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Good Neighbors implements projects that promote and protect child rights, strengthen global partnership, and advocate the rights of the most vulnerable in a .
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Hear more from Michael. Salute these Emmy nominees. Takes place in , the year of the second referendum on the separation of Quebec. In the dead of winter, a serial killer is on the loose in the small Montreal neighborhood of Notre Dame de Grace. The tenants of an old apartment house must figure out who they can trust and who they can't.

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There is the story and there is the characters. And let me tell you, it must be the first time, weirdness has been depicted in such a funny and intriguing and honest way. I loved all those characters, who while seems similar had different agendas. I can tell you that although I was appalled by the female lead, I also was in love with her. Quirkiness and mayhem, you can find everything that you won't find in a big budget movie.

Exceptionally cast and smartly played Scott Speedman almost playing against type this was one of my highlights of last year. Of course this will not appeal to everyone, being about people who essentially are anything but normal.


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There are teen friends, one whom has wealth and technical expertise at his disposal and his eyes on MIT, and his friend who has plenty of ingenuity and fortitude and interest in social research but is from a "broken home". The pair undertake a social-psychological experiment, and use the grouchy, solitary old grump of the neighborhood as their unwitting subject.

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For their experiment, they equip the old grumps home with numerous hidden cameras and electrical devices in order to manipulate the grumps home appliances, fixtures, gadgets and such. They are then able to remotely control and view everything that occurs. They soon realize that the old grump is a rather unusual subject. He has a basement securely locked from the outside, a mysterious visiting woman, no apparent fear towards the extreme tactics they make to convince him he's haunted, and he's unpredictability violent and destructive.

One teen begins to regret conducting the experiment, the other one is determined that the old grump is hiding a dark secret. The teens watch, record and attempt to manipulate the old grump for weeks in hopes of revenge, online views, and uncovering the old mans secrets. Throughout the film there are segments where a prosecutor speaks to and interrogates different people on the witness stand.

This makes it clear that the "experiment" didn't play out so well. This film had me hypothesizing and thoroughly engaged. For once, my initial theory was completely off-track. Ethan's father was an alcoholic who beat his wife regularly. During one such episode, Ethan's mother ran to Grainey for help. Grainey informed the police, which led to Ethan's father being jailed and ultimately getting divorced from his wife. Ethan believes Grainey is responsible for destroying his family and making him lose his father.

In the meantime, Ethan throws a Halloween party, and Sean and his new girlfriend decide to make out in a spare bedroom.

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His girlfriend notices a camera installed on top of the bed, which leaves Sean enraged. Sean asks Ethan to return all his equipment, but Ethan refuses, threatening Sean with the fact that the equipment was purchased using his credit card and that it is covered in Sean's fingerprints. In the middle of their argument, they observe Grainey's cat toppling over one of the living room cameras. Ethan runs to his home to collect the camera, and in doing so finds the basement door unlocked.

He goes down to find that Grainey had made a shrine to his late wife in the basement. Ethan lifts a bell which Grainey gifted his wife, causing the bell to make a sound which awakes Grainey. Fearing for his safety, Ethan hides in the living room, placing the bell on a table. Grainey sees the bell, and kills himself with his gun. It is then revealed in a series of flashbacks that Grainey loved his wife dearly, and he had set up a room where he could take care of her, including arranging a nurse.

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The viewer then realises that every activity performed by the boys related to Grainey's wife somehow, and Grainey is convinced that he is being haunted by his wife. A flashback is shown when Grainey first gives her the bell, saying that whenever she needed him, she only had to ring the bell. The bell noise that awoke him and the fact that the bell was on the table leads Grainey to believe it was as a sign that his wife wants him to be with her, which is why he killed himself.

Ethan and Sean are arrested and sentenced to two years' probation and hours community service.