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Doppio ritratto: San Francesco in Dante e Giotto (Biblioteca minima) eBook: Massimo Cacciari: efycymepodor.tk: Dio (efycymepodor.tke per immagini) (Italian Edition).
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Ne sarei tanto grata. Santina Spagnolo Gentile signore Riel-Salvatore: Your latest edition was most interesting. All in all though, this article was worth the read. Is there a possibility that you could commission such an article in the future? I would be very interested in knowing how the Italians were treated both on arriving in this Country and throughout the century, especially during WW II. Of course, if such a history already exists, I would be most grateful if you would reply to me with the reference so that I may seek it out to read. Many thanks for your attention. Ceci est absolument inacceptable et doit changer.

Certainement pas pour nous jeter des fleurs et de la gloriole. Nous devrions faire le contraire, nous ouvrir aux autres. Abbiamo paura di perdere le nostre tradizioni e ci chiudiamo in noi stessi. Dovremmo fare il contrario, aprirci. We are scared of losing our traditions and tend therefore to get closed in. We should be doing the opposite, open up.

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Dopo in suo recente viaggio a Roma, afferma con il senno di poi: Mi sono identificato pienamente con ogni aspetto della vita romana. Angelo, Rob ed io stesso interpretiamo il ruolo di mamma. Questo sentimento si manifesta anche nella musica che componiamo e suoniamo. Ci sarebbero tanti ostacoli da sormontare come gruppo senza questo sentimento. Marcus e Coco stavano lavorando insieme su un proprio progetto in uno studio posto a qualche porta di distanza. Il parere di Marcus sulle ragioni per cui i giovani ItaloCanadesi sembrano essere tanto attratti dalla musi-.

I identified with the passion involved in every facet of Roman life. There I felt more Italian than I usually do in Montreal. The current formation is a rebirth of sorts of the original line-up, which recorded its first demo six years ago. Well, Iast Sunday I just made a tomato sauce. Angelo, Rob, Giulio and myself assume motherly roles. Our common ethnic origin and similar upbringing create a special bond amongst us, it is a feeling like being part of the same family, which resonates also in the music we compose and play. Without this commonality there would be many more obstacles to overcome as a band.

Marcus and Coco had been working together on their own project in a studio just a few doors away. During the recording process Pampena and the older Scalia recruited them and the five did their recording in the Terzo Piano third floor studio located in RDP. Giulio alludes to an existing Montreal italian music scene, where people keep track of each other. I know the musical lineage of many bands and what they.

Personnellement je connais le parcours de tant tutti sono al corrente di tutti gli altri. Cette gruppi e su cosa stanno lavorando. Il confronto tra il dubbio di se stesso e le pressombre. Rob situe leur vie dans reale. Ils ont, au contraire, choisi moglie e formare una famiglia. Il che ci porta a chiederci. Dovremmo poser cette question. Nel trivial ou bien en vaut-il la peine? Tout-terrain pour la ville. This attitude is similar to that of our parents and grand-parents who can tell the life story of any paesano or distant relative. The album tells the story of a person living in a world made-up of different levels, where everyone pressures him to upgrade to the next highest levels at all costs.

As a result the lower he goes the stronger the resistance he has to face. The album gets progressively darker. The confrontation between his self-doubt and the constraints of the world he lives in is the recurring theme of the lyrics. The dilemma the main character in Uptown VineRise faces is, to an extent, the same the five members of the band have to cope with in real life.

They have opted instead for art, for music, for an uncertain future. Which begs the question. Should we as ItalianCanadians change our attitude and expectations? Are artistic pursuits trivial or worthy of serious undertaking? When we define ourselves we tend to underline the great contribution that painters, sculptors, musicians, composers, singers made in the past.

Our identity and culture is the result of their creative minds. This is a excellent reason why we need to encourage and admire rather than dismiss our current artists, because they are moulding our collective identity and making us proud. Keeping alive, defending and teaching Italian in Quebec is of crucial importance for our community.

