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Winner of the Mom's Choice Awards Gold Medal. This is a story that will tickle your funny-bone and touch your heart. "Gently inspiring prose in the style of.
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Quickly summarized, this is the tale of the solitary living Horatio the Hedgehog and his best friend Rollic the otter and how when Rollic goes missing Horatio engages all of his new found friends to not only help him find the missing Rollic but to also discover the home he thought he never had. Kriesberg warmly explains his choices for his created characters in an interview that aids parents in seeing the importance of adding this book to their children's library. And his words deserve quoting: He's been separated from his home and he lives alone.

I wanted to choose an animal that was physically separate and distinct from other small mammals as well. In the case of a hedgehog, the physical difference which makes it stand apart is its quills. I also wanted to choose a small mammal, as opposed to a larger animal, because I wanted the main character to be vulnerable. The predator-prey relationship is a strong theme in the story.

It creates immediate tension because the character that is the potential prey can be attacked at any time. I chose the name Horatio because that sounded like a heroic name to me; it reminds me of the word 'hooray', so it has an upbeat sound to it. I came up with the names of Whisklet and Whimser [the hamsters] because I wanted somewhat light and whimsical names. The main nemesis of the story, Scarretchen, needed to be a threatening sounding name, so I combined the words 'scar' or 'scare' with the word 'wretched' to make the name 'Scarretchen'.

In addition to the characters already mentioned by Kriesberg we meet Graysent the owl, Francis Hopper the wise old bullfrog, the snails Mish and Mosh, and the champion female hedgehog archer Leala who not only adds drama to the action, but also invites Horatio to understand that he indeed does have a family and need not be alone.

Wands, magic rocks, surprises, and tests of courage all triumph in the end - as well as a lot of lessons about friends and family and working together. This is a charmer of a book, beautifully illustrated by pen and ink drawings by James Bernardin.

Mar 21, Kim rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is an engagingly told story of Horatio the hedgehog who sets upon an adventure to find his missing best friend, Rolic. Along the way he befriends many other creatures and faces a great foe, while discovering the truth about his past and hidden talents.

Horatio's One Wish

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this chapter book aloud to my seven-year-old daughter - most chapters are easily read as part of a bed-time reading routine. One chapter was a bit wordy and difficult to read aloud, but otherwise the tale kept us This is an engagingly told story of Horatio the hedgehog who sets upon an adventure to find his missing best friend, Rolic. I suspect the author is a vegetarian? Jun 19, Jennifer rated it it was amazing Shelves: My 8 year old son and I read this book together. This is a wonderful read for young and old.

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I enjoyed the story as much as my son did and highly recommend this book to others. A charming gem of a book about friendship as Horatio searches for his best friend Rollic. A 5 star read! Dec 30, Angel rated it it was amazing Shelves: It's sweet, hilarious and suspenseful. One of the best read out loud books enjoyed between my son and I. Sep 26, Heather rated it really liked it. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book to my 5 year olds. They loved it and have acted out some of the scenes. Great for elementary school readers. Apr 22, Brittany rated it really liked it.

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I won this book and read it before i gave it to my friends kid i think she will really like it. Apr 25, Kathy rated it it was amazing. Read this to my daughter. Bits of adventure, friendship, and mystery. What an engaging and enjoyable story. I read this to my grandchildren and they thoroughly enjoyed it. They couldn't wait each day for the next chapter to be read. And, when I finished, they wanted to know if there are any more Horatio stories.

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Needless to say when I told them that there aren't they were quite disappointed. Jul 10, Lourdes Mena rated it really liked it. Read it with my nieces and they gave it four stars. Mar 29, Robin rated it liked it. This was a really cute children's book. It had all the right elements of right vs wrong and great little life messages.

The adult in me had to roll my eyes at a few things but I think young kids would love it and learn a lot from it. Horatio the hedgehog's otter friend vanishes suddenly. Along the way he meets other friends to help and learns of secrets from his own past. Oct 01, Br.

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Fred Jaxheimer rated it really liked it. It has been a long time since I have read a children's book for my own enjoyment. This was a great read. I like books that are clearly about journeys and relationships and would recommend this book for children and adults. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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