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Rocco Sorace is an Australian-based inspirational Pilates fitness trainer, Eat your way Slim accompanies Rocco's successful fitness DVD.
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Not only does the Oxford emeritus professor take readers through a sweeping art historical journey; he also shows how art — from Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelo to Picasso and Pollock — is directly connected to history. In Soviet Moscow, God is dead but the devil - to say nothing of his retinue of demons - is very much alive.

Many critics consider the novel to be the foremost satire on Soviet Russia. Chaired by Steven Gale. While their peers fled the Eastern Bloc to head West, Andrzej Klimowski and Danusia Schejbal opted to stay at home with other creative types and so became first-hand witnesses to Solidarity and a Polish Pope. Behind The Curtain tells their story graphically. In Japan, people of all ages read manga and the medium includes works in a broad range of genres. Developed in the late 19th Century, manga has a complex history in Japanese art and often draws on themes of mythology and legend as plot devices.

No previous knowledge of manga is necessary to enjoy this workshop. There will be an open discussion from the start. A History need to be written. The authors of Fearless, and founders of a communications firm whose client list includes Peter Jones and Cobra beer, believe that to break through, you have to harness the power of stories.

So how did a minority government manage to be so devastatingly effective in its aims? Gill Arbuthnott heads up a fascinating discussion with the two authors. It has sold over a million copies in Europe and confirms its Catalan author as one of the greats of world literature. Austrian author Robert Seethaler has enjoyed huge European success with A Whole Life, which tells the story of Andreas, who is plunged into solitude when his pregnant lover is killed in an avalanche.

With cartoons including a bright pink Cameron cuddling Nicola Sturgeon in the guise of a newborn lamb, Bell doodled his way through the General Election campaign this summer, and he shares his hilarious, cruelly coruscating results today.

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For Art and Politics Now, Anthony Downey has searched the globe for ambitious, daring and socially engaged artworks. He describes the work of contemporary artists who are creatively reflecting upon the Middle East, the financial crisis, migration, terrorism and social activism. In association with the Centre for Cultural Relations. Tickets available from the Box Office on the day of the event Amnesty International was founded on the premise that the death penalty should be abolished but in the death penalty is still very much alive.

Depending on where you live, you can be beheaded for sorcery, stoned to death for adultery or sentenced to death for stealing a phone. Today, we hear writing by death row prisoners and anti-death penalty activists. I do not understand the shift in footing: I feel translucent to his bold brushstroke. When did this happen? Then, he was kidnapped in Beirut. Upon his release, Waite continued his charity work, befriended his former captors, and has now written a comic novel.

Her latest book, Death of the Artist, certainly sounds weighty, the result of a collaborative process with four friends who went to a retreat and told each other stories. Yet acts of iconoclasm have been a regular part of political life since Classical times. Stories from the Egyptian Revolution.

Along the way she discusses with Lennie Goodings When two school girls go missing in a Erin Saltman, Senior Counter Extremism Warwickshire town, the community is up Researcher from the Institute for Strategic in arms when a local family man is arrested. Dialogue, tells us what makes young women Tom Thorne and partner Helen Weeks, slip from their families to go to Syria, and who grew up in the town, are tasked with Imperial College psychiatrist Dr Henrietta cracking the case, but Thorne makes no Bowden-Jones explores the behavioural friends when he refuses to believe in the science behind it all.

In the States it has gradually come to be regarded as a comic classic. Now, at last, it is released in the UK. Which is when the affair started, she could say afterwards. Or, at least, the literal beginning of the affair. Infidelities, Kirsty Gunn, 16 Aug And if a ghastly incident threatens to reveal that secret? Come and meet them all. While Britain is rich locations. Chaired by done to the systems that sustain us. What Nature Does for Britain, Juniper insists on framing nature and wildlife as Gavin Francis inherent to progress rather than simply as Join award-winning reflects on the surprising variety of ways the translator Sarah Ardizzone and her team body has been imagined and portrayed over of enthusiastic linguists to create an English the centuries.

Drop-in and join in. Journalist Johann Hari conducted a threeyear investigation into the reality of drugs and now presents Chasing the Scream, a gamechanging book on the subject. Chaired by Kevin Williamson. Following the success of his recent books on the battle of Bannockburn, and on the genetic make-up of the Scottish people, he now returns with a triumphant, sweeping History of Scotland, from prehistoric times to the recent Independence Referendum.