This is why we present a special dossier on this topic. Bisogna battersi su due fronti, solo apparentemente contraddittori. Chiara Folini ha intervistato Hagop Boulgarian, il direttore da 20 anni della scuola secondaria armena Sourp Hagop. I programmi sono stati vagliati ed approvati dal Ministero. Melanie Porco spiega il funzionamento della scuola internazionale privata tedesca Alexander Von Humboldt, fondata nel , che fa parte della rete delle scuole tedesche sparse in tutto il mondo. In the second part of the dossier we take data and statistics provided by Maria Luisa Faggian,responsible for the teaching of Italian at the General Consulate of Italy in Montreal.

The general, overall portrait is neither positive nor negative. Italian is present in Quebec schools, but it could certainly occupy a more prominent position. In order to achieve this, a two-pronged action is needed. On one hand Italian has to be fostered as the mother tongue of the second largest ethnic component of Quebec population , persons are of Italian heritage according to the census. On the other hand Italian is to be defended as the vehicle of one of the most illustrious cultures and of one of the most important economies in the world. There are four private Armenian schools in the Montreal area.

The main language of teaching is French but several subjects are taught in Armenian and English is studied as a second language. They were founded in and do their schooling in four languages: French, English, Hebrew and Yiddish 10 hours per week in these two last languages. The aim of these schools is to form students who possess a clear awareness of the Jewish tradition to which they belong but also open towards other cultures. They are located in Montreal, Laval and the South Shore. The Greek community considers these schools as their jewels.

In French has replaced English as the main language of teaching. The aim of these schools is to form Canadian-born pupils of Greek origin and provide them with a keen, dual identity, the Hellenistic and the Canadian. Melanie Porco explains how the international school Alexander Von Humbolt, one of the private German schools around the world, works. It was founded in and has about students from kindergarten to grade About two thirds are not of German origin and do not speak German at home. Von Humbolt School does not receive any grants from the Quebec Government, but is not subjected to Bill , thanks to a special signed entente.

The information we gathered and the advice provided by the principals of the different schools are going to be precious tools for the Italian community. Before being subsidized by the government, there is a probation period where they must prove that they are certified and legitimate to be operating. The government uses its evaluation methods before granting the permits. There are special funds in place to support students that do not have the means to pay.

Language is the gateway to culture. Today, there are students to 52 teachers, most of whom are of Canadian descent. The students can attend Saturday school to enhance their basic knowledge. Three other Armenian schools exist in greater Montreal quent year a grade was added. In the first year, there were 37 students enrolled to a ratio of area, although Sourp Hagop is the only one which has a complete high school section. They put their efforts together to convince the Ministry of Mr.

Boulgarian gives advice to the Italian community. In order to ensure that we succeed, Education of Quebec to extend the curriculum to grade 7 and 8. After two years of perseverance Mr. In school where Italian, French and English are taught. The license entailed where they once walked the halls, and there are now 3rd generations in the classrooms. The school brings much joy to the Armenian community and allows the students to Hagop Boulgarian has grown with the school since its launch, serving as principal of the master the French, Armenian and English languages.

They are prepared to enter the world with school for the past 20 years. The majority of the Armenian language teachers hold the official confidence and in return they will integrate smoothly into Canadian, Quebec and North American qualification certificates, although there is a new generation of teachers who are Canadian born society. Montreal offers multi-ethnicity, so Mr. Boulgarian believes we should propagate our and who have attended Sourp Hagop.

Now is the time to do the same for Italians. Children, boys and girls, throwing a ball around, running and skipping during recess time, while inside, the hustle and bustle of phone calls and report card crunch in the office. PPS elementary school is a Jewish school in Montreal, founded in , teaching in four languages, and serving over students from pre-kinder-garden to Grade 6. The students develop a strong Jewish identity by studying Yiddish, Hebrew, and Jewish history, and by experiencing Jewish culture and traditions.

In grades one and two, hours of Yiddish and 9 hours of Hebrew studies is allocated each week, whereas in the higher grades, students have 7 hours of Hebrew and 3 hours of Yiddish. Hence overall, there are ten hours dedicated to heritage language each week. She says the fact that parents choose to send their children to the school means they want them to have access to a rich Jewish studies curriculum. Being a private school, JPPS is partially subsidized by the government with the balance of the costs being paid by parents.

