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Starting Your Career as a Wall Street Quant: A Practical, No-BS Guide to Getting a Job in Quantitative Finance [Brett Jiu Ph.D.] on *FREE*.
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Starting Your Career as a Wall Street Quant is the first and only career guide specifically written for readers who want to get into quantitative finance and launch a lucrative career. It covers everything you wanted to know about getting a quant job, from writing an effective resume to acing job interviews to negotiating the job offer. Written by a practicing senior quant and packed with practical, useful tips and devoid of BS that would get you nowhere , this book will help you get the quant job you want.

Want to know what the single most critical element of your resume is? Want to know how to impress any interviewer as well as what to say and what not to say at a job interview?

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The important thing is, call them. Do not use e-mail, as e-mail is totally ineffective for negotiating anything. Be sure to leverage the experience and knowledge of your coworkers - which, of course, also means you should be frineds with your coworkers. At the beginning of your carrer, it's probably best to stay away from such distractions as much as possible.

Get Ready to Launch. Why You Should Read This Book Goal help you find a quant job in the financial investment industry readers are expected to be more informed and more shrewed job hunter after reading Readers people who are not familar with quant jobs people who are eager to be a quant Features author as a working quant practical, no-BS guide first book on finding a quant job every facet of the job search process and what it's like to work on Wall Street Supplementary website: Get a Job as a Wall Street Quant.

The Lure of a Quant Career. A Rewarding Career Monetary: What is a Quant Anyone who possesses strong quantitative skills and work with quantitative models is a quant. Modeling process Model design: Is a Quant Job Right for You? Pros money perceived prestige doing work you may actually enjoy Cons boring work exhaustive literature search empirical implementation limited respect and recognition if working in middle or back office division of office front: Non-Quant Finance Jobs Quant people tend to be the straight shooters and lack the necessary political skills to climb to the top, both in power and in money.

Where Quants Work Global integrated banks Investment banks Specialized financial service companies Mutual funds Hedge funds Venture capital and private equity funds. List things you desire out of your job.

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Now list your qualifications. Include your education and past quant-oriented jobs. List anyone you know personally or have met in the past who works in Wall Street-type finance Jot down places where you can find more contacts. Finally, make a list of alternative options you'd take if you can't find the quant job you desire within a reasonable amount of time. Brushing Up Your Resume your resume should possess the following characteristics use a clean layout stick to classic fonts list only the import items be concise but be concrete use action verbs one page or two pages?

Creative Trust me, the resume is not the place where you try to be creative. Components of a Resume perfonal info objective quantitative and techniqual skills education experience publications, working papers or academic activities other relevant info references.

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Tailoring Your Resume to a Position One popular route many job hunters follow is to have multiple versions of their resumes, each version tailored for a particular type of job. The Single Most Critical Aspect of Your Resume When you put down a skill on your resume, make sure you can back it up with concrete evidence. Creating a Cover Letter. Refining the Cover Letter. Hunting for Openings For many potential quants, the most difficult part of the job hunt process is probably finding where the job are. When to Start Looking The answer is simple: Be an early bird.

Working With Headhunters about headhunters a person who identifies and approaches suitable candidates employed elsewhere to fill business positions the headhunter screens candidate for suitability for a position or a number of positions the headhunter may also approach candidates deemed suitable the headhunter is independent of the firms they recruit for motivation of headhunters legitimate headhunters are always paied by the hiring firms for their services if you fail to get an offer after two or three tries, you likely won't hear from the same headhunter again they have to bring the bread home, and they can only earn the bread if they succeed in placing candidates where to find them quant ads career fairs websites of headhunter firms Analytic Recruiting www.

Leveraging Contacts for Job Search The most attractive jobs are often taken before the public knows about them, and the jobs that are publicly posted are usually just okay. Connecting With Contacts at Seminars or Happy Hours I tell myself that no matter what happens, years from now everyone in the room will be dead.

After you've made the connection, be sure to keep it warm. Acing the Quant Interview. Types of Interviews In terms of medium phone interviews in-person interviews In terms of content informational interviews technical interviews case interviews combinationof the three. Scheduling and Interview Schedule first the intervies for positions that you are the least interested in and place the important interviews for the jobs that you really wat in the middle of the pack. Before Intervie Time Any practive is better than no practice. General Tips for Handling Interviews Prepare, prepare, prepare.

Groom and dress well for the in-person interview.

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Be sure to have had a good night's sleep and, in the morning, taken a shower. If it's a phone interview and you plan to use a cellphone, make sure your phone is fully charged and has good signal strength. For an onsite interview, or an offsite interview where you have an appointed time, it should be plenty obvious that you must arrive on time.

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When you meet the interviewer for a face-to-face interview, try to initiate the greeting as well as handshake. As you talk to the interviewer, it's vitally important that you maintain constant eye contact, meaning you look him or her in the eyes. As you make eye contact, you should also smile from time to time.

Speed of speech is important. Your body language is important how you sit how you listen to how you properly use your hands. Intelligent Questions to Ask A jog interview is a two-way exchange: Stupid Questions to Ask. Tips for Short Interviews be likeable size the opportunity and drag the interview into your comfort zone you might want to make some deliberate but harmeless mistakes, to allow the interviewer to point them out, which in turn allows you to talk and talk and talk if you are given a difficult technical question, work through it as fast as you can, but make sure you don't lose precious time on any particular step.

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Tips for Long Interviews The best way to prepare for long interviews is to know your stuff well, the stuff here being all those skills your resume says you possess and the quantitative education your resume says yuo undertook. For long interviews, the closing is especially important. Dealing With Difficult Questions Answer the tough question truthfully, politely, and confidently. Answering Technical Questions modeling know-how: Handling Case Questions case questions are actually not common at quant interviews some quant interviewers do ask case questions No right or wrong answers but they want to see how you think Every problem requires two major steps identifying the issues comming up with solutions to these issues As mentioned before, a subtle yet powerful efffect of thinking aloud is you turn the problem solving itself into a collaborative effort, with the interviewer acting as your senior partner since he or she knows the anser.

The Dont's of Interviewing don't be late don't show up in casual wear don't forget to bring a copy of your resume don't forget to make eye contact and smile don't your tableside manners don't argure with the interviewer don't look or act arrogant don't be too aggressive don't interrupt the interviewer don't act clownish don't ask stupid questions don't ramble or BS don't overuse excuses don't put on an act don't talk too much don't read off index cards don't lie don't forget to send your interviewer a thank-you note.

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  • Taking a Break Between Interviews. What to Do If Interview Not Going Well First, don't forget to shate the interviewer's hand at the end and offer thanks in a sincere tone. Interviews That Are Not Interviews written exams fun group event.