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The novel begins years after a tragic event has changed the life of a young man named Basil. The readers learn that the doors of his home are forever closed to him. He will never see his father again. And he will never see his beloved sister, Clara, again. Basil begins to recount the events that lead to a life changing event, which caused him to lose all that he once held dear. These events were set in motion the minute he met Margaret Sherwin.

Basil's enchantment with the dark and beautiful Margaret happened when they met by chance on an omnibus. Basil was so stricken by her beauty that he followed the beautiful stranger home and with the help of a family servant managed to coax his way into Margaret's life. The Sherwin family were simple shop keepers.

Mr Sherwin owned a linen draper's shop. When he learned that the son of a gentlemen with a family name dating back to Norman times expressed interest in his daughter, he was more than happy to encourage the union. Basil's father, however, was extremely proud of his family lineage and expected his sons to follow and respect their family history. Margaret's beauty won over Basil's family obligations. Without the consent of his father he marries Margaret in secret. After marrying Margaret, Basil realizes that something is not quite right in the Sherwin household.

Margaret's moods change with the wind. Each and every person in the home seem to be keeping a secret. I found the novel extraordinary! The readers are immediately aware that Basil's marriage to Margaret was his undoing, but the events unfold slowly and tragically. I don't think I will ever hear the names Basil and Margaret and not think of his novel.

It was absolutely haunting! An exiting story about social pride and prejudice, revenge and deceipt and blind love. The story paints a perfect picture of the Victorian society which was dominated by classes and the influence of the different socalled social 'stations in life'. A very enjoyable read.

Miss Morris and the Stranger by Wilkie Collins

All was quite entertaining but not quite all was believable. What can one say? Collins doesn't miss, and this is a good book. It's a little more strange than his others in his characterizations, but, like the others, I couldn't put it down until I finished it. The air of mystery in all his books keeps you reading - because you just have to know!!

No resemblance to the book, and I thought poorly done. Perhaps if I hadn't read the book, I would have enjoyed the movie more.

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But, I have to acknowledge it's hard to make a really good movie that does justice to his books. Wilkie Collins' imagination is staggering, yet is narrative, as in some other of is books, is unnecessarily wordy. Yet it is worth ploughing through verbosity in search this wonderful fable of the wages of intemperate passion. One person found this helpful. I enjoy Wilkie Collins immensely, and Basil definitely did not disappoint me. I was surprised by the ending, but pleasantly so. Anyone who likes 19th century fiction in general, or Wilkie Collins will enjoy this book.

What a book, this is a story of what hate can do in life and what love can do, wonderful characters that come to life on these pages, this story will tug on your heart so if you like Collins works you will love this and I think is better than A Woman in White. See all 31 reviews. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Miss Morris and the Stranger

Get to Know Us. I cannot positively say that he was either handsome or ugly, young or old, well or ill dressed. But I can speak with certainty to the personal attractions which recommended him to notice. For instance, the tone of his voice was persuasive.

Did you ever read a story, written by one of us, in which we failed to dwell on our hero's voice? Then, again, his hair was reasonably long. Are you acquainted with any woman who can endure a man with a cropped head? Moreover, he was of a good height. It must be a very tall woman who can feel favorably inclined toward a short man. Lastly, although his eyes were not more than fairly presentable in form and color, the wretch had in some unaccountable manner become possessed of beautiful eyelashes. They were even better eyelashes than mine. I write quite seriously.

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There is one woman who is above the common weakness of vanity--and she holds the present pen. So I gave my lost stranger a lesson in politeness. The lesson took the form of a trap.

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I asked him if he would like me to show him the way to the inn. He was still annoyed at losing himself. As I had anticipated, he bluntly answered: I'll say it now: This curious apology increased my belief in his redeeming qualities. I led the way to the inn. He followed me in silence. No woman who respects herself can endure silence when she is in the company of a man. I made him talk. He only nodded his head. And their first Mayor was only elected the other day! This point of view seemed to be new to him. He made no attempt to dispute it; he only looked around him, and said: As a citizen of Sandwich, I may say that we take it as a compliment when we are told that our town is a melancholy place.

Melancholy is connected with dignity. And dignity is associated with age. And we are old. I teach my pupils logic, among other things--there is a specimen.