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We've been hearing talk about HTML5 apps for years it seems, but not That's a lot different than writing separate code for Android, iOS, macOS, or the mobile version of Gmail are excellent examples of HTML5 at work.
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Previous experience in your field or business sector might not only get you a better app, but a cheaper one too: Reviews and recommendations are also a valuable resource — if you know a business similar to yours, find out who made their app and whether it works and read the reviews for it in the app store. You can also check out our marketplace for app developers , and read our in-depth guide on how to choose one. Our answers to the most frequently asked questions about finding, choosing and engaging with an app development company or agency.

In this guide, we break down the cost of app development to show you where the money goes.

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A good tool to estimate an approximate cost for your app idea can be found here. According to Kinvey, it can take 18 weeks to create an app , while our own estimates put it at 24 weeks. Once again this greatly depends on the type of app and your developer, but this range includes the majority of development times for medium-sized apps. There are a large number of resources online. Another strong online directory is found on Clutch. There are also dozens of app developer events around the world yearly, which you can find in our event directory.

Meetup is a great tool for this, and developer meetings can often be found on the platform , as well as platform-specific ones for iOS and Android. In October , the most recent estimates put the number of app developers at 12 million globally , of which around half develop for Android, and 2. Keep in mind however that since then around , new developers have entered the market per year.

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The first one is, of course, your budget, but beyond that you should:. Review portfolios This is a standard procedure, and most companies will make proudly show their app development portfolio on their websites. Keep in mind that while app building is a skill unto itself, development for particular sectors for example healthcare or games can be very specific.

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Ask for References Digging a little deeper, you can always contact the companies the studio has developed apps for and find out what their experience was like. If a development studio is trusted time and again by operators in a certain industry, then they must be doing something right. Which leads on to:. What platforms do you develop for natively? Do you develop cross-platform apps? You want to make things clear right from the start: How will the apps be converted from one platform to another?

If the app is linked to a website, will the website be optimised for mobile phones? Some studios only offer user-experience or user-interface design.

Intel HTML5 App Porter Tool: Convert your iOS App to HTML5

Others do the development and coding, but post-launch maintenance is considered to be an additional cost. If your app requires a back-end servers and software , not all studio developers include that in their services. It vastly depends on the kind of app you are designing, but make sure the studio you go with covers all the steps of the app development cycle, or can point you to companies whose services integrate well with the ones they offer.

Will your app make money via advertising? If so, it needs to be optimised for that purpose. If your app is a storefront, or just driving traffic to your website where the money is made, how will it engage users to come back after their first visit or first transaction? To further differentiate between the two, it helps to understand how each is developed.

Mobile apps are more expensive to develop than web apps, and because they are platform-specific, launching an app across different platforms pretty much means starting from scratch in terms of design and development.

What Is The Difference Between A Mobile App And A Web App?

However, they are much faster, and tend to be more advanced in terms of features and functionality. Native mobile apps are built using specific languages and Integrated Development Environments IDE depending on the intended platform.

Apple and Google also provide their own development tools, interface elements and software development kits SDK which developers can use to build native mobile apps. Unlike mobile apps, there is no standard software development kit for building web apps. However, developers do have access to templates.

Compared to mobile apps, web apps are usually quicker and easier to build — but they are much simpler in terms of features. While standard web apps lack some of the functionality that mobile apps can offer, progressive web apps fall somewhere in between.

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  8. Unlike standard web apps and more like native mobile apps , progressive web apps are able to work offline, and load extremely quickly. This is primarily down to advancements in the sophistication of the modern browser: Progressive web apps can therefore be used without an internet connection, giving them some typical native mobile app functionalities such as push notifications, native video and audio capture, and native video playback. In many ways, they seem to offer the best of both worlds.

    The report checked how many HTML5 features are supported by different devices that access the mobile web. This report concludes that HTML5 is a welcome addition to the mobile party, but it does not negate device and OS fragmentation. Device specific functionalities such as camera access, geolocation, and accelerometer readings are exposed through a JavaScript API. Hybrid mobile apps contain a mixture of native app and mobile web app concepts.

    They do contain native code but are not completely native. Unlike mobile web apps, which store source files on a server, hybrid mobile apps store HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files locally so no Internet access is required to launch a hybrid mobile app. Hybrid mobile apps have their pros and cons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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