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Around the World in Eighty Days , Oxford: Le Docteur Ox recueil de nouvelles: Ox and Other Stories , Boston: Towle ; also published as Dr. Ox and Other Stories , London: A Fancy of Doctor Ox , Philadelphia: From the Clouds to the Mountains A Fantasy of Dr. The Mysterious Island - , London: Sampson Low in St. James Magazine , trans.? Mysterious Island Philadelphia: The Evening Telegraph , , trans. The Mysterious Island , New York: The Mysterious Island , Modern Library, trans. The Survivors of the Chancellor , New York: Horne, abridged ; abridged and edited by I.

Evans as The Chancellor , London: A Romance of Mexico , London: The crews of these vessels, badly fed, ill-paid, and harrassed with fatigue during the six months occupied by their passage from Spain, had been secretly plotting a mutiny. A Drama in Mexico in Dr. Ox, and other Stories , , London: The crews of these vissels, badly fed, ill-paid, and harrassed with fatigue during their six months voyage for [sic] Spain, had been secretly plotting a mutiny. Hector Servadac - [ HS ]. Hector Servadac , New York: Hector Servadac , London: Horne, ; as Off on a Comet , New York: Ace, ; abridged and edited by I.

Claxton, Remsen, Haffelfinger, trans. Les Indes noires - [ IO ]. The Black Indies , New York: James Starr will present himself to-morrow at the Aberfoyle Coalmines, Dochart Pit, Yarow [sic] Well, he will receive a communication of an interesting nature. The Child of the Cavern , London: Evans as Black Diamonds , London: James Starr will come to-morrow to the Aberfoyle coal-mines, Dochart pit, Yarrow shaft, a communication of an interesting nature will be made to him. Un Capitaine de quinze ans - [ CQ ]. A Captain at Fifteen , New York: This vessel, of four hundred tons, fitted out at San Francisco for whale-fishing in the southern seas, belonged to James W.

Weldon, a rich Californian ship-owner, who had for several years entrusted the command of it to Captain Hull. Dick Sands , New York: Aeonian, from the Scribner edition; Parke version reprinted in 2 volumes as Dick Sands: A Captain at Fifteen and Dick Sands: The Dark Continent by Amsterdam: The Millions of the Begum , New York: Associated Booksellers, ; Holicong, PA: The Tribulations of a Chinaman in China , Boston: Virginia Champlin [Grace Virginia Lord].

Tribulations of a Chinaman , New York: The Tribulations of a Chinaman , London: Associated Booksellers, ; Amsterdam: Fredonia, and respectively. These proud words may justly be applied to the Himalayan chain, whose heights no man can measure with any mathematical precision. La Jangada - [ JA ]. The person who held in his hand the document, of which this medley of letters composed the last paragraph, remained for some moments in a thoughtful attitude after contemplating it attentively.

Associated Booksellers, ; published in 2 volumes as The Giant Raft: The Cryptogram by Amsterdam: The man who held in his hand the document of which this strange assemblage of letters formed the concluding paragraph, remained some moments lost in thought. The Green Ray , New York: Such were the appellations that were heard successively in the magnificent hall of Helensburgh. The Green Ray , London: Mary de Hautville - reprints: One after another these names re-echoed through the hall of Helensburgh; it was the way the brothers Sam and Sib had of summoning their housekeeper.

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Evans, see listing below. A California Mystery , London: Horne, abridged and Chicago: Sequoyah Books, ; abridged and edited by I. Evans as The School for Crusoes , London: The Headstrong Turk [2 parts] , New York: The Headstrong Turk , New York: Henri Frith - reprint: Keraban the Inflexible, or Adventures on the Euxine vol. The Archipelago on Fire , New York: The Archipelago on Fire , London: Ma demande vous semble surprendre. My request seems to surprise you, but you will excuse me if I say that I am at a loss to understand why it should appear extraordinary.

I am twenty-six years old, my name is Cyprien Mere.

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I am a mining engineer, having graduated from the Polytechnic School, second in my class; my family is honorable, and respected, if they are not rich. The Vanished Diamond , London: The Star of the South , New York: My request seems to surprise you. Perhaps you will forgive me if I have some difficulty understanding why it appears so strange. I am twenty-six years old; my name is Victor Cyprien; I am a mining engineer, and left the Polytechnic as second on the list. My family is honest and respected, if it is not rich.

The Star of the South , Pretoria: Protea Book House, trans. My request seems to have taken you by surprise. I am a mining engineer and I left the Polytechnic second in my year. Mathias Sandorf - [ MS ]. Mathias Sandorf , New York:: London, Sampson Low, The Waif of the Cynthia , New York: Robur the Conqueror , New York: Master of the World. The sound of two pistol shots was heard.

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A cow crossing a field fifty paces distant received a bullet in the spine. The cow was an innocent victim. Like spectators at a riot she had fared worse than the combatants. The Clipper of the Clouds , London: Evans as The Clipper of the Clouds , London: The pistol-shots were almost simultaneous.

A cow peacefully grazing fifty yards away received one of the bullets in her back. She had nothing to do with the quarrel all the same. The Lottery Ticket , London: This shrieking squall bends down the trees of the Volsinian coast, and hurries on, flinging itself against the sides of the mountains of Crimma. The roaring gale bends the trees of the Volsinian coast and smashes against the slopes of the mountains of Crimma. Evans - reprinted in Yesterday and Tomorrow , see below. Its roaring force is bending the trees on the adjacent hills and driving on to break against the slopes of the mountains of Crimma.

The wind is blowing. The rain is pouring down. The roaring storm bends the trees on the Volsinian shore and crashes against the flanks of the Crimma Mountains. Flight to France , London: Evans as Flight to France , London: Evans - reprint in Yesterday and Tomorrow , see below. There were seven or eight hundred of them at least. Of medium height, but strong, supple, framed to make prodigious bounds, they gamboled in the last rays of the sun, now setting over the mountains which formed serried ridges westward of the roadstead.

