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Their eyes meet over a sea of people, they drink tequila and head to his room and it's all good. It's better than good, it's perfect. Tyra is basking in the glow of knowing she's found her man and her future, until he opens his mouth. I've read 3 of the 4 books in this series not really sure why but Brock's book never really appealed to me and the characters we loved from them are back along with a whole host of sexy bikers and a story that keeps you reading, along with lots of hot sex. Who could ask for more? Just done another re-read and while I still love Tack just as much as I ever did Tyra annoyed me more this time.

I nearly had whiplash with the number of times she was leaving, yes she was definitely going this time I don't know why she annoyed me this time but it's still a fabulous book View all 28 comments. Feb 03, Searock rated it it was amazing Shelves: I am wrung out and sated. What a fantastic book! It's a fabulous conclusion to the best series ever, ever, ever not a pnr fan so, no, "those" series' don't count , ever, ever, ever! This book just got deeper and deeper, better and better. I had read the teaser chapters on the author's blog ages ago, so I felt like it took a while for me to get back into the story.

It also felt like Tack and Tyra were arguing a lot, which I normally like, but this started to resemble siblings in the backseat o I am wrung out and sated. It also felt like Tack and Tyra were arguing a lot, which I normally like, but this started to resemble siblings in the backseat of a car: I would say I'm jk, but it really did work out like that: Let me just tell you, my issue with Tack holding on to Tyra especially with his hands on her throat metamorphosed into a thing of beauty you'll see!

Those are just two of dozens of great elements in this book. Some of these are signature KA details huge cast, a background drama that drives action, ex-spouses, etc , others seem added to bring closure to the series as well as introduce a new series, and some are the little behind-the-scenes gears and mechanisms that always effortlessly whir along with simple complexity in most every KA read. These are so organic, so straight out of her heart and mind, that its practically unnoticeable, but they make for a richer experience.

A warning for those who have trouble reading the KA dialog that sounds like, Um, Eh There is a lot of mumbling and interruption that shows up in the dialog here too. If that's gonna kill it for you, I can't recommend you read this book. I think you would miss out on a great read , but it's fair warning. For me, I have become fluent in KA alpha-speak and heroine-mumble by way of immersion. I can breeze through that dialog because to me, it's a brand or a style. I am going on a journey to a place that has a pidgin language that one needs to learn to engage in trade or something Ha!

In my mind it's part of the KA experience and does not take away from but actually adds to great characterization. I re-read Mystery Man just prior to this release and it made the experience even better for me.

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I rec if it's been awhile since you started this series to reacquaint yourself with Tack in that book first. I also read the blog post KA put up about missing Tack and it gave me awesome closure. I expect I'll have a real review ready by this time next year. Lots of stuff in here.

Tack sounding all hardcore telling Tyra that when she turns off Broadway into Ride, she's in his world, but watching his transformation into a major sweetheart was gorgeous. Can I get a "what, what? This was the supporting cast taking part in this and, as a reader, I didn't even flinch. LOL "I needed him to go out and get his own sandwich so I could get in my own car and drive to Vancouver. It is an eloquent combination punch. I loved it almost as much or equal to Dusty's. My heart was in my throat and my mind was chanting, "you go, Red"! The way it was so true for Tyra to feel she needed to get off it and how Tack transformed it to raising your hands and enjoying the ride.

How many characters do I have left for this review? The stuff Tack says after that trumps all the sweet he ever gave her. She managed to pull in the whole universe for that. Click here for that review. Tyra is a smart, got-it-all-together chick, who has been living off of her savings for the past two months after leaving a toxic As reviewed for Read Our Lips Book Blog! Tyra is a smart, got-it-all-together chick, who has been living off of her savings for the past two months after leaving a toxic work environment. Fast forward a day or two we get to see Tyra show up for her first day of work at Ride, the garage belonging to Chaos, the Biker Club of which Tack is the leader.

What is the first thing Tyra sees upon getting out of her car at Ride? Tack kissing a tall, beautiful brunette goodbye. Whatever, Tyra needs this job. Tyra refuses to take this lying down and fights to keep her job. Kristen Ashley books are really something special.

She writes from a very honest place. Her characters resonate deep emotional truths that just plain ring true. She writes heroines who are so real. They are strong, beautiful, flawed, smart and always full of fire. Tyra was no exception. She had fears and insecurities but those were drowned out by how wonderful she was. So kind and accepting, with a heart of gold. Tack has two teenage kids from a previous marriage that Tyra accepts and loves.

Not because of their Dad, but because they are awesome kids and they earned it all on their own. She has layers and layers to her, all of them wonderful an fascinating. Tack sees this from the get go. The way Tyra describes the effect Tack has had on her life, is that her world was black and white until she met him and brought color into her world. They are a fun pair to watch unfold. Tack being the tattooed, hawt, badass biker that makes pancakes and fajitas for his family and does anything he can to protect them, even from his ex-wife. And Tyra, the beautiful woman who decided long ago not to settle for anything less than her dream man, but when she finally finds him, it scares the bejeesus out of her.

Tack is not without complications. Tack and Tyra have amazing sexual chemistry and Tack is such a sexy dirty talker. It works really well. The dialogue between the two becomes more and more intimate, as Tack is surprisingly sweet. But to sweeten an already great book, we get to see the other couples and Elvira yay! The magnificent Kristen Ashley does it again. Amazing characters, wonderful story, beautiful epilogue. What I loved about Motorcycle Man: Oh, how I love a Kristen Ashley epilogue. I get it, but it feels like the sisterhood take a hit.

And Kristen Ashley handles it with aplomb. Here is a picture Kristen Ashley posted as having a Tack vibe. Here is the playlist I made for Motorcycle Man using mostly youtube videos. My favorite color scheme. Don't fear the Reaper by Gus when Tack talks about finding his sister dead. For when Tyra tells Tack She's pregnant.

View all 46 comments. The storyline was beautiful!! The writing and dialogue were tedious and very repetitive. May 24, MelissaB rated it it was amazing Shelves: My review in five words: I want to hump Tack. View all 32 comments. May 19, Wendy'sThoughts rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: KA Fans, Biker genre.

From the minute he was introduced, he commanded attention. I think KA thought about him and with the way she presented him throughout the entire series, she was priming us for the Chaos books. The timing was right, Sons of Anarchy had become a hit and she was there on the pulse of knowing what readers wanted. She made him a man who would seem at first very straight forward In this book we finally got it all. The woman he focuses on is Tyra. I had difficulties with her because I never really got her.

Oh, I ended up understanding her She came from a very set family. Her parents loved Ohio, had a set way of living; could be judgmental but loved her completely. She had a vision in her head of only setting her cap for her Dream Man She had had only 5 men in her life and made the error of thinking they could be molded or fixed She had a position in a non dis-script company- we never really know what she did before working at Ride She made enough to purchase a house and have it fixed up to her liking.

She was living her life but decided to shake it up I get all of the above Tack had his moments too But in the end It is as easy as that This was a club that had had its dark Oh they are still bikers for sure The coming together of these also touches on Tack's past attraction to Hawk's Gwen. It is important because she was a woman who he felt more for What is interesting is he still has her a friend and it does come into play here It also reflects that Tack was open to having a real relationship We see his love for his children; his intrigue for Tyra and all of it comes together where we want more than the Delicious Epilogue My review below was from the 2nd read of this book with the C.

I think it still remains true. This was a re read, thanks to the wonderful C D Canaries! I cannot remember if this or At Peace was my first book. I can say this was my first biker experience outside of watching Sons of Anarchy which I loved. It took me a moment to learn how to read KA, to figure out the flow and logic to her phrasing and concepts.

I wasn't at first sure what was going on but once I got it I am not going to go into the particulars of this story I just am going to say I have claimed you Do these KA men exist in the real world I do know, if we are lucky, we get bits and pieces along the way and it is our job to know when the "sweet" is being given. On a side note Yup, I read 23 books in a row and was not sorry one little bit.

I know I just did. For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways.

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View all 56 comments. May 20, Aestas Book Blog rated it it was amazing. You keep your eyes open, lift your hands straight in the air and enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts. The last line of this book brought tears to my eyes. Ashley know how to write an epilogue!! I absolutely adored how she brought ALL the characters that we have seen since the beginning of the series together.

