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oOh My Testicles!: A tale of entanglement [Lyndon Baptiste] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Without warning, a searing pain struck. My.
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    My goodness, what was it? It was neither my stomach nor appendix, but my testicles. A Tale of Entanglement.

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    This is a true story about one Caribbean man's journey through the healthcare industry and the scare that he may have to lose one of his testicles. No it was only a testicle, my right ball to be precise.

    I became stunned and only through divine intervention regained my balance, but not my composure, and with wild gesticulations, six feet above ground level, I grasped the ladder. I still do not believe that being either shot or knifed is as painful as the pangs which, like little red devils armed with electric pitchforks, stabbed the areas around and through my groin.