Nord contre Sud - [ NS ]. Deux ans de vacances - [ DV ]. Adrift in the Pacific , London: Associated Booksellers, ; in 1 volume as Adrift in the Pacific: Two Years Holiday by Amsterdam: Sans dessus dessous - [ SD ]. The Purchase of the North Pole , London: Topsy-Turvy , New York: The Purchase of the North Pole. Famille-sans-nom - [ FS ]. Lovell; , New York: Family Without a Name , Toronto: Caesar Cascabel , New York: And she drew out of her pocket a square-cut piece of greenish paper, all crumpled and greasy.

Cesar Cascabel , London: Mistress Branican - [ MB ]. Mistress Branican , New York: Mistress Branican , London: The Castle of the Carpathians , London: Evans as Carpathian Castle , London: Claudius Bombarnac - [ CB ]. Such is the address of the telegram I found on the 13th of May when I arrived at Tiflis. There he will take the train by the direct Grand Transasiatic between the European frontier and the capital of the Celestial Empire.

Foundling Mick , London: Captain Antifer , London: Face au drapeau - [ FD ]. Facing the Flag , New York: Below this name, in a corner of the card, the following address was written in lead pencil: For the Flag , London: Cashel Hoey - reprint: Evans as For the Flag , London: Above this name, on a corner of the card, the following address was written in pencil: Clovis Dardentor - [ CD ].

Clovis Dardentor , London: Le Sphinx des glaces - [ SG ]. An Antarctic Mystery , London: No more appropriate scene for the wonderful and terrible adventures which I am about to relate could be imagined than the Desolation Islands, so called, in , by Captain Cook. I am a Connecticut naturalist possessed of a small independent fortune. In the year I was engaged in research work among the islands of the far southern ocean. Associated Booksellers, Fitzroy Edition, ed.

Knox and the Reformation. Presumably a follower of John Knox c. The orthographic shift of the names its frequent when it involves the transcription of foreign names. These prisoners were men of renown. Norman Lesley was, we know, one of the most distinguished champions of the Scottish Reformation. In Lesley, at the head of a small group of fifteen men, butchered cardinal Beaton at the castle of Saint Andrew and locked himself in the fortress he had just taken with Knox, the great Scottish reformer. Pelham or Adventures of a Gentleman.

Novel by Bulwer Lytton, published Four years before the Stapleton was jailed, there entered in the prison of the mount, the gazetteer Victor de la Castagne, better known under the name of Dubourg, originally from Espalion. The prisoner died voluntarily of hunger on 26 August He had arrived on the Mont in September ; he was detained for a little less than a year and not thirty as some authors have claimed. He was held on the Mont for several years. He was a writer, less famous for his work than for his bad luck.

It is true that it was baptized Free Mount and later Villefranche. From to it can be said that Les Chevaliers de Saint-Michel. The superior administration was plagued by complaints of all kinds. The doctors were ignorant, the chaplain was treated as a monster in soutane, the director was barbaric tyrant and a uniformed Nero. Especially the chaplain was vilified. Auguste Blanqui wrote to his friend Fulgence Girard, lawyer at the bar in Avranches: He is known as a greedy man, without faith, bad, false; he is dirty as a comb and uglier than the ugliest of monkeys.

He is the one who thought up the iron bars that have turned our cells into iron cages. See o and h.

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Le Mont Saint-Michel inconnu n 2: They were no more than latrines or else mass graves. We understand that the besieged could not throw beyond the ramparts the bodies of those who had died inside the Mont , monks or soldiers. They were made to disappear in hidden holes that the political passions had transformed into abominable in pace! A book or table in which the places of the heavenly bodies and other astronomical matters are tabulated in advance for each day of a certain period; an astronomical almanac see OED. Dans ce manuscrit, chaque mois commence par un vers? Il indique les jours funestes de chaque mois.

It indicates the unlucky days of each month. To this day tourists, admiring and credulous people, are shown a very beautiful tower, called the Guet Tower. But historical truth does not agree for the excellent reason that the Guet Tower was built under Robert Jolivet, between and It is enough to look at the tower once to recognize the building methods of the fifteenth century.

But Tiphaine died in Dinan in , i. In any case, to us the date seems very questionable. His name was Geoffroy of Servon, a name based, undoubtedly, on a small parish at approximately three leagues from Mont Saint-Michel which had as its lords the noble lineage of the Foulques Paynel.

The girls from Landerneau. Who smells like thyme and white roses? The girls of Lesneven]. Not found in Myrdhinn. This is the single occurrence of the word in the book. He is seated on a black horse, his coat is black, his hair is black, his face is black and he is black all over. Merlin recognised Colombanus, the great doctor of the Irish church ]. Patrick in the year moved onward to a place called Druim-Sailech, or the Field of Sallows, but afterwards called Armagh , on account of its eminence. Feeling that she was close to the end, although her fortieth spring had not yet blossomed, she called Geoffroy de Servon to her side.

Six hours was enough to go from the Mont to Dinan. He consoled her with pious words and these evoked, one can be sure, quite a few memories of Mont Saint-Michel; then the abbot gave lady Duguesclin the last sacraments and the rather mystical soul of the fairy lady escaped from her gentle body and flew away into eternity through the ethereal spaces in which the worlds rotate.

Two days later, Geoffroy officiated pontifically at the church of Saint-Saviour in Dinan and his voice trembled, surely from emotion, when he gave the last blessing; in the end the convoy went, slowly, towards the convent of the Jacobins and the coffin disappeared soon in the dark caves of the chapel. When he had discarded his priestly vestments, the good abbot certainly lavished consolations on the unfortunate constable.

These were undoubtedly eloquent and persuasive: Duguesclin married his second wife, Jeanne de Laval, in Excellent Catholic as she was, she did not mind that several members of her family had been Huguenots and she even liked to recall that one of her great-grandmothers, who was born at the beginning of the seventeenth century, told her around Ils en furent pour leurs frais. The monks wanted from the bishop the privilege of being able to hear confession of everybody who came to them; they started negotiations with the bishop of Avranches for that purpose and it was during these that they offered him this beautiful fish.