Throughout the whole series, they all help each other out here and there but in the finale of this book ALL the Alpha badasses joined forces and it was pretty freaking epic!! She was a fun heroine to read and definitely was the perfect match for her big badass biker. Just absolutely melted my heart and left me grinning from ear to ear! I take care of you. And you feel safe. We see reoccurring ones like Elvira who may be one of my fav female characters ever!

I have to admit I had a few issues with this book. Also, I felt like there were points where Tack was too crude and too much of a jerk and his world not respectful of women enough for my taste. Together, he and Tyra found a beautiful compromise of their worlds: And what I mean is, when I get there in ten, your ass better be there. No one touches what belongs to Chaos. Crude, but protective and kinda sweet lol.

This meant, to Tack, they were different kinds of brothers.

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Not of the cut. But that bond was unshakable all the same. I read the book almost in one sitting despite it being a decent length. View all 26 comments. Jun 23, Arlene rated it it was ok Recommended to Arlene by: I probably should have read books 1 — 3 in this series in order to get an initial impression or appreciation for the main character Tack. So meeting him for the first time in Motorcycle Man was a bit of a shocker for me. I would rate Tack a 15 on the alpha man scale of 1 — The way he talked, the way he treated Tyra, it was all too harsh and too much for me.

For this book, I read the first ePages and then skipped to the last 75 ePages. Red go get me a sandwich Red: You want me to get you a whaaaa??? Listen, I said I want a sandwich. So when I say I want a sandwich, you go and do it. Go get me a sandwich. I think Kristen Ashley just might not be for me. Oh well I come across that every now and again View all 38 comments. A perfect ending for a fabulous series! One of the best KA books so far. The story - great!

Tack was being a jerk at the beginning kinda like Hawk XD , and then he just kept getting sweeter First refusing to hire her, then refusing to fire her XD And when he came with the pizza and they watched movies one of the best scenes EVER! I just love the fact that she can't have any conversation with Tack that doesn't end up with them fighting bickering actually XD It was just fun to read She is not used to men like Tack, she doesn't get his signals, so they have their ups and downs pretty often XD She was awsome when she kicked Tabby's boyfriend's ass!!

And later Naomi hahahah A great character! In the KA world, I think Tack goes in the alpha-caveman-badass-emotional category XD This is a guy who does what he wants, when he wants it, how he wants it, no matter what. Being a biker dude - automatic hotness! Tatoo-s all over him - hotness! I looked forward to reading about Tack from the first book, and this one didn't dissapoint me: As always, full of emotions, the ending was intense, and I'm kinda sad the Dream Man series is over: Mar 05, Lady Heather rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Kristen Ashley Fans, Contemporary Romance, luvvas of dominate-kick-ass alpha's.

You see, it has been 3 years since I last visited Tack and Tyra and I had forgotten how much I loved their chemistry and the dynamics of their characters. The characters, writing, and story were amazing, and in true KA fashion- she gave her readers a kick-ass epilogue.

Motorcycle Man

Tabby stole my heart and Shy Oct , This was so much better the second read, because even though I knew the story and the outcome I felt I had more time to savour the characters and the story. When they loved they loved deep, true and their passion was off the charts with nothing held back. August , The above rating still applies. Tack and Tyra are still sizzling, hot! Feb 10, Sheryl rated it it was amazing Shelves: You know i was waiting forever for Tack's story and boy, did this story exceed every one of my expectations!!!

I already want to read their story NOW!!! We finally get to Tack's story He didn't get the girl in that book and while of course, he gets the girl in this book, will she be woman enough for the badass biker? I have to admit, Tack really didn't win me over He's such a typical KA Alpha and extremely forceful. Poor Tyra didn't know what in the heck was going on most of the time!

But slowly as we get to know Tack better, we find out things that can only endear h We finally get to Tack's story But slowly as we get to know Tack better, we find out things that can only endear him to you. Tyra is also a typical KA female. She's at a bit of a loss and trying to make her life better. She sees Tack and immediately lets him take her to bed. She believes he is her Dream Man. Only problem is Tack kicks her out of his bed when he's done with her! Unbeknownst to Tack, Tyra is his new office manager and when he finds out, he doesn't want her there.

But Tyra holds her ground and that keeps Tack intrigued. If you've been reading the series, you know there's been things going on with the Russians. Things come to a head and poor Tyra is involved on two fronts. The good thing is we get all the prior characters being involved and I loved that. We also have to deal with Tack's ex wife and she is a handful!

I liked how Tyra handled her and I really liked what she didn't get in the end. Through all this, Tyra and Tack try to make a go at a relationship. Sometimes it works and sometimes Tyra tries to end it but Tack will have nothing to do with that! As per usual KA style, there are some steamy scenes.

Hearing about Tyra being "greedy" made me giggle. I also like how realistic they were with the kids in the house. There's a part towards the end that is pretty tear worthy. I really liked how Gwen was there for Tack From worms, birds, and spiders to trees, flowers, and clouds, young explorers learn what to look and listen for wherever they are — whether in a nature preserve, an urban park, or a suburban backyard. Can you wriggle in and out of tight places like an octopus, camouflage yourself like a leopard, or do a waggle dance like a honeybee?

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How can a magic tree, a cow with a fidgety son, or a wise lion teach kids about being kinder, calmer, and stronger? Meet a special group of superheroes: These are the Superhero Parents and their powers are diverse: Super Nurse Mom takes care of sick children, Super Vets are a mom and dad duo making sure pets are healthy, and Super Scientist Mom sends spaceships to outer space before coming home to read stories to her kids. Moving to the cities? Moving out is what they are doing. Look at the Villages in Florida. Wish they would stay in the cities. You are quite wrong on your assessment that people are moving to cities.

The opposite is the case. Big cities may be great if you are young, single, and a player but they are no place for someone with a real life. They bring too many diseases… not to mention fleas, head lice, crabs, and progressivism…. I will take the chirping of crickets over the sardine can and group think mentality of city living any day. I like the sound of crickets at night and love my space. I will be retired by then and do not live in a big city now. I hate hate hate it when I have to drive to LA now. Have you bothered to research Agenda 21 and Agenda 30?

Wow go to sleep go to sleep or should I say….. Take your shots, drink the fluoride, eat GMO foods because the govt will take very good care of you. Just like they do in Venezuela. Look up Georgia Guidestones. There are the benefits of internationalism. Fluoride is a neurotoxin brain toxin Scientist can be bought and paid for to fit their narrative and agenda. Fluoride is common many water sources — where it is in very low concentration people have bad teeth also where it is very high concentration ; in the middle teeth have fewer holes and this concentration is where fluoridation is aimed.

Excessive fluoride can come from power station ash dumps Duke, you cleaned up yet , aluminium smelters along with oxalate, thorium, radium, ytterium, etc. Cars belch carbon particles, NOx, hydrocarbons, crash into each other and inanimate objects, consume huge chunks of tax money for roads to park on, better to reduce their number, like cats.

Plants need carbon dioxide to survive. We give off dioxide. Are they getting rid of people next. Read your toothpaste tube. Contact your poison control center immediately if swallowed. Are you awake yet? Or are you a Soros paid troll or a Soros computer robot bot? Demanding that a nation make all its own stuff held India back for 50 years, it will do the same in USA.

I think last year at Bilderberg meeting. Notice the year of driverless cars. People love their cars! American consumers have demonstrated time and time again owning a vehicle is a top priority and they will simply reallocate their money however they need to in order to have the vehicles they want, and it is other parts of the economy that get squeezed as a result of these ill-conceived myopic efforts.

I pray it never comes to that but history shows what happens when government becomes such a burden on the people. Many of the younger Millennials are like sheep. They just care about their phones and driving is not important to them. They also tend to gravitate towards cities. So self driving cars will appeal to many of them. I trust my skill to drive in snow and on ice better than a programmer in Silicon Valley. It is all about freedom. Millennials will hopefully wake up.

Public transportation is gross. Imagine having to wait for a vehicle to lug your groceries for your family.

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Or needing a truck or SUV to hit up home depot for gardening supplies. The convenience of an autonomous vehicle service comes with a cost… privacy. This will not happen over night but over a generation or two. Cars did not replace horses over night. The transition will occur naturally. Young people will OT buy an auto for personal use. What percentage of teens can even change a flat tire? How many can saddle a horse? Driving a personal vehicle might be one.

