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4 Things That Hold You Back From Achieving Success And How To Overcome All those accumulated doubts can easily transform into fears.
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When it came to dishware, we tended toward the disposable and the dishwasher-safe.

8 Mistakes that Hold You Back from the Life You Want | Psychology Today

Still, for 30 years, in the back of my head, I'd clung to the belief that someday I would grow up and have "proper" parties with fine china. That worked, more or less, until a few weeks ago. My husband and I are moving from our former home in Woodstock, New York, to a new home in the Seattle area I'm writing this from Ellensburg, Washington, on the last leg of our journey.

That meant everything we owned had to either be packed into a container for cross-country shipping, given away, thrown away, or sold. It was past time to let go, not only of the dishes themselves but of outdated beliefs about who we were and what we needed to be happy. But it wasn't easy. It wasn't just the fine china, it was the nice clothes I kept thinking I'd wear someday, and the broken items my husband had been planning to fix.

It was the identities we'd built in a place we'd both lived in or near for most of our lives. All of that, though, was standing in the way of our dreams. Bill is a musician, and it's clear that there's more opportunity for him in the Seattle area than there was in our former home. He needed to move in order to be happy, and his happiness is necessary to mine.

We struggled to let go of the items and ideas that were holding us back. We finally did it, but our departure was delayed by more than a month, and we still wound up leaving our house filled with stuff that needs sorting, storing, and in large part, throwing out. But at least the Limoges dishes have gone to a friend who specializes in selling vintage items. I've finally faced the fact that I'm as grown up as I'll ever be, and our parties will forever be too informal for fine china.

We spent too much time and way too much emotional struggle getting rid of what was weighing us down. Here are some questions I wish we'd asked ourselves sooner:. If you can't easily say how your life is better--right now--with this item than without it, you probably don't need it. I could try all I wanted to believe I was the sort of person who would serve my friends dinner on fine china. Or use that pizza stone stored in the back of a kitchen cabinet. Or learn to play squash someday.

It was my beliefs about who I should be, who I wanted to be, who I thought I ought to be in direct conflict with who I actually was.

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  2. 2. What belief does this item support?.
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Before I could move on toward the life I wanted, I had to give up that struggle. These questions are unhelpful and suck all the energy and motivation out of you. You want those you care about to approve. And so you end up stuck and paralysed by a flippant comment, or an unenthusiastic reaction. Come back to Malta with your family.

You need to make a few more improvements, get more experience, learn a few more skills. You wait for the economy to improve, the weather to get better or for a sign that you should start. This is just your mind playing delay tactics and winning. The right time is now.

Misbelief #2. Fail fast.

Only by starting will you discover what else needs to be done or improved, never before. This is a waste of time, might as well stop now. As the tumbleweed rolled on my site, and not even my mum left a comment, my blogging career threatened to stop just as quickly as it started. Be patient, be persistent and give yourself a realistic timeline to achieve the results you want.

You make lists and beautiful plans. You re-write those plans and use the latest app to capture them a second time. You discuss your plans, visualize your plans, criticize your plans. You do everything but act on them. Your first step, as imperfect as it may be, will be much more useful than all the plans in the world. Your first step might actually change all the plans you made in the first place, so spend most of your time on acting, not planning, if you want to get somewhere. This is my favorite one by far.

The world and her mother have an opinion on the subject. You sit and you listen. By all means read and learn, and then let your own heart and instinct guide you. Trust that you will find your own best way of doing this, and it will be just right for you. Anything you do will get easier the more you do it. You assume this is the only way you can succeed. For years, I assumed that the only way to get fit was to join a gym. For years I paid huge yearly fees for a gym I never used. The goal is still there but my tactics have changed. Yoga, cycling and swimming have replaced the gym to much better effect.

And what could you replace it with? You want to succeed on your own. You build an imaginary fortress around you as you work on your project. Write one question you would love to ask that person. Now reach out and ask. So you work harder and faster hoping that somehow, someday, you will get there. Your project has become this dark cloud following you wherever you go.

7 Quotes that Will Stop You from Holding On When You Should Let Go

Any excitement or joy you felt about working on it has since long gone. Consider this, how do you feel about spending the next 12 months working on the same project?

If you had to let it go, what else could you do with your time? Paxon Woelber via flickr.

4 Things That Hold You Back From Achieving Success And How To Overcome Them

Carl helps people all over the world to achieve their maximum potential by becoming better organised and more productive. Today we are expected to work in highly disruptive environments. We sit down at our desks, turn on our computer and immediately we are hit with hundreds of emails all vying for our attention.

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  • Our phones are beeping and pinging with new alerts to messages, likes and comments and our colleagues are complaining about the latest company initiative is designed to get us to do more work and spend less time at home. All these distractions result in us multitasking where our attention is switching between one crisis and the next. It dilutes your focus and attention so even the easiest of tasks become much harder and take longer to complete.