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The Clever Hare. Once upon One day it was a hare's chance to go to the lion's den. But, he Moral Of The Story: Intelligence Is Superior To Physical Strength.
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I got away with much difficulty to give my life to you, Your Majesty". The lion was pleased with the hare. But the thought of another lion in the jungle made him angry.

Elephants and Hares

The lion roared "Do you know where he lives? Please come with me". The hare took the lion to the old well. He said "Sir, that lion lives in this well".

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The lion peeped into the well. The rabbit was old and wise. He was unwilling to go, but the other animals forced him to go.

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The rabbit thought of a plan which would save his life and the lives of other animals of the forest. The Lion was getting impatient on not seeing any animal by the time.

Tales of Panchatantra - The lion and The Rabbit - Moral Stories for Children

The Lion got extremely furious when he saw a small rabbit for his meal. He swore to kill all the animals.

I am not to be blamed for that. Actually, six rabbits were sent to make your meal, but five of them were killed and devoured by another lion. He also claimed to be the king of the forest. I have somehow escaped to reach here safely.

The Lion and the Hare: An East African Folktale by Stephen Krensky

Take me to the place, where you saw him. He might be hiding inside. The Lion looked into the well and saw his own reflection. He thought it was the other Lion.

Tale of a Clever Hare (Children's Book)

The Lion was furious and started growling. Naturally the image in the water, the other Lion, was also equally angry. Vegetables My Small Board-Books: Birds My Small Board-Books: Animals My Small Board-Books: Vehicles My Small Board-Books: Words My Small Board-Books: Foods My Charming Board-Books: Fruit My Charming Board-Books: Vegetables My Charming Board-Books: Birds My Charming Board-Books: Animals My Charming Board-Books: Vehicles My Charming Board-Books: Words My Charming Board-Books: Numbers Sparkle Board Book: Fruit Sparkle Board Book: Animals Sparkle Board Book: Learning Pre-School Picture Books: Writing Pre-School Picture Books: Table Book See more Numbers My Jumbo Book Series: Animal My Jumbo Book Series: Birds My Jumbo Book Series: Words My Jumbo Book Series: Fruit My Jumbo Book Series: Vegetables My Jumbo Book Series: Vehicles My Jumbo Book Series: Animals My Little Books Series: Birds My Little Books Series: Fruit My Little Books Series: Vegetables My Little Books Series: Food My Little Books Series: Transport My Little Books Series: Words My Little Books Series: Numbers My Big Book Series: Fruit My Big Book Series: Vegetables My Big Book Series: Animals My Big Book Series: Birds My Big Book Series: