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To many people, marketing means personal selling or advertising, imposing oneself on others, Ways to Market Your Services: Even If You Hate to Sell .
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Being able to answer this question, and others like it, could be the sole factor that distinguishes your value to prospective buyers. Talk to your marketing team. Follow industry blogs, and set up Google News Alerts for topics your customers care about. This is a hard muscle to build, but it can be built with practice and dedication.

There are at least two general schools of thought in the sales world: Pain-based selling and opportunity-based selling. In my opinion, pain-based selling is far more effective. But to know pain, you must experience it. I learned this quickly when I started at HubSpot. In my first 30 days on the job, I had to build and launch my own website as if I were a marketer -- the very persona I was selling into.

This project made me far more effective at selling to our prospective customers.


He pointed out that few reps today actually understand the value of asking their prospects questions. This is only reinforced by HubSpot Research showing buyers still think most sellers are pushy. To understand what truly matters to your prospect, they must explain it to you in their own words -- before you consider positioning your solution as the one that will solve their challenge. Ultimately, this makes you more valuable to the prospect, which increases the chances of them becoming a customer. Most importantly, using open-ended lines of questioning to get prospects to open up to you matters because most people are resistant to what they hear, but believe what they say.

Nothing replaces superior product knowledge. If they see you have to ask someone else questions repeatedly, or bring someone else in to do product demos, etc. As a mentor, and as a sales manager, the first time I showed my team how I prepared for calls, they looked at me like I had six heads. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. I am amazed at all the info you provide in your book. I dog-ear the corners, highlight, mark and sticky tab the entire book. I have gotten more information from John's book than my whole first two years in college. I now feel more than prepared to market my book series.

He's one resource that has captured a niche. I have been reading it for months. In fact, I take it to bed every night. For each book that we publish, I go through John's book page by page, customizing our marketing plan and getting new ideas on each page. When I'm done with it, half the pages are dog-eared and marked up and the spine is cracked in a million places. That may sound harsh, but it's true. I've been buying every edition of this book since I first discovered it over a decade ago.

Now, I'm not just a writer but a publisher and I buy a copy for every one of my authors. The sad fact is that publishers, even the very big ones, seldom do any book full justice when it comes to publicity and promotion. The tendency is to put the effort behind books that are already showing some success in the market, and then only until the next batch of books comes along.

But books can sell well for years — IF they are promoted.

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This book is the proverbial cornucopia of ideas for how to do just that. There is much here that authors can do themselves.

  1. Phenomenology and the Human Positioning in the Cosmos: The Life-world, Nature, Earth: Book One (Analecta Husserliana);
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  3. Ways to Market Your Books: Testimonials.

There are many more ideas that authors can bug their publisher to do. In fact, we encourage our authors to do just that. It's a classic win-win proposition, because no one will care as much about your book as you do. In all that time, I have never found a better book that details the entire process of distributing, marketing and selling books than John Kremer's book. I have been using my 4th Edition for years, and finally decided that with a new company, it was time to update and get the latest edition. I am very glad that I did.

I have marked and dog-eared the entire thing. Because of this book, Flying Pen Press is a going concern. I make all my staff and authors read it cover to cover. The title is very misleading. There are not 1, marketing tips in this book. The true number is more like 5,, by my estimate. Maybe a lot more. The book is that important to me, and if you are a book publisher, it will be that important to you, too. Not only that, every profit-making insider idea I read about has already been tested and proven to work. Fact is, your book delivers more real hard core money-making secrets than any other publication on earth.

This extensive work covers every aspect of publicizing and marketing books and is a must have for every publisher, editor and author. I find myself reading and re-reading this book over and over again because of its many creative, helpful and practical ideas. John Kremer's book on marketing books is the bible of the industry. Not only are Kremer's tips and resources excellent for promoting books, but you can use many of the techniques and strategies for promoting a variety of other goods and services.

Writing a book is the first important step, but once you've created something worth reading, you need to help people learn about it. As Kremer says in his opening to chapter 9: Publicity is doing good, and then telling the world about it. Here, then, is the essence of getting good publicity: It really is that simple. But both steps do require patience, persistence, and attention to detail. And this is the book to help you uncover all of the ways you can do that. I have more than 50, copies in print simply from using one idea alone!

Thanks for sharing and being such a wealth of knowledge, John! I've recommended it to hundreds of speakers and authors. It's been my bible. And about 30 other publications. If you're not in this category, or have self-published, you MUST own this bible of information on how to market your own book. It is so chock full of good ideas it's hard to believe one man could know so much about book marketing, but John Kremer does. If you did ONE suggestion a day, your book would start breathing a new life.

Ideally start working it the minute you get that acceptance letter! John Kremer's book is the best source I've seen and I will cite it, show it and highly recommend it with pleasure. I am on every talk show with my books, and my books have been reviewed by many including the Chicago Tribune, Playboy , and Redbook.

You are to be credited with that. The Montel Williams show is one program I do ten times a year alone and I just taped another show several days ago. As perhaps you would already know, this book is special and a must for anyone within the industry. Never the less allow me to sing your praises. This work has blown my mind.