This could be the most gorgeously moving, beautifully beguiling book of the year. Since then, men have been detained there but only 7 have been convicted. Shaker is the last remaining former British resident at the prison camp, despite having been cleared for release, and has spent over 11 years behind bars without access to his family.

Today the work of Shaker and other detainees is read by: Ryan Gattis and M G Harris. As well as detailing a rampant sexist culture within a defiantly male sport, Krien attacks an imbalanced justice system. She shares this extraordinary story with Jenny Niven, head of literature at Creative Scotland, who lived in Melbourne until recently. As a lone voice at her workplace, Lucas is the ideal outsider — ideally positioned to bring fresh ideas to the creaking Westminster system. He joins us to discuss his powerful and often very funny memoir, The Blue Touch Paper, which takes him from his days as a student at Oxford through to the s and his early breakthroughs as a playwright.

He joins us to talk about his brand new novel, The Making of Zombie Wars, the story of an aspiring screenwriter and his relationship tangles as he strives to make a movie. They flirt and tell rude jokes and are politically incorrect as much as the next person. The result is a vivid depiction of personal upheaval and political transition. Today she performs her gorgeously beguiling version of the poem, with a musical accompaniment by Shetland fiddler Catriona MacDonald and with English translation for those whose Shetlandic is a little rusty.

Alan Cumming, 29 Aug Cumming discusses his life and acting career that has turned him into the darling of Broadway and Hollywood. Stik is a street artist from London who has risen from the underground graffiti scene to international recognition for his compelling images of stick figures. Together they explore the power of visual storytelling and the role it plays in empowerment, protest and free speech for those who struggle to find a voice. Join comic creators as they whip up a whirl of words, pictures and much more besides.

Does it change who you are and who you are writing for? Does the omnipotence of global English dominate regardless? Elif Shafak is an acclaimed author who writes in both Turkish and English. Both are at the forefront of 21st century world literature. The novella is Illuminating the Art of Illustration both the most-read and 3rd most-translated book in the world. It is a tender tale of Rising star of the design world, Chris you can either read the book ahead of the Haughton is the creator of popular event or be inspired to pick it up afterwards.

Join them for a mustsee event about art, design and illustration. In its handsomely From understanding politics and religion to enjoying poetry and practical jokes, Rosen offers engaging ways to calm anxious parents and inspire bored children. What does he now think of the situation in Scotland? He accurately predicted the referendum result. Where does he think Scotland will be in and ? Hear him speak and answer questions. These tales of love and loneliness will leave you seeing the world afresh. A respected New York literary agent, he wrote a stunning memoir of his battle with crack addiction before turning to fiction.

Andrew Miller, winner of the Costa Prize in with Pure, is simply one of the most accomplished writers working in Britain. Today he launches his new novel about a voyage of self-discovery, The Crossing. His latest book, The Universe in Your Hand, aims to explain quantum mechanics, general relativity, string theory and parallel realities through storytelling.

Come and be transported to the Sun and fly to distant galaxies and have the mysteries of physics revealed. Chaired by Gill Arbuthnott. In this event, we remember some of those who have disappeared by hearing their work, read by Leonie Norrington, Megan Rix and Lars Joachim Grimstad. After the acclaimed book of short stories Chattering, Stern gives us an accomplished debut novel, Ismael and His Sisters, set in a Mayan village in Mexico where everyone communicates through sign language.

Subsequently, Lee fought for the rest of her family to join her over the border in the South. In The Girl with Seven Names she tells her incredible story, and reveals human rights abuses that have largely been kept secret. As he recounts in The Marches, he meets monks, investigates arson attacks, sleeps on mountain ridges and searches for a better understanding of his tartan-clad father. The diary, rescued from a Parisian skip, is an incredibly rich, human and historical testimony.

Rocco Sorace

This event is a presentation of that story in a performance, with live drawing by writer and illustrator Barroux and with accompaniment by musician par excellence, Julien Joubert. Or is he just bullshitting? McCarthy explains his ideas to Stuart Kelly. One of the sounds I associate with the Communards was of men crying, men of many nations, whisked off their feet, summoned on tour and then abruptly cast aside. Fathomless Riches, Richard Coles, 26 Aug Through these ideas, Swyngedouw argues that an engaged, political public is necessary, and that cities are the perfect place for a democracy open to everyone.

