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Vitamix is on my wish list for this year.

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I gotta bite the bullet and just do it. Jennifer — I have a Vitamix. This is my second one. Owned the first one for about 8 years with no issues, until the container bottom broke and had to buy a new container. A few months ago we gifted that one to a family member who was having health issues and needed a blender to make healthy smoothies. Purchased a newer reconditioned model from Vitamix for a great price. This one has a couple extra bells and whistles that are nice to have, like preset buttons for soups and smoothies.

It works just as well as the first one; blending the living daylights out of everything put into it and believe me, it gets put through the wringer on the daily! Kellie — I have a Blendtec that I adore! Also have a mini jar for dry blends — making flours, nut butters, etc. Customer service is top notch.

When my 2-yr-old blender started acting up I had a shiny new one within a week even though it was over Thanksgiving. I have worn mine into the ground. I use it multiple times a day for everything. I like the two options of pitchers.

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Mine is 8 years old and works just like the first day I purchased it. Same blade and containers. It has the shorter container and has worked just fine for us going on probably six years now. It has a tendency to move around a bit if I have chunkier things in it, until they get pulverized. I recently tried a Ninja blender for a sauce, a soup, and a smoothie. It also seems to be louder in operation.

Getting Started With Green Smoothies

I primarily relied on a Magic Bullet blender thing. Nothing like taking a drink and pulling a cilantro stem out of your mouth, haha. I love how smooth and creamy it gets everything. It may sound like a hurricane, but it works like a dream. It IS worth every penny IF you use it! As with anything that you buy, if it just sits around taking up space, then I suggest you keep your hard earned money in your pocket. Six months ago, prior to signing up for the CFDG meal plans, I would have said that my Vitamix was a total waste of money.

Green Smoothies Starter FAQ Guide

It cost way too much for occasional smoothies or green juices. My wife, my fur babies, and my Vitamix, and in that order! Keep in mind that this is a group of people who use their blenders on the daily, so you can trust that the blenders they roll with are good for high volume use. Foodography by Maggie Reimer. Loving all these blogs! It handles anything put in its way. I was even a bit jealous when my boarder decided to use it! Hahaha who would of thought.. Great to see a fellow kiwi! May I ask which model Vitamix did you buy and what you ended up paying for it? It was the middle of the range and got it from Harvey Norman.

Was a good deal. Hey kiwi dirty girls Lynne and Suzanne. Maybe there are more of us in this land of cheese? Good luck Dancing Rabbit! Hope they are stocking them up there! I am in Dunedin. I had a nutribullet prior but it was just not handling everything I threw its way.. Just what I needed. I,m gonna need a blender for when I go on vacation.

I am wondering if the Nutribullet will fit in my large beach bag. I will be using it as a carry on bag. I,m wondering if it will be too heavy. That smoothie looks great all I need is the frozen cherries and I,m there. A trip to the store. I mean the sauces are still good but I bet they would be even better smooth Lol. I have to get it right because I have limited funds and blending is my life! This post is helpful thanks Lyndsey! Orgasmic sauces are LIFE!

Get In Our Sphere

It is costly, but well worth the price. Smoothies, hot soup and a great recipe book that will knock your socks off. Great informative review of blenders Lyndsey! I bought it at a county fair, and felt guilty for the hit the household budget suffered, but when I started using it and no longer needed to buy certain packaged foods, I also got the grain container I knew it was a great investment.

Now at 22, she uses it to make smoothies! I can hardly wait to share this recipe with her! That so so awesome! Such a tremendous influence on your now grown daughter! Thanks for the great info!! Be selective with which credit card you use to purchase expensive items as some have automatic extended warranties that many are not aware of.

I had to use vanilla instead of almond extract, but I still love it! Thanks, Your site is a more informative comparatively others related site. Your email address will not be published. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to footer One of the most common questions that comes up in our orgasmic private Facebook group is about blenders.

I will now hand it off to Lyndsey to thoroughly school you on blenders. Vitamix Does it work? Directly from the website: The company states plainly: Will it cost me my firstborn? Anyway, there are multiple products in the three various lines: Blendtec Does it work? I bet it cuts, curls, and styles your coiffure, too. Ninja Does it work? NutriBullet Does it work?

