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leadership mobley foster leader personal wisdom approach truly essence journey powerful principles unique leaders personally chapter questions title brilliant taking. Foster Mobley wrote a clear and compelling book detailing many of the intangible differences that great leaders.
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Mandela was a transitional leader by choice — setting example of selfless service in the interest of his country and, in contrast to the bullies that led other African states. Such an exemplary leadership can inform both contemporary governance in states in transition or businesses that need transitional leaders who build bridges to the future as strategies for sustainability. The alternative — a non-consensus builder strong man approach — would have spelt disaster for South Africa as for businesses that fail to take shared vision and collaborative leadership seriously.

Indeed, the current state of affairs in South Africa makes the case for the use of Mandela as an example—when states or companies fail to work together with their people for collective advancement, suboptimal performance is often their reward. I do agree that he did the best, but, is interesting not to blaim him but to look what he missed or failed because mistakes are one of the best ways to learn. Mandela was a great leader in all respect.

As a human being, he definitely has his own shortcomings but that is not to disparage him. He taught the world the lesson of forgiveness which if imbibed will minimise the current crisis in the world. Leaders need to learn to forgive. Why do we keep having these philosophical dialogues on a subject that as been eschewed since…? It is part of our human nature to lead and be lead. It started with God, now the positivist secular individual and then artificial intelligence.

The point of the item and using Mandela for example of a new type of chief is that the huge guy theory of leadership had its moment in history. You must sign in to post a comment. It made reading the book fun, imaginative, and adventurous. It was great to read a story about exploring pristine nature while considering authentic leading. The tie-ins and connections were endless.

The philosophy and framework.

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So much of what I read I support and carry out in my own work both personally and professionally. I was nodding my head so often it became uncomfortable. The concept of "essence" is one of those qualities that most leaders struggle to grasp.

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The true self must emerge and act on what's right. I just can't hear that message enough times. The book is lively and easy to read. It's filled with clear and applicable exercises to integrate the learning. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. Foster Mobley states there are , leadership books out there, but that his approach in this book is different. As the author of two of those books, and with years of leading experience in my background, I know this is an easy and common claim to make, but a tough one to back up.

What makes it different is that many books use storytelling, and many books focus on content, but Dr.

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Mobley's book is an example of how to use both of those approaches in a seamless way that will help leaders do what they are really supposed to do: You will learn many things in this book, but perhaps most importantly that leading is less about what you do, and more about who you are.

This is a beautiful, hand-crafted book that reflects Dr.

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Mobley's plus years of leading and consulting. My guess is that he wishes he could have been able to have this book available to himself when he first started out, and I wish the same for myself. However, it's here now, and I would urge you to strongly consider getting this book onto its rightful place on your leadership bookshelf.

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That is, of course, after you read it! Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I absolutely loved this book. Kinda already want to read it again to fully soak it all up. It also made me yearn to get back out in the woods. One person found this helpful. This book is an excellent personal and professional resource for anyone looking to up their leadership game. Maybe the best aspect is its not written just for corporate executives Lots of self-reflections, and that's where the good stuff happens!

I read a lot of leadership books as I work in leadership development and Dr. Mobley's book was the best one I have read in years. It is entirely practical and one that you can personally work through to improve yourself.

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It is also great material for coaching others. I highly recommend it! This book is a fun read, not something I would normally say about a leadership book. The book brings together eastern principles and how our brain works, in a unique way, to help provide insight into leading. I appreciated the integration proposed and the emphasis on "awareness", which Foster points out is so critical to everything we do. I also, appreciated the distinction between leadership and "Wisdom Leading" as it captures the essence of leading, that is experiential and takes everything we have, versus a set of skills we can acquire.

The book is truly a pleasure to read, and there is a great generosity in the willingness of Foster to share his personal views and experience. Whatever you lead--either a corporation, a congregation, a team or a familythis book is a must read! My personal favorite book on leading. Mobley shares his concept of Wisdom Leadingleading from your essence, or true self, when you're at your best. This approach is about showing up powerfully for those we leadusing our head, hands, heart and spirit.

It's a brilliant read using a brilliant approach! Purchase Now Buy Now!

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Foster Mobley understands the challenges leaders face. For more than 30 years, he has He and his team helped Next, Foster speaks directly about seven access points of breakthrough leading. Finally, answer some tough and revealing questions about your own leadership journey. Click here to sign up. Foster Mobley on Facebook Dr.