Because they offer more enriched Judaic studies than a Jewish public school would, for example, the parents do pay a little more than the balance. She says one of the advantages of an ethnic school is that students acquire the ability to understand their heritage. At JPPS, children participate in Jewish rituals and celebrate holidays in the tradition of their ancestors. In Grade 5, a Multiculturalism course exposes the children to the rest of the world and to the other communities around them. Teachers then decide what communities they want to expand on and learn more about.

They then visited Pierre de Coubertin elementary school in SaintLeonard for a cultural exchange with the students who are mostly from Italian descent.

Giotto and Dante

Michael says a similar trip is in the works again for this year. Cultivating Hellenic heritage Greek schools: The highlight of the year for Stephanie Tsirgiotis comes every July, when her family invites friends and relatives over for a lamb roast in their Dollard-Des-Ormeaux backyard. In touch with her Greek history and traditions, Tsirgiotis is also trilingual in English, French and Greek.

Reflecting on her childhood growing up in a Greek-Italian household, Tsirgiotis says she is grateful to her parents for sending her to Greek school. Although they are private schools, the Greek day schools have an arrangement with This initiative dates back almost a century. The first Greek school, called Platon, was foundpublic school boards.

The Withholding Power (Political Theologies)

Parents and the Greek community pay for the English and community in Montreal. By , the Socrates School was created, which was the first full-time Greek courses. Today, the Greek schools have a total of five campuses situated in According to the Hellenic Community of Montreal web site, one of the goals of Greek Montreal, the South Shore and Laval.

In a past interview, Theodosopoulos said Greek schools remain of belonging as well. Parents and the Greek wanted me to study in Greek so I could learn the follow the religion and speak the language, community pay for the English and Greek courses. I feel more Greek. But I also feel guilty because The Socrates schools are open to elemenI have partly neglected my Italian side. It also tary school children of Greek origin. The program used to offer English instruction as a first pains me that I cannot properly communicate with my Italian grandparents.

But in , the private schools modified their curTsirgiotis hopes her future-children will be able to learn about both the Greek and riculum with the Ministry of Education to offer French as a first language, and English and Italian cultures. The French language is taught according to the official progreat way to stay true to your roots Meanwhile, courses about Greek history, culture and Greek and Italian. I want them to be proud of where their grandparents came from.

Alexander von Humboldt School by Melanie Porco bazaar. With subsidies coming only from Germany and private donors, the school uses various fundraisers to finance its projects, including 5 million dollars worth of renovations and extensions in the last 15 years. With the Montreal Italian community starting the process of looking into opening its own school, Bracci has some advice for her counterparts: Now with three children of her own at the German International School, and working Opened in by German ex-patriots, along with the help from the German generat the facility for the last two years, Bracci knows what it takes.

Is it an was founded on the ideal of teaching a immersion school or is Italian going to be the German curriculum outside of the homeland. If a student does six years of school in has some advice for her counterparts: At the beginning we targeted the Anglo parents only, now with two streams of French, we successfully serve both communities. Grade 1 sees the classes separated for French, putting students in French as a mother tongue and as a foreign language. The children also start to learn English, therefore completing their trifecta of languages.

A German commissioner is brought in to control the exams. The school also receives a financial subsidy from Germany, which Dr. By age 10, students are learning biology, and subsequently chemistry, and physics, giving them a leg up when they enter their post-secondary studies. Their lessons do not differ vastly from those of other Quebec schools, as their geography and then history of Quebec and Canada are taught in English in grades 9 and 10 respectively.

Next year, students will be able to take the newly offered grade 12 classes. The additional grade will allow them to finish with a degree recognized internationally so they can start university right away, skipping the Quebec CEGEP level. Almost half of the student population participates in extra curricular activities, from sports, to arts and crafts, and music classes.

Tous les produits de financement aux particuliers sont offerts par la Banque Royale Important to the fabric of this institution are the volunteer parents. Imagine attending pre-school to grade 12 at the same place, literally growing-up with classmates and staff-like family. Imagine classrooms no bigger than 20 students, with a real personalized learning experience.

