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However guests are asked to be respectful of the fact that many diners will be dressed for a celebration. Monday - Saturday Open all day 12 noon - Valet Parking The Ivy offer a valet parking service to all its evening diners, from 6pm Monday to Saturday. Dress Code Our dress code is smart casual.


We know that FromStore changes only TodosComponent itself, but the tree shaker has no way of knowing that. This is a big problem.

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  • Metaprogramming, Higher-Order Components and Mixins with Angular Ivy.
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After all, better tree shaking is one of the key advantages of the Ivy renderer. Thankfully, there is a solution. The solution is to define a function that takes the ComponentDef and adds the behavior to it.

DC Comics Pulls Controversial Heroes In Crisis Poison Ivy Cover

This function will need to added to the ngComponentRef property. The array of features serve the same purpose as the decorator we defined above.

It allows us to modify the ngComponentDef data structure, with one important difference: Why are we adding the fromStore into compiled code? So, as of know, we cannot add it to the component decorator, but the following API or something similar should become available:. Using this capability, and also the ability to generate templates on the fly, we can easily write a feature wrapping a component into another component, or mixing behavior into existing components. In other words, Ivy makes higher-order components and mixins not just possible but easy.

We can use metaprogramming to achieve two things. The current focus of the Angular team is to make Ivy fully backwards-compatible.

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The official documentation on how to do metaprogramming will come after. The Ivy renderer brings a lot of goodness to Angular. You can look at it all you want—in this article, even!

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Neal Adams perfectly captures the gravity of this dark story as Green Arrow comes to terms with the fact that his own sidekick is a heroin addict. This image, as much as any other, represented the gradual shift towards more adult-oriented storytelling in superhero comics.

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  7. It really is the embodiment of the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object. Its cover may not feature the most unique composition ever, but its dynamic, detailed rendition of the title hero has been burned into the minds of countless comic book readers, most of whom probably owned at least one copy. This image perfectly captures that quality, with Vision literally towering over his future teammates.

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    And during this time, no artist better captured the tragedy of Harley than painter Alex Ross, who depicted her dancing and embracing the Clown Prince of Crime. Even so, Kirby left his mark on the character by rendering the very first Spider-Man cover. This image has been the source of frequent homage in the decades since, both within the Spider-Man franchise and without. He really went out with a bang, particularly with this striking cover depicting an older Wolverine and Kitty Pryde making their final stand.