When it comes to public transportation in the SF Bay Area, you nailed it. BART and some of the other public transportation services are a cesspool of filth. The stations are a disgrace and now they are becoming dangerous as evidence by the recent string of attacks on passengers. The biggest thing BART has going for it is a shortage of parking in many of the places you might want to go. Yes good call Veritas. San Francisco is one of the wealthiest, nicest areas of the United States.

Yet the BART is very dirty and last week angry young gangland teens stormed on there and took everyones purses. So what do you think will happen? Maybe a flying car? Or do you believe we have reached the end of automobile development. No very rich people actually drive their own autos. Hillary has not driven in over 35 years. Not everyone is so enamored of operating an auto as you might think. Dude , your an idiot. This country was founded on owning property, not renting.

Go To a third world country if you want to live like that. We have a good way of life in America. They move here, have trouble adjusting, and want the rest of the country to adapt to them, be like them so they can feel good about themselves. They eat bugs, live in closets then pack into public transportation like sardines. Claustrophobic living conditions that barely rise to the level of a large dorm room? Cash is a medium of exchange.

A good comment and accurate. But the Democrats and other Leftists are intent on bringing in more and more of these folks. These are their future voting constituents.

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  8. They have been doing this for the past 40 years and have essentially destroyed the republic. It gets 30 mpg in town and 40 mpg on the Interstate. I would love to own an electric car but the currently available models are not affordable for me or most other people. Paying the equivalent of the annual median wage for a car, van or pickup truck is foolish, IMO, but in a free country people have that right and many can justify that expense against alternatives.

    Perhaps in years, IF battery technology advances to the point where standard batteries can be recharged or replaced for the same cost, or less, of a tank of gas and give similar carrying capacities and ranges. This will take batteries with 10X the current capacities that are also able to be recharged in under 10 minutes. The Li-Ion battery depends on Lithium. The two major sources of Lithium are China and Bolivia.

    Hydrocarbons have an unbeatable energy density. Algae farms can capture CO2 and generate fuel oils using solar radiation, even during cloudy days. That way we would be recycling the Carbon in our hydrocarbon fuels. Hey moron, what about people who have children and grandchildren out of state? You think everyone flies everywhere? Only the global NWO controllers will have the mobility and freedom we have now. Why are the economics going to be that much better for a fleet owner than a private owner?

    I understand the economy of scale argument. There are places in rural America that this concept will never work. The miles would effectively double for the autonomous fleet vehicle. Localities would pile taxes on these companies like they do any other business. And insurance on passenger carrying vehicles is extremely high. They will happily steal our tax dollars to do it but will not allow us to drive our old fashioned cars on them. These lanes in my area are mainly empty. And the buses that use them are carrying three or four passengers. Yet I cannot drive in that lane.

    My tax dollars helped to build that friggin road. I can definitely see a good old fashioned tax revolt getting the attention of those in State Houses and DC. You are the only person in this thread who gets it. Everyone else is a god damn moron. They have no idea how fast and hard artificial intelligence is going to upend the economy. What use would a car, autonomous or not, be if your dream of an upended economy comes true?

    I would rather have enough control over my own life to make a life for myself, regardless of what the economy has done for the rest of the sheep. And the AI crowd has been making that same prediction for fifty years. Artificial Intelligence, six decades of parlour tricks and not much to show for the billions spent. You do admit that the ultimate goal is to take away the freedom of movement by making it so expensive that only the rich elite will be able to take a drive anywhere they want at anytime that they want to. Nick, i think you dont get it. Actually I want my own automated car. Not one that has been used for all kinds of disgusting things previously.

    I tell it to come get me at home and it wakes up from wherever it lives and comes to my house. Then I call it up again when I want to go back. And, at the end of each day it permanently wipes its memory of where it has been. Except that I would still have a garage for it! It would just be automated, but mine. Not some yukky used piece of public transportation. Self-driving cars are one thing, taxi services are another.