It was in vain. So they made a pun on his name: Married to Isabeau de la Tiral who was, after his death, dame of Ducey, he had four boys and four girls. He wsa beheaded in , but the sentence of villenage against his children was never executed. His elder son, Gabriel II, married to Suzanne de Boucquetot with whom he had five sons and a daughter, was a terrible enemy of the Mont. We know that he failed to take the abbey-fortresse by guile on the night of 29 and 30 August Any person who was vindictive, unjust, impious or cruel, was immediately likened by the people to Montgommery, so much that one ceased to distinguish between the members of the family.

No difference was made between Jacques and the two Gabriels. The legend represented him as ceasely roaming the Normandy coast, from Coutances to Pontorson. Not a single castle that he did not visit every month; he tried to spend counterfeit money in Tombelaine; at night he traveled with a horse shod backwards to confuse those who attempted to follow him, he arrested pilgrims who were late; having become the devil himself, as soon as he was on horseback, he martyred poor priests whom he forced to say sacrilegious masses in his parishes of Chasseguay, Cormeray and de Ducey.

Rien pour les autres, tout pour lui. The division of a legal argument. It carries thus in itself the proof its mendacity. These frauds are not rare; mostly they derive from an excessive love on the part of the monks for their monastery; the older the abbey or the priory, the greater its glory; so the forgers wanted to help the descendants of the donors to regain the goods that had been given by their ancestors. Finally in Hampshire he held from the king one hide and the tithing for the manor of Basinguestoches, today Basingtoke.

Old English measure of land, the equivalent of acres, variously defined as sufficient to support a family, or as much as could be ploughed in one year. Le Mont Saint-Michel inconnu n 3: Pigeon had wanted to place the old Hotel des Monnaies. At the bottom of the hole, carved into the granite, one found two or three metal ingots. Le Mont Saint-Michel inconnu [immediately following the previous quotation]: The sign this was the name of any object of metal, jewel, figure or medal was worn attached to a beret.

Most of the images were molten in slate or Munich stone molds. The mouth of a river. It is used in geography to designate a narrow valley invaded by the sea. The Normans themselves, so proud to have on their marine land the expression was coined by the troubadour Wace the eighth wonder of the world, have long realized that the bay belongs more to the Bretons than to their own province.

A cadger, a chancer, a scoundrel. Today no more smugglers with sacks that contain more subterfuge and malice than salt, powder or tobacco.

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What do you have there? One says euphemistically that a man is du dernier bien with a woman to express the fact that he is her lover. It is generally believed that this is the identical bell of the Saint to which allusion is made in the ancient Irish records. Fiacc states that the Apostle of Ireland was born at Nemthur—Nemthur, as all commentators agree, is not the name of a town, but of a tower. From the days of Julius Caesar, Portus Ictius, or the harbour of Boulogne , was the port from which the Roman troops sailed to Britain , and the harbour to which they steered on their return.

The very fact that King Niall made use of this harbour when he raided Armorica in the twenty-seventh year of his reign, makes it likely that he sailed into the same harbour when first invading that country [ The association reverberates through the Wake: This was the founding act of the Swiss Confederation. This entry is written to the right of k and m. Hart The more common meaning is noose or hanging, but it originally meant a thin branch, hence, in dialect, a whip Fr.

So this could either be a linguistic note or refer to the two penalties of hanging and whipping. Cross of the fief: The Wednesday before Easter. Annales , Herpin ] [the ancient cross of the Fief, which disappeared during the Revolution. This cross used to stand, outside of the walls and in the port, in a little island of rough stones that served as a pedestal. It was a symbol of the jurisdiction of the common lordship of the Bishop and the Chapter of Saint-Malo.

The double cross is also known as the Lorraine cross. Or voici ce que je vous propose: Faire venir de tels blocs de granit de si loin! No-one today know their history; no human strength has been able to set them up; only the power of the spirit was able to raise them. So this is what I propose: No more suitable monument can be built to honour our warriors, none will last this long. Hearing Merlin speak like this, the king could not help smiling.

To make such blocks of granite travel such a distance! These stones are really mysterious. The water that is poured by the heavens in their cavities closes wounds and gives sight to blind eyes. At their feet grow plants that have thousands of good uses. It has been like this for a long time, ever since the giants who brought these stones from deepest Africa and placed them in a circle in Ireland , just as they had been in their own country. The king gave them his brother Uter as their commander; the boats were soon ready and they were seen travelling to Ireland , their sails filled by the wind, and Merlin standing at the bow of the leading ship.

Tu quoque saepe veni, soror, o dilecta [Come you also often, sister, loved one. In he was appointed Stamp Distributor for Westmoreland. Alternatively, this and the following unit may be associated with the Wireless Broadcasting Inquiry. See the note for e. Post Master General J.

Walsh was a key person in the scandal. I beg to traverse above statement JJA At last, after a little hesitation as to whether he should wear cap and gown, which I decided he should, for this time only, not , Lexilogus was ready: I thought Don Quixote had put an end to all that long ago. For, as Demopho says of young men: Unum cognoris, omnes noris.

Euphranor laughed a little; and I went on: Yes; and a handsome house withal—unless indeed you think the handsome Soul will fashion that about herself from within—like a shell—which, so far as her Top-storey, where she is supposed chiefly to reside, I think may be the case. Miscellanies 90 [immediatly following the previous quotation]: So, by the time he had beautified her within, it was too late to re-front her Outside, which had case-hardened , I suppose.

No, nor of any young Wordsworth neither under our diviner auspices. A Horn-Book gives of Ginger-bread;. And, that the Child may learn the better,. As he can name, he eats the Letter. For, as King Arthur shall bear witness, no young Edwin he, though, as a great Poet, comprehending all the [ ] softer stops of human Emotion in that Register where the Intellectual, no less than. Something to this effect I said, though, were it but for lack of walking breath, at no so long-winded a stretch of eloquence. And so we went on, partly in jest, partly in earnest, drawing Philosophers of all kinds into the same net in which we had entangled the Poet and his Critic — How the Moralist who worked alone in his closet was apt to mismeasure Humanity, and be very angry when the cloth he cut out for him would not fit — how the best Histories were written.

They agreed with me; and we turn'd homeward. I then inquired about his own reading, which, though not much, was not utterly neglected, it seemed; and he said he had [ ] meant to ask one of us to beat something into his stupid head this summer in Yorkshire. Lexilogus, I knew, meant to stop at Cambridge all the long Vacation; but Euphranor said he should be at home, for anything he then knew, and they could talk the matter over when the time came.