As perhaps you could imagine, my copy now is covered in highlighter ink. Perhaps I should have just pre-dipped the whole book into a vat of highlighter ink prior to beginning. The cover has dog ears, and there are numerous post-it notes adhered throughout the book. I think that gives you enough of an image, and compliments the book better than any flowery words could. I read everything I could get my hands on, from articles, books and the internet, about the field of self-publishing and marketing. And the one reference book I kept coming back to and using as an authoritative standard was John Kremer's book, Ways to Market Your Books.

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Kremer gives all of the need to know information on self-publishing and marketing your book. If you do not market your self-published book you will never, never be heard of and if you don't use Kremer's book as a guide for excellence in marketing, the only autograph you may be signing is the death certificate of your book. Live, learn, and succeed. Don't taste, but devour Kremer's book. Do you wish to write a book and bring it to others? Are you shaking about the prospect of selling your book? John Kremer makes all of the steps to sell your book so easy.

His book, Ways to Market Your Books , has it all. He provides loaded breadth and depth of practical marketing tips for publishers and authors. I'm so excited about the suggestions and resources of John's book. The book is easily worth five times the stated price. John provides the caring wisdom. You provide the application. John and you will lead to your success. I got it from the library, read it from cover to cover in a few days, and had to get a copy of my own.

I am now re-reading it for the third time, as I further prepare my marketing plan for my first book. Bryant, Crimson Leaf Publishing. Kremer, the arch-realist of book marketing, tells you precisely how to make money with your books. And equally important--He updates it every couple of years, so he keeps abreast of constantly changing methods and technology. It has been a tremendous help to me in my marketing efforts.

I attribute much of our success in selling 4. The Lightning of Empowerment to your book. I recommend your books to all of my authors.

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We have found that supplying our authors with this book excited them and increased our ability to work together to maximize profit. Founded in with 2 titles, now over active titles. Since I didn't have any experience in book publishing, I have to attribute sounding even partially intelligent to his book.

Although, at the time, it was just Ways to Market Your Book. I'm looking forward to the next edition that will no doubt be called , Ways to Market Your Book. Over the years, it's been the only book that I've purchased multiple copies of to give to my employees.

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I recommend it highly, and I'm quite sure that even the most experienced publishing person will find all sorts of great ideas in it. Special warning for computer book authors: After you read the book, you will feel even more disappointed by the marketing that goes into promoting your books. The good thing is that many of the ideas in the book cost nothing more than imagination and some hard work. Rogelberg, Studio B Literary Agency. You can add my name to the list of fans, but be sure I'm put on the A list because I'm a big fan! Now they'll know enough not to need us.

And her following comment was, I have a copy, and I love it. Wilson, author, Your Intelligent Heart. They would if they were serious about promoting their books. I am still amazed at how many authors are clueless about how much of the promotion and marketing they need to do on their own to make their books sell. I think your book is a necessary tool for anyone in marketing in the publishing industry.

I love that it is such a great book that every time you go back to it you get another brilliant idea. Like you, I am hardcore, so I carry your books with me everywhere. I know I will use it as a constant reference. I have read other books on the subject. Yours is best and most complete by far. What I like most is your creativity. This is where you really stand out. What you say does work. I must have read it a million times, and each time I go back I discover something new. It is full of Post-Its and yellow highlighter and holds a prominent space here on my desk.

Keep up the inspirational work! Over the last two years that I have worked as a book marketing consultant, I have not only gleaned John Kremer's fantastic advice but I have added my own notes, dog-ears, hi-lighted text and paper clips that will forever provide me with direction and inspiration. It is always the first book that I recommend to new authors complaining about poor sales and limited visibility. There is no excuse for failure when you own a copy of Ways. And the great thing about this book is that the author is so extremely accessible.

If one ever has questions that the book may not answer, Kremer is only a phone call away. Buy it, refer to it often and learn to add your own ideas. No one tells the author these things—not the publisher, not the writer's rep. What readers can mine from Ways to Market Your Books , presented in concise fashion, would otherwise require extensive excavating.

Heck, you've done their homework! They have become extremely productive in the marketing aspects of their titles as a result. I found your book at the library recently because I was looking for ways to promote a book that I co-authored and really want to get into the hands of people. Imagine my surprise when the 3 week rental period was not even close to enough time to get through and absorb the information.

In fact, I renewed the book for another 3 weeks. The information you have provided is applicable even beyond the confines of selling books. There are so many hints, tips and resources that can be applied to a variety of businesses. Thanks you for compiling this and sharing it with us, the public. I hope you are enjoying enormous personal success while you are helping so many people be successful too! This thing will hurt your back to lift pages , wear you out to read OVER 1, ideas , and exhaust you if you try to do everything in it.

It's a by-god classic. Just thumbing through it will overwhelm you with practical ideas for selling your own book. I can't recommend this one enough. And while you are without a doubt an absolute genius at book marketing, something else suddenly struck me. What a great writer you are! The whole damn book is a fascinating read.