Now, imagine a school that caters to your specific language needs, primarily teaching students in their mother tongue or simply insuring they become trilingual. Inoltre, il nuovo sito France. Gli obiettivi che esempio per tutte le altre scuole private di Montreal. La conferenza era accomali ecc. La mo Salone del Libro di Montreal, nel , con possa risultare efficace. It is also a common ground for Italian teachers in the province to meet, share, and generate new initiatives to promote the Italian language to the public. To promote the Italian culture, we have to be united. She says it has become difficult for Italian teachers to find work because the demand for Italian courses is decreasing.

It is not a full-time deal when you teach Italian, and many of us have to take what we find. At least once a day I receive a job posting from the US. Interestingly, however, many of them are not Italian, but love the culture, and want to belong to it. And many of the people who come are not even Italian.

So instead of moving forward, we are taking steps back. According to Samperi, the first step of action is to fight the bureaucracy and prove that there is a demand for language courses. The second is to develop more activities for those who are interested, like the non-Italians, and allow them to be our advocate to the Italian language and culture.

If the demand comes, then the communities can work together to get more funding. I believe CEGEPs and universities will then open more courses and departments and more schools will integrate Italian into their curriculum, but only when the pressure is there. Samperi says the huge crowd it drew in this year compared to precedent years, pleasantly surprised them. This way we can go forward, but if we are little groups, there is no way we can have a voice and be heard. But before that, you cannot change anything. Lingua e cultura italiana in Quebec: Sono frequentati da quasi studenti dai 5 ai 12 anni.

Si studia italiano anche in altre 15 scuole elementari nei programmi del PELO non integrato. Ci sono circa studenti che vivono questa esperienza. Si tratta di In tutto questo contesto, ci sono almeno docenti del Picai, e almeno altri 50 docenragazzi. Vi sono corsi di formazione organizzati da questo ufficio Scolastico.

Deadline for submitting the photo is February 1st Con la foto indicare anche il nome e cognome del vostro bambino e dei genitori con la data di nascita. I used to think there was a side of him unbeknowned to everyone: Yet, his wacky humour and his free spirit more than made up for that. This revelation came to me as I listened to the different stories told by his colleagues, friends and family; each of their memories brought forward the true nature of his character.

I realized that we had been privy to share that exact part of him in our own special way. You could almost piece together the memories and encompass an understanding of his life. I was blessed to have known him as an integral part of my life; as my older cousin, my friend.

We all remember certain moments that bring us back to the reality that missing him has become a part of everyday life. For me; something as minimal as our daily telephone calls; his wacky humour always taking the spotlight. I know a few others would be nodding their head yes at this! So, if I had one more day what would I want to say? I would say thank-you for making things appear not so serious; for your hearty laugh and crazy antics, for the little things we somehow take for granted.

Even if for now we have to say good-bye Ciao, Mi chiamo Sonia Lanzilli e sto qui in Canada da quasi 10 anni? Mi sono sposata con un Italo-canadese nel e ho lasciato la mia terra e i miei cari in Italia? Ecco cosa vorrei dire a mamma e papa se avrei la possibilita di passare una giornata con loro? Avete pianto con me e piu di me quando ho lasciato la vostra casa? Rimpiango non avervi mai abbracciato con tanto affetto? Perdonatemi se qualche volte ho agito male Voi siete stato per me Il Paradiso su terra e spero che oggi voi lo avete raggiunto in Cielo?

Vi amo tantissimo e ringrazio Dio per aver scelto me come votra figlia? Instead we will visit with your son David Anthony, who recently graduated from McGill and is now working on his masters in physiotherapy. Next we will have to spend a little extra time with your baby, Damiano, who was only 4 years old when you had to leave us. He has truly grown up to be a remarkable young man. In your short time as a mom, you succeeded in instilling greatness and compassion in both your boys. So off to Toronto, where Pierina will surely cook up a storm , while her contagious laugh will bring us back to our youth.

Our last stop for the day, Mom and Dad. This time I have a feeling they will not let you go alone. If only we could stop time from running out. Just like your short 38 years, one day is not enough. I miss you endlessly. Love always, Mary Lynne v. For I could not be satisfied with just a mere day. If only one could turn back the hands of time and offer me one more glance at my dearest mother. I would sit next to her in the kitchen table, holding her hand and staring at her face and speak all those words I, without courage had failed to say to her. There would be no order or chronological sequence to my recollections, but only sweet remembrances of heavenly moments spent with her.