Today we welcome him to Edinburgh to speak for the first time about his new novel, The Blue Guitar — a story of love, treachery and redemption. Hall compares this telling with other treatments and the original ballads. A decade later she was kidnapped by pro-Ghaddafi Libyan forces. In his far-sighted critique of our era, Post-Capitalism, Mason lays out possible routes towards a fairer society over the next years. Today he is joined by former First Minister Alex Salmond to map out the alternatives. In this captivating European debut performance the writers present their work in French and Inuktitut, assisted by Quebec poet and musician Samuel Mercier, who has translated some of their work into English.

His experiences were to transform Burns, influencing his art, engaging his intellect and stirring passions in his heart. In Do It Like a Woman she celebrates the heroic acts of women across the world, from the first woman to cross the Antarctic alone, to the members of Russian band Pussy Riot who dared to stand up to Putin. Today she presents her necessary manifesto for women everywhere. Sinalcol is perhaps the definitive national epic of Lebanon; the truest tangle of tales yet written about Beirut in the s and 80s.

For too long, justice and equality have been set aside to allow the market to hold sway, with the results being massive inequality, shrinking opportunity and a society which has been organised to benefit only the very few. Time to put that right, he says. Shore To Shore is a unique project with specially commissioned poems and essays celebrating the contemporary Gaelic diaspora. The Edinburgh-born writer takes us to and wartime Zurich with Gunther on the trail of a missing actress. Sounds straightforward, except she happens to be the daughter of a notorious Croatian who is running a concentration camp.

And Gunther was asked to take on this job by one Joseph Goebbels. Drawing on the latest research, and on his roles as Wellcome Trust Hubbub fellow and Hearing the Voice Project Director, Fernyhough and the panel discuss how our minds respond to reading, its influence on memory and its role as a psychologically restorative activity. Enter Jack Parlabane, who stumbles into a world in which paranoia and jealousy are the hidden price of fame. With the aid of an octogenarian gangster, they plan a bank job that will save the day.

Or at least they think it will. A lot to look forward to Daily free activities in our Baillie Gifford Story Box — just drop in and get stuck in! Big Draws — join your favourite illustrators to draw up a storm. We have found some of the most exciting contemporary writers from overseas who have had their books translated into English, including authors from China, Sweden, Finland, France, Iran and Poland, as well as traditional tales brought from the Middle East, Australia and Japan.

Scotland has a long history of exporting home grown talent, from explorers and inventors to artists and actors and, of course, our brilliant writers and illustrators. Contemporary Scotland is a multicultural nation with recent research finding that a total of languages are spoken in homes across the country including Polish, Urdu, Punjabi, Scots and Arabic. Many of the next generation of Scots will be bilingual.

It is vital we celebrate this and acknowledge that each language is of equal value. Books and storytelling play a crucial role in the lives of children and fiction builds bridges and fosters curiosity about, and understanding of, ourselves and others. Stories open up opportunities and create worlds that give our children a thirst for life. The more worlds and words we offer them, the greater that thirst will be.

So, join us in Charlotte Square Gardens and take a trip to other lands. Be an adventurous traveller. Of course, enjoy the roads already travelled, but take a risk too and head down paths of discovery to meet writers, illustrators and storytellers who are the Julia Donaldson, Darren Shan or Sophie McKenzie of their own country.

Hugless Douglas Goes to School There is so much to do — and lots of hugs to be given out. Come along and meet best-loved author and illustrator David Melling with his latest heartwarming story, Hugless Douglas Goes to Little School, and find out what happens when Douglas goes to school for the very first time.

Are You Sitting Comfortably? Book in advance A magical dip into the world of words — it might be a story, a poem, songs or rhymes or a reading with one of our wonderful authors. Suitable for children of all ages. Bottoms Up to Steve Smallman The jungle animals are making music to the sound of the bubbling creek! But — goodness me — what is that naughty hippo up to? Hear about Hippobottymus, a bonkers rhyming story.

Dance and sing along with Steve Smallman and then colour in the animals yourself. Tickets admit 1 child and 1 accompanying adult. Rampaging Romans with Jeremy Strong He loves to practise in his own homemade chariot pulled by the family goat, and dreams of riding in the Circus Maximus one day. Join author and funny man Jeremy Strong as he talks about his hilarious new book Romans on the Rampage, set in the weird and wacky world of Ancient Rome.

Stage Dreams with Lyn Gardner Should she follow her dreams of becoming a West End actress like her mum, or join her father in a high-wire stunt performance?

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Come along to find out what she decides. The Art of Calligraphy Fusing both Chinese and Arabic styles to produce breathtaking masterpieces, his work is collected across the world and can be seen at the National Museum of Scotland. In Arabic with English translation.

