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Misc. Notes, Table of contents is added, and is not in the original Bärenreiter score. Public Domain in the USA. Copyright not renewed and is ineligible for NIE .
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BBC Music - What makes Handel's Water Music so great?

Politics aside, there's a reason why the Water Music was an instant hit: Building on experience of his native Germany, where suites made up of separate dance-like movements were all the rage, Handel came up with an exuberant series of foot-tapping tunes. One of the most famous movements of all is the Hornpipe in the second suite, a chirpy version of the British sailor's dance - a clever nod to the watery setting, as well as to Handel and his king's adopted country.

Although it's unlikely anyone risked dancing while navigating the Thames, one theory holds that the third suite, which is more intimate than the first two, was played for the king over dinner in a grand villa at Chelsea. Unlike many pieces Handel wrote, the original score for Water Music doesn't survive, and none of the later versions exactly match.

The piece is usually split into three separate suites made up of 22 self-contained movements, but no one is quite sure how they fit together, in what order the movements come, or even whether Water Music was actually performed in its entirely in July or created for different occasions. Most probably he didn't take the risk, and added them to the score later.

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Even if Water Music was written partly to ingratiate himself with his new monarch, Handel was no one's lapdog. He had a famously foul temper and was scornful of his English rivals, once declaring - at least according to an anonymous pamphlet - that most of the music at the royal court was "compos'd and performed by Blockheads".

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Another legend has it that he once threatened to dangle a soprano out of the window if she didn't do exactly as he said. Given that the composer became grossly overweight in his later years, you wonder how he would have managed it. How many of these Mastermind music questions can you answer? Eight mysteries buried in the music of this year's Proms. Why Daniel Barenboim's Proms got people talking. The brilliance of Scott Walker - explained!

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Sign in to the BBC, or Register. What makes Handel's Water Music so great? Thursday 20th July Its premiere was such a success that the king demanded repeated plays. Painting by Edouard Hamman — It's thought to be a peace offering from the sacked composer. JavaScript required to play media.

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Alla Hornpipe from Water Music. Feierliche Suite in D-Dur: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra , Louis Clark. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra , Yehudi Menuhin. Hornpipe Water Music Suite No 3. Bath Festival Orchestra , Yehudi Menuhin. Hornpipe from 'Water Music Suite No. Hornpipe From 'Winter Music'. Hornpipe in D from The Water Music.

Suite From the Water Music - Hornpipe. London Classical Players , Roger Norrington.

What makes Handel's Water Music so great?

Suite in D major, HWV Les Musiciens du Louvre , Marc Minkowski. Suite in D major: The Virtuosi of England , Arthur Davison. The Water Music Suite No. London Mozart Players , Jane Glover. English Chamber Orchestra , George Malcolm. Walter Music - Alla Hornpipe. Wassermusik Suite in D-Dur: Chicago Chamber Orchestra , Dieter Kober. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra , George Weldon. The English Concert , Trevor Pinnock.

Water Music - Hornpipe (Handel) Wedding String Quartet

Philharmoniker Hamburg , Leopold Ludwig. Academy of St Martin in the Fields.

Water Music, HWV 348-350 (Handel, George Frideric)

Water Music - Alla Hornpipe. Water Music - The Hornpipe. Ars Rediviva , Milan Munclinger. Philharmonica Symphony Orchestra , Igor Ivanenko. London Festival Orchestra , Ross Pople. Slovak Chamber Orchestra , Bohdan Warchal. Berliner Philharmoniker , Riccardo Muti. Linde Consort , Martin Linde. Norddeutsche Philharmonie , Hans Zanotelli.