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"end-to-end" in Business English. He wants the company to provide an end-to-end service, from early clinical trials all the way through to high-volume manufacturing. (Definition of “end-to-end” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press).
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An example of the limitations of the end-to-end principle exists in mobile devices. Pushing service-specific complexity to the endpoints can cause issues with mobile devices if the device has unreliable access to network channels. The implementation of new protocols such as Internet Protocol version 6 also has potential consequences for the end-to-end principle. Further problems can be seen with a decrease in network transparency from the addition of network address translation.

IPv4 relied on network address translation to combat address exhaustion.

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Unique identifiers are typically based on physical addresses , or can be generated by the host. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When doing so, it becomes apparent that there is a list of functions each of which might be implemented in any of several ways: In reasoning about this choice, the requirements of the application provide the basis for the following class of arguments: The function in question can completely and correctly be implemented only with the knowledge and help of the application standing at the endpoints of the communication system.

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Therefore, providing that questioned function as a feature of the communication system itself is not possible, and moreover, produces a performance penalty for all clients of the communication system. Sometimes an incomplete version of the function provided by the communication system may be useful as a performance enhancement. We call this line of reasoning against low-level function implementation the end-to-end argument. The economically efficient level of reliability improvement inside the network depends on the specific circumstances; however, it is certainly nowhere near zero: At most, it may quote statistical performance averages.

As BBN point out in a paper: The ARPA Network implementation also allows several messages to be in transit simultaneously between a given pair of Hosts. However, the several messages and the packets within the messages may arrive at the destination IMP out of order, and in the event of a broken IMP or line, there may be duplicates. The task of the ARPA Network source-to-destination transmission procedure is to reorder packets and messages at their destination, to cull duplicates, and after all the packets of a message have arrived, pass the message on to the destination Host and return an end-to-end acknowledgment.

Specifically, error checking, fault detection, message switching, fault recovery, line switching, carrier failures and carrier quality assessment, as required to guarantee reliable network performance, are the sole responsibility of the network contractor. It is gets the acknowledgment, all is well; the IMP knows that the next IMP now has responsibility for the packet and the transmitting IMP can discard its copy of the packet.

The rest of the system, including Host interfaces, IMP processors, memories, and interfaces, were all considered to be error-free. We have had to re-evaluate this position in the light of our experience.

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Note that true end-to-end reliability mechanisms would have been prohibitively costly at the time, given that the specification held that there could be up to 8 host level messages in flight at the same time between two end points, each having a maximum of more than bits. The amount of memory that would have been required to keep copies of all those data for possible retransmission in case no acknowledgment came from the destination IMP was too expensive to be worthwhile. Information Technology and Innovation Foundation.

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Retrieved 11 September See also here for a version from Saltzer's MIT homepage. End-to-End Arguments in System Design. Request for Comments No.

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A Guide to and History of a Contested Idea". Retrieved 5 Jun This idea of net neutrality Proceedings of the IEEE The End-to-End Arguments vs. Dawkins, and Advanced Research Projects Agency Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! Do you feel lucky?

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