    Self-driving, individually owned vehicles is where the market is especially with us baby boomers beginning to hit retirement. Own your own vehicle as eyesight may become poor. Still retain your ownership and independence. I agree with you! I have an attached two car garage. We could keep the autonomous car in there much like I keep our current cars in there. No paranoia here, but yes while uber has been a game changer for some, it is folly to think all will abandon cars.

    I drive 45 miles to work, one way. Lets say i decide to hit home depot, grocery store and restaurant on the way home. Where do in-store my purchased tool while I buy groceries. Where do I store tools and groceries while I eat out? And if you have to own a car some ofnthe month for times like this you are going to Get the most out of this car instead of paying some other company to cart you around, at times the rates during rush hour.

    Where I live uber can take 15 minutes or more to arrive. What makes you think someone will invest in thousands of autonomous cars to serve the thousands who live just in my neighnorhood? Lots of speculation in your justification. We were, by all accounts, supposed to be paying 5 bucks a gallon plus for gas by now outside of the city-states like Chicago, New York, LA, where you already do. And narrow minded, rather like the article author, who assumes we all live in, and want to live in, cramped, crowded apartment structures where on a good day you can smell your neighbors armpits.

    Not every one wants to be urbanized. Gimmeh my car pleeze. Why do liberals always have to add an insult to a comment? Perhaps they have a lack of confidence in their ideas. This lengthy and long-winded answer indicates you have far too much time on your hands. Enjoy a laugh for once: You have those options now you dope. Uber, taxis, mass transit etc… Yet the number of cars keeps increasing. How many articles have we already seen saying the problem getting driver less cars is other drivers?

    I am guessing you are a city dweller. Tough to find a parking space in front of your little condo or apartment then even worse getting a space at work. That being just down the street. There is another world we need you to learn about.

    Zoom Challenge- Zoom challenge Musically- Zoom Challenge fails (Safe!!)

    A world where there is no bus or train to take you to the nearest store 5 miles from your home. No train line nor bus going toward where you work in any direction miles from your home. This article is just another example of liberals not being able to conceptualized numbers. Just the coasts and only big city people think like you do.

    Please, open your own mind. Look past your millenial block and uber ride. I recognize a liberal when I see one. Many people need vehicles that carry six or more people. Many people need vehicles with either large interior storage or exterior storage. Lots of people have things to tow- boats, trailers, cars, mowers. This sort of scheme works for one narrow demographic. This is more wishful thinking than rational thinking. Leftists have been tying to get people out of cars and suburbs for forty years.

    Most of the world is not like NYC. Are you in the automotive business? I am, and have been for almost 30 years. I also remember that by now we should have all been driving SMC plastic or all aluminum vehicles. While there are plastic body parts bumpers and Ford uses an aluminum alloy on their trucks, the overwhelmingly majority of cars are still made out of steel.

    But, go hang your hat on the assumptions in this article. Mostly in high density urban areas. Not everyone is a supercilious nose-ringed urban hipster and part of the reason the general population dislikes people like that, is because they incorrectly assume that the entire population shares their opinions and priorities. Personally I have used a personal gas-driven vehicle for much of my life but at other times used public transportation for years at a time, so I am not ideological about this, both modes have pluses and minuses.

    But I am an adult, and just as I prefer to make my own decisions about issues like car ownership, I also grant to other adults the same right. What exactly gives so called progressives the right to lord it over everyone else and make all their decisions for them? A lot of people love cars. Personal cars may be a novelty but I will probably have one that I purchase for cash because certain ones are beautiful. The Drudge people, BTW, are the adults in the room. It will be chosen for them.

    Just like taxation is used for. To tax is to control. Many so called news articles do not allow the comment section anymore. I dare you…watch any of the 4 or 5 so called news outlets, they all have the same talking points. Limbaugh and Hannity played back to back clips of one news story and the main talking points were verbatim. The problem, most people watch only ONE news outlet and do not switch to see what others are saying. Markets and risk control insurance rates. Not if the Democrats get any power. Good example is that both Italy and Germany are taking away empty houses and hotels and rehabbing them and giving them to the new migrants.

    The cost of car insurance will sky-rocket for those who want autonomous vehicles, once the insurance companies figure out self-driving cars are safer and cause fewer accidents. The insurance companies wagged the dog on that one and slowly will do the same with autonomous cars. Federal regulations and consumer requirements have more to do with how passenger vehicles are built today, not automotive insurance.