We then again fell to talking of our County; and among other things I asked Phidippus if his horse were Yorkshire , of old famous for its breed, as well as of Riders, and how long he had had her, and so forth. Well, so I am fitted, — as Lycion is to be [ ] with one who can Valse through life with him.

This has been written sideways in the right margin. I think I have observed they have grave, taciturn faces, especially when old, which they soon get to look. Is this from much wasting, to carry little Flesh — and large — Responsibility? Durum et durum non faciunt murum. Hard and hard i. Answer us—Whither art thou gone? Ever thou wert so still, and faint,. And fearing to be look'd upon. We cannot say that one hath died,. Who wont to live so unespied,. But crept away unto a stiller spot,. Where men may stir the grass, and find thee not.

From a text by Tristan Tzara: Affected with hypochondria, depressed. I have no very acute pain, a skeely doctor, a good nurse, kind solicitous friends, a remission of the worst pain of my desk hours—so why should I fret? The word survives chiefly in Scottish and Northern dialect. A young man, especially a fashionable one.

But nowhere was he more amiable than is some of those humbler meetings — about the fire in the keeping-room at Christmas, or under the walnut tree in summer. A sitting-room or parlour. He was content with a poem so long as it was good in the main, without minding those smaller beauties which go to make up perfection — content with a letter that told of health and goodwill, with very little other news — and content with a friend who had the average virtues and accomplishments of men, without being the faultless monster which the world never saw, but so many are half their lives looking for.

Apocryphal New Testament I will bring her unto you arrayed in this body. But [the Jews] being yet more inflamed in spirit went unto the governor, crying out and saying: The nation of the Jews is destroyed because of this woman [the Virgin Mary]: But the governor was astonied at the wonders and said unto them: I will not drive her out from Bethlehem nor from any other place.

And it came to pass after that sound that the sun and the moon appeared about the house, and an assembly of the first-begotten saints came unto the house where the mother of the Lord lay, for her honour and glory. And I saw many signs come to pass, blind receiving sight, deaf hearing, lame walking, lepers cleansed, and them that were possessed of unclean spirits healed. And every one that was under any sickness or disease came and touched the wall where she lay, and cried: Holy Mary, thou didst bear Christ our God, have mercy on us. And forthwith they were cured. When therefore the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for the life of the whole world hung on the tree of the cross pierced with nails, he saw standing beside the cross his mother and John the evangelist, whom he more especially loved beyond the other apostles because he alone of them was a virgin in body.

Unto him therefore he committed the charge of the holy Mary, saying to him: Behold thy mother; and to her: From that hour the holy mother of God continued in the especial care of John so long as she endured the sojourn of this life. And when the apostles had taken the world by their lots for preaching, she abode in the house of his parents beside the Mount of Olivet.

And Paul came with them who was turned from the circumcision and taken with Barnabas to minister to the Gentiles. And when there arose among them a godly contention, which of them should first pray the Lord to show them the cause of their coming , and Peter exhorted Paul to pray first, Paul answered, saying: That is thine office, to begin first, since thou wast chosen of God to be a pillar of the church, and thou art before all in the apostleship: And he came near and kissed the bed, and forthwith all pain left him and his hands were made whole.

Then began he to bless God greatly and to speak out of the books of Moses testimonies unto the praise of Christ, so that even the apostles themselves marvelled and wept for gladness, praising the name of the Lord. But Peter said to him: Take this palm at the hand of our brother John, and go into the city and thou wilt find much people blinded; and declare unto them the mighty works of God, and whosoever believeth on the Lord Jesus Christ, lay this palm upon their eyes and they shall see: P asks to be 13 th judge. All the disciples except Thomas now arrived on clouds, and greeted her.

On the Sunday at the third hour Christ came down with a host of angels and took the soul of his mother. Such was the light and fragrance that all fell on their faces as at Mount Tabor and none could rise for an hour and a half. Thomas was suddenly brought to the Mount of Olives and saw the holy body being taken up, and cried out to Mary: And the girdle with which the apostles had girt the body was thrown down to him; he took it and went to the valley of Josaphat. When he had greeted the apostles, Peter said: The girdle is the great relic of Prato ; and the prominence given to this incident is another indication that we have here a mediaeval Italian composition, not earlier, I imagine, than the thirteenth century.

The commander of a thousand men. He sent a chiliarch to Bethlehem with thirty men. The Spirit told the apostles to take Mary to Jerusalem. Meanwhile the chiliarch found nothing at Bethlehem , and the priests said this was due to magic. The apostles then asked the Lord to show them the place of torment, reminding him of his promise that on the day of the departure of Mary they should see it. They were all taken on a cloud to the west. The Lord spoke to the angels of the pit, and the earth sprang upwards and they saw the pit.

Mary and the apostles fell down and interceded for them. Michael spoke to them, telling them that at all the twelve hours of the day and of the night the angels intercede for creation. The angel of the waters intercedes for the waters. Here the fragment ends. Seymour has elaborated the thesis, that this visit of the apostles to Hell was known in Ireland at an early date, and that the Irish form must be derived somehow from this Syriac text. The word that falls on the last spike indicates the quality of the person that one will marry.

Revue des Traditions Populaires This is a small construction in the middle of which there is a wooden statue of the saint.

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  • Young girls who want to marry that year come and stick a pin in the nose of the saint. During the first world war there were wooden statues of Paul von Hindenburg all over Germany and people would nail money to them for war bonds. In Hiiberno-English, a pattern is the feast-day of a patron saint. As soon as the young girl agrees, the young gallant carries her umbrella and brings it to her; he does not take her arm unless he knows her very well. Ar Goulenadec La demande. When a young man has really decided to marry a young girl, he goes to the house where she lives, late one night, aroun d eleven, when everybody is asleep.

    The young man is accompanied by his father, or, when the latter is dead, by his closest relative. They knock at the door and say their names and then all the inhabitants of the house get dressed again and the door is opened for them. Without having to tell him explicitly, they make it clear that his request has not been granted. Of a jilted lover it is often said: He was served milk soup. When the rejection has to do with a preference of either the parents or the girl for another young man, the friends of the latter like to go out at night and hang near his house or not far from it a quite visible bouquet of flowers, a piece of cloth or a newspaper, which is called garlantez garland.

