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Wudang Tai Chi Fist is situated within Daoism. It is China's special martial arts Tian Ma Fire Style Wudang Tai Chi Chuan (taijiquan). Wudang Tai Chi in Five.
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The Eight Immortals have a big influence to the Taoist teachings.

Wudang (Tai Chi) Kungfu Master (Documentary)

By constantly improving body and mind, becoming stronger and healthier, the Tai Chi 13 form was created by Zhang Sanfeng. The exact year remains a mystery but this must have happen around the year Many history books explain two different Zhang Sanfeng. For someone who attained the knowledge of Tao, Sanfeng might be a fitting name. Grandmaster Zhong Yunlong Interview. Wang Zhongyue was asked to teach the Tai Chi form. Why he did this or what exactly happen is unclear but it started the Chen Tai Chi teachings we know today. Tai Chi is the connecting element to control all this aspects in motion.

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Along with nutrition, vitamins, minerals, herbs, advanced nei-gung meditation and marrow washing and constantly absorbing energy, diet and juicing I continue to feel stronger, get healthier and still have an excellent memory, clear skin, full hair with almost no gray, bright eyes, speed and strength an in perfect health. This is where semen retention and controlling emissions comes into play as you should emit once a week to two weeks depending on age, health, energy and other factors. I been doing martial from age of 17 teen now 64 and mostly tai chi for 40 years and a young 64 and have always been told that Zhang Sanfeng was the founder of taichi and also in my researchers his name always cropped up.

When we examine Chen Family martial arts of Chenjiagou, we see a years old martial syntheses Shaolin Taizhichangquan, Hongquan with Chen Family ttradition? How does one explain this glaring ommision when it was only Chen shi taijiquan that has been the background of what we know as taijiquan tai chi today? Also, what we know as Taiji today is only a name. You are under the impression that everyone knows what you know and thinks as you think.

Wudang Tai Chi Experience - Explore Kung Fu in Wudang Mountain

Practitioners of Wudang Tai Chi , at first need to understand softness and suppleness, stillness and emptiness. The principles of not water nor fire, not hard nor soft, not too much nor too little, not deviation from the center, peaceful without contention. One must regard softness and gentleness as foundation. Softness however does not stand for slackness, tightness does not equate stiffness.

Hardness and softness are mutually supportive, therefore effective and never stopping. The reason why it cannot be called softness and the reason why it also cannot be called hardness is that hardness and softness are an indivisible and integral whole:. Practicing Taiji Fist can be separated into high, intermediate and low fram e. Water and Fire Ta i Chi are two separate methods. Practitioners take what they need from it. One must proceed step by step, temper and steel in accord with the specific needs;.


Water Tai Ji adapts to form to generate momentum, it shifts in a hundred ways winding around objects. Its characteristics are like water: Fire Wudang Tai Chi means to be rooted like a boulder, to be strong like iron and steel, swift as a fleeing rabbit, powerful like burning flames. At present, there are many Scientific Research Departments researching on Tai Chi from the perspective of medicine, physiology, psychology, biochemistry etc..

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Their research shows that playing Tai Chi is helpful to prevent or cure some chronic diseases , like hypertension, heart disease, arthropathy, intestinal tract disease etc. As the name implies, Tai Chi 13 Form means 13 groups of movements 60 postures with a strong purpose of offense and defense. It was the mother of all Tai Chi forms and created by Zhang Sanfeng.

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People praised it as the treasure of Chinese martial arts and the essence of Tai Chi. The 13 Form contains eight basic movements and five steps and the two are integrated with each other closely. The eight hand movements were derived from Eight Trigrams Pa-kua , which can be interpreted as heaven, earth, water, fire, wind, thunder, lake and mountain.

It can be divided into two parts — four primary hands warding off, pulling back, pressing and push and four corner hands pulling down, splitting, elbowing and shouldering. The five steps refers to five footwork sills, namely advancing forward, retreating backward, stepping to the left side after faking right, stepping to the right side after faking left, and settling at the center.

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For thousands of years, the Wudang Taoism has always been a key school of Chinese Taoism, and has the same religious doctrine and dogmata with Chinese Taoism. This religion put emphasis on the faithful filial piety ethics and the harmonious combination of three religions, namely the Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism. Besides, Wudang Mountain is preferred for its Wudang martial arts.

Therefore, so many martial arts likers visit Mount Wudang from different countries and regions to feel its charm and the benefits to their bodies and minds. Yuan adopts many effective teaching methods in accordance of different students with different learning period and learning content to make sure everyone able to get the essence of Chinese Kung Fu and feel the mystery of Taoism. In order to make students learn in a spacious site with the atmosphere of Taoism, all the martial art classes will be given in the Yuxu Palace — the largest Taoist palace in Wudang Mountain.

With red walls, green tiles, fresh air, and elegant surrounding environment, this palace is a wonderful place for self-cultivation.

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The teachers master a good of ability of Kungfu as well as English. Generally, the classes can be divided into two groups, short-term study and long-term study. If you are a traveler with limited time but want to experience the joy of playing Tai Chi, it is a good idea take part in the short Tai Chi experiencing classes. You can spend 0. In the study, you will get a brief understanding of Tai Chi and learn the basic postures. If you are a Tai Chi fan and want a little further study, some other classes are available.

Of course class lasting several months can also be tailor-made according to your needs. The school offers meals, accommodation and Kungfu uniforms. There is a list of class schedule for your reference, and it might be modified in different seasons.