I Replaced My Breakfast with This Ultra Healthy Smoothie

The manufacturer offers a four-year warranty from the date of purchase. KitchenAid Does it work? They offer six options: Here are a few more notable blenders worth mentioning: Oster Pro There are 36 different models of kitchen blenders offered from this company. What blenders Team Dirty rolls with: Nothing like taking a drink and pulling a cilantro stem out of your mouth, haha Maggie — I have the Vitamix , which sadly sat mostly in the pantry for years before I joined the CFDG meal plans.

Instructions Place all of the ingredients into your blender and blend until super creamy and smooth. Comments Loving all these blogs! Glad you found this review helpful… xoxo. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. If discussion generates more than a few emails daily your subscription will be paused automatically. Check out my current strawberry green smoothie. The light color fruits will produce bright-green colored smoothies. Once you get comfy with the starter green smoothies, check out the green smoothie directory below.

Once you get comfy with green smoothies, you can start to experiment with lots of different options. I use Maca, Chia, Acai, Flax in my smoothies — this makes them superfood smoothies. To buy superfoods, I like the Navitas Naturals brand. If you want to get a small amount to try, Whole Foods and other natural grocers sell several superfoods in their bulk section. For more smoothie ideas, check out my Pinterest smoothie board. Also signup for the Smoothie a Day newsletter where I send out a new smoothie idea each weekday including dessert smoothie Fridays!

I am happy to try to answer any questions you have or direct you to someone who can help. Thanks for reading my green smooothie FAQ guide — you are now on your way to better health, weight loss and a more awesome you! Hi, What is your take on adding protein powder to smoothies? I just bought a plant based protein at my fave health food store. I usually use a whey protein base- I thought I would change things up. Would love your opinion. Hi Michelle — thanks for stopping by. Do you have a link for the plant-based protein for me to check out?

Does it give the smoothie a peppery bite? It is important to know that if you put the spinach into a dark berry smoothie strawberry for example , the smoothie might be an ugly color when blended. Hi there Allen, do you know of a more affordable blender that would blend like the one you have?

Thanks for the kind words Aimee — really made my day! I had a woman tell me yesterday her husband gave up candy bars after he tried my apple snack — that is so cool. Hi Aimee — thanks for stopping by. My belief is that any blender will do a great job for green smoothies — do you already have a blender? If so, I say start with that! I started with a small travel blender that I got on a deal amazon link and then got the big blendtec. That will help me give you some good recommendations. Please let me know how I can help. I tell people to always use what they have — no reason to go out and spend hundreds on a blender.

Plus the magic bullet is great for traveling with because it is so small. I love this tutorial but I extra extra love the belikin glass your smoothie is in!!! My favorite countries beer!! Ready to change my eating habits…. Im ready to get started. Hi Wendy — congrats on getting started! Check out my green smoothie recipes — lots of great beginner options and all of them have full ingredient lists. I am new to the smoothie world, but I also wanted to change my eating habits. I was very afraid to give it a try. I approached the whole thing as if it were a trip to the dentist when I had a cavity.

Something that I know I need to do but dread doing it.

Usually the only dark green veggies I ingest are in tablet form. I am extremely happy to write that I was amazed at how well this tasted. I rarely write anything on blogs but this one I had to. Thank you for the recipes! Brenda — you just made my day — seriously, thanks so much for stopping by.

I am SO glad you like the smoothie recipes. Yea, give other recipes a try — both mine and others around the web. And shoot me an email if you ever have any questions. I just made a green smoothie and I also was hesitant. I put two large handfuls in my strawberry banana smoothie and it was great! My kids liked it as well. I know yogurt is popular but from what I read, it can be tougher to digest that combo. Of course an almond milk would work. Lol on the juices — it is funny how much fruit you need to make just one glass of juice but remember that juices are also very important.

Give it a go. Can you add that in place of spinach? I am trying to branch out and eat other green veggies and that is on my list. Hi Amber — sure! Spinach is the most mild, some of the others may adjust the taste a bit so you might want to go easy to start with on the kale.

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I just discovered your website…loving it already, I have made a lot of healthy lifestyle changes after diagnosed with fatty liver disease, and feel better already…Can you recommend a smoothy for this condition, I just purchased a nutri-bullet and cant wait to put it to good use for my family and I with your great recipes…thanks so much. My question is are the green weight loss smoothies meant as a meal replacement or as a snack or a pick-me-up? Hi Dustyn — welcome to the weight loss scene lol I drink my green smoothies in the morning — I guess you could call them a breakfast replacement.

Shoot me an email if you run into any questions happy to help!