    The passers-by seeing the garlantez will laugh at the rejected suitor, so he will immediately take it away when he sees it; but sometimes the friends of the rival have a more durable way of making known the misadventure to the passers-by: This is called lakaat an hano to give the name. It is interesting that only married women wear these mourning robes.

    The meal is served on the ground between two rows of ladders. Farces pendant le repas. At the end of dinner, a plate on which there are bones is passed round. It is covered with a napkin. Everyone will contribute; the total is announced by the holder of the plate who always doubles the amount. A Guerleskin, si une veuve se remarie, pendant toute la nuit de ses noces, les voisins lui font un charivari en frappant sur des chaudrons. If she is divorced, the noise may last up to eight nights in a row.

    Revue de Bretagne It is a linguistic border and thus variable: To the left, Lower Brittany , on the right, Upper Brittany. He makes the claim with assurance, but with a vague sense of inferiority in terms of being a breton, of not having preserved the language still spoken by his brothers in Lower Brittany. Il y a encore en Haute-Bretagne quelques pardons. People in Upper-Brittany also have their own particular dances: Waltzes and mazurkas, although becoming more popular, have not yet replaced them, because they are quite dull compared to the local dances that are full of movement, danced to the accompaniment of an accordion or, most often, a singing voice.

    In my father registered tales in the land of Gallo , and in the Breton speaking lands. They were a lot less costly than the caps in lace we see nowadays, they could be washed and, as a good lady of the Gallo region told me, if they needed ironing, you could just sit on them.

    Jakez and Jalm are Breton forms of Jacques or James. Coutumes populaires de la Haute-Bretagne , It must be built solidly. Possibly a Battenberg cake, which is an oblong cake covered with almond paste, usually in two alternating colours of sponge, so that each cross-section shows a checkerwork pattern. Le vin, dont la couleur rappelle le sang, tachait, comme lui, le bois d'une empreinte pourpre Biscuit et bouteille de vin,. Fais que sur mon bateau ne manque jamais le pain. The newly baptized has, like the child, a godmother and godfather.

    Around Paimpol the priest, with the help of the sexton and the choir sings the Te Deum , while godfather and godmother engage in a strange and probably very old practice: On top of the bow the piece of wood at the front of the ship between the keel and the front mast, five holes have been made beforehand, distributed in the form of a cross, in which they place pieces of consecrated bread, and then they plug each hole with a wooden peg; the singing of the Ave Maris Stella that follows this operation christianizes it in a way, and it is at this point that all those present are given cakes with sugar that have been baked for this special occasion by the woodfather and woodmother.

    One side of these cakes forms a checkerboard and each person present is given one small square cut by the woodfather. In the old days the patron of the boat then performed a real pagan sacrifice: Around this custom survived in a lesser and more symbolic and civilized form. A bottle of wine replaced the rooster and the patron hit the boat with it. The wine, the colour of which is linked to the blood, also coloured the wood with a purple shine … The patron then crossed himself and crushed a bit of bisquit in the liquid in speaking this ritual formula: Bisquit and bottle of wine,.

    Make that on my ship there will always be enough bread. And that is the origin, even today, of the bottle of Champagne that is dashed against the largest ships at their official launch. In the old days, immediately after the different baptisms, the patron would go on land; his wife put a halter around his head and then took him home; he followed her obediently, like a sheep; he was not allowed to eat that night and went to bed without dinner.

    This is the very symbolical meaning of this strange custom; if the patron is the sovereign master on board, it is his wife who is master on land…. When the boat goes out fishing for the first time, he lets the whole fleet leave before he hoists the sails; on returning the crew buys a drink for the fisherman on board who brought the biggest catch; this first trip almost always ends with a great dinner. But if there is some damage, the ship is brought back to port and left there for eight days before it will go out a second time. But all those precautions that used to be taken in order to enhance the chances of a lucky launch have now almost all disappeared.

    In any case new boats still get the Christian baptism and some of the pagan rites still exist, more or less in secret. But the habit of drinking to its health never fails to be followed …. Jun Jul I. There is not perhaps in existence a product of the human mind so extraordinary as the Irish annals. From a time dating for more than three thousand years before the birth of Christ, the stream of Hibernian history flows down uninterrupted, copious and abounding, between accurately defined banks, with here and there picturesque meanderings, here and there flowers lolling on those delusive waters, but never concealed in mists or lost in a marsh.

    The opposite of limn: Romances and poems supplied the great blocks with which the fabric was reared. These the chroniclers fitted into their places, into the interstices pouring shot-rubbish , and grouting. The bardic intellect, revolving round certain material facts, namely, the mighty barrows of their ancestors, produced gradually a vast body of definite historic lore, life-like kings and heroes, real-seeming queens. The mechanical intellect followed with perspicuous arrangement, with a thirst for accuracy, minuteness, and verisimilitude.

    With such quarrymen and such builders the work went on apace, and anon a fabric huge rose like an exhalation, and like an exhalation its towers and pinnacles of empurpled mist are blown asunder and dislimn. Eocha of the heavy sighs , how shall we certify or how deny the existence of that melancholy man, or of Tiernmas, who introduced the worship of fire? Lara of the ships , did he really cross the sea to Gaul, and return thence to give her name to Leinster, and beget Leinster kings? Ugainey More, did he rule to the Torrian sea, holding sea-coast towns in fee, or was he a prehistoric shadow thrown into the past from the stalwart figure of Niall of the Hostages?

    Was Morann a real Brehon, or fabulous as the collar that threatened to strangle him in the utterances of unjust judgments? He, and his successors in the office of Chief Justice wore a collar of gold, which would choke the wearer if he was about to give an unjust decision.

    There, too, at one time, the same phantasmagoria prevailed, real-seeming warriors thundered, kings glittered, kerds wrought, harpers harped, chariots rolled. See also g. Various evolving meanings include a walled enclosure, fortress, dwelling; a monastic enclosure; a fortified city.

