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It's clear why Sven Hassell's books have sold mil… More. Liquidate Paris by Sven Hassel. I had a grenade in my hand. So, no doubt, did the… More.

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Fate, however, would have it otherwise as he met his future wife prior to enlisting and decided against it. This small change of fortune drove him to eventually become the writer we know of today. Hassel married Dorthe in and together they had a son a year later. Despite having released his first novel, Hassel continued his employment at Copenhagen Free Port as a Coordinator to support his family.

Authorship was still not in the cards and certainly not a reliable means of income. In Sven fell seriously ill from a rare disease that doctors were not able to diagnose. His symptoms became gradually worse until he suffered from a near total paralysis. He had lost a dramatic amount of weight and was merely a shell of the person he had once been, only weighing 38 kg. He was forced to leave his job at the time, which in turn, left the family without earnings. It was believed he somehow acquired the dormant virus while deployed to the area as a soldier in the German Army.

It was because of this, that he was able to seek treatment free of charge on an otherwise very costly and unaffordable course of medical care.

Sven Hassel

Hassel made a full recovery one year later. Shortly thereafter, his wife encouraged him to start writing again. Hassel took on the task of continuing the series with Wheels of Terror , his second novel. A few years later he wrote Comrades of War , and so it continued.

Legion of the Damned Series by Sven Hassel

He found initial success in Denmark, which led to international publishing deals. His work was translated and sold worldwide and he became a best-selling author. In , with the means now available to him, Hassel and his family moved to Spain inspired by the Spaniard Arturo Barea, one of his favorite writers.

He had evoked his interest and love for Spain and its people, not to mention the better climate. From here, he completed the series. Hassel went on to create a series of 14 World War II inspired novels, drawing from his own encounters and experiences of the war. The books take the reader on a journey following the trial and tribulations of Hassel and his comrades from the penal battalion: