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Raven's Tears, Revised & Expanded (The Raven and the Iris Book 1) - Kindle edition by Michael Matson, Alesia And the best part is that it's believable. Maybe.
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The child would forever be scarred by the events that transpired today and would carry a mark as a testament to it. Still holding Ruby in her arms, the figure stood up and walked to the edge of the hillside before peering over it. Looking for a cluster of yellow hair, she instead found a trail of blood that disappeared after a few feet, replaced by crushed leaves in the form of bootprints. Troubled by the disappearance of her daughter, the figure, now known as Raven Branwen, followed the trail with her eyes and saw that it went East.

Straight towards "Tai's house A few seconds passed before she stiffened instantly "Tai's house! Just as she began to turn away from the hillside, a low rumbling could be heard, followed by a strong gust of wind as a bullhead flew past above her, only to slow down and land a couple miles off from where Raven was currently standing.

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She gritted her teeth in annoyance at the unexpected intrusion caused by her biological daughter, but could not help but feel a hint of pride towards Yang's resilience. Stomping the rising emotions back into the corner of her mind, Raven estimated that she had less than 5 minutes before a search party came looking for Ruby. Cursing under her breath, she briskly trekked towards the forest's epicenter, her mind conflicted on what to do with the child of roses. But her train of thought was soon shattered by the appearance of a stark white rose petal fluttering through the air, blown by the Autumn winds.

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As the petal drifted through the air Raven stared at it in disbelief before extending her arm and snatching it out of the air. Bringing it close to her face, Raven studied the petal as another strong sense of familiarity took hold of her. Then it hit her "Summer Rose As Raven stared at the petal a memory resurfaced about that particular day in which Raven swore an oath to Summer Two figures could be seen sitting together at the top of a tower, silently gazing at the celebration of humanity's liberation from the creatures of Grimm with the discovery of dust.

Bursts of light illuminating their faces with flashes of red flame, white snow, black pulses, and yellow light… That was until one of the two figures shattered the silence between them, "Hey Raven, I want to ask you a favor. Turning to the other, the figure, now identified a s Raven, gazed at her friend before replying with a smile "Yeah? A second passes as Raven noticed that her leader was not joining in on the joke.

Opening her eyes she was met by the piercing stare of Summer Rose, a look that clearly signified that she was not in joking mood. Coughing awkwardly to hide her surprise, Raven turned towards her friend and said once more, but this time in a serious manner, "Yes Summer, you have my attention. Giving Raven a sad smile, Summer looked back towards the light show before saying "Raven I do not want to burden you… but I was assigned a special mission by… him.

If I don't come back, if I ever go missing, I want you to watch over and protect my child. But please… I beg of you, can you pro-. Shocked from the unexpected reaction of her team mate, Summer sat not knowing how to respond to Raven's… warm response. That was over 3 years ago… and now as Raven stared at the rose petal she came to the sudden realization that if this was here then…. Looking up she was rooted to the ground by the ghostly apparition of her deceased team leader. Gaping behind her mask, Raven stepped forward, unable to utter a word from shock, and tried to reach out to her closest friend in both Beacon and the tribe.

But fate would not have it for she was but a reminder of Raven's promise And with a final gust of wind, Summer Rose, a loving mother, a caring friend, a partner and fellow tribe member, scattered…. A few tears stream down Raven's as well before she comes back to her senses and wipes them away. Coming to a conclusion on what to do, she cleared her mind of all hesitation and drew her blade from its sheathe.

Focusing her aura into the dust and Grimm blood infused blade she quickly made a downward diagonal slash. The air before her splitting open with an audible rip causing the birds above her to shriek in fear and fly off into different directions. Smirking at their foolish actions, Raven carefully re-sheathed her blade and proceeded to walk through the translocational portal.

Her focus on Ruby's slumbering form, holding a firm yet loving gaze at the child who would soon become her daughter. Summer never told me your name I suppose I will have to name you Rose for your mother's side and Branwen for mine A team of rescue workers were seen breaking through the forest clearing, followed closely by a panic stricken Tai.

Looking around in a desperate manner, Tai spotted something that made his blood run cold. He numbly walked over to the object of question and picked up from the ground a scrap of red fabric… the same fabric that was used to make Ruby's cloak. Falling to his knees, Tai felt numb as he stared at the scrap, unable to believe what he was seeing.

But as moments passed realization kicked in as the misery became too much for him to hold in. Snapping his head towards the sky, Tai let out a roar of unimaginable sorrow, his cry releasing the pent up anger and anguish from the deaths of his wife and, now, child.