    We see the stone cist with its great smooth flags, the rocky cairn, and huge barrow and massive walled cathair , but the interest which they invariably excite is only aroused to subside again unsatisfied. On the plain of Tara, beside the little stream Nemna , itself famous as that which first turned a mill-wheel in Ireland , there lies a barrow, not itself very conspicuous in the midst of others, all named and illustrious in the ancient literature of the country. Slieve Mish, mountains in County Kerry.

    There are a number of stone forts on the Aran Islands , perhaps the most famous is Dun Aengus, on Inishmore. The mounds of Tara, the great barrows along the shores of the Boyne, the raths of Slieve Mish , Rathcrogan, and Teltown, the stone caiseals of Aran and Innishowen, and those that alone or in smaller groups stud the country over, are all, or nearly all, mentioned in this ancient literature, with the names and traditional histories over whom they were raised.

    The indigenous history of the surrounding nations commences with the Christian ages—that of Ireland runs back into the pre-Christian. It is near the well-head. Alleged Sequel to Compensation Claim. You must know them. If they have, it is foreign to me. You need not pretend to be so innocent. As an old member of the council you should know. Ring Out the Old.

    Market day in the town. Units c - f appear to form a group. Traditional ending of Breton fairy tale: See Revue des Traditions Populaires , Ils firent de belles noces: Saint Eutropius was a great healer. Saint Colomban Vers 14n1: He knew Scripture completely, especially the Psalms, the wisdom literature and the New Testament; he cites saint Hieronymus Liber de Viris illustribus ; lib.

    Saint Colomban Vers He settled upon the second alternative, since an animal, however cruel it might be towards its victim, is doing the work of an animal and does not offend the Almighty. All of a sudden he found himself surrounded by twelve angry wolves. Without being moved he invoked help from the Almighty through the verse Deus in adjutorium meum intende, which he had already repeated frequently in the course of the psalmody. Meanwhile the beasts approached him… their circle tightened… soon they were on him.

    They smelled his clothes, but, O marvel, they retreated, defeated by his fearlessness or rather by his superhuman confidence in the aid of the Almighty. This danger had hardly passed when he heard the steps and the voices of the Suevi who were wandering through the woods looking for adventure, but they did not see him at all.

    Bloody curse to him! Azenor or Azenora is a saint worshipped in Brittany. She gave birth to a male child, while floating on the ocean in a barrel. Near the hamlet of Kerbanalec is an allee couverte. The holy well of Ste. Azenora the Cornish Sennara , mother of S. Budoc , is supposed to have the peculiarity of filling with milk the breasts of any man who drinks thereof. Mothers nursing their children frequent it. It was decided to ask the Government to appoint a commission to inquire into the postal and telegraphic services in rural areas. Your pudding is cooked! A metre in Latin and Greek prosody, consisting of a dactyl followed by a spondee or trochee.

    And, borrowing a pun for an old proverb, he added: Leo, in Latin, signifies both lion and Leon ]. Saint Colomban Vers n2: The last word of the entry probably alludes to the variations in the date of celebration of Easter. These two probably make a single unit. The Megalithic Monuments 9: The Eolithic or split stones of the earliest period, discovered in the tertiary strata, are of very doubtful authenticity, and are the subject of much discussion. Not so the Palaeolithic, or flaked , or worked stones, of the second period, discovered at the bottom of the quaternary strata with the remains of extinct or migrated animals.

    These flaked stones are divided into different types, of which the most ancient is the Chellean type, of Chelles Seine-et-Marne , having more or less the shape of an almond, dressed on its two faces, but differing very much in form, shape, and finish. The Megalithic Monuments Coincident with the deterioration of the Stone Age was the appearance of several new implements; these latter were developed during the later quaternary period with a climate cold and dry, during which the Elephas primigenius and the Rhinoceros Tichorhinus existed.

    Man himself lived in caves and wore clothes made of skins, and had ornaments made especially of shells. To cut an annular groove or hole in something. Besides the implements which we have mentioned man had a good many others during the Chellean epoch, such as blades and scrapers, and, later on, saws, rakes, scrapers, double-edged and notched burins or graving tools, awls, etc. Certain of the animals which existed in our district have migrated, others have developed; some have been domesticated by man, such as the dog, the ox, the horse, the sheep, the goat ; at this epoch a new implement made its appearance—the polished axe.

    Thus appears the Neolithic or New Stone Age. Earthenware also appeared, but already so perfect that the art had evidently been practiced earlier. From a hunter he becomes a shepherd and a husbandman. His implements, weapons and tools change and increase in number; the dressed flint continues, the axe, the gouge and the hammer are polished and are provided with handles. Manufactories for the working of different hard and soft rocks appear and their produce is sent into all parts. With this new industry we find certain indications of a religion in the care which is taken of the dead.

    Special chambers are prepared for their bodies, and with the corpses are laid their weapons, jewels, and amulets; alongside, but in less important sepulchres, the slaves and servants are placed. In certain districts these sepulchral chambers are dug in the earth, in others they are built above ground with detached blocks of stone and then covered with earth and stone, thus forming a tumulus. The monuments being burial-places, the human bones of this period are very numerous.

    The races are already very much mixed; they practised trepanning , and certain indications lead us to believe that they were cannibals. It was, to sum up, the dawn of our history. The tumulus is a mass of earth forming an artificial mound. There are two kinds of tumili: The Tumulus of St.

    Michel; and the circular tumulus; example: The Tumulus of Kercado. A menhir among a small group, and lying to the west of the road, is capped. The Giant of Kerderf at Carnac. The large stone blocks forming the monuments called megalithic are of the granite of the district and are doubtless erratics , i. The Megalithic Monuments 24 [also inspired by the numerous k-sounds in the following sentence]: This last excavation having led to the discovery of a crypt containing 32 axes or stone celts, three turquoise necklaces and remains of human bones not cremated aroused considerable interest.

    The objects found in these tombs are principally: Human bones, cremated and natural, sometimes in great quantities indicating collective sepulchres or ossuaries ; sometimes in very small quantities indicating individual sepulchres. Animal bones, chiefly of horses and cattle, are also found. Axes or celts generally in hard stone, occasionally in rare stone. Some of them are pierced at the heel to allow of their being suspended.

