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If your husband complains about your dog constantly or your wife snaps at He does night shift most of the time n i live with my mother in law.
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That's ears back, maximize apparent eye size, pathetic mode. Does she do this when she wants something or when you are leaving? Why do you call it your 'wife's dog'? Why not 'ours' or whatever. As a non-american, this kind of possessive culture confuses me, can you explain? You, Human, yes you We had a pact.

My people would hunt alongside your man-packs and together we would secure this world. My people upheld our end of this sacred agreement. For thousands of years we have served loyally. Why have you betrayed us like this? Just want to mention that no matter what, this is still a breathing living being.

All dogs need love. For all the nasty comments about killing the dog in the photo. You don't deserve to ever have any type of dog ever. Not only is this dog cute, but I'm sure it's sweet. I see no difference in someone saying big dogs are superior dogs because they're not rat dogs. As to someone saying "this" race is the superior race because it's not "said race". Do you walk him? Maybe he thinks he's walking you Looks like you didn't make it to the toilet in time and this thing rolled out of your pant leg.

Dogs feel very vulnerable when they poop, and assume Humans feel the same way.

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Why Does My Dog Look at Me When They Poop? 💩🐶

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Tumblr-exclusive comics are the exception, and may be rehosted, however if the artist's name or watermark are removed, the post will be removed. In other words, guilt is complicated. Unfortunately, many of us have learned that humans can be vindictive and spiteful. Their innocence and purity of heart is one of the many reasons that we adore them.

But as you probably have learned for yourself, many of the animals we live with do not come with a clean slate. Many of them have emotional burdens. Many of them are sensitive to our emotions. Because of this, our companion animals can and will destroy or improperly eliminate due to underlying emotional reasons. Anxiety is also the number one reason why physical punishment should NEVER be used for correcting behaviors.

Can you imagine being stressed beyond belief that your human has left you, so you destroy something, and then your human comes home to scream at you, or hit you? Punishment only creates more fear. Physical and mental punishment never helps the situation, and it certainly only makes behavior issues worse. How would that make you feel? Would you learn not to do it again? Or would you start to fear that person, OR fear going to the bathroom in front of them?

Punishing your dog for potty accidents in the house is never a viable solution. Rather than learning that going inside the house is wrong, your dog will learn that people are unsafe and unpredictable. Animals have their very own specific environmental, mental, and physical needs that need to be met. When we treat them as if they are children, we are not recognizing what they inherently need to be happy and healthy in our home.

Your pet is not a child, nor should they be treated like one. We need to learn to see animals for who they are; a living being that has species-specific needs. Of course our pets have distinct personalities, and they are some of our greatest teachers, but they are not children. When we label them, and put unrealistic expectations on them, we hinder them, and what they need to fully thrive in our home.

As their guardians, we have to learn to see their motivation behind the behavior. This is where we want to start. Health issues -in every species of animal- can directly affect their behavior. If there is a confirmed clean bill of health by the veterinarian, then we can start to address the environment, and what might be creating the new, undesirable behaviors that they are seeing in their pet. Our animals are not plotting their revenge on us.

They are not planning how to get back at us. They are not programmed the way humans are. So we must learn to recognize what is really going on with the animal that we have chosen to bring into our lives. Find out what they need and what is causing their behavior.

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When one takes on the responsibility of being the guardian to any pet, dog or cat,the first thing they should do is Learn. I know to many this will sound silly or strange, become one with the animal, Learn to think like your dog or cat, when you do you will become two things the first is the best guardian you can be, the second is a much better person! Like Liked by 1 person. Robert, I completely agree! When messes, accidents and even destruction happens in our home, we have to take responsibility for it. Reblogged this on Barking Up the Right Tree and commented: So when my dog peed directly on my Foot for the 2nd time this week it was not on purpose?

