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Check out these expert tips for easier installation of a replacement garage door opener and trouble-free operation. We'll clarify the instructions.
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Each has an electric motor driving a lifting device—a chain or belt, for example—that is fastened to the door. The most common type of opener has its motor mounted over the area where the car is parked. For information on how to install this type, please see the following clear, helpful video. This shows how to install a particular model of Chamberlain garage door opener. Torsion spring openers, though less common, are also available—though far less common.

This type is meant for a door that weighs no more than pounds. Pluses are that it is somewhat easy to install and is located out of the way.

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Other models of this type are made for use with other garage door spring systems. All manufacturers offer a variety of optional accessories, including remote controls, keyless entry pads, and keyed switches. Regardless of the type you choose, follow the accompanying instructions exactly. If the torque tube has already been installed, remove it and slip the drive motor onto it. Test your garage door to make sure the opener is working correctly.

If the door and the opener are moving smoothly, if all parts are attached solidly, and there are no obstructions blocking the door or the opener's movement, then it should be fine. Some garage door openers can be quite loud under normal working conditions, so don't assume that just because it's a bit loud that it is not installed properly. Not Helpful 24 Helpful 5. It sounds like the travel limits need to be reset. The operator is trying to push the door through the floor, and since it cannot, the rail is being pushed up.

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Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. Mount the opener on a wall near the garage door, and connect the external system with the internal garage door opener. Not Helpful 7 Helpful 0. What should I do if the garage door opener doesn't work after I install it? Answer this question Flag as What do I do if the opener seems to be reversed on the garage door? What do I do if I have to pry at the middle of the top of my garage door to open it? I have tightened the chain as much as possible and it is still too long.

How do I adjust it? Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other.

How to Install a Garage Door Opener

By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Tips Always defer to the installation directions included with your garage door opener. They are written for your specific opener, while the directions included here are more general. If you see damage to any part of the opener, don't use it until it has been repaired by a qualified service technician. Never operate the door if the safety system is not functioning properly. Check the safety reverse system and the electric eye once a month, and readjust it if necessary.

Periodically check the manual operation of the door as well. Reinforce lightweight fiberglass or metal garage doors before installing an opener to prevent damage to the door and insure that the safety reverse system will operate properly. Operate a garage door only when it is free of any obstructions. Warnings If possible, use the manual disconnect only when the garage door is fully closed.

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The opener will not carry the weight of the door, and if the springs are weak or broken, disconnecting it could cause the door to fall. Always disconnect electrical power to the opener when servicing the unit or working close to the drive chain or other moving parts. Never alter or remove a garage door's springs, cables, or pulleys. Doors with torsion springs a single coil above the door should only be serviced by qualified service technicians. Never let children operate or play with the opener. Keep the radio transmitter in a location inaccessible to children. Do not wear rings, watches or loose clothing while installing or servicing a garage door or opener.

They could get caught on a moving part and cause injury to you or your property. Article Summary X To install a garage door opener, first assemble the rail, carriage, pulley and motor compartment according to the instructions. Did this summary help you? Did you try these steps? Upload a picture for other readers to see. Tell us more about it? Click here to share your story.

Being responsible now for all the repairs, and not being sure of how to do repairs and what tools to use, I find your tutorials inspiring and beneficial. A multi tool would be would be a great addition to my sparse tool arsenal. This is a great video Jeff. I am a visual and hands on type person so seeing it done makes it that much easier. I like how you throw tips in there. Also the band aid makes a nice touch.

I appreciate your instructions and videos. Your video would have been handy when I installed my Chamberlain 5 years ago. Have been researching multitools for my next project — bathroom renovation. The Porter-Cable would do the trick. Congrats Mark on your new project. Love your tutorials Jeff! I made a power drill scrubber thanks to you! A multi tool is on my list. I have a lot of work for it to do — I need to finish up some trim work it would work great for; the grout in my bathroom need to be removed and replaced.

Currently our opener is doing fine but when it eventually kicks the bucket and I have to replace it, I would most definitely agree with getting the Chamberlain.

My parents had them installed in NJ and I love them. They are impressively quiet and smooth in operation. Thanks for the tutorial. Love the tool and love DIY projects. It would be put to good use here. Using that box to support the garage door opener — sheer genius! Oh, my goodness, Jeff! That multi-tool looks too cool! I went to the Porter Cable site and just swooned over this tool.