The primal scream reaching to the far ends of the island freezing both animal and Grimm in place. As this was happening, a few feet away from him stood a dusty old Qrow. Like the former, tears made their way down his face before he wiped them away angrily, refusing to believe that her niece was killed by the creatures of Grimm. Breaking his gaze from Tai's broken form, Qrow looked around, searching for any other items or objects that would shine some light on what really happened in this forest clearing.

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Spotting something unusual among the blood marks left by Rub- a person sat a raven feather. It's pitch black coloration reflecting the light that rained down from above. Just as he began to pick it up for closer examination, the feather began to fall apart and turn to glowing red ash. He stared at the pile before coming to the realization on what it signified, Qrow grit his teeth in anger before crushing the ashes even further and letting them stream out of his hand, only for the all but nonexistent trickle to disappear before it even touched the ground. Turning away from the blood pool, Qrow walked towards Tai's, now still, form before crouching down and comforting him.

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He would tell Tai of his discoveries later, but for now they would mourn over the loss of their family member, whether Ruby's disappearance be permanent or temporary… it would come to show later in time I apologize for the long delay, I am just caught up with so many other stories at the moment. I hope to post the chapter within the earliest being 2 weeks, in which I can start moving forward at a smooth pace the latest being 4 weeks.

This book is not an action story, let's set that straight right away. There is perhaps one light combat scene in the whole book. The sequel, Dead Man's Trigger, has far more action to it. But this book is far from boring. The tension builds partway through the beginning and runs high through the entire thing. By the end, you'll be reaching for the next book, which thankfully picks up right away where this one leaves off. This book starts as a typical romance and becomes something much more, and builds straight into the amazing sequel.

If you're bored of flat characters, gender stereotypes, gender counter-stereotypes, modern political statements buried in fantasy, and any of the other stuff cluttering up the genre these days, this book will be a breath of fresh air. Stick with it and it will treat you right. Then grab the sequel and hang on for a wild ride. Lady Angelique Blakesly, isn't a Lady at all, yet she is pulling off two daring and dangerous deceptions. The first as the widow of a highly placed nobleman and the second as a skilled jewel thief. The problem is, she has fallen deeply in love with Raven, a disgraced nobleman who has been convicted of blackmail and other crimes embarrassing to his station in life.

Rather than prison he is now in indentured servant to the Police Commissioner and works as a police officer. Their liaison is secret and would be censured by "society. How can she love so deeply when her lover is ruthlessly tracking her down. This is a very nicely crafted novel that alternates between heart stopping action and poignant love scenes. There are scenes where you are holding your breath hoping for a safe outcome and scenes that are hot, sizzling and passionate. The characters slowly reveal themselves and become human with their foibles. From the outwardly blind but wise Lady Emilia, to kindly and patient Sir Eric who wears his heart on his sleeve for Angel.

I will not reveal the exciting ending, but will only pose the question: Will their love survive all their lies and secrets? I can't wait to read the next book in the series--and spend more time in the online Wiki. If you want to get absorbed in a story about class in a fantasy world, you can't do much better than The Raven and the Iris.

The main characters are complex and believable; the religious overtones in their relationship and their culture are particularly interesting. I can't quite decide whether it's a romance-cum-suspense with smutty bits, or erotica-cum-suspense with a romance Forgive the gratuitous Latin. Keep writing, Matsons; I will pretend to wait patiently for more. In private Raven knows her to be someone very different. Lovers in private, Raven finds he has fallen for her, yet he has nothing to offer. He is a known rake and is indentured and serving a term for burglary and extortion.

His family has written him off, and he has continued on as playboy and rakehell. His relationship with Angelique is carnal and exquisite, and they both find themselves in an untenable situation.

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  7. They have fallen in love. Can she save herself from her tormentor without losing all she has gained?

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    Will Raven understand the situation and realities of her life, or will this be the crack that breaks them apart? Raven is charismatic and strong, with a devious and yet sensual side that leads him into the underworld to meet and frolic with friends of his past. There are two sides to his nature, and you alternately find yourself impressed and yet at times horrified by his demons. Angelique is wonderful in many ways.

    She is beautiful, honorific, likable, and bad. And she carries a secret that could bring down society. Her heart has been won by Raven and her entire life hangs in the balance. Her fierceness is initially just a cover, and she must dig deep to find the true warrior she truly is. Their world is exciting and bold, with just the depravity necessary to make things interesting.

    The theft of a beautiful gem brings the two together in a powerful crescendo, with Raven becoming the lead investigator as part of his indentured time and title. Will this be the end to their beautiful union? Can Angelique head off the disaster that is sure to follow?

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    The eroticism is strong and sweet, yet at times vulgar and explosive. If you enjoy romance and mystery, laden with magic and erotic visuals this would be the book for your library.

    The characters are well written and the story holds you enthralled. Be prepared for both action and erotica for you will find that Raven and Angelique are both masters of the game.