Amanda, thank you for your comment! I would love to share my experience with this. Is it possible that your dog has a medical condition that needs immediate attention? Companion animals cats, dogs, and others will very often tell us that they have something wrong with them, by doing the kind of behavior that you described.

Has she been to the vet recently? You may meed to make sure she has a clean bill of health … Another thing to consider is this: IF she is checked out by the veterinarian and she has no medical issues, she could be displaying that behavior to Get Your Attention! Dogs who received a lot of attention before a baby arrived in the home often have a hard time adjusting when the attention is not focused on them anymore. Attention is often focused primarily on the baby. Have you noticed that you have not been giving her as much attention?

  1. Educational Neuroscience: Initiatives and Emerging Issues (Educational Philosophy and Theory Special Issues)?
  2. "My dog is dignified. My wife's dog, doesn't know the meaning of the word.".
  3. Was It Out of Spite? Think Again. – Conscious Companion.
  4. Why is My Dog Destroying My House?!
  5. Did she display a lot of attention seeking behaviors before your baby arrived? Dogs that display any attention seeking behaviors before, are only exaggerated and increase once a baby comes into the home. Are there ways that you can set aside some one-on-one play time with just you and her? Are there ways that you can consider safely including her in family routines with your baby? Our Family Paws website can help you with some ideas on how to do this: My dog just spite pissed on the floor because we have not played fetch in weeks. Human baby gets priority over rescued street dog.

    Good Monday to you! Thank you for commenting. I would love to discuss this further, to provide some insight for you and your family. When is the last time your dog has had a FULL medical examination including a blood and urine analysis? Getting your dog or any other pet to the veterinarian is the first thing that I suggest to my clients when they see the kind of behavior that you are describing. Adding a child to a home can often cause a lot of stress on the pets, not to mention the stress added to the parents!

    Feel free to contact me if you would like additional help, or if you have questions: What if Squeaky really was just evil? She is not my dog, she is my husbands dog, and all she really does is tolerate me while he is her everything.

    Des Moines freelance writer

    All we do is put her in her cage which is big enough for her overnight. We used to have it in the room and we tried putting pillows in it to make it comfortable, but she pooped in it, so now it lays bare. On the brightside they have made me fall deeply in love with my cat!!! So many things here. Clothes, diapers, food, toys, then Christmas, after school programs, never mind healthcare, especially after they break a bone, actually the dog is starting to sound better , you have to walk them or they poop inside no indoor plumbing for dogs yet , they chew up everything although a lot of that stuff is replaceable- wait til your child draws on the wall after turning away for one second.

    Paint is expensive too. Yes, all very good reasons for not having children. And yes, dogs do get anxiety. Some get disturbed by thunder and lightening. Thunder jackets brand totally has that market covered. You put yourself out there to be judged. Everyone is going to have their own opinions. If you post something, be prepared for anyone to read it and commenting on however they see fit. Otherwise set your blog to private. They can make money off of anything. Your opinion and my opinion.

    Less editorials from people with a difference of opinion. Thank you for this. But I hate mine. I love them, surely, but they are the worst. I supposed every once in a while someone has obnoxious kids. You can educate and make things bearable, sure. I am so sad for you but take solace in the fact that so many people do love dogs and other pets for all different reasons.

    Have you ever seen the dogs they take to areas that have been hit by natural disasters? My family got a small annoying dog who refuses to be house trained, wakes me up at 5 am every morning to be fed, barks for hours when I get home from work, gets into the trash, and gnaws on all the furniture despite all the chew toys and bones I buy him. Dogs are needy, dependent high maintenance animals bred for labor and shows. People are idiots for expecting then to be stuffed animals. My niece has a lab she never exercises, the thing is a neurotic attention whore.

    The fact is that dogs are not very good pets, especially not for urbanites and children who are too lazy and ignorant to even find out how to properly train them. The biggest problem I have with dogs is that they just poop and pee everywhere and anywhere they feel like it. They are also scavengers and are always searching for food. I can see how people that dont mind being sloppy and dirty like them. Nothinb worse than coming home wanting to relax and being greeted by a pile of poop. Ben Gran, I appreciate your honesty. You have to pay for food, vet care, training, toys, etc.