    Several, from centimetres long, are wonderfully perfect. They do not appear to have been used and can only have been votive axes; even at the present day our peasants consider them valuable talismans and call them Men-Gurun , or thunderbolts. We are, moreover, led to imagine that this superstition concerning the dead became a dogma, and was handed down by uninterrupted tradition to the Romanised Gauls. They adopted the custom of consecrating their tombs to the deified spirits of the dead, whom they represented by figures in the shape of an axe under which was written the dedication: Under the axe or adze.

    It is equally difficult to understand why the large menhirs are always placed near a cromlech and why the menhirs themselves take an easterly direction and gradually diminish in size. The Megalithic Monuments 31 [a legend about St. One evening he arrived on the outskirts of a village called Le Moustoir where he wished to stop; having however heard a young girl insulting her mother he continued his way and arrived shortly at the foot of a mountain where there was another small village.

    He then saw the sea in front of him and immediately behind him soldiers in battle array. He stopped and transformed the whole army into stones. He cured them all in remembrance of the great services rendered to him by his yoke of oxen during his flight. The men were supposed to bring stones, the women earth, and to drop them on an elevatioin near to Carnac where in time they formed the mount of St. The date of origin of the menhirs and dolmens is undoubtedly to be found in the Neolithic or New Stone Age, but the religious use of these stone monuments was continued long after that period, and many of them date from a time when metals were well known.

    To begin with, gold is found in connection with them; other objects, such as weapons and ornaments of bronze, have also been found, and we have seen that the greater part of the objects found in the tombs were ritual and votive and were made especially to be placed there for use in the next world. Doubtless the use of metal was excluded by the religious caste which made and sold such articles. Not being able or willing to work the metals the priests of that time in this district, the centre of their religion, resisted the use of metal much longer than was the case elsewhere.

    In the monuments everything—construction, orientation, contents—indicates a very advanced civilisation. We have seen that in several tumuli bones of horses and oxen have been discovered, and not far from a dolmen tombs containing what are doubtless the ashes and bones of slaves and servants have been found. It was customary for these primitive people to kill the animals, and probably the servants, of the dead so that they could be found again in another world. This shows us that they believed in a world to come.

    Everything tends to prove that the worship of the dead formed a great part of their religion, and that certain ceremonies and their bargains always took place beside the tombs. South side of the Liffey, near Winetavern Street. Saint Vincent Ferrier iii: He devoted his life to this task and was thus able to publish his History of saint Vincent , four precious volumes of editions of texts. Unfortunately, the figure of master Vincent Ferrier that Father Fages had succeeded in part to bring to life, has remained little known.

    Saint Vincent Ferrier iii-iv: Saint Vincent Ferrier 3 n 1: Saint Vincent Ferrier 3: Note 3 mentions that certain hagiographers report miracles accompaying this birth, but Gorce refuses to believe them. Joyce probably picks up the odd placement of the intruding footnote, as if to be born was an interesting fact of itself for a child. Saint Vincent Ferrier n 3: But the forms of piety, the mentality itself of the Spanish Christianity in the fourteenth century are those of Catholicism.

    Saint Vincent Ferrier 6: Nou ne connaissons pas la fin de cette anecdote. The bishop of Valencia had noticed this on a visit.

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    Saint Vincent Ferrier 7: Louis Gillet, Histoire artistique des ordres mendiants , p. Saint Vincent Ferrier 9: They had their own purses and when their purse was well filled, they built in the cloister their private apartments. They had their own tables and domestic servants. Saint Vincent Ferrier There he was a wonderful teacher and acquired all around a right little celebrity. And when they entered in the evening, to sing Compline, two by two, offering each other holy water, in the vast nave not very well lit with a small light, the monk students of Toulouse must have had a shudder of thrill and fear.

    This theology course was public. Every educated layman could attend, but it was addressed mostly to the secular clergy. Subject to a religious rule, belonging to an order, as opposed to secular , member of the clergy living in the world. That represented a clear loss for the finances of the parishes.

    The parish priests of Valence had the habit of presenting the host to the sick while asking them if they believed that the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost were present in it. That the Trinity was involved in the Eucharist seemed to Eymeric very suspect. He wrote learned treatises, reproached them vehemently. The priests continued their practice. This is when Vincent Ferrier intervened.

    He created a few concrete and simple rules and appeased the conflict as if playing. In fact he advised the pope and was for three years, between and , his private chaplain and director of conscience. Add to this the anarchy of ideas. This was the century of the naughty novel Renart and of Froissard, the priest without ideals who tells of his amorous adventures. Jean Froissart c c Best known as the historian, in his Chroniques , of the Hundred Years War, he was also a distinguished poet. Renart is Reynard the Fox, as he appears in the Roman de Renart.

    Units j - k are probably derived from an account of Froissart. The pompous cavalry had become useless now that archers on foot were much more useful in a war than horses. Il fit tout pour le retenir. From the madness of the Normans , deliver us, Lord. Dottin Saint Patrice Together they ascended towards Jesus, son of Mary. Dottin Saint Patrice 62n4: From the side of Christ. Anticipating the doctrine now known as that of recapitulation by the individual of the history of the race, he maintained that a Caucasian foetus represents the Negro stage, and a Caucasian infant the Mongol stage, of human evolution.

    The Mongol in Our Midst They are obviously devoid of the intelligence normal for their age; they are of Mongolian facies but are even more simian than Mongolian. These children represent the Hospital type of Mongol: Others fall still more into arrears of development and are recognised ultimately as imbecile. In asylums for imbeciles and idiots we meet with boys and girls, aged between seven and fourteen, who—classical Mongolian imbeciles in the sense of Dr.

    Langdon-Down—represent the Asylum type of Mongol. Some of these, indeed many, die before puberty. If then the Mongol of Central Asia stands as the prototype, we have, as members of the great Mongolian family, the Sinitic or Chinese peoples, the Malays and other Southern Mongols, the many Siberian peoples, the Japanese who are not wholly Mongolian , the Eskimo, and the North and South American Indians. The Mongol in Our Midst: Joyce lists the three Crookshankian races. See quotation under d. He was at once forcibly struck with the fact that, while the higher grades of Mongoloids seen in this country are certainly Mongolian, the lower grade Mongolian imbeciles and idiots are as undoubtedly orangoid in their homologies.