Do you remember, Mamma, when at the age of seven I wondered up Esplanade St. Do you remember when I was thirteen years of age, you purchased a table-hockey game and cleverly hid it from me and surprised me with this wonder of which I was totally unsuspecting. How many evenings did we spend watching T.

Sometimes you dared to disturb my concentration and keenly asked if Gianni Belivo Jean Beliveau had scored for the Canadese. Those sounds and smells are gone now; - if only I could capture them once more and this time hold them for eternity. Addesso i tuoi carezzi rimangono chiusi nel mio cuore.

I will never forget the twelfth of December when you suddenly and unexpectedly left me. Yes, the thirteenth of December with you once more, Cara Mamma, would be a day of ecstasy.

Natale was a mere twelve days away, carissima mamma mia. Please advise us of any change of address. This is crucial in keeping our mailing lists up to date and eliminates unnecessary expenses. This is all I would have wanted with her, just one more. To tell her what I could not in the 46 years of my existence. This wonderful person whom I miss every single day of my life is my mother, Anna. Needless to say, is how much I love her but unfortunately having been brought up in a family where affection and words were seldom demonstrated, I never got the chance to tell her until 1 week before her passing.

Just to say these words that day took all the courage I had But her biggest lesson of courage and strength was when she was battling breast cancer for almost 5 years. Knowing she was dying, she found the strength to teach us never to give up until the very end. Just one more day to be able to hug you because I never had a chance Just one more day to be able to hear you say those words to me Yet, I knew you did. I would have loved to spend one more day, not in that dreadful hospital room overlooking the city but rather along the shoreline where we could see the sun go down and the sun rise for one last time, reminiscing about life and things still left unsaid.

Yes, things left unsaid Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write about this One More Day with my dear, dear Dad You were taken away from me so unexpectedly. If I had one more day with you, I would repeat over and over how much I love you. I would listen to your stories and tell you how proud I am that you are my Dad. I sure understand all the sacrifices that you did, just to make my life a better one. If I had one more day, I would take you to Park Avenue for a walk, I would buy you an ice cream and I would hold your hand just like I remember you did when I was small.

My love for you is forever. Till we meet again. Your loving daughter, Antonietta Clemente Del Gaudio v. One more day with my beautiful sister, Antoinette Like for most people, my past is like a dream, distant events play on my mind through a hazy mist. Except for one chapter of my life, a span of 75 days remains as clear and painfully piercing as shards of broken glass.

On March 17, , I learned that my beautiful sister, Antoinette, had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I was 23 and she was I was settling into an exciting teaching career and she was a young mother of three. During those dark days, I prayed for a miracle and my rational mind wove a story of denial — we would support her through a lengthy illness, but eventually she would get better.

Since I fabricated a false hope built on fear and denial, I lost a wonderful opportunity to accompany my sister with love and compassion in facing her death. I would light a candle and play her favorite music. I would hold her hand in mine and not let go. I would pray for her: Surround her with the light of Your infinite love, and please, send the Archangels to accompany her Home. I would kiss her and thank her a hundred times for being my sister.

I would tell her how much I loved her and that we would never be apart. My sister was my greatest teacher. I learned never to make a decision based on fear. I learned to walk towards and embrace those individuals who need our love and compassion. Eugenia Ricotta thinking of her late husband Ignazio Ricotta on her birthday when she turned Appuntamento alle ore E una di quelle sere di Dicembre che precedono il Natale di qualche settimana.

Aria di festa in strada, negozi arredati di luci multicolori per attirare i passanti a fare gli ultimi acquisti. Poca neve a terra, ma attorno un po di bianco qua e la, a fare da cornice alla mia festa. I miei figli hanno riservato in un ristorante del centro citta, per festegiare i miei 65 anni.