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Meet Beastly Guy Bass Drop-in to meet some more: In association with Gorgie City Farm. Max the Brave with Ed Vere Join author-illustrator Ed Vere as he reads from Max the Brave. Then let him guide you in a drawing workshop so you can make your own fantastic illustrations. Written by Vivian French and illustrated by David Melling, this fantastic new series has a winning combination of derringdo, snow white steeds, stinky warthogs and lots of fun. Come and learn more from Vivian and see how David created the wonderful illustrations.

We should try to keep all our water clean so that the fish and plants in it stay alive. Lisa Drakeford, 15 Aug Together they discuss language, illustration and translation. The Ghosts of War with Cathy Forde Dunny knows all about the Second World War while Beth, the girl next door, somehow seems to come from it. Join them to hear about brilliant stories that give a voice to young people. These extraordinary and magical stories about animal shapeshifters include the girl whose stepmother turned her into a dragon and the boy who changed places with a buzzard.

Join Lari to hear how she collected the tales on her travels around the globe. My Head Teacher is a Vampire Rat He has black hair, wears a cape and has funny, wormy lips. They even hear him hissing in his office and sunlight makes him go bright red! Pamela Butchart introduces her new book My Head Teacher is a Vampire Rat in this lively event involving games, treasure hunts, arts, crafts and more.

Riding the Waves of Life Two books with secrets, hidden pasts and false promises at their core. Imagining Alice with Cathy Cassidy Why would Savvy, queen of the school, invite someone like her? Learn how Cathy re-imagined this classic to create an unforgettable tale of friendship and love. In this event Lydia shares her latest Princess Mirror-Belle tale alongside her other wonderful books.

Danger is Still Everywhere Join David and Chris as they discuss and illustrate the dangers that we encounter on a daily basis and what to do to stay safe. With guaranteed audience participation and plenty of silliness all round. Climb aboard the latest tale from authorillustrator Jonny Duddle. Come along all ye land-lubbers for stories and drawing fun. But it was only after recovering from a car accident that he was inspired to turn his lifelong dream of becoming an explorer into a reality.

In this event Justin shares his new book, the Ultimate Explorer Guide for Kids, and helps you kick-start some adventures of your own. Author Carina Axelsson shares the latest instalment in this glamorous and thrilling series, Model Under Cover: The Last Soldier by Keith Gray is set in s America where the grinding poverty of small town life is interrupted when the circus arrives with a First World War soldier who has a message to impart.

Meet two brilliant writers. Turning Green with Frank Cottrell Boyce Join award-winning author Frank Cottrell Boyce as he talks about the well-intentioned but disastrous antics of hapless hero Rory in his new novel, The Astounding Broccoli Boy. Superpowered Friendship with Nicole Burstein Happy Birthday Miffy You might even get to meet her!

Pom Poms and Bears with Sophy Henn Catherine Rayner Brings Characters to Life Watch as she recreates her sensational illustrations right before your eyes and join in with lots of drawing, counting and stories. In Anzac Boys, Tony describes how two brothers separated in childhood are reunited on the battlefield of Gallipoli. Learn essential skills for dealing with and drawing grumpy giants in this event with writer Elli Woollard and illustrator Benji Davies.

Their new book, The Giant of Jum, puts a brilliant, big-hearted twist on a classic fairy tale. They can still do stupendous, awe-inspiring, heroic things Hercufleas, Sam Gayton, 17 August She needs a hero whose courage and self-belief are greater than himself. Saving the Planet Join the pair for an action-packed event full of tips for how you can help to make our planet beautiful again.

The Name is Cole, Steve Cole Going Wild with Piers Torday Having brought the animals of his world back from the brink of disaster, Kester is searching for hope on the other side. Find out what inspired Piers to write the trilogy and hear his top tips for writing stories of adventure. The Future is Blue Phoenix Rising is set in a world where fossil fuels have run out, democracy has collapsed and an outlawed pirate crew are fighting for survival. Come and hear more about this dark and twisted tale.

Join author Elli Woollard as she presents Woozy the Wizard: A Broom to go Zoom. Learn how to be a rhyming word wizard with Woozy, whose spells always seem to end in mess and mayhem. Dirty Bertie Wins the Lottery What happens when the boy with nose-pickingly disgusting habits wins the lottery or thinks he does and puts his worst foot forward at the school disco? Come and meet the brilliant author-illustrator team who created him and find out more.