So many needs around here! And by the way, Merry Christmas to you and your family! You have made our year better! Thank you for this terrific tutorial. The recommendation to get a Chamberlain is greatly appreciated as I value products with excellent reviews. My DH hates cold weather so I suspect replacement of the opener will have to wait for spring.

Hopefully, the old one will hang on a bit longer. I bet you could install it on a Saturday and have it working in about hours. The belt drive is super quiet and smooth, so no worries in the early morning. The best part is that you can install the opener with the door mostly in the down position. So if you pick a warmish day you can accomplish the install with very little cold air infiltration. Thanks for all the wonderful videos I need all the help I can get! Sorry to hear about your door opener Margie.

You and your daughter could get this project done in a few hours. Check out the Chamberlains and see which one will fit your door. My son is a spectacular handy man and yes I am prejudiced since he is my son! He and his family are restoring a home built in so needless to say…. Thank you for your site. I just finished making the power scrub , well actually 6 of them as Christmas gifts! So much character in those homes Betty. Hi Jeff, I would like to add a comment addressing door security.

The door disconnect rope needs to be secured to prevent someone from fishing a heavy wire between the door and frame and snagging the rope. A quick yank on the wire and your door can easily be opened. The lever that the rope attaches to should be secured to its carrier in the closed position a zip-tie works great to prevent it from being activated. A couple of holes can be drilled into the carrier if necessary for the tie. If the disconnect needs to be used from the inside, pulling straight down may break the tie or a pair of wire cutters will easily remove the tie.

Thanks Randy for the great tip. Doors are a security risk for all of us. The bearded snowman is definately a Pennysylvania snowman. Love the tips and how-tos.

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  5. Thanks and Merry Christmas. LOL, the beards are common here in the Burgh. Jeff, Thanks for this nicely detailed overview on garage door installation. At present, my doors are behaving and I am avoiding any eye contact! I will be returning to the Burgh on Tuesday where I was born and raised coming from N. Do you ever host live events in the Burgh? I told my siblings about your tutorials so I will be getting them signed up over the holidays! I enjoyed your step-by-step installation video and believe it to be applicable to other makes and models — read and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer!

    It was good to see the off center mounting of your garage door opener as that may be information someone else can use. Over time the off center orientation, this is just my opinion, will cause stress on the other parts of the door. Your videos are great: Keep me posted on any of your projects.

    This is perfect timing!! I am in need of a new garage door opener!! The current one is the original opener that came with the house 17 years ago and I cannot get the darn thing to close.

    There is always something in the eye preventing it from closing.. Glad to help any time Mary. Sorry to hear about your opener. I am a single lady and just purchased my own home less than 6 months ago. My dad taught me to do things myself to save money. My garage needs a garage opener and I would love the opportunity to install it myself.

    How to Install a Garage Door Opener (with Pictures) - wikiHow

    Have a wonderful Holiday! You have to be so excited. The tool is so versatile and have needed one for quite some time. Thanks for all your help and great advise. Wish I owned a house that had a garage that I could use a garage door opener! I have no doubt that many have learned from this tutorial. Multi-tools do come in handy for all sorts of projects. Our next projects are a kitchen update, new deck and side porch and stairs. The Multi-Tool will be a big help in all the projects. Thank you for the fantastic garage door opener video. Do not forget to change the code on the opener if you program your car to the opener, someone can open your garage with your car if you trade it in or sell it.

    Thanks Jeff for all the information. These vids are what the job actually will be like for the home fix it types. You just gave me a huge smile Basil cause I can assure you my videos are scripted. Thanks for saving the video and archiving it. Thanks so much James. Yah, that video is pretty simple but does the job for many a caulk job. Glad you liked it.

    Keep in mind if you live in South Florida that a hurricane resistant door may lower your insurance rates but you need a stronger door opener to lift it. I plan to build a nice wooden shed in the Spring to replace it, however. My current project is removing and replacing some strange brown stuff that I think is insulation in my house. I pulled off the vinyl siding and this brown, fibrous stuff is nailed to the studs. It looks like compacted chewing tobacco, like in those little round tins of Copenhagen that my grandfather had.

    Thanks for the chance to win the P-C! Happy holidays to you and all our fellow DIYers. I hope Santa brings everyone tools, tools, tools!!! Just found your awesome site last week Jeff! Love your site and tutuorials Jeff, keep them coming! I love all of your tips and your sense of humor really makes the whole DIY stuff much easier!