    They require a lot of attention, especially if they are high energy, unsuitable apartment types. God I totally agree. Ours is a pitbull mix and wants constant attention. Some people love that kind of clinginess but it drives me nuts. And the chewing and destroying. I thought I might do way better with a small dog but who knows might be just as bad. I needed this article. I have been thinking about rehoming my large breed dogs for quite some time but everytime I get the courage, I feel a lot of guilt like I am a bad parent. I feel so restricted, if I go out, I am constantly worrying about them, will they chew up my shoe, do they need to go outside..

    Training, food, VET bills. I get nothing out of having my dogs.

    Do you love your dog more than your partner?

    This article finally speaks to my feelings — Dogs Animals do not belong in homes. Animals should not be PETS. They belong is the wild. NO other animal on this planet Earth resides with another animal. Dogs at least these dogs are not natural, they are engineered to possess a personality to fit your personality.. I agree, some people are dog people. I am not a pet person in general. I like them, in small doses and not in the home that I live in. They are dirty, they stink, they are needy and why should I feel bad admitting that. I think certain people have that emotional need for something that adores them unconditionally and that they can lavish attention and affection on, guilt free.

    Some people are content with pets, they were a constant source of stress and unhappiness to me, to each his own. But nonetheless I enjoyed seeing this blog. In my opinion the only truly great dog is a dog trained by professionals to the point where you could consider them a work dog. A dog that knows how to do nothing, and be fine with it.

    I have a dog, great dog, not like the dog I just described but a nice dog nonetheless. Neglecting your dog is wrong. Abusing your dog is evil. And shows that you are decent person. I admit I was ready to rant at the euthanasia sentence but calmed a little when you described your effort to find a more appropriate home for your dog. My Aunt has severe dog allergies and she has always had dogs that are mixed with poodles so they have wool instead of fur and are very low-shedding.

    Beddlington terriers are also a great hypo-allergenic option. God bless you for your honesty! I, too, hate my dog. I have kids and love every second of being a father. I hated every second of being a dog owner. Well, not every second but for the most part I question why the heck I want a four legged animal who licks himself constantly and likes to sniff feces wandering around my house.

    Dogs are dirty, messy and needy. Time to let them become extinct. It would be a much nicer world without them and other domesticated animals. No more vets, animal food, poop or putting down unwanted animals. Neuter them all and let them become extinct. Time for a world wide ban on domesticated animals. My daughter always wanted a dog, desperately wanted one. My husband said we needed a good watchdog, a friend for our son.

    I agreed, as long as it could be a littler one, like a beagle, or jack russell terrier, Something like that. I did feel sorry for the dog, I must admit. It was whining the loudest and jumped on all of us and leaped onto a chair near us and was licking us.

    My wife's rat dog doesn't let me poop in peace : funny

    That should have been part of the warning signs. At least four walks a day, slobbers water and food all over. Very messy, very needy, gets up at 6am. Then or He has had various forms of soft stool and diarrhea since we got him. That has yet to happen. The shelter said watch out he plays in the bathtub.

    Was It Out of Spite? Think Again.

    I insisted to my husband he will have at least one bath a week if not TWO. He is a very dirty dog and though our house is never clean due to coming in through the kitchen entry way and shoes everywhere, it is never clean anymore. He takes food out of his bowl and scatters it everywhere. Part of the problem is I am exhausted by 5 pm. I end up eating junk just to stay awake. Our son will be attending kindergarten next year, but that is a long five months away and I hate to say it, I much prefer the company of kids to our dog.

    I write this only in warning. I will not take the dog back. The best thing I ever did was get a rottweiler. They are the easiest dogs to train, and the most low-maintenance. When I first got my dog, he shat in the house one time on the second day.