Bathtime for Alfie Benji Davies and The Storm Whale Meet author Benji Davies who presents his award-winning story in a very special performance including live drawing and musical accompaniment. Meet Eddie and Dog Come and meet Alison and find out what happens to Eddie when Dog has to go away. Polly and the Puffin Was it a monster? Was it a spider alien? It was a little puffin with a broken wing. Come and find out what happens when Neil the puffin is ready to fly away. Brilliant Bodies with Gill Arbuthnott Measure the volume of your lungs, confuse your sense of taste and find out how to fool your own brain.

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Three months later she reappears as if nothing has happened. Secrets, lies and broken realities by two exceptional writers. The World of Norm with Jonathan Meres Now Jonathan returns, with the eighth book in his hilarious series, The World of Norm: Is life still unfair for Norm? What on earth has he been up to recently? No girl should ever beg someone to go out with her.

Being a Girl, Hayley Long, 29 August Great Big Science Books Help Pip keep an eye on Squishy while she reads from the book in this entertaining event. Meet the Talented Mighty Mo Mighty Mo lives in the Golden Dodo Zoo, where all the animals can do wonderful things, and where Mo causes chaos as he tries to discover his special talent.

Come along and hear the story of Mighty Mo from author Alison Brown, then get ready to draw and see if you can help fill our zoo with amazing animals. To catch a ball, have gloopy mud baths and eat a never-ending supply of food. Meet Jo Williamson as she reads from her debut picture book and gets you involved in some creative arty fun. Down on the Farm with Mac and Bob The Party Problem during this fun-packed event with Mac himself.

By then the lizard creatures were descending from the ceiling and the air was blurry with wings. There was a terrible noise as they flew about us. Lost on Mars, Paul Magrs, 26 August My Success and Other Failures Join Catherine to find out how her character copes with a flush of success. Christiane Dorion, 19 Aug Wonders of the Earth She shares her latest books, How Animals Live and How the World Began, and answers your toughest questions in this fun-packed and fact-filled event.

Edinburgh For Under Fives. Book in advance Join in the fun with Craigmillar Books for Babies as they share all their favourite rhymes and songs. Expect bouncing, giggling and lots of singing. Ideal for families with children under four. Her newest story, The Unicorn of Holy Island, follows the adventures of a workweary unicorn who, tired of city life, is off to enjoy the great festival gathering of unicorns.

But a little boy seems to need his help. Discover what happens and join in with unicorn craft activities. Fairy Tale Mash-Up Magic Listen to their new story Cinderella and the Incredible Techno-Slippers then get up onto your feet to act out the story with music, dancing and miming. Be An Art Gallery Curator Hear how Susie came up with the game and have a go at playing it yourself. Join poet Diana Hendry for some fantastic tips and insights into developing your own writing to make it competition standard. Using an extract from the writing of Alexander Pushkin, the Robert Burns of Russia, Diana will lead you through an exciting and lively workshop.

Monsters, Pirates and Silly Songs There will be very strange monsters, plenty of puppets, some silly songs and lots of pirate jokes as you join George on his search for a real pirate crew. A simple medical procedure to cure your reading woes for babies, teens or even parents, courtesy of Edinburgh City Libraries. Dancing in the Kitchen Disco with Clare Foges Kitchen Disco is a bonkers picture book about the ultimate kitchen party. Join author Clare Foges and the twirling tangerines for this unmissable event.

Paint yourself, or another character, and add it to our Protectors of the Earth collage. Skipping and Jumping with Archie the Dog There is nothing better in the world and sharing his passion with dog-chum Bella will surely be a lot of fun. What could possibly go wrong? The London Pride, dark forces have awoken in the British Museum and time has stopped. In Stonebird, the debut novel by Mike Revell, Liam discovers an old stone gargoyle and his life changes in impossible ways.

This event will be in Gaelic and English. Sometimes things happen that seem to change everything, but having friends and a place to retreat to can help us make sense of it all. Join these two accomplished, award-winning writers and prepare to be enchanted by their stories. To celebrate his return to the twenty-first century he decided to treat himself to a cup of tea and a sandwich. Anahita Teymorian and Ali Seidabadi.

Join this bold and brave knight for a riproaring journey on the high seas featuring frightful pirates and a message in a bottle. Climb aboard, straighten your jib and set sail. Hear the story, watch Ben draw monsters from the book and keep your eyes peeled for the real thing!

