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True Grit is a American western film. It is the first film adaptation of Charles Portis' novel of the same name. The screenplay was written by Marguerite.
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The Coens restore Mattie's centrality. First, they've cast the year-old Hailee Steinfeld , who plays her as a tough frontier farm girl reared on the Protestant work ethic with a firm sense of right and wrong. Her strong, dark eyebrows and carefully braided hair declare her earnestness. Second, their film begins with her speaking the novel's opening paragraph as her father lies dead in the street at Fort Smith, the snow swirling around him as she declares her intention to revenge his blood. This introduces her as controller of her own narrative and establishes the language of the King James Bible that she shares with those around her.

Everyone speaks a formal English with no elisions and they delight in carefully rounded phrases and allusions.

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Arriving on her mission at Fort Smith, the seat of the infamous "Hanging Judge" Isaac Charles Parker, she joins the happy crowd attending a triple hanging. The first two condemned men deliver farewell speeches; the third, an Indian, is interrupted during his first sentence by having the black sack pulled over his head and the hangman pulling the lever. This reflects the film's gallows humour, realism and brutal social commentary. Mattie discovers the wicked Chaney has moved into the Indian Territory, the lawless land that's now the state of Oklahoma. Though within Judge Parker's jurisdiction, it is for many a no-go area and Mattie needs a man like Cogburn to take her there.

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In the novel, the local sheriff describes Chaney as being "now over in the territory". The Coens turn this into his having "lit out for the territory", a nod in the direction of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn , where the phrase occurs in the book's penultimate sentence. Fort Smith is not a welcoming place. The Irish undertaker who has prepared her father's corpse, the proprietress of the hotel where she stays and a sly businessman she must deal with all attempt to take advantage of her age and what they think of as her inexperience.

In each case, she manages, amusingly and admirably, to drive a hard bargain.

The same proves true of her relationship with the boozy Rooster Cogburn, whom she first addresses while he's closeted in a privy, and first meets when he appears in court explaining how he came to kill several men while bringing them to justice. It's here we first become aware of Roger Deakins's excellent photography. The courtroom in the film is bland, nondescript. Now populated by men in dark business suits, it evokes the paintings of Thomas Eakins, the Philadelphia recorder of emerging middle-class life, and represents the bourgeois world that's encroaching on the frontier.

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This contrasts with the Indian Territory, a place of fear and freedom where Mattie will have her adventure with Cogburn and handsome Texas ranger LaBoeuf Matt Damon , who joins them in the pursuit of Chaney, also wanted for the murder of a Texas politician. Jeff Bridges's Rooster is a wily, duplicitous, self-centred man and, as they journey west, he's revealed to have had a terrible domestic life and a dodgy professional one, first as a member of Quantrill's murderous guerrilla band during the civil war, later as an outlaw. Season 2 Fear the Walking Dead: Season 3 The Walking Dead: View All Videos 1.

View All Photos Sticking more closely to the source material than the feature adaptation starring Western icon John Wayne, the Coens' True Grit tells the story from the young girl's perspective, and re-teams the celebrated filmmaking duo with their No Country for Old Men producing partner Scott Rudin. Josh Brolin and Barry Pepper co-star. PG for some intense sequences of western violence including disturbing images. Joel Coen , Ethan Coen.

Hailee Steinfeld as Mattie Ross. Jeff Bridges as Rooster Cogburn. Matt Damon as LaBoeuf. Josh Brolin as Tom Chaney.

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Barry Pepper as "Lucky" Ned Pepper. Dakin Matthews as Colonel Stonehill. Elizabeth Marvel as Year-Old Mattie. Domhnall Gleeson as Moon The Kid. Paul Rae as Emmett Quincy. Leon Russom as Sheriff. Jarleth Conroy as Undertaker. Roy Lee Jones as Yarnell.

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Bruce Green as Harold Parmalee. Ed Lee Corbin as Bear Man. Candyce Hinkle as Boarding House Landlady. Peter Leung as Mr. Don Pirl as Cole Younger. Joe Stevens as Cross-examining Lawyer. David Lipman as First Lawyer.

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Jake Walker as Judge Parker. Orlando Storm Smart as Stableboy. Ty Mitchell as Ferryman. Nicholas Sadler as Repentant Condemned Man. Scott Sowers as Unrepentant Condemned Man.

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Jonathan Joss as Condemned Indian. Maggie Goodman as Woman at Hanging. Brandon Sanderson as Indian Youth at Bagby's. View All True Grit News. February 9, Rating: January 3, Full Review…. December 24, Full Review…. December 23, Rating: July 10, Full Review…. September 8, Rating: August 21, Full Review…. Frontier justice is, at best and at worst, half blind. August 11, Full Review…. March 11, Rating: The year's best film. Deeply moving and entirely unexpected.