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Havana beyond the Ruins: Cultural Mappings after Editor(s): Anke Birkenmaier, Esther Whitfield: Contributor(s): Emma Alvarez-Tabio Albo, Anke.
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And here it is, at the Supreme Court. Beyond the immediate stakes: The issues of statutory interpretation are both intricate and important. How should judges interpret huge, complex legislation? How should judges and executive agencies interpret awkward or ambiguous language, or stray bits of legislative language that do not readily fit the larger purposes and the other provisions of such a law?

Why did you decide to publish articles that represent both sides of this issue? Is that unusual in an academic journal? The Point-Counterpoint format, but also the attempt to be timely, is unusual for an academic journal.

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Because JHPPL attempts to look at important health policy issues deeply, we thought it important to provide both sides of this issue. As I mentioned, the issues are both important and intricate. Both sides deserve a full hearing within a judicious and rigorous forum that rises above the shouting on social media and the op-ed pages. JHPPL is a premier health policy journal that has played a particularly important role in understanding the political divisions, legal implications, and programmatic complexities of the ACA.

Also, our audience is particularly well trained at the interface of political science, policy analysis, and legal scholarship. They are well equipped to understand what is at stake and are especially anxious to hear the best arguments on both sides of this divisive case. ACA is the most important, contested, and complex health policy legislation since the enactment of Medicare and Medicaid. The conditions of its passage, its implementation successes and failures, and its continuing political conflict have reshaped health politics and health policy for the coming decades.

It is incredibly exciting and exhausting! These health policy debates are about our deepest values, about who and how people should have access to health care, on the one hand, while practitioners in state and federal agencies are attempting to convert the promises of the ACA into a reality, on the other.

As political scholars, we seek to make sense of these contradictions. As health policy analysts, we seek to understand the outcomes of the ACA. We are living in an incredible historic moment. The stakes could hardly be higher for millions of people, and we are watching policy makers put to the test many of the deepest assumptions and findings of both political science and health policy research.

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In this guest post, Jennifer L. For us, the turn into December does not mark the arrival of a season of holiday merriment; instead, it signals the full onslaught of graduate school letters of recommendations along with all the other end-of-term fun. Graduate education has always been one of the underlying interests of Pedagogy. Indeed, in some ways, this cluster of articles on graduate education in volume 15, issue 1 has been over twenty years in the making.

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As we were finishing graduate school Pedagogy was born—a product of our experience in the s and an emblem of our desire to see the profession transformed into one where the work of teaching was valued. Though job market in the s was no picnic either, our own experience as writing program administrators—and our focus on preparing ourselves as much as teachers as we had as scholars—gave us, we feel, a measure of competitiveness. And hope for a way forward for the profession.

Everything that happens in graduate school is a form of teaching. That myriad of teaching opportunities is the subject of this special issue. This resolutely pedagogical focus provides a refuge from the question I began with: Graduate programs, and the lives of graduate students, will improve if we teach graduate school better.

Havana at Your Door Culture Shock! At Your Door A Survival Guide to Customs & Etiquette

Pedagogy has always been committed to seeking out voices from across the discipline—and at every professional level. And to hearing those voices in dialogue. That is certainly the case in this issue.

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Whatever their differences, all of these writers are serious about examining labor conditions in higher education—something essential if we are to reimagine graduate education. What would it mean if the profession examined its pedagogical practices seriously at the graduate level? This issue helps begin to answer that question.

And maybe even encourages us to go ahead and write those letters of recommendation. We were sad to learn of the death this week of scholar Juan Flores. History and Culture in the United States. His warmth, humor, and clear intelligence made him a model intellectual. Made in Havana City: Rap Music, Space, and Racial Politics pp.

Urban Performance Pieces in Fragmented Form: A Reading of Pedro Juan Guti pp.

Havana beyond the Ruins: Cultural Mappings after 1989

Topographies of Cosmonauts in Havana: Touring Havana in the Work of Ronaldo Men p. City and Archive pp. A Crystal Chronicle pp. Visits to a non-place: Notes Includes bibliographical references and index. View online Borrow Buy Freely available Show 0 more links Set up My libraries How do I set up "My libraries"? These 3 locations in All: Australian National University Library.

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