E passata una vita, cosi di solito si commenta La vita che volevamo, o la vita che abbiamo accetatto? Perche non abbiamo afferrato le occasioni quando venivano E dunque se potessi vederti entrare da quella porta ti direi Oggi prendiamo questa occasione per noi due. Viviamo oggi la semplice vita quotidiana sensa ambizione, sensa attese, sensa tutti questi sogni da fare avverare.

Faciamo come dicevano gli Antichi Latini: Questo ti direi se potessi avere anche una piccola ora insieme a te. Perche abbiammo avuto tutto una vita e abbiamo sempre aspettato, rimandato, anche rinunciato, anche se questa rinuncia non ci pesava Patrick Frate, commonly called Pops, was a very humble man, proud of his Italian heritage and a proud Canadian.

Dedicated husband, father and grandfather, he lived life with a positive attitude and always put his family first. To the end, he sacrificed himself for our benefits and never complained. But I would cherish every additional seconds with him and reiterate to him how much I love him, miss him and try to live my life by his example. He was a brave man who endured a long and valiant battle with brain cancer. If anything, I hope I am as good a person as he was; strong, loving, moral, with the most positive attitude I have encountered.

If I am half the person he was, then I am a great person. From him, I have developed a love of travel and an appreciation for the different cultures of the world. I still remember my first trip alone with him to New York. He was the best father I could have asked for and I am proud and honoured to be his daughter. Not a day goes by that I do not think of him. I know he is in Heaven, always looking after me. I still miss him very, very much. I will always love you Pops.

Cara Nonnina There was something in the air that evening, the stars shone brighter, the need to pray was more urging and a sense of peace seemed to blanket over our hearts.

Doppio ritratto by Massimo Cacciari

By the next morning we learned that Nonnina had passed away over night. The news was sudden, yet the evening prior seemed to foreshadow the events and prepare us for that morning. There was almost a tug of war between the pain we felt of our loss and the joy of seeing old faces come pay their respects. During the wake, it was impressive to see how the old paesans from Casalciprano approached the coffin one at a time to pay their respects to Giovanna Vicario Lombardi, whom they also knew as Nannuccia.

They knew her in a way I could never have known her. Back in the paese, they saw her as a child, knew her as a young woman, a smiling bride, an expecting mother and a worried wife while Nonno was away at war. It was a little over a week before at a mass dedicated to my Nonno. Little did I know that was going to be her last mass and perhaps God prepared her for what was to come during that time. It probably was not the first time she said it but this time it seemed strangely different. Looking back at her last words, there is nothing more perfect she could have said.

Her last words were a reflection of her life and they will serve as a reminder to be positive, life giving and holy in words and in deed as she tried to be. One more day with Nonnina would be really nice, but I am happy with the last moment God granted me with her. To my nonna Rosina Nonna you passed away March 9 To me my Nonna was everything even if she lived in Italy. I use to call her every Sunday morning. If I had one more day with her I would want her to see my children.

That the doctor had found some problems. She always told me not worry about it. And she was right. Nonna, I have 2 beautiful kids. Leanna Rosa-Maria, 21 months, has your eye color. I always think that you made sure that she would have your eye color so I could remember you. And Alexis Tommas, 9 months, a really Carlomusto. I want to tell you Nonna: Sei sempre dentro il mio cuore. Nonna I still cry for you. I know you are with me but, It is not the same without you.

La mia nonna Rosina, Anna Mariani v. She is a great woman who took care of her family. With four boys and a girl, she was constantly busy and still taught us all well with a great and loving relationship. You see, she cannot recognize me or any of my brothers. She cannot speak anymore, aside from making nonspecific comments or speaking a word here and there. I miss her laughter. She used to be my best friend and I truly miss her. Now I feel alone. Just to get her to open her eyes and look at me with her beautiful smile. I really miss you mom and I love you.

It was for some time that Rob and I were thinking of starting a family. I come from a fairly large family. I have two sisters, Giovanna and Anna, and a brother, Aniello. We did, and in August of that year announced the exciting news that we were pregnant again. But it was the results from a blood test in October that put a damper to our happiness.

