dead is the same reason that bands from the 80s and earlier do come back tours — they have run out of money.

For instance, I saw John Cleese live a year ago and when I mentioned that to a friend he made mention that the only time John Cleese goes on tour is when he runs out of money. Maybe that is why Simon and Garfunkle put aside their differences and went on a world tour though I suspect that even a rumour of a comeback tour would be enough to set them up for the rest of their lives.

In a sense the things that I loved about Holmes were missing. His cocaine addiction and his brothel visiting habits as well has being a prize fighter actually made the character seem really really cool. However, come short story collection number three and all of the sudden he seems to be little more than a cardboard figure that seems to have no personality beyond being able to solve crimes. Okay, they are short stories, and the audience most likely wanted more of these short, easy to digest, crime stories, but I personsally wanted something a little more.

Further, the cleverness of some of the stories that appeared in the first couple of collections no longer seem to be the case here — they are just good old murder mysteries. Well, not all of them, but there is at least one dead body appearing in most of the stories. Interestingly Inspector LeStrade makes an appearance now. The only reason that LeStrade comes to mind was because he appeared in an adventure game that I played as a kid called, not surprisingly, Sherlock Holmes.

I was a bit baffled as to the significance of this character, but my Dad pointed out that he was a police officer that would always come to the wrong conclusions. Jan 18, Courtney bookplaces rated it it was amazing Shelves: I greatly enjoyed this collection of Sherlock Holmes cases!