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The title of the work, and the name of the town—Rock and Roll Heaven—both come from the chorus of " Rock and Roll Heaven ", a song first recorded by Climax in and was a Top 10 hit by The Righteous Brothers the following year. Clark and Mary Willingham are a couple traveling through Oregon. Clark is being transferred out of state, so they opt to take a more scenic route.

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The two plan to visit Toketee Falls , and Clark insists on taking a road through the deep forest despite Mary's fears of becoming lost. While Mary takes a nap, Clark does indeed become increasingly lost on a narrow stretch of road.

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He is forced to admit to Mary that he's given up hope of finding Toketee Falls and that, furthermore, he had rejected an opportunity to turn around. Frustrated, yet hesitant to push the issue, Mary agrees to press forward in the hopes of reaching a point where they can safely turn around.

Again, Clark refuses, arguing that it would be easier and safer to do so inside the town itself. They discover Rock and Roll Heaven is a small town with a s theme, described as looking identical to a Norman Rockwell painting.

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  • Mary feels worried about the too-perfect town, but Clark becomes irritated and the two argue. As the two explore the town, Clark insists on entering a local diner.

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    Afraid of being left alone, she follows. Inside the diner, they see that the town is inhabited by dead musicians. After a waitress attempts to warn them off, Clark slips out, but Mary is confronted by two dead musicians. At first cordial and friendly, one begins to bleed from his eyes and another vomits hundreds of maggots, revealing that they've simply been playing with her. Clark and Mary drive frantically through the town, chased by dead music legends.

    As they drive, Mary notices other citizens of Rock and Roll Heaven, all of whom look exhausted and apathetic; she realizes that these are the "true" inhabitants, lured in and trapped in the town. Mary and Clark think they have escaped but are easily captured in the outskirts of town after hitting a psychedelic bus. A police car bearing the mayor a deceased Elvis Presley and the chief of police pulls up. The musicians ominously reveal that they couldn't have escaped, as the road out is surrounded by swamp, quicksand, bears, and "other things".

    As the sun begins to set over Rock and Roll Heaven, Mary and Clark join the ranks of the other imprisoned souls in the park, where the concert is prepared. Mary looks at the other exhausted townsfolk, and chooses to sit next to the waitress from the diner. The young woman has the glazed look of one who is stoned, and talks with the couple. While this Stage Play has music in it, it is not meant to be a musical.

    It is essentially a story of the Human Condition. You can find links to the music on the last page.

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    Please feel free to use the Play in a production you might want to mount but the songs are copyrighted and you must gain the copyright holder's permission to use them in your production. While the author makes the story available in the spirit of "Fair Use" , no inherent permissions or warranties are given by the author as it relates to the use of the music. Will it Play in Peoria.

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    Art is wounded in a battle which has a profound effect upon his life. It is his life when he returns home that this story deals with. It is also a story of art and artists and artistry. Finally, it is a salute to all veterans. Cornbread and Beans While this Stage Play has music in it, it is not meant to be a musical.

    madder'n hell

    While the novel is fiction, the premise is based on fact. Hunger and Homelessness are nothing to joke about, but they are topics that demand our attention.

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    They demand our attention both individually and collectively, as Citizens, and, as a Nation. The subjects are all over the news and, if you look around, right in our hometowns. This is another viewpoint; Good, Bad or Ugly - here it is. This is the original of the Madder n Hell.

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    It introduces certain characters; politicians and their cohorts, who are either escapees from, or belong in a lunatic asylum. And, since they are in the Washington D. Some of the other characters try to apply common sense solutions to addressing and correcting America's dangerous addiction to petroleum products. While the politicians scheme and plot, the good guys try to make good things happen. It is a fascinating look at common-sense and patriotism, versus the deranged desire for power and bottomless greed.

    This is Madder n Hell.