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If you want to improve this next year, you need to take the time to audit your current And you can do that by taking a close look at these 5 areas of your life: .
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7 seconds to change your life: Alistair Horscroft at TEDxNoosa 2014

The world needs smart, dedicated, and upright people to take care of all the fiddly details of making things run. And be clean — run for the experience of putting your community on a better path, and not for the power.

How to Find Purpose in Life and Make Yourself a Better Person

Enough with the working out already! OK, you want some solitude once in a while — fine. But at least add a sport, something you do with other people. And, you might learn something from your fellow players. The nine tips above are only a handful of ideas about how to make your life better. Are you one of those people who are always suffering setbacks? Does little ever seem to go right for you? Do you sometimes feel that the universe is out to get you?

Why do I have bad luck? It just feels that way. Better still, there are two simple things you can do which will reverse your feelings of being unlucky. Most successful people take the opposite view.

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  • And in the end it's not the years in your life that count; it's the life in your years..
  • 1. Address the choices you've made in the past and change the choices you'll make in the future.!

They look for a way to make things better. When things go wrong, they quickly look for ways to put them right. No one is habitually luckier or unluckier than anyone else. It may seem so, over the short term Random events often come in groups, just as random numbers often lie close together for several instances—which is why gamblers tend to see patterns where none exist. When you take a longer perspective, random chance is just. Yet those who feel that they are less lucky, typically pay far more attention to short-term instances of bad luck, convincing themselves of the correctness of their belief.

You learned it somehow. As a result, you will almost certainly stop trying, convinced that nothing you can do will improve your prospects. Your attention is under your control. Send it where you want it to go.

How to Find Purpose in Life and Make Yourself a Better Person

Starve the negative thoughts until they die. To improve your fortune, first decide that what happens is nearly always down to you; then try focusing on what works and what turns out well, not the bad stuff. When random events happen, as they always will, do you choose to try to turn them to your advantage or just complain about them? LoboStudio Hamburg via unsplash. It might be some of the above reasons or it might be something entirely different.

Whatever it is cherish it, nothing is too far left field.

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  • 2. Organize a group.

Before any great adventure, you want to make sure your tools and supplies are in working order. For this quest the tools are simple: Think of these items as the underlying code of conduct for your journey.

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  • 1. Find meaning in life?
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Your tools are sharpened and your mind is prepped: When you first set sail into uncharted waters there will be an initial resistance; a pervading fear, a fear of the unknown. If you feel this, great: The first dragon you might face will likely be your internal beliefs.


Its main goal is to keep you comfortable. They get their evil force by operating below the scenes, so when you shine a spotlight of awareness upon them they lose their control over you. Next, you have to swing your sword of action. The best way to stop these beliefs from stopping your journey before it begins is to study them. To know them inside and out, and to act in spite of them when they occur.

That way you build power: Try this on for size: This will teach you to develop your courage muscle, and its heart-centered courage will give you something to lean on throughout your uncertain quest. All that remains is you and the seas of your soul. Get ready to dive deep.

What activities set your soul on fire? These should be enough to get you going. Make sure you create some space to ponder these questions. Nothing is too outlandish, so do your best to turn off your mental filter.

1. Financial

The best answers will come when you can turn off your self-judgement. We all had things we loved to do as kids but ended up giving them up for the sake of practicality. What did your parents have to drag you away from? Once again, keep your mind in an open place. The last stretch of the journey is to string all the bits of randomness together and find the common themes. The digging is done—great work.

Your job now is to take a hard look at all your answers, and see if you can pull out any common ideas that are in both lists. You could combine this into an excursion where you lead groups of people into the wild to stargaze and contemplate their place in the universe. Sometimes, it helps to sleep on it and let your subconscious work on the solution for you. Freelance Writer Read full profile.

Being in a hurry all the time drains your energy.