    Sure, insurance has some influence, but to a much lesser degree. Autonomous cars are death traps. Sorry but computers are no where near the place they need to be for them to be in control of a car. Even the best and most robust industrial operating systems require a human supervisor in order to avoid catastrophies. The only computer that is hack proof is one that is not attached to any network, intranet, internet, WiFi or any other way it can be reached.

    It would have to be completely isolated. Yes but we are discussing hacks here, not EMPs. Of course it is hackable, any computer that is not a closed system, any Computer that exchanges data from outside of itself is hackable. An intranet which no outside source has access to would be a closed system and safe but if anyone can get to a link in the system that too can be hacked. A Satellite is just a wireless connection, so it is hackable. The last time we had a big solar flare hitting the earth was prior to the Civil War, when the only thing we had that was electrical was the telegraph.

    Today that sort of flare would fry computers, bring down the electric grid, and slam us back technology-wise to about — without whale oil lamps, steam locomotives, and plenty of horses to ease the shock. It just happened to my home computer last night. Driving and owning a car is not strictly a utilitarian concept as the tech fascists behind these companies seem to believe and cost in only one small component. These concept have virtually all the problems that public transportation does and the public has rejected it resoundingly as they will this. If you think that self driving cars will be safer you are sadly mistaken.

    As soon as people start to get killed by self driving cars, the trial lawyers will shut down the industry. They want the revenue. So insurance and accidents will decrease dramatically.

    Death spiral for cars. By 2030, you probably won’t own one

    And have it tracked. The thing will probably monitor your blood level and refuse to stop at the store so you can get a candy bar LOL. The Government is now a major propaganda machine. They use the media to test and try to convince us of their social control plans. Remember a few years back when the Segway was going to revolutionize urban transportation? If it ever became cost prohibitive to own a car, the public would start buying fuel efficient motorcycles in mass like they do in China. This is looney liberalism on display with their ecofanatism.

    24 best Mazdaspeed3 images on Pinterest | Auto, Carrelli con ruote and Macchine messa a punto

    So in as little as 13 years, Americans will lose all interest mobile independence as adults and will demand to be driven around like small dependent children. These pencil pushing theorists tend to be adult-aged children themselves and seem to be projecting their own infantile delusions than sound theory. Agreed, this is horse excrement. I love my Jeep, love to go off roading, and will own her for as long as I live.

    ALL the car companies are gearing up for this very scenario. They are putting billions into it. The subject consumes every issue of my car magazines. Like it or not? You need to broaden your horizons. And…ironically…I would love this technology. So I no longer drive.. I thought they would laugh at me…but the Medicare Representative…took me seriously and tried to look up an appropriate code!

    So I think a portion of their vision will slowly develop…but not in the way they think it will. Their theory leaves out human motivation, which is the chink in their control-based-armor…. Not a fun thing to have to tell them, because they want to be like their peers so badly. Self-driving cars offer mobility to people who lose it otherwise… but the control-freak dream of everyone giving up their cars?

    Not going to happen, especially in the USA. Yeah, people are going to share a driver-less car with the local hooker and heroin addicts. Not going to happen. The point is that change can, and does, happen fast and unforeseen. Christ, need to spell everything out for you drudgetarded twats. Automobiles, well someone saw a profit to be made. Did you know that there have been over 1, car manufacturers in the U. How many appletinis are you up to at this point, Nick? Google and Facebook are both servants of the government and corporations, and they work against the interest of individuals and the general public.

    They do not serve the public and they have a monopoly on your personal information. That should tell you something about your utopian future with self driving cars for the masses replacing private transportation. Did you hear what the Railroads said to the Airlines? Payphones said it to cell phones also. I appreciate the artwork and there is nothing quite like a stack of records, you feel like you really own something. Each album has its own story. However, as an audio format, IMO it is junk. Getting part of the way to a self-driving car is relatively easy. But a real self-driving car has to KNOW so many things.

    What a ball looks like rolling out into a street. What old people crossing a street looks like and means to a driver. This requires the AI revolution we were promised and have not seen yet. Which means these are empty promises. Same amount of time that it took for the 35mm film camera to go away. Its part of Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 that many have been warning about.

    We are losing our freedom. What about traveling out of state to visit relatives and children? Look up Georgia guidestones. They are replacing humans with robots. Did you see the graph? It says around , 7 years from now, that there will be almost no individual car sales. But it is the dream of the left so they can further control us. Soon one of these loons will think it is a good idea to put ankle monitors with hearing devices on all citizens.

    You will be doing mankind a much greater favor by doing that. Wisdom comes with age, if at all, and the youth do not have any, it takes time. You forget the Car collectors too! Only you can resist and change this, this article is the beginnings of their plan, so resist or succumb to their plan. I am not sure how to stop it. My car is my office, workshop, go van. Do I agree with this BS? Might get some traction no pun intended in major metros. But then, they already have an autonomous fleet there. And yet people still own their own cars in the city.

    File this one next to underwater cities and global warming, guys. The flying car is right around the corner!!! I think this is the same person who said cars will drive themselves in 5 years. What is scary is that people with this level of utter and profound stupidity could possibly vote. I wonder what they studied to make this prediction. Clearly not human nature. I recall a study sometime in the s that predicted that most people would have telephones in their homes you know, the kind wired to the wall that people could see each other on within ten years.

    Yes, like the 40 yr old dream of everyone owning a flying car, this is total BS. I know how the sausage is made, and I know the cost sensitivity of automotive electronics. Automotive electronics are NOT made to the standards of avionics systems. The autonomous stuff is a pipe dream, it will never be safe or cheap enough to put on a huge number of vehicles. People like to be free, free to do what they want when they want to. Their desire for automobiles reflects that desire for freedom. Those loony New Yorkers went from horses to cars in about 13 years, and that was over a century ago.

    The economics alone make it a no brainer. Add in increased safety, better air quality, mobility for underserved populations blind, elderly, etc , and it becomes a total slam dunk. Nonsense, people will not want to give up their ability to travel freely. While Self driving vehicles may indeed grow in numbers, if they can perfect it to an acceptable safety level, many of those will be privately owned. The same people who ignore the freedom advantage of personal cars probably also believe that voluntary slavery is becoming popular. That model never caught on either. I do think that in 13 years you will see this taking over in major cities.

    I absolutely see this happening eventually. The cost of solar vs, coal now is an example. I will own one , because I like to travel wherever and whenever I want. I will also continue to own an older model that cannot be tracked by gps. But will you be able to drive it legally? Insurance is going to skyrocket once autonomous cars are the norm. If the democrats are running the show, capitol punishment might be the penalty for driving a car. I used to listen, but moved on. Rush, the band, not the radio pundit.

    Red Barchetta is the song being referred to. You gave me a good chuckle, though. My state is a Liberal shit hole. They have stopped all executions. Some families waiting decades for justice. Now being denied by the Democrat Progs. Move to a good State and the Progs that are employed and over taxed leave their shit holes and go to good States. Ruining it for us all. Autonomous cars will not become the norm in our lifetimes. I could take you on a ten-mile aternoon drive here on any day, and point out a half-dozen different situations which such a car could not handle. The lane closure utility tree trimming.

    Be gone in a couple of hours, pal , detours just temporary. Besides, hackers would have a field day. You better have an old microwave in the back seat to throw your phone in. They will be using it to follow you. You will be taxed an electric transportation tax to cover that. Then they will have to add a ton more taxes to replace the gas tax, and on and on and on.

    Where are we going to get the money to pay the taxes? Rob out piggy banks of the play money we stuffed in there as kids? The power will be FREE using our new solar and wind powered electric grids! How do these fools earn money??? I had a brief one way discussion with a smart lady who thought it would be swell to pave roads and docks with solar panels. She blocked me for giving her a feeling of pushback that was annoying.

    Horses provided independency and were replaced by much greater independency — the auto. You would have your watches stolen and your pocketbooks taken and your computers etc. Then the robbers would get off and run. We already have these vehicles available in the form of taxis limos uber buses etc. Nothing beats having your own car available to go wherever you want whenever you want without having to involve anyone or anything else.