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In The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow by Katherine Woodfine two bold heroines vow to bring dastardly villains to justice. Come and find out more. Join her to decorate Antarctica with penguins, seals, orcas, birds and other creatures you might find on a frozen landscape. Understanding Shakespeare with Ben Crystal Ambush with Chris Bradford Now he has embarked on an intensive close protection course to become a qualified professional bodyguard.

Join Chris with the latest instalment of his bestselling Bodyguard series, Ambush, which takes a teenage martial arts expert into the heart of Africa. Learn how to defeat a hungry Kraken, discover the secrets of the Fifty Different Kinds of Snow and drawalong with Sarah as you go. Return of Shark in the Park Meet some of the crazy creatures that inhabit his books, such as jellyphants and chocktopuses, parrots dressed as pineapples and the Sock Ness Monster.

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There will be lots of drawing, plenty of inventive word play and an abundance of silliness. Discover made-up words, learn how to make small poems grow into bigger pieces, and get tips on how poems can be read and performed. For all budding George the Poets and Kate Tempests. Edinburgh for Under Fives. The Super Amazing Adventures of Me, Pig follows what happens to Pig when his blissful life with the vegetarian farmers is threatened by the arrival of a very cunning kitty. Messenger of Fear Come along to meet Michael and find out what inspires his imaginative, fast-paced stories.

Comic Capers with The Etherington Brothers These fantastically realised comic books feature unusual settings and great characters. Come and hear more and get some top tips for creating comics of your own. Gangs of London and New York Liccle Bit by Alex Wheatle is the tale of a naive boy caught up in gang culture on a London estate.

Pacy, exciting novels by two writers making their mark. The Dappity-Doofer, Molly and her faithful friend Waggy Burns have a fabulous secret — they can travel to an amazing monster world. Climb aboard for a fun-filled journey of a lifetime and help Molly solve a crisis in Undermunder. Gods and Warriors with Michelle Paver Join Michelle to explore the lands which have inspired her books, and hear about her experiences of swimming with killer whales and encountering bears and wolves. Weave Your Own Book Character Presented in association with Craft Scotland.

The sand at the bottom of the gravel pit shifted and heaved, and out popped the furry, brown head of a most extraordinary creature. A Tiny Bit Lucky hogging the top spot for weeks. Full of doodles, disasters and silly laughs, this book finds Tom, Derek and Norman in need of some serious band practice for the Rockweekly Bandbattle Audition.

Danny Wallace Stops the World Birds in the air. Planes in the sky. And every single person on the planet. Granny is Best with Emma Dodd Hear Emma read this heart-warming new story and make some of your own illustrations to go with it. Invite your own granny to come along too! Borgon is a barbarian and in these adventures he and his friends face all sorts of dangers including a sabre-tooth bear pit, vultures and a creepy skeleton. What can possibly go wrong? Quite a lot, it would seem. Is it because she is Cambodian and looks different? Both novels touch on themes of immigration, prejudice and rising above adversity.

Lean in 15 Workouts and The Body Coach.

Mat-based Fitness Pilates is a form of well-being well-feeling! A part of a committed routine to your mind and body, which enriches all aspects of your life, mat-based Fitness Pilates is a fantastic foundation of your total well-being, in conjunction with a healthy eating plan, daily cardio exercise and resistance training, you will receive the following benefits. Jillian created 5 insanely effective minute workouts each comprised of a different modality, so whether you have an hour to exercise or only 10 minutes, the 10 Minute Body Transformation has you covered.

All of our paper waste is recycled within the UK and turned into corrugated cardboard. Your item will be previously owned but still in great condition. The disc will play perfectly without interruption and the case, inlay notes and sleeve may show limited signs of wear.

David Life and Sharon Gannon present this upbeat and physically demanding yoga practice, set to Indian new age music.

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The Shang Ch'ing Taoist tradition is known as the most mystical and powerful of the Taoist sects. Can't find what you're looking for?. The program is designed to be used with light dumbbells.

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Able to identify them. And they will do so with joy, humor and grace. We answer within 48 hours! Territories, Canada, and Bermuda. It's about getting the connection between all aspects of your life right. Rocco has incorporated the SlendierSlim range in his cookbook as it is a low-calorie and low-carb pasta, rice, and noodle range made from an ancient Asian root vegetable called Konjac.

SlendierSlim enabled Rocco to lose 5 kilos in 5 weeks? The key to maintaining a healthy life is moderation.