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Daughters of the King or the "Order of the Daughters of the King" is an Anglican lay religious order for women founded in New York in the 19th century which.
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Daughters of The King Religious organisation.

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She deserves to be cherished. She possess Godly wisdom, prudence, reliability, and trust. A Godly woman thinks before she acts, knows how to comfort and encourage, accepts and gives nothing less than the best, and does not let outside influences stop her or her household from achieving their full potential because she is covered by the blood of Jesus. Read now at www. You are precious and loved by Me.

Daughters of the King

I walked upon a lonely path, As darkness settled in, The wind began to moan and sigh, And taunt me of my sin. The fog and clouds were creeping close, As if to kill me there, The memories and the past regrets Were spinning everywhere. The torture and the bitter pain, The callous words of strife, The sin, the lies and utter shame, Had ripped apart my life. Forgotten, beaten, cast aside, Shunned and left to crawl, No one listened to my cries, Or to my echoing call. The bitterness had seized my heart, Had made me cold as stone, And now I walked upon this path, Forgotten and alone.

As I walked, with hanging head, While clutching to my skirt, A piece of paper small and white, Flew past me in the dirt. I leaped ahead and caught it fast, Then held it close to look, It seemed as if it had been torn, From somewhere in a book.

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I stood there as the icy wind Bit and gnawed my face, As angry words consumed me there, And made my heartbeat race. The word had sounded strange, I used to think it meant a lot, But that had surely changed. I walked ahead, my hands clutched tight, Around the note I held, With bitterness and wrenching pain, My heartache burned and swelled. How could life be beautiful If love was hardly there? How could life be beautiful If gentleness was rare?

How could life be beautiful If people robbed and lied? How could life be beautiful If people sinned and died? How could life be beautiful If there was never light?

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How could life be beautiful If terror came at night? How could life be beautiful If people killed and fought? How could life be beautiful If hope was left to rot? How could life be beautiful If misery came and went? How could life be beautiful If trust was poorly spent? Who walks in virtue with an understanding of why she should do so. Who nurtures her spirit with everlasting truth. Hinckley So how do gals like us walk…. Life feels so much more real. I am a twenty-five year-old wife, volunteer, friend, professional. Shout, O Daughter of Jerusalem!

Behold, your King is coming to you! We belong to Him. To behold Him coming to you is….