I learned that I had diabetes, high potassium, severe anaemia, high blood pressure, protein in my urine, and that my kidneys were very weak. Not good news as you can imagine for any expecting mother. But then a couple of weeks later, we got even bigger news: We were ecstatic, but the doctors were very concerned. A kidney specialist put me out of work and on bed rest starting immediately. I got transferred to Ste-Justine Hospital and on November 21st, went in for a scheduled ultrasound. When the doctor called us into the office, he looked at my husband and I in a very strange way, and said: To put it plain and simple, he said because of my health condition, my severe kidney disease, and the fact that I was carrying twins, choosing to go on with the pregnancy could be fatal for me and my babies.

The doctors then tried to convince us to have an abortion. For Gene Piccoli, September 11th began like any other typical day. He woke up, kissed his wife Angie, sipped cappuccino from his Saeco, and gathered the family for the daily commute to school and work. In reality, this would prove to be no ordinary day. Gene was unusually cautious on his daily bike ride later that day. Gene knew that any injury would compromise an incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The cyclists rode 80 kilometers alongside Lance Armstrong, beginning from the Hotel Quintessence in Mont-Tremblant and completing a loop through the Laurentians.

The Cedars Cancer Institute is the only fully comprehensive cancer centre in Quebec offering tertiary and quaternary care to cancer patients of all ages, from childhood through adult life. For Gene, this day was both a chance to meet one of the greatest athletes of our time, and a personal commitment to cancer research. In , during his senior year, Gene Piccoli met Angelina Lemmo. Angie was a year-old McGill student, and Gene, 23, was studying. But something inside me just kept on telling me not to have the abortion. He found out that Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital was the best hospital for this kind of treatment, and although it was somewhat promising news, we still had a big decision to make.

So on the 27th of November we went back to the hospital with our answer. We told the doctors that we were choosing to move forward with the pregnancy, and although they tried to convince us otherwise, we stood firmly by the decision. I was then transferred to Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital where I would begin my treatment. I had four doctors following me, including one for my diabetes, and a dietician. At the beginning, I had to go to the hospital every week for tests, while at home, I had to inject myself with insulin for my diabetes, test my sugar level six times a day, and my husband gave me shots for my haemoglobin.

I was exhausted all the time, and felt very weak, but I had to go on for my two little girls. But then on February 10th, , at our 25th week ultrasound, we received heartbreaking news. We were devastated, and yet, I could not give up because I still had another baby to fight for. So they kept me at the hospital that same day to keep a very close eye on me. Everyday they took blood tests, my pressure, temperature, and an ultrasound to see if the baby was fine.

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Yet even if the results from my tests were really bad, I did not feel any symptoms, which all the doctors were very surprised by. On March 6th I underwent a small surgery to simply install a catheter in my neck for the dialyses, as results from my blood samples were getting much worse. In the end, after a threehour dialyses treatment the next day, my situation was so critical I had to give birth to my baby at 29 weeks. Anna-Santina was born at 9 p.

She weighed only 2 lbs. After the birth of Anna-Santina I got pre-eclampsia and was secluded for about 5 days. Once I woke up, I was not able to neither eat nor walk, so I had to exercise to be able to walk again. It was a horrible feeling, but yet, in the end, I made it. For the next two months, I remained at the hospital from morning to night, between my daughter and my dialyses treatment, while my husband met me there everyday after work.

Finally, after two months of fighting for her life, we brought our precious Anna-Santina home. Our little girl is a strong baby to have survived everything that she did. Even though we went through hell, we realize how blessed we truly are. The only thing that could save me now is a kidney transplant or a miracle. It was love at first sight, and the happy couple tied the knot in Luckily, Angie was diagnosed as early stage, and the cancer was contained in the upper chest area; at that point the doctors were very positive.

Three months of radiation was thought to have successfully treated the cancer. Her prognosis took a turn for the worse a few months later, when a routine check up showed that the cancer had spread to her lower abdomen. Her chances for survival at this point had dropped significantly, not to mention her ability to conceive. The latter possibility upset Angie even more than the fight for her survival. In November , after nine months of aggressive chemo and a couple of hospital stays due to life threatening infections, she was declared in full remission. Luckily, Gene and Angie were spared the agony of not knowing if she could ever conceive when she became pregnant a short time later.

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