    Now obsolete psychiatric term, approximating to what is presently called schizophrenia. In other words, in spite of convergence and miscegenation, three Types or Faces seem to emerge when we survey the whole field; and we see each of these Faces as borne by a Man, by an Ape, and by an Idiot. Moreover, a still wider horizon opens before us when we realise that, during the later Palaeolithic period there existed, side by side in Europe, in certain parts of France , three human races—those of Cro-Magnon, of Chancelade, and of Grimaldi —which tended to approximate to certain primitive types of White, of Yellow and of Black Man respectively.

    While differences of opinion in respect of individual cases may be admitted, it is difficult to dispute that the habitual assumption, from infancy, of a particular posture , must be expressive of characters not merely inborn but inbred: It is even more singular that the Mongolian imbeciles should not only love to sit like a Buddha but to sway the head, backwards and forwards, like a porcelain mandarin, whilst I have seen a baby Mongolian idiot prostrate himself in his cot, for hours at a time, doing the Kow-Tow.

    But, if compelled to sit upon benches or chairs, the chimpanzee attitude becomes at once converted into what Dr. Yet, when the Egyptian artists desired to convey the idea of Power or Intelligence, an asymmetrical disposition was featured [46] that is seen to-day when a King is represented on a Throne holding a sceptre in a semi-pronated right hand and an orb in a fully supinated left hand.

    Origin of Magic and Religion For some reason, some of these variations of the Great Mother changed their sex and became gods. The trees always bear flowers and fruits, they swarm with birds, they are of a heavenly smell and touch,. A fair course against the white-swelling surge,. Brendan is but the latest and definitely Christian example of a genre of story-telling which had already flourished for centuries in Ireland, when it seemed good to an unknown writer to dress the old half-pagan marvels in orthodox monkish garb, and thus start them afresh on their triumphal march through the literature of the world.

    The idea of reincarnation is widespread. It occurs in connection with totemic clans in North America. The Yuchi of the Savannah River, who call themselves Children of the Sun, and believe that they go to the sky after death, say that each person is the reincarnation of a maternal ancestor. The child is not named for four days after birth, because it is thought that it takes four days for the ghost to get to the land of the dead, and thus, presumably, that it takes the same time for the spirit of the ancestor to get to the child that it is to occupy.

    The Huron also believed in reincarnation, for they used to bury the bodies of little children by the roadside, in the hope that they would enter passing women and thus be born. They also possessed a set of names for each clan, all derived from the characteristics of the clan totem, from which names the council women of the clan chose one for each child. The mystery society of the Ojibwa has been closely studied […] It was founded by a sky-spirit, through a mediator named the Great Rabbit.

    The Great Rabbit looked down on earth from the sky, and saw how ignorant men were. So he instructed the Otter in the mysteries, and gave him the sacred rattle, drum and tobacco. He has to take a sweat-bath […] When he goes into the lodge for the ceremony, the Supreme Being is supposed to be there. The candidate has to stand up, and is approached by a priest with a bag of mink skin containing shells, pigments, effigies, amulets, and so forth. He goes out into the wilds, fasts, and after a time has a vision. From India right across to America the practice of magic is closely associated with the archaic civilization; we find the magicians of India practicising the mango trick, that trich whereby a man causes a mango plant practically to grow into full maturity in the course of a few minutes;.

    This idea [of the magic thunderstone] particularly asserted itself in certain case where an injurious influence, the origin of which was unknown, was frequently felt. Even such a primitive people as the Punan of Borneo, who are still in the food-gathering stage, use quartz in their magic. He usually carries, tied to his quiver, a bundle of small objects which have forcibly attracted his attention for any reason, e. In yet other ways have the people of archaic civilizations influenced profoundly the beliefs and practices of the peoples of the regions in which they settled.

    It is curious to see how that the manner of contact between the people of the archaic civilization and the native tribes has apparently determined the lines upon which native thought should develop. For example, the gold-miners of the past in British New Guinea have left behind them many objects of stone, which are regarded by the native tribes as potent in magic.

    This is another instance of the transference of supposed power from one object to another that resembles it. It is found that, in Melanesia , the mana is associated closely with old stone images and also with stones of peculiar shape. When a man finds a stone that he thinks is full of mana , he tries to find out by means of dreams if it be the abode of a spirit. If it is, then he uses it to get rain, good crops, and so on. Island group east of the Philippines. One of the three divisions of Oceania, the others being Polynesia and Melanesia.

    Riguet Saint Patrice Rigue t Saint Patrice The Apostle says he has in every circumstance followed supernatural inspirations […] The Confession does not relate any miraculous details, because to Patrick the greatest miracle seems his own life]. Why is it then that master Vincent Ferrier has been represented with wings on his shoulders and a trumpet at his lips? How is it that he was changed into an apocalyptic angel? Tu as paru pour vaincre, glorieux Vincent. You have appeared to win, glorious Vincent. Saint Vincent Ferrier 50 [from the preachings of Saint Vincent , who finally saw the light, after so many years in the service of the Pope]: Fages, Sermons , t.

    Not a flattering picture of the morality of the fourteenth century. Saint Vincent Ferrier [from the preachings of Saint Vincent ]: Il faut des rois, il faut des papes. En la mer, il y a beaucoup de poissons. We need kings, we need popes. But in the eyes of God there are only people, with different vocations, no doubt, but still equal for the crucified Christ. There are lots of fish in the sea.

    When a rich man among you converts, oh, oh, we have caught a great fish, a dolphin; and when a sermon converts a noble lady, oh, oh, we have taken an eel or a tuna; and when a labourer converts we have caught a goby or a sardine, oh, oh. But this last fish, you like it very much, Lord.

    The sturgeon and the herring, as well as the king and the workman, are only implied in this parable. Alors la femme dit: Et ainsi fut fait. And when they reached the gallows, they noticed that they had forgotten the rope to hang the man. So the woman said: Why do you